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Fine & Decorative Arts Auction-August 8th to August 17th, on igavelauctions.com.
August 8, 2011

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
2265345Oil on Canvas "Iris," Jeanette Veverka, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265346Painting on Fabric, Two Deity Figures, Thailand, N8DN$12.00
2265347Needlework On Silk, Flowers and Butterflies, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$42.00
2265349Raku Glazed Pottery Vessel, Anne Anderson, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265351Terracotta Deity Wall Plaque, Thailand, 20th C., N8DN$12.00
2265352Oil on Vellum Miniature Neoclassical Figure, N8DN$30.00
2265353Oil on Board Abstract Still Life, "Natura Monta,"20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265354Lithograph, Robert Weil, 20th C., N8DN$366.00
2265357White and Green Painted Pine Step Back Child's Cupboard, early 20th C., N8DN$84.00
2265358German Porcelain Hunting Dogs, 20th C., N8DN$50.40
2265359Contemporary Floral Upholstered Camelback Sofa, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265362Oil on Canvas, Peasant Street Scene, Burr H. Nicholls (American, 1848-1915) N8DN$1140.00
2265363Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Boy and His Dog, A. Fisher, 19th C., N8DN$6900.00
2265364Oil on Canvas, Still Life with Fruit, Adam Lehr (American, 1853-1924), N8DN$1800.00
2265365Pair of Beidermeier Walnut Side Chairs, Continental, early 19th C., N8DN$120.00
2265366Two Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265367George II Style Inlaid and Carved Mahogany Dish Top Tea Table, Eng. Trad., 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265368Victorian Mahogany Writing Table, English, late 19th C., N8DN$510.00
2265369Pair of Georgian Style Two Light Brass Wall Sconces, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265370Pair of Federal Style Cast-Brass Andirons, New York Tradition, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265371Group of Hearth Equipment, 20th C. and earlier, N8DN$115.20
2265372Queen Anne Style Mahogany Ottoman, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265374Carved Pine Trencher, 19th C or Later, N8DN$150.00
2265376Pine Apothecary Cabinet on Stand, Probably English, 19th/20th C., N8DN$780.00
2265377Turned Beechwood Rush Seat Corner Chair, English, 19th/20th C., N8DN$330.00
2265378Pine Side Cabinet, Probably English, early 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265379Pine Sawbuck Table, English, early 20th C., N8DN$450.00
2265381Pine Apothecary Cabinet on Stand, 19th/20th C., N8DN$456.00
2265383Pine Chest of Drawers, English, 19th C., N8DN$150.00
2265384Pair of Patinated Metal Hanging Lanterns, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265385Buccelleti Sterling Silver Leaf Form Dish, Italy, 20th C., N8DN$511.20
2265386Near Pair of Blue Earthenware Bowls, Chinese, N8DN$150.00
2265388Pair of Carved Rosewood Wall Shelves, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265389Chinese Child's Two-Piece Silk Costume, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265390Two Porcelain Table Lamps, 20th C., N8N$30.00
2265391Rice Paper Landscape Painting with Figures, Chinese, N8DN$30.00
2265392Silk Embroidered Needlework With Figures, Chinese, N8DN$211.20
2265394Colonial Revival Carved Mahogany Bookcase, American, early 20th C., N8DN$480.00
2265395Assorted Group of Costume Jewelry, 20th C., N8DN$96.00
226539614K White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
226539714K White Gold and Diamond Ring, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265398Georgian Style Oversized Mahogany Wing Chair, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265401La Pavoni "Europiccola" Brass and Copper Cappuccino Machine, Italy, 20th C, N8DN$300.00
2265402Copper and Brass Rectangular Chaffing Dish, 20th C., N8DN$87.60
2265404French Copper Bowl, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265406Copper Sauce Pan and Double Boiler Pot, France, 20th C., N8DN$192.00
2265408Copper and Ceramic Double Boiler Pot, Portugal, 20th C., N8DN$84.00
2265409Three Oval Copper Pans, 20th C., N8DN$126.00
2265410Copper Crepes/Frying Pan, France, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265411International Sterling Silver "Queens Lace" Flatware Service, 20th C., N8DN$3000.00
2265412Brass Foot Stool, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265413Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Articles, 20th C., N8DN$1452.00
2265414Noritake Porcelain Demi-Tasse Service and Matching Under Tray, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265415Three Silver Plate Table Articles, 20th C., N8DN$42.00
2265416Three Pairs of Weighted Sterling Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers, 20th C., N8DN$96.00
2265417Ten "Nassos" Ceramic Lunch Plates, Greek, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265419Modern Brass Espresso Pot and Matching Creamer and Covered Sugar Bowl,Italy, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265420Wallace Sterling Silver 3-Piece Youth Set, 20th C., N8DN$78.00
2265421Group of Silver Table Articles, 20th C., N8DN$54.00
2265422Three Amston Sterling Silver Rim Graduated Coasters, 20thC., N8DN$48.00
2265423Group of Sterling Silver Items, 20th C., N8DN$272.40
2265425Paint-Decorated Carved Oak Blanket Domed Top Chest, 19th/20th C., N8DN$420.00
2265426Pair of Baroque Carved Walnut Chairs, Italian, 15th C., N8DN$1140.00
2265427Louis XVI Painted and Gilt Decorated Wall Bracket, French, late 18th C., N8DN$240.00
2265428Federal Cherrywood Bowfront Chest of Drawers, American, New England, early 19th C., N8DN$720.00
2265429Federal Walnut Tavern Table, American, Probably Pennsylvania, late 18th C., N8DN$360.00
2265430Louis XV Kingwood and Marquetry Inlaid Ladies Writing Table, French, Second half 18th c., N8DN$240.00
2265431Five Baroque Carved Oak Panels, French, 15th C., N8DN$330.00
2265432Baroque Carved Oak Panel, French, late 15th C., N8DN$312.00
2265433Two Baroque Carved Oak Panels, French, 15th/16th c., N8DN$198.00
2265434French Provincial Carved Oak Panel, French, late 17th/18th C., N8DN$330.00
2265435Federal Inlaid Cherrywood Slant Front Desk, American, late 18th c., N8DN$240.00
2265436Louis Vuitton Trunk, French, 20th C., N8DN$2760.00
2265437Chinese Scroll Painting, "Two Geese," N8DN$1440.00
2265438Landscape Print with Figures and House, Japanese, 20th C., N8DN$840.00
2265439Chinese Painting of Figural Interior Scene, N8DN$210.00
2265440Landscape Painting with Figures, Chinese, N8DN$84.00
2265441Chinese Scroll Shrimp Print, N8DN$180.00
2265442Assorted Group of Costume Jewelry Items, 20th C., N8DN$36.00
2265443Twenty-One Contemporary Engraved Streetscapes of 18th Century Paris, 20th C., N8DN$1920.00
2265444Assorted Group of Costume Jewelry Items, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265445Two Art Pottery Articles, 20th C., N8DN$18.00
2265446Five Art Glass Articles, 20thC., N8DN$ 6.00
2265447Group of Art Glass Articles, 20th C., N8DN$ 6.00
2265448Five Mixed Media Works of Art, 20th C., N8DN$ 6.00
2265449Le Coultre 14K White Gold Wristwatch, Swiss, 20th C., N8DN$1710.00
2265450Tiffany & Co. 14K Yellow Gold Wristwatch, 20th C., N8DN$1740.00
2265451Miscellaneous Group of Mens Jewelry Items, 20th C., N8DN$330.00
2265452Helbros 14K Yellow Gold Ladies Wristwatch, 20th C., N8DN$296.40
2265453Four 14K Yellow Gold Mens Rings, 20th C., N8DN$1200.00
2265454Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Bud Vase, 20th C., N8DN$480.00
2265455Miniature Square and Numeric Alphabet Sampler on Silk, N8DN$252.00
2265456Onyx Coral and Yellow Gold Bead Double Strand Necklace, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265457Contemporary Ultrasuede Upholstered Sleeper Sofa, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265458Jacobean Style Oak Stool, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265459Georgian Style Mahogany Dressing Table, 20th C., N8DN$78.00
2265460George II Style Carved Mahogany Tall Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265461Queen Anne Style Walnut Secretary, 20th C., N8DN$570.00
2265462Queen Anne Style Mahogany Club Chair, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265463George II Style Carved Mahogany Revolving Bookstand, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265466Pair of George I Style Carved Mahogany Club Chairs, 20th C., N8DN$210.00
2265468Pair of George III Style Carved Mahogany Open Armchairs, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265469Georgian Style Looking Glass, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265470George II Style Carved Mahogany Tray Top Tea Table with Slide, 20th C., N8DN$210.00
2265471Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Ladies Dressing Table, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265472Georgian Style Mahogany Knitting Lamp Table, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265474George III Style Serpentine Front Mahogany Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N8DN$331.20
2265475George III Style Mahogany Side Cabinet, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265476Oil on Canvas, "El Rimac Lima II", David Herskovitz (Peruvian/Am, b. 1925), N8DN$240.00
2265477Queen Anne Style Mirror, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265478Botanical Watercolor, Andorka, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265479Watercolor, Nocturnal Street Scene, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265480Oil on Canvas, Abstract Seated Woman, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265482George III Style Mahogany Side Table, 20th C., N8DN$156.00
2265484Colorless Cut Glass Tall Vase, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265485Assorted Group of Miniature Tole Chocolate Molds, Some English, N8DN$180.00
2265488Gorham Sterling Silver Reticulated Rim Bowl, 20th C., N8DN$241.20
2265489Lady's Wood Lacquer and Gilt Decorated Dressing Box, Japanese, N8DN$120.00
2265490Cobalt and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Covered Jar, N8DN$180.00
2265491Chinese Warrior Cloisonne Vase, N8DN$162.00
2265493Seven Waterford Crystal Sherry Glasses, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265494Oil on Canvas, "Dos Cangadones", David Herskovitz (Peruvian/Am, b. 1925), N8DN$549.60
2265495Wallace Sterling Silver "Grand Colonial" Flatware Service, 20th C., N8DN$2370.00
2265496Dolphin Form Horn and Patinated Metal Mounted Bell, 20th C., N8DN$282.00
2265497Pair of Depression Glass Columnar Form Vases, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265498Fourteen Royal Worcester Gold Lustre Ceramic Articles, 20th C., N8DN$210.00
2265499Fifteen Royal Worcester Gold Lustre Ceramic Articles, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265500Charcoal Drawing Nude Male, Bridgman (George Am/Canadian 1865-1943)20th C, N8DN$930.00
2265501Watercolor on Paper Seated Nude Female, Nicolai Cikovsky (Russian 1894=1984)$150.00
2265502Oil on Board Seated Female Nude, N8DN$102.00
2265503Standing Female Nude Mixed Media, Raphael Soyer(1899-1987, N8DN$240.00
2265504Chaim Gross (1904-1991) Landscape Print, N8DN$30.00
2265505Double Sided Oil on Board Mermaids and Putti, N8DN$120.00
2265506Oil on Board Harry Hering (Am 1887-1967) Standing Nude with Seated Couple,20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265507Reclining Female Nude Oil on Canvas, N8DN$120.00
2265509Korean Dancer/Drummer Painting, 20th C., N8DN$108.00
2265510Black and White Landscape Print with Walking Man and Woman, N8DN$150.00
2265512Oil on Canvas Portrait of Lady with Red Head Scarf, N8DN$42.00
2265513Lovis Corinth (German 1858-1925) Print, "The Army of Holofernes from the Book of Judith," 19th/20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265514Vienna Opera House Polychrome Print, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265515Framed Chinese Needlework Panel, N8DN$114.00
2265516Alexandra Nechita (Russian, 20th C.)"Winning Together" Lithograph, N8DN$240.00
2265517Pair of Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figures,Chinese, N8DN$102.00
2265518Art Deco Silverplate Vase,N8DN$120.00
2265520Print of a Peddler, Auguste Brouet (1872-1941,) N8DN$60.00
2265521Oil on Canvas "View from Montmartre," French, N8DN$144.00
2265522Oil on Canvas Pastoral Scene with Sheep, N8DN$270.00
2265523Three Carved Ivory Partially Nude Busts, N8DN$90.00
2265524Carved Ivory Seated Bearded Man in Robe, Chinese, N8DN$3240.00
2265525Artist Proof Female Nudes and Flowers, Philip Howard Evergood (Am 1901-1973), N8DN$60.00
2265526Oil on Wood Board Two Chicks, 20th C., N8DN$450.00
2265527Landscape with Goat and Cave Watercolor, Possibly Joseph Heicke, 19th C., N8DN$240.00
2265528Watercolor on Paper Cityscape, 19th/20th C., N8DN$300.00
2265529Oil on Canvas Tibetian Deity, 20th C., N8DN$84.00
2265530Lithograph "Three Mourners," Philip Howard Evergood (Am. 1901-1973)N8DN$120.00
2265531Polychrome Venice Print, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265532Watercolor on Paper, Middle Eastern, 20th C., N8DN$109.20
2265533Gouache Canal Scene with Street Vendors, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265534Portrait Print of a Woman, German, N8DN$270.00
2265537Rockwell Kent (American 1882-1971) "Books Make the Home," Woodcut Print, N8DN$300.00
2265538"Penguin Island" Print, Peggy Bacon (1895-1987) N8DN$360.00
2265539Print "Jackie," John E. Costigan (American 1888-1972, N8DN$60.00
2265540Man in Profile Portrait Drawing, N8DN$240.00
2265541Portrait of Guillaumin Hanging Man Etching, Paul Cezanne (1839-1906)N8DN$85.20
2265544Mixed Media Abstract Trees,20th C., N8DN$85.20
2265545Pastel Winter Scene, Anton Filkuka (Austria 1888-1957)20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265546Oil on Canvas, "Dancer Resting," N8DN$180.00
2265548Watercolor on Paper, "Giovecca Cityscape," Italy, N8DN$60.00
2265549Etching, Kathe Kollwitz (German 1867-1945) "March of the Weavers," 19th/20th C., N8DN$271.20
2265550Etching "Jeune Fille Etendue," Berthe Morisot (French 1841-1895) N8DN$331.20
2265551Royal Vienna Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figure of Man with Sword and Dog, Austria, N8DN$180.00
2265552Oil on Board Garden Scene with Tree, N8DN$192.00
2265553Oil on Board, Bird Painting, N8DN$391.20
2265554Oil on Board Mountain Scene with Cottage, N8DN$30.00
2265555Oil on Board Sunset Landscape with Stream, L. Rodowicz (20th C.)N8DN$72.00
2265556Framed Miniature Watercolor Study of Woman's Faces, N8DN$120.00
2265557Engraving Continental Archway, En Grisaille,20th C., N8DN$12.00
2265559Cat Portrait Print Fridtov Hermansen (20th C.), N8DN$30.00
2265560European Town Square Print, N8DN$30.00
2265561Miniature Oil on Board, Continental Street Scene, 19th C., N8DN$120.00
2265563Oil on Board Canal Scene, 20th ., N8DN$30.00
2265564Oil on Board Mountain Scene with Lake, N8DN$120.00
2265565Landscape and Harbor Scene Print on Silk, Chinese, N8DN$48.00
2265566Oil on Canvas Bistro Scene, French, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265567Framed Miniature Altar Scene, Dutch School, N8DN$600.00
2265568Female Nude Contortions Print, George Henri Tribout (1884-1962)N8DN$150.00
2265570Two Framed Portrait Miniature Plaques, N8DN$900.00
2265572Oil on Board Leonard C. Lane(English/Canadian 1910-1978)Nocturnal Harbor Scene, 20th C., N8DN$1112.40
2265573Hutschenreuther Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figure of a Dancer, 20th C., N8DN$228.00
2265574Four Sterling Silver Articles, 20th C., N8DN$505.20
2265575Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Reclining Boy Figure, Denmark, N8DN$86.40
2265576Porcelain Portrait Miniature of a Lady, Early 20th C., N8DN$420.00
2265577Oil on Board Portrait of a Peasant Girl, German, N8DN$500.40
2265578Oil on Board Portrait of a Gentleman, N8DN$90.00
2265579Pair of Carved Wood and Painted Putti Figures, Possibly Spanish or Italian, N8DN$360.00
2265580Mixed Media New York City Street Scene, Walter H. McKay (b. 1897), N8DN$666.00
2265581Carved Ivory Ganesha Figure, N8DN$270.00
2265582Carved Wooden Female Nude Torso, N8DN$240.00
2265584Framed Portrait Plate of a Lady, N8DN$240.00
2265585Oil on Canvas, Woman in the Marketplace, 20th C., N8DN$80.40
2265586Sheffield Silver Reticulated Footed Cake Dish, England, N8DN$780.00
2265587Eight Pottery Articles, N8DN$362.40
2265588Print Fernand Leger (French, 1881-1955)N8DN$210.00
2265589Tibetan Painted Thangka on Fabric, 20th C., N8DN$211.20
2265590Two Austin Production Nude Sculptures, 20th C., N8DN$270.00
2265591Two Lalique Frosted to Clear Glass Articles, France, 20th C.,N8DN$336.00
2265592Bronze Standing Female Nude Sculpture, Ernst Wenck (1865-1929), German, 20th C., N8DN$300.00
2265593Two South East Asian Cast Metal Deity Figures, N8DN$72.00
2265594Carved and Painted Standing Warrior Figure, Chinese, N8DN$7260.00
2265595Two Sterling Silver Cased Pocket Watches, France and Switzerland, N8DN$300.00
2265596Two Carved Ivory Buddhas, Chinese, N8DN$108.00
2265597Four Carved Ivory Articles, N8DN$180.00
2265598Five Netsuke Figures, Chinese, N8DN$151.20
2265599Four Netsuke Animal Figures, Chinese, N8DN$91.20
2265600Carved Hardstone Deity Head, N8DN$360.00
2265601Green Glass Perfume Bottle and Stopper, Floral and Cherub Decorated, N8DN$54.00
2265602Hand-Painted Porcelain Profile Portrait Vase, 20th C., N8DN$121.20
2265603Three Bing and Grondel Porcelain Articles, Denmark, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265604Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Dahl Jensen Tine, Girl Bust Figurine, Denmark, N8DN$300.00
2265605Two Gerold Porzellan Porcelain Figures, Bavaria/Germany, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265606Three Royal Vienna Porcelain Figures, Austria, N8DN$60.00
2265607Rosenthal Porcelain Yellow Bird Figure, German, N8DN$72.00
2265608Blue and White Porcelain Figural Courting Scene, N8DN$72.00
2265609Hutschenreuther Porcelain Figure of Man with Cape, German, N8DN$660.00
2265610Three Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figures, 20th C., N8DN$91.20
2265611Irish Porcelain Seated Old Man, 20th C., N8DN$24.00
2265612Blanc de Chine Porcelain Guan Yin Figure, N8DN$ 6.00
2265613Two Lladro Porcelain Dog Figures, Spain, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265615Blanc de Chine Porcelain Polar Bear Figure, German, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265618Acrylic on Paper, Man with Wood, Jovan Obican(Croatia,1918-1986), 20th C., N8DN$90.00
226561918K Yellow Gold Green and Blue Enamel Bracelet, 20th C., N8DN$2040.00
226562014K Yellow Gold and Turquoise Bracelet, 20th C., N8DN$2160.00
2265621Pair of 14K Yellow Gold and Coral Bangle Bracelets, 20th C., N8DN$1320.00
2265622Unmarked White Gold Diamond and Emerald Art Deco Line Bracelet, American, 20th C., N8DN$2160.00
2265623Rox 18K White Gold Lady's Watch, 20th C., N8DN$1440.00
2265624Le Coultre 14K Yellow Gold Gentleman's Watch, 20th C., N8DB$540.00
226562514K Yellow Gold and Diamond Heart Brooch, 20th C., N8DN$450.00
226562614K Yellow Gold and Green Enamel Leaf Brooch, 20th C., N8DN$558.00
2265627Carved Cameo Pin, 20th C., N8DN$181.20
226562814K Yellow Gold and Nephrite Brooch, 20th C., N8DN$718.80
226562918K Yellow Gold Turquoise and Diamond Brooch, 20th C., N8DN$1560.00
226563018K Yellow Gold and Amethyst Flower Brooch, 20th C., N8DN$960.00
226563118K Yellow Gold and Coral Brooch, 20th C., N8DN$462.00
226563214K Yellow Gold Pearl and Sapphire Tassel Necklace, 20th C., N8DN$1140.00
2265633Double Strand Cultured Pearl Necklace with 14K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Clap, 20th C., N8DN$240.00
226563414K Yellow Gold Sapphire and Cultured Pearl Pendant, 20th C., N8DN$205.20
226563514K Yellow Gold Jade Pendant, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265636Coral Bead Necklace with 14K Yellow Gold and Carved Coral Clasp, 20th C., N8DN$282.00
2265637Rock Crystal Reverse Intaglio Pendant, 20th C., N8DN$1200.00
226563814K Yellow Gold and Smoky Quartz Pendant, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
226563914K Yellow Gold and Citrine Pendant, 20th C., N8DN$210.00
226564114K Yellow Gold and Enamel Lady's Pocket Watch, 20th C., N8DN$450.00
226564214K Yellow Gold and Enamel Lady's Pocket Watch, 20th C., N8DN$270.00
2265643White Gold Pearl and Diamond Earclips, 20th C., N8DN$210.00
226564414K White Gold Diamond and Pearl Earclips, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
226564514K Yellow Gold and Jade Earrings, 20th C., N8DN$192.00
2265646Pair of 14K Yellow Gold and Coral Earrings, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265647Victorian Platinum Diamond and Emerald Ring, 20th C., N8DN$900.00
226564818K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Crossover Ring, 20th C., N8DN$296.40
2265649Platinum and Diamond Crossover Ring, 20th C., N8DN$720.00
2265650Diamond Band Ring, 20th C., N8DN$1080.00
2265651Madonna and Child Oil on Tin, Possibly Spanish, N8DN$1560.00
2265652Persian Style Painting on Linen, "Maharaja" N8DN$60.00
2265653Oval Miniature Portrait on Ivory, Italy, N8DN$270.00
2265654Oval Miniature Portrait on Ivory, "Simonetta Vespucci," Italy, N8DN$402.00
2265655Oval Miniature Portrait on Ivory of "Napoleon," French, N8DN$301.20
2265656Lenox "Ming" Porcelain Partial Dinner Service, 20th C., N8DN$330.00
2265657Two Brass and Enamel Candlesticks, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265658Group of Silverplate Articles, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265659Three White Ceramic Platters, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265660Large Assorted Group of Colorless Glass Stemware, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265661Anna Weatherley Porcelain Dinner Articles, 20th C., Hungary/Czech Republic, N8DN$840.00
2265663Seven Colorless Glass and Gilt Rim Decorated Footed Compote Bowls, 20th C., N8DN$ 6.00
2265664Pair of Molded Cinnabar Style Vases, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265665Eight Blue and White Porcelain Plates, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$78.00
2265666Assorted Group of Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C., N8DN$54.00
2265667Red Lacquer and Gilt Three-Tier Food Carrier, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$61.20
2265668Cast Gilt-Metal Sculpture, Standing Lady with Instrument, N8DN$37.20
2265669Three Modern Frosted Lucite Table lamps, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265670Marzi Plum Derby Hat, Italy, 20th C., N8DN$36.00
2265671Three Vintage Ladies Hats, 20th C.,$12.00
2265672Philip Treacy Ladies Hat, England, N8DN$120.00
2265673Four Ladies Straw Hats, 20th C., N8DN$24.00
2265674Pair of Charles X Style Fauteuil, 20th C., N8DN$432.00
2265675Four Beidermeier Style Mahogany Side Chairs, 20th C., N8DN$109.20
2265676Blue Tufted Upholstered Ottoman, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265677Blue Tufted Upholstered Box Sofa, 20th C., N8DN$54.00
2265678Glass and Steel Two Pedestal Round Center Table, 20th C., N8DN$270.00
2265679Lacquered Hardwood Low Table, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265680Contemporary Maple Table, 20th C., N8DN$12.00
2265681Lacquered Hardwood Side Table with Drawer, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$85.20
2265682Regency Style Torchere, 20th C., N8DN$37.20
2265683Napoleon III Style Ormolu Mounted Cabinet, 20th C., N8DN$163.20
2265684Victorian Style Cast Iron Faux Bamboo Settee, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265685Group of Table Linens, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265686Six Panel Double Sided Coromandel Screen, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N8DN$480.00
226568714K Yellow Gold Ring, 20th., N8DN$96.00
2265688Abstract Portrait Print, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265689Four Architectural Prints, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$330.00
2265690Japanese Wood Block Landscape Print,20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265691Large Group of Silver Plate Articles, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265692Carved Wooden Seated Man, Chinese, N8DN$7620.00
2265693Group of Colorless Glass Articles, 20th C., N8DN$37.20
2265694Bronze and Painted Bird Figural Desk Garniture, 20th C., N8DN$78.00
2265695Two Snuff Bottles, 20th C., N8DN$55.20
2265696Ten Blue and White Porcelain Cups and Eleven Plates, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$42.00
2265697Three Decorative Table Articles, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265699Assorted Group of Glass Decorative Articles, 20th C., N8DN$12.00
2265700Group of Three Red Lacquer Table Articles, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$36.00
2265701Tiffany & Company Sterling Silver Basket Weave Box, Mexico, N8DN$133.20
2265702Group of Silver Plate Table Articles, 20th C., N8DN$174.00
2265703Contemporary Cherrywood Armchair, 20th C., N8DN$ 6.00
2265704Contemporary Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265705Red and White Chinese Carpet, 20th C., N8DN$360.00
2265708Regency Brass Inlaid Mahogany Center Table, English, early 19th C., N8DN$780.00
2265709Kilim Rug , 20th C., N8DN$240.00
2265710Empire Mahogany Chest of Drawers, American, Mid-19th C., N8DN$240.00
2265711Painted Pine Blanket Chest, Pennsylvania, early 19th C., N8DN$240.00
2265712Federal Cherrywood Candlestand, New England, early 19th C., N8DN$90.00
2265713Queen Anne Style Carved Mahogany Easy Chair, Boston Tradition, 20th C.,N8DN$240.00
2265714Federal Mahogany Vitrine on Stand, American, 19th C., N8DN$540.00
2265715George II Style Carved Mahogany Needlepoint Upholstered Camelback Sofa, 19th/20th C., N8DN$1380.00
2265716Federal Cherrywood Tilt Top Candlestand, New England, early 19th C., N8DN$120.00
2265717Two Oils on Canvas, Portrait of Man and Woman, 19th C., N8DN$5280.00
2265719Federal Mahogany Serpentine Front Gentleman's Chest, American, early 19th C., N8DN$180.00
2265720Turned Maple Shaker Rocking Chair, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265721Stained Maple English Style Windsor Armchair, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265723Serapi Rug, 19th/20th C., N8DN$720.00
2265724Serapi Rug, 19th/20th C., N8DN$480.00
2265725Federal Cherrywood Serpentine Chest, New England, circa 1800, N8DN$1080.00
2265726Pair of Federal Cast Brass Andirons, Richard Whittingham, NY, Circa 1800, N8DN$876.00
2265727Late Federal Giltwood Overmantal Mirror, American, early 19th C., N8DN$480.00
2265728Oil on Canvas, Horseshoe Falls with Terrapin Tower, 19th C., N8DN$930.00
2265729Molded Redware Figural Lion, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265730Towle Sterling Silver ""El Grandee" Flatware Service for Twelve, 20th C., N8DN$2145.60
2265731Gorham Georgian Style Sterling Silver Tea and Coffee Service, 20th C., N8DN$2700.00
2265732Group of Coin Silver and Silver Plate Spoons of Various Sizes, N8DN$780.00
2265733Victorian Brass Mounted Mahogany Campaign Desk, English, late 19th C., N8DN$900.00
2265734Contemporary Ivory Ground Carpet, Moroccan or Spanish, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265736Provincial Beechwood Ladderback Rush Seat Armchairs, Probably French, 19th C., N8DN$24.00
2265737Pair of Floral Upholstered Barrel Back Club Chairs, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265738Two Floral Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265739Contemporary Floral Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265740Contemporary Floral Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265741Black and White Needlework Carpet, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265742Three P.E. Guerin Brass Ball Tip Hinges, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265743Three P.E. Guerin Brass Ball Tip Hinges, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265744Three P.E. Guerin Brass Ball Tip Hinges, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265745Three P.E. Guerin Brass Ball Tip Hinges, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265746Three P.E. Guerin Brass Ball Tip Hinges, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265747Three P.E. Guerin Brass Ball Tip Hinges, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265752Pair of Modern Brown and White Ceramic Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265753Pair of Ceramic and Brass Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265755Two Alabaster Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265756Pair of Asian Style Ceramic and Gilt Decorated Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265757Pair of Modern Brown Glazed Ceramic Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265758Pair of Porcelain Ginger Jars, Chinese, 20th C., N8DN$108.00
2265759Pair of Modern Lucite Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$42.00
2265760Pair of Glazed Ceramic Baluster Form Table Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265761Two Wedgwood Queensware Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265763Oil on Board Landscape with Trees, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265764Oil on Canvas Winterscape with House, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265765Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Girl with Dog, Helena Edey(?) 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265767Abstract Rooster Mix Media on Paper, 20th C., N8DN$102.00
2265768Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Woman with Scarf, 20th C., N8DN$74.40
2265770Chippendale Style Parcel Gilt Mahogany Mirror, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265771Federal Style Giltwood Bulls Eye Mirror, 19th/20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265772Queen Anne Style Burl Walnut Drop Leaf Table, 20th C., N8DN$210.00
2265773Victorian Carved Walnut Marble Top Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N8DN$270.00
2265774Victorian Carved Mahogany Side Chair, American, late 19th C., N8DN$42.00
2265775Victorian Upholstered Walnut Slipper Chair, 19th C., N8DN$630.00
2265776Metal Mounted Pine Blanket Chest, Continental, 18th C., N8DN$126.00
2265777Patinated Metal and Copper Jardiniere, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265779Four Framed H. Willebeek Le Mair Children's Prints, 20th C., N8DN$43.20
2265780"No Trespassing," Saturday Evening Post Cover Print, December 1942, N8DN$1219.20
2265781Four Framed George Edwards Natural History of Birds Prints, N8DN$390.00
2265782Colorless Glass Air Twist Column Candlestick, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265783Two Baccarat Colorless Glass Animal Figures, France, 20thC., N8DN$84.00
2265784Louis XVI Style Brass Candle Sticks, 20th C., N8DN$84.00
2265785Three Miniature Porcelain Dog Figures, England, 20th C.,N8DN$108.00
2265786Pair of Oversized Painted Wood Pricket Sticks, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265788Pair of Green Glazed Earthenware Lamps, 20th C., N8DN$840.00
2265789Pair of Georgian Style Silver Plate Candle Sticks, 20th C., N8DN$108.00
2265790Mahogany Cased Mira Music Box, N8DN$2760.00
2265791Regina Music Box on Stand, N8DN$1980.00
2265792Neoclassical Style Marble Top Paint Decorated Pier Table, Continental Trad., 20th C., N8DN$300.00
2265794George II Style Mahogany Tilt Top Tea Breakfast Table, 20th C., N8DN$360.00
2265795Set of Twelve Mid-Century Modern Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N8DN$450.00
2265796Four Neoclassical Style Silver Metal Candle Sticks, N8DN$120.00
2265798Louis XV Beechwood Fauteuil, French, late 18th C., N8DN$390.00
2265799Victorian Mother-of-Pearl Papier Mache Table Lamp, English, 19th C., N8DN$330.00
2265800Regency Style Carved Walnut Caned Fauteuil, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265801Regency Style Mahogany Jardiniere, English, 20th C., N8DN$450.00
2265802Louis XVI Style Brass Mounted Marble Top Mahogany Boulliotte Table, 20th C., N8DN$300.00
2265803Louis XV Carved Beechwood Fauteuil, French, Second half 18th C., N8DN$240.00
2265804Pair of Neoclassical Style Columnar Brass Table Lamps, N8DN$60.00
2265805Bronze, Seated Woman, Armando Amaya (Mexico, 1935-), N8DN$2040.00
2265807Pair of Louis XV Style Carved Oak Fauteuil, 20th C., N8DN$840.00
2265808Modern Mahogany "Oval" Settee, 20th C., N8DN$420.00
2265809Contemporary Glass and Steel Pier Table, 20th C., N8DN$660.00
2265810Chinese Porcelain Baluster Form Vase, N8DN$180.00
2265811Federal Style Demi-Lune Games Table, 20th C., N8DN$84.00
2265813Savonnerie Style Carpet, 20th C., N8DN$330.00
2265814Louis XVI Style Walnut Commode, 20th C., N8DN$1020.00
2265815Louis XV Style Carved Mahogany Window Seat, 20th C., N8DN$102.00
2265816Louis XVI Style Walnut Tall Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N8DN$540.00
2265817Neoclassical Style Walnut Side Cabinet, Italian Tradition, 20th C., N8DN$102.00
2265818Two Pieces of Georgian Style Library Furniture, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265819Pair of Stencil Decorated Black Metal Ladderback Side Chairs, 20th C., N8DN$25.20
2265821Modern Steel and Caned Bench, 20th C., N8DN$90.00
2265822Modern Mahogany "Oval" Settee, 20th C., N8DN$420.00
2265824Modern Mahogany Sideboard, 20th C., N8DN$300.00
2265826Set of Three Modern Mahogany Nesting Tables, mid-20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265828Set of Hearth Equipment, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265829Victorian Cast-Iron Table, 19th C., N8DN$120.00
2265830Marquetry Mahogany Diminutive Drop Leaf Table with Drawer, Dutch Trad., 19th/20th C., N8DN$180.00
2265832Contemporary Circular Footstool, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265835Brushed Aluminum and Glass Oval Side Table, 20th C., N8DN$120.00
2265838Pfeilring Solingen Tooth Form Cigar Cutter, 20th C., N8DN$228.00
2265839Group of Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265842Cartier Colorless Glass Apple, Italy, 20th C., N8DN$102.00
2265843Partial Royal Worcester "Padua," Dinner Service, England, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265844Assorted Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Articles, 20th C., N8DN$1680.00
2265845Molcajete Mexican Figural Mortar and Pestle, 20th C., N8DN$12.00
2265849Brass Two-Arm Candelabrum, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265850Abstract Patinated Metal Sculpture of Moses, 20th C., N8DN$30.00
2265855Four Amber Carnival Glass Vases, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265857Prayer Rug, 20th C., N8DN$91.20
2265858Contemporary Lucite Stool, 20th C., N8DN$60.00
2265859Oriental Style Rug, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265862Two Cordey Porcelain Standing Figures of a Gentleman and a Lady, 20th C., N8DN$12.00
2265864Two Satsuma Style Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265867Vintage Print "Engagement of Cavalry," Russian, N8DN$60.00
2265868"The First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation Before the Cabinet" Engraving, By F.B. Carpenter, N8DN$85.20
2265869Framed Oil on Canvas Still Life, M. Bruning (1887-1968) German, N8DN$240.00
2265870Sterling Silver Oval Bread Basket, 20th C., N8DN$1246.80
2265871Five Sterling Silver Charger Plates, 20th C., N8DN$4560.00
2265872Sterling Silver Presentation Platter, 20th C., N8DN$1618.80
2265873Twelve Alvin Sterling Silver Bread and Butter Plates, 20th C., N8DN$1080.00
2265874Two Sterling Silver Bowls, 20th C., N8DN$720.00
2265875Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Flatware Service for Eight, "Burgundy," 20th C., N8DN$3132.00
2265876Group of Sterling Silver Articles, 20th C., N8DN$536.40
2265877Group of Sterling Silver Table Articles, 20th C., N8DN$1138.80
2265878Two Glazed Earthenware Jugs, 20th C., N8DN$210.00
2265881Two Oil on Board Landscape Paintings, Dutch School, Early 20th C., N8DN$240.00
2265882Over sized Copper Tea Pot, 20th C., N8DN$72.00
2265883Hans Wegner Triangular Side Table, 20thC., N8DN$300.00
2265885Carved Winged Wooden African Mask, 20th C., N8DN$48.00
2265886Two Carved African Masks, 20th C., N8DN$121.20
2265887Baccarat Colorless Glass Stemware, French, 20thC., N8DN$390.00
2265888White Winged Silvery Gull Etching, Plate CCLXXXII, John James Audubon(American, 1785-1851) 19th C., N8DN$1185.60
2265889Gilt Decorated Black Lacquer Eight Panel Screen, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N8DN$480.00
2265890Beidermeier Style Cherrywood Armoire, 20th C., N8DN$150.00
2265892Art Nouveau Bronze Four-Light Chandelier, 20th C., N7DN$181.20
2265893Lithograph, Probably John Francis Murphy (American, 1842-1921), N7DN$49.20
2265894Regency Style Mahogany Etagere, 20th C., N7DN$103.20
2265896Tiffany Studios Bronze "Zodiac" Rocking Blotter and Pair of Bronze "Chinese" bookends, 20th C., N7DN$451.20
2265897Chippendale Style Mahogany Bird-Cage Tea Table, American Tradition, 20th C., N7DN$84.00
2265898Four Japanese Woodblock Prints, 20th C., N7DN$116.40
2265899George I Style Mahogany Open Armchair, English Tradition, 20th C., N7DN$28.80
2265900Four Orientalist Style Polychrome Prints, 20th C., N7DN$90.00
2265901Three Polychrome Prints, 20th C., N7DN$49.20
2265902Carved African Figure and Mask, 20th C., N7DN$12.00
2265903Large Stoneware Jug, 20th C.,N7DN$12.00
2265904Brass Mortar and Pestle, 20th C., N7DN$72.00
2265906Frosted Glass and Brass Mounted Fluid Lamp, Early 20th C., N7DN$12.00
2265907Tiffany and Co. Bronze and Mother-of-Pearl Picture Frame, 20th C., N7DN$2760.00