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Fine & Decorative Arts: With Silver and Jewelry, December 6th-16th, 2011
December 6, 2011

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
2407071International Watch Co Automatic 18K Yellow Gold Ladies Wristwatch, N2EN$450.00
2407072Bulova Ultime Quartz 14K Yellow Gold Ladies Wristwatch, N2EN$120.00
2407074Group of Twelve Towle Sterling Silver Ornaments, American 20th Century, N2EN$228.00
2407075Group of Six Lunt Sterling Silver Ornaments, American 20th Century, N2EN$70.80
2407076Group of Ten Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Ornaments, American 20th Century, N2EN$258.00
2407077Group of Six Wallace Sterling Silver Ornaments, American 20th Century, N2EN$128.40
2407078Group of Eighteen Gorham Sterling Silver Ornaments, American 20th Century, N2EN$511.20
2407079Oneida Sterling Silver Ornament, American 20th Century, N2EN$120.00
2407080Georgian Style Mahogany Silver Chest, 20th c., N2EN$195.60
2407081Assorted Group Of Books, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407085Assorted Group of Books, 20th C., N2N$150.00
2407089"The Chronicles of America Series," 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407090Oil on Canvas Winter Mountainscape, Robert Franz Curry(A.1872-1945) early 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407091Oil on Canvas Mountainscape with Cabin, (Robert Franz Curry (A.1872-1945) early 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407092Gouache on Paper Summer Landscape, Willy Moralt(German 1884-1947) early 20th C., N2EN$480.00
2407093Oil on Canvas Stags in Landscape, Guido von Maffei(1838-1898)Continental, 19th C.,N2EN$150.00
2407094Oil on Board Floral Still Life, Julius Schrag Munchen (German, 1864-1938)early 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407095Oil on Canvas Landscape,Paul Carl Junneman, German, Late 19th -Early 20th C.N2EN$240.00
2407096Oil on Canvas Still Life, Max Keller, 19th - Early 20th C., Continental, N2EN$210.00
2407097Pair of Trianon 18K Yellow Gold Pearl and Shell Earrings,20th C., N2EN$1140.00
2407098Custom Seaman Scheppes 18K Yellow Gold "Snuff Bottle" Tusk Bracelet, 20th C., N2EN$7500.00
2407099Fine Luster Natural South Sea Baroque Cultured Pearl Strand, 20th C., N2EN$2640.00
2407100Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Lady's Ring, 20th C., N2EN$4920.00
240710114K White Gold and Diamond Snaffle Bracelet,20th C., N2EN$550.80
240710214K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Hinged Bangle Bracelet, 20th C., N2EN$570.00
240710314K Yellow Golf and Diamond Hinged Bangle Bracelet, 20th C., N2EN$362.40
2407104Elgin 14K Yellow Gold Pocket Watch, 20th C., N2EN$570.00
2407105M & M Scognamiglio Amethyst Beaded and Carved Shell Necklace, 20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407106Meredith Frederick Six Strand Yellow Gold, Coral, Rose Quartz and Pearl Beaded Necklace, 20th C., N2EN$960.00
2407107Meredith Frederick Eight Strand 14K Yellow Gold Beaded, Pearl and Crystal Necklace,20th C., N2EN$570.00
2407108Chromolithograph, Louis B. Akin (American, 1868-1913) "Hotel El Tovar, Grand Canyon,Arizona, On the Santa Fe," 1906, N2EN$480.00
2407109Art Deco Iron Hall Stand, 20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407110Carved Wooden Sculpture of a Chinese Parasol, Continental, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407111Folk Art Carved Wooden Bust of a Male, 20th C,m N2EN$84.00
2407112Two T.Anthony Hardside Canvas and Leather Packing Cases, 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407113Three Pre-Columbian Style Artifacts, Mexico, 20th C., N2EN$330.00
2407114Three African Carved Figures, 20th C., N2EN$193.20
2407115Oil on Canvas Landscape with Sheep, American or French Barbizon style, N2EN$330.00
2407116Oil on Canvas Portrait Study of a Child, English School,Late 18th C., N2eN$390.00
2407117Two Silverplated Footed Double Handled Trays, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407118Two Silverplated Trays, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407119Dominick & Haff Sterling Silver Circular Footed Bowl, 20th C., N2EN$520.80
2407120Pair of Sterling Silver Footed Compotes, 20th C., N2EN$429.60
2407121Gorham Sterling Silver Square Tray, 20th C., N2EN$480.00
2407122Gorham Sterling Silver Four Piece Coffee Service, 20th C., N2EN$970.80
2407123Steiff Sterling Silver Footed Dish, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407124Two Tiffany Sterling Silver Dresser Jars, 20th C.,N2EN$309.60
2407125Sterling Silver Footed Bowl, 20th C., N2EN$270.00
2407126Assembled Three Piece Sterling Silver Coffee and Tea Service, English, N2EN$1438.80
2407129Watercolor on Paper Seascape, 20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407134Early Leica M3 Chrome Camera in Leather Case, 20th C., N2EN$2000.40
2407135Two Vintage Minox Wetzlar "Spy" Cameras and Flash, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407137Group of Vintage Cameras and Lens, DejurAgfa, Cavalier, 20th c., N2EN$30.00
2407138Oriental Style Prayer Rug, 20th C., N2EN$12.00
2407140Danish Modern Style Teak Low Armchair, 20th C., N2EN$174.00
2407141Chippendale Style Mahogany Slant Front Desk, 20th C., N2EN$48.00
2407142Two Mid-Century Modern Formica Clad Side Tables, 20th C., N2EN$54.00
2407143Danish Modern Style Teak and Caned Sofa, mid-20th C., N2EN$12.00
2407144Pair of Black Leather Upholstered Swiveling Barrel Back Tub Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$48.00
2407145Mid-Century Modern Teak and Black Leather Upholstered Low Chair, mid-20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407146Oil on Board, D. Rouanez (Dieudonne, Haitian, 20th C.), N2EN$60.00
2407148Embroidered and Bejeweled Tapestry, Southeast Asian, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407149Eumig Movie Camera, German, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407151Group of Seven Miniature Mixed Media Paintings, 20th C., N2EN$102.00
2407152Assorted Group of Decorative Table Articles, 20th C., N2EN$109.20
2407153Eglomise Painting, Drayan Bobovec, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407154Group of Chinese Porcelain Articles, 20th C., N2EN$276.00
2407155Two Pairs of Lazar Wood Skis, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407156Colonial Revival Style Mahogany Ladies Writing Desk, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407157Oil on Canvas Interior Scene, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407159Oil on Panel, European Bridge Over Canal Scene, H. Vogel (German, 1855-1934), N2EN$300.00
2407160Oil on Canvas, Laid Down on Board, H. Vogel, 1927, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407161Oil on Canvas, Farmer and his Horse, Continental, 20th C., N2EN$336.00
2407162Oil on Canvas, Interior Church Scene, Italian, late 19th C., N2EN$1320.00
2407163Pair of Yellow Gold and Coral Earrings, N2EN$579.60
240716414K Yellow Gold, Coral, and White Enamel Ring, N2EN$459.60
2407165Partial August Wellner Sohne Co.(AWS) Silverplated Flatware Service, German, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407168Two 14K Yellow Gold Rings, 20th C., N2EN$319.20
2407169Eleven Colorless Glass Gilt Rim Champagne Glasses,20th C., N2EN$37.20
2407173Assorted Group of Sterling Silver Articles, 20th C. N2EN$202.80
2407174Victorian Sterling Silver Mounted Travel Dressing Table Set, Early 20th C., N2EN$429.60
2407177Baroque Walnut Trestle Table, Italian, N2EN$840.00
2407178Baroque Parcel Gilt Carved Walnut Vergueno, Spanish, 17th C., N2EN$5520.00
2407179Baroque Style Carved Oak Bench, English, N2EN$480.00
2407180Baroque Style Looking Glass, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407181Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Green Glass, and Rhinestone Collar Necklace, N2EN$480.00
2407182Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Baroque Pearls, and Rhinestone Necklace, N2EN$1440.00
2407183Miriam Haskel Faceted Glass, Gilt Metal & Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings, N2EN$800.04
2407184Stanley Hagler Gold Tone, Imitation Baroque Pearl and Seed Pearl Drop Necklace, N2EN$60.00
2407187Miriam Haskell Gilt Enamel, Rhinestone, and Cornelia Colored Glass Jewelry Suite, N2EN$840.00
2407188Miriam Haskell Imitation Baroque Pearl and Rhinestone Collar Necklace, N2EN$180.00
2407189Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Rhinestone, & Imitation Baroque Pearl Brooch & Earrings, N2EN$240.00
2407192Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Moonstone, and Rhinestone Necklace, N2EN$180.00
2407194Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Seed and Glass Beaded Necklace and Brooch, N2EN$240.00
2407195Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Rhinestone Collar Necklace, N2EN$210.00
2407196Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Rhinestone Necklace with Floral Drop Pendant, N2EN$159.60
2407197Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Blue Beaded Floral-Form Wrap Bracelet, N2EN$48.00
2407198Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Pink Glass, Bead, and Rhinestone Baguettes Jewelry Suite, N2EN$210.00
2407199Miriam Haskell Silver Metal Rhinestone, Blue & Green Beaded Necklace, Brooch & Earrings, N2EN$180.00
2407200Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Rhinestone, Blue, Pink, & Green Beaded Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$84.00
2407201Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Leaf-Stamped Rhinestone Necklace, N2EN$276.00
2407203Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Rhinestone, Green Enamel Holly Leaf Bracelet, N2EN$96.00
2407205Unsigned Miriam Haskell Colorless Glass Leaves, Blue Beaded,Rhinestone Fur Clip, N2EN$60.00
2407206Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Polychrome Glass Beaded Necklace, N2EN$360.00
2407207Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Leaf Stamped, Green Glass, Rhinestone Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$93.60
2407208Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Rhinestone, Blue Glass Beaded Necklace, Earrings, & Brooches, N2EN$600.00
2407209Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Rhinestone, Faceted Green Glass Balls Choker and Earrings, N2EN$600.00
2407210Miriam Haskell Silver Metal, Jade Green Colored Glass Earrings with Similar Necklace, N2EN$60.00
2407212Miriam Haskell Silver Metal and Rhinestone Drop Necklace, N2EN$180.00
2407214Miriam Haskell Colorless Leaf-Form Glass Beaded Necklace and Brooch, N2EN$180.00
2407216Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Imitation Seed Pearl and Rhinestone Tassel Brooch, N2EN$186.00
2407218Miriam Haskell Multi-Strand Polychrome Glass Beaded Bracelet, N2EN$240.00
2407221Miriam Haskell Red Glass and Rhinestone Necklace, N2EN$480.00
2407222Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Seashell, and Rhinestone Necklace, N2EN$240.00
2407225Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Red Glass, and Red Rhinestone Double Strand Necklace, N2EN$90.00
2407227Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Button Motif Bracelet, Brooch, & Hoop Earrings, N2EN$120.00
2407228Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl, Seed Pearl Necklace and Similar Earrings, N2EN$180.00
2407230Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Imitation Pearl and Rhinestone Butterfly-Form Jewelry Suite, N2EN$1000.02
2407231Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain Coral Necklace and Bracelet, N2EN$600.00
2407233Two Miriam Haskell Blue and White Glass Beaded Necklaces, N2EN$180.00
2407235Miriam Haskell Imitation Baroque Pearl, Gilt Metal, and Rhinestone Brooch, N2EN$120.00
2407236Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Imitation Turquoise Blue Dangle Earrings, N2EN$72.00
2407239Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Baroque and Seed Pearl Double Strand Necklace, N2EN$120.00
2407240Miriam Haskell Polychrome Beaded, Gilt Metal, & Rhinestone Necklace & Bracelet, N2EN$1320.00
2407242Six Miriam Haskell Hatpins, N2EN$60.00
2407243Large Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Earclips, N2EN$48.00
2407244Unmarked Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Cranberry Glass Bead Brooch, N2EN$60.00
2407248Unsigned Miriam Haskell Rhinestone Pin, N2EN$48.00
2407250Miriam Haskell Pierced Gilt Metal, Imitation Pearl, and Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet, N2EN$84.00
2407251Unsigned Miriam Haskell Baroque Style Wire Bracelet, N2EN$60.00
2407252Miriam Haskell Snowflake Form Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$84.00
2407253Miriam Haskell Multi-Strand Colored Beaded Necklace, N2EN$240.00
2407254Unmarked Miriam Haskell Silver Metal Mesh Wrap Leaf-Form Bracelet, N2EN$60.00
2407256Miriam Haskell Pink and Red Beaded Rhinestone Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$228.00
2407257Miriam Haskell Blue Bead and Rhinestone Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$240.00
2407258Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$90.00
2407259Unsigned Miriam Haskell Blue Stone Beaded Floral Necklace and Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407260Miriam Haskell Black and Red Beaded Necklace and Black Earrings, N2EN$120.00
2407261Gilt Metal and Imitation Seed Pearl Locket on Gold Tone Chain, N2EN$42.00
2407262Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Turquoise Beaded Multi-Strand Necklace, N2EN$96.00
2407263Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain Multi-Strand Necklace, N2EN$84.00
2407268Three Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Dress Clips With Tassels, N2EN$60.00
2407270Four Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Dress Clips, N2EN$60.00
2407271Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Purple Beaded Necklace, N2EN$90.00
2407272Three Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Coral and Rhinestone Brooches, N2EN$150.00
2407273Three Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl and Rhinestone Hair Combs, N2EN$60.00
2407276Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Red Swirl Beaded brooch and Earrings, N2EN$180.00
2407277Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Turquoise Color Beaded & Rhinestone Charm Bracelet & Earrings, N2EN$240.00
2407278Miriam Haskell Imitation Turquoise and Baroque Pearl, Rhinestone & Seashell Suite, N2EN$924.00
2407281Josef Morton Signed for Miriam Haskell Green Cut Glass Beads & Imitation Pearl Necklace, N2EN$72.00
2407282Miriam Haskell Silver Metal Green Glass and Rhinestone Brooch, N2EN$60.00
2407283Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Green Glass and Rhinestone Jewelry Suite, N2EN$360.00
2407285Unsigned Miriam Haskell Glass Beaded Hydrangea Decorated Wrap Bracelet and Dress Clip, N2EN$120.00
2407286Miriam Haskell Geometric Gilt Metal and Green Glass Rhinestone Necklace and Matching Earrings, N2EN$300.00
2407287Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Green Beaded and Colored Rhinestone Brooch and Matching Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407288Unsigned Miriam Haskell Rhinestone Collar Necklace and Matching Earrings, N2EN$810.00
2407289Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Green Glass Necklace With Center Plaque and Matching Earrings, N2EN$120.00
2407290Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace and Matching Brooch, N2EN$222.00
2407292Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Seed Pearl, and Rhinestone Brooch, N2EN$48.00
2407293Three Signed and Unsigned Miriam Haskell Beaded Pins, N2EN$60.00
2407294Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Pink Glass Bead, Imitation Pearl & Rhinestone Lariat Necklace, N2EN$1740.00
2407295Four Miriam Haskell Pins, N2EN$120.00
2407298Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Seed Pearl, and Rhinestone Circle Pins, N2EN$60.00
2407301Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Filigree Imitation, Pearl and Glass Beaded Butterfly Brooch, N2EN$600.00
2407302Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Filigree, Glass Beaded, and Stamped Butterfly Necklace, N2EN$900.00
2407303Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Rhinestone Double Strand Necklace, N2EN$120.00
2407304Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Imitation Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace, N2EN$120.00
2407306Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace and Matching Bracelet, N2EN$240.00
2407309Two Similar Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Pearl, and Rhinestone Necklaces, N2EN$240.00
2407310Miriam Haskell Faceted Glass Necklace and Matching Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407311Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Rhinestone Brooch, N2EN$24.00
2407312Two Miriam Haskell Brooches, N2EN$90.00
2407313Miriam Haskell Triple Stranded, Gilt Metal and Black Faceted Beaded Necklace, N2EN$60.00
2407314Miriam Haskell Jet and Rhinestone Tassel Suite of Jewelry, N2EN$150.00
2407316Miriam Haskell Double Stranded, Black Glass Bead, Rhinestone and Imitation Pearl Necklace, N2EN$120.00
2407317Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Seed Pearl, and Jet Beaded Necklace, N2EN$72.00
2407320Miriam Haskell Filigree Gilt Metal, Coral Beaded, and Rhinestone Brooch, N2EN$132.00
2407321Unsigned Miriam Haskell Filigree, Coral Beaded, & Rhinestone Necklace, N2EN$120.00
2407322Unsigned Miriam Haskell Wood and Red Beaded Wrap Bracelet, N2EN$48.00
2407324Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Red Glass Beaded, Four Strand Necklace, N2EN$210.00
2407325Miriam Haskell Silver Metal, Imitation Jet, Crystal Beaded, and Rhinestone Pendant Brooch, N2EN$30.00
2407326Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Pink Beaded, and Red Imitation Gemstone Brooch, N2EN$270.00
2407327Miriam Haskell Filigree and Pink Glass Tubular Beaded, and Lavender Beaded Brooch, N2EN$174.00
2407328Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Faceted Red Beaded Bracelet, N2EN$60.00
2407332Unsigned Miriam Haskell White Beaded and Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet, N2EN$72.00
2407333Three Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Bracelets, N2EN$48.00
2407334Miriam Haskell Colorless Beaded Wrap Bracelet, N2EN$60.00
2407335Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Imitation Jet Beaded Wrap Bracelet, N2EN$120.00
2407336Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Pearl, and Rhinestone Brooch, N2EN$48.00
2407337Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Rhinestone, and Cut Glass Suite of Jewelry, N2EN$90.00
2407338Three Pairs of Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Green Beaded Earrings, N2EN$210.00
2407341Unsigned Miriam Haskell Imitation Sea Shell Form and Pearl Wrap Bracelet, N2EN$60.00
2407342Three Miriam Haskell Brooches, N2EN$72.00
2407343Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Green Rhinestone Brooch and Similar Earrings, N2EN$90.00
2407344Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Rhinestone Brooches, N2EN$120.00
2407345Three Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Imitation Pearl Pins, N2EN$60.00
2407349Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Earrings and Bracelet, N2EN$120.00
2407352Miriam Haskell Turquoise Beaded Necklace and Bracelet, N2EN$120.00
2407353Two Miriam Haskell Red Beaded Necklaces, N2EN$120.00
2407356Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Rhinestone Brooches, N2EN$120.00
2407357Two Pair of Miriam Haskell Drop Pendant Earrings, N2EN$342.00
2407358Group of Miriam Haskell Jewelry, N2EN$48.00
2407359Three Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Brooches, N2EN$60.00
2407361Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Jewelry, American 20th Century, N2EN$108.00
2407363Miriam Haskell Imitation Citrine Bracelet and Brooch, American 20th Century, N2EN$120.00
2407364Group of Miriam Haskell Wooden Jewelry, American 20th Century, N2EN$120.00
2407365Three Miriam Haskell Bracelets, American, 20th Century, N2EN$60.00
2407366Group of Turquoise and White Miriam Haskell Jewelry, N2EN$60.00
2407367Two Unsigned Glass Wrap Bracelets, N2EN$60.00
2407368Two Miriam Haskell Black Jet Brooches, N2EN$120.00
2407369Two Miriam Haskell Pink Beaded Multi-Strand Necklaces, N2EN$300.00
2407370Miriam Haskell Imitation Gray Pearl Necklace, With Rhinestone Clasp, N2EN$120.00
2407371Miriam Haskell Blue Glass Bead Eight Strand Necklace, N2EN$84.00
2407372Miriam Haskell Pink Beaded Rhinestone and Imitation Pearl Choker Necklace, N2EN$420.00
2407373Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Lariat Necklace, N2EN$180.00
2407375Two Miriam Haskell Imitation Baroque Pearl Necklaces, N2EN$84.00
2407376Miriam Haskell War Eagle Pink Beaded Stick Pin, N2EN$60.00
2407378Two Miriam Haskell Rhinestone Brooches, N2EN$60.00
2407379Three Unsigned Miriam Haskell Bracelets, N2EN$60.00
2407380Two Miriam Haskell Baroque Pearl Bracelets, N2EN$108.00
2407382Miriam Haskell Rhinestone and Imitation Pearl Arrow Form Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$72.00
2407383Miriam Haskell Blue and Imitation Pearl Three Strand Necklace With Drop Pendant, N2EN$84.00
2407384Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Multi-Strand Rhinestone and Purple Beaded Necklace, N2EN$420.00
2407386Miriam Haskell White Beaded Drop Necklace, N2EN$48.00
2407389Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Collar, N2EN$240.00
2407390Miriam Haskell Blue Beaded and Imitation Pearl Four Strand Dove Clasp Necklace, N2EN$60.00
2407391Three Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Necklaces, N2EN$60.00
2407393Two Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Necklaces, N2EN$60.00
2407395Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chained Sweater Pin, N2EN$60.00
2407396Miriam Haskell Polychrome Beaded Rhinestone and Imitation Pearl Five Strand Necklace, N2EN$150.00
2407397Miriam Haskell Imitation Baroque Pearl and Beaded Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407400Miriam Haskell Unsigned Gilt Metal Blue Centered Earrings and Similar Chain, N2EN$60.00
2407401Miriam Haskell Dove Clasp Beaded and Imitation Pearl Six Stranded Necklace, N2EN$240.00
2407403Miriam Haskel Gilt Metal and Unsigned Holly Leaf Necklaces, N2EN$120.00
2407404Three Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407406Three Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Imitation Pearl Earrings, N2EN$120.00
2407407Three Pair of Pink Miriam Haskell Earrings, N2EN$144.00
2407408Four Pair of Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407409Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Amber Colored Earrings, N2EN$120.00
2407411Three Rhinestone Miriam Haskell Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407412Miriam Haskell Green and "Craved" Flower Decorated Five Piece Group, N2EN$120.00
2407413Miriam Haskell Three Strand Green Beaded Necklace and Earrings, N2EN$120.00
2407416Miriam Haskell Six Strand Green Beaded Necklace, N2EN$120.00
2407421Vintage Geometric and Imitation Pearl Bracelet, N2EN$60.00
2407424Two Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Double Strand Necklaces, N2EN$222.00
2407425Two Miriam Haskell Pink Beaded and Rhinestone Necklaces and Bracelet, N2EN$198.00
2407428Two Robert Amber Glass Beaded Pin and Necklace, N2EN$90.00
2407433Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Double Strand Necklace and Leaf-Form Decorated Earrings, N2EN$156.00
2407434DeMario, New York, Gilt Metal Pink Rhinestone Pin and Earrings, N2EN$72.00
2407437Miriam Haskell Pin and Matching Earrings, N2EN$60.00
2407439Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Pin, N2EN$60.00
2407443Miriam Haskell Pink Glass Faceted Beads and Rhinestone Brooch and Earrings, N2EN$120.00
2407444Miriam Haskell Red Glass Beaded and Rhinestone Necklace, Brooch, and Earrings, N2EN$750.00
2407445Chromolithograph, John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, N2EN$300.00
2407446Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Reticulated Footed Oval Basket, 20th C., N2EN$1202.40
2407447Bigelow Kennard & Co. Sterling Silver Reticulated Basket, 20th C., N2EN$2520.00
2407448M. Scooler Sterling Silver Oval Reticulated Tray, 20th C., N2EN$901.20
2407449Sterling Silver Oval Tray, 20th C., N2EN$960.00
2407451Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Fish Set, 20th C., N2EN$661.20
2407452Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Reticulated Bowl, 20th C., N2EN$1681.20
2407453Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Footed bowl, 20th C., N2EN$5240.40
2407454Twelve Sterling Silver Ice Tea Spoons, Denmark, 20th C., N2EN$452.40
2407455Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Serving Fork and Reticulated Spoon,"Acanthus" Denmark, 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407456Three Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, 20th C., N2EN$330.00
2407458Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Flatware Service,"Cactus" Denmark,20th C. N2EN$12000.00
2407459Two Georgian Style Walnut Bookcase on Chests, 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407460Pair of Cockpen Style Upholstered Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$330.00
2407461Contemporary Lucite and Glass Low Table, 20th C., N2EN$210.00
2407463Three Contemporary White Metal Barstools, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407464Pair of Louis XV Style White Painted Pink Upholstered Fauteuil, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407465Contemporary Round Stone Top Center Table, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407467Gilt Metal and Crystal Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$174.00
2407468Neoclassical Style Brass and Glass Five Light Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$102.00
2407469Neoclassical Style Brass and Glass Five Light Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407470Yamaha Mahogany Baby Grand Piano and Bench, 20th C., N2EN$4203.60
2407471Victorian Carved Oak Breakfront Bookcase with Marble-Inset Top, English, late 19th C., N2EN$600.00
2407472Pair of Victorian Carved and Part Ebonized Hall Chairs, English, late 19th C., N2EN$510.00
2407474Regency Style Circular Bookstand End Table, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407475Regency Style Leather-Inset Mahogany Library Table, 20th C., N2EN$450.00
2407476Regency Style Mahogany Octagonal Side Table, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407477Two Limited Edition Franklin Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407481Contemporary Alabaster Ceiling Fixture, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407483Victorian Marble Inset Carved Walnut Side Cabinet, late 19th C., N2EN$72.00
2407484Louis XV Style Six-Light Ormolu Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407486Seven Victorian Carved Oak Dining Chairs, English, late 19th C., N2EN$270.00
2407487Victorian Elaborately Carved Marble Top Side Table, English, late 19th C., N2EN$282.00
2407489Contemporary Tole Six-Light Wheat Sheaf Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407490Victorian Pine Wall Cupboard, English, late 19th C., N2EN$570.00
2407491Pair of Contemporary Gilt Metal Wall Sconces, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407493Federal Style Pine Center Table, American, 19th/20th C., N2EN$210.00
2407494Pine Step Ladder, 19th/20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407495Contemporary Patinated Metal Floor Lamp, 20th C., N2EN$12.00
2407497Waterford Colorless Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407498Assembled Mesa Verde Pottery Table Articles, Mexico, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407499Model Violin, Holland, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407500Carved Oak Pedestal, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407501Twelve Inch Terrestrial Globe, Kittenger Company, on Stand, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407502Victor Talking Machine Company Oak Phonograph, 20th C., N2EN$48.00
2407503Oil on Canvas, Landscape, Alexander H. Wyant (American, 1836-1892), N2EN$1800.00
2407504Empire Mahogany Chest of Drawers, American, First half 19th C., N2EN$102.00
2407505Hungerford Mahogany Tall Chest of Drawers, American, 20th C., N2EN$97.20
2407506Four Nancy McClellen Wallpaper Decorated Window Valances, 20th C., N2EN$210.00
2407507Pine Cottage Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N2EN$120.00
2407508Federal Turned Maple One Drawer Stand, American, 19th C., N2EN$72.00
2407509Pair of Turned Oak Rush Seat Benches, American, 20th C., N2EN$68.40
2407510George III Cedar Lined Mahogany Work Table, English, late 18th/early 19th C., N2EN$270.00
2407511George I Style Walnut Veneered Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N2EN$330.00
2407512Harden Furniture Carved Cherrywood Chest of Drawers, American, 20th C., N2EN$210.00
2407513Six Regency Brass Mounted Carved Rosewood Sabre Leg Side Chairs, English, early 19th C., N2EN$270.00
2407514Pair of Regency Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, English, early 19th C., N2EN$210.00
2407515Pair of Regency Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, English, early 19th C., N2EN$156.00
2407516Rococo Carved Beechwood Side Chair, Continental, 18th C., N2EN$73.20
2407517Elizabethan Style Upholstered Backstool, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407518Twelve Similar Fancy Chairs, American, 19th and 20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407519Pine Chest of Drawers, American, 19th/20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407520Victorian Painted Pine Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N2EN$60.00
2407521Pair of Georgian Style Mahogany Club Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$264.00
2407522Pine Chest of Drawers, English, 19th C., N2EN$102.00
2407523Victorian Paint Decorated Wash Stand, American, late 19th C., N2EN$60.00
2407524Two Pine Side Tables, English, 19th/20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407525Two Contemporary Slip Covered Club Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407526Georgian Rosewood Veneered Hanging Corner Shelf, English, late 18th/19th C., N2EN$138.00
2407528Victorian Painted Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N2EN$67.20
2407529Pair of Directoire Style Marble Top Gueridon, 20th C, N2EN$24.00
2407531Pair of Contemporary White Painted Side Tables, 20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407532Georgian Pine Work Table, English, 19th/20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407534Four Federal Style Stencil Decorated Fancy Chairs, American Trad., 20th C., N2EN$98.40
2407535Pine One Drawer Stand, 20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407536Two Contemporary Sleeper Sofas, 20th C., N2EN$330.00
2407537Four Lowback Captain's Chairs, English/American, 19th/20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407538Victorian Oak Drop Leaf Table, 19th C., N2EN$24.00
2407539Contemporary Delft Tile Style Inset Side Table, 20th C., N2EN$54.00
2407540Pine Corner Cupboard, American, 19th C., N2EN$660.00
2407541Louis XVI Cherrywood Extension Dining Table, French, 19th C., N2EN$480.00
2407543Decorative Figure Boards of Colonial Couple, 20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407544Regency Style Mahogany Dining Table, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407545Floral Decorated Carpet, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407547Oriental Style Carpet, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407548Cream Colored Hooked Rug, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407549Directoire Style Marble Top Side Table, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407550George III Yewwood Side Chair, English, late 18th C., N2EN$24.00
2407551Georgian Style Ratcheted Floor Lamp, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407552Federal Style Turned Maple Drop Leaf Low Table, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407553Victorian Pine Writing Table, English, late 19th C., N2EN$240.00
2407554Victorian Poplar Writing Table, American, late 19th C., N2EN$36.00
2407555Lawrenceville School Chair, 20th C., N2EN$12.00
2407556Campaign Style Brass Mounted Hardwood Folding Side Table, English Trad., 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407557George III Mahogany Tray on Stand, English, early 19th C., N2EN$24.00
2407558Victorian Stained Pine Drop Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N2EN$48.00
2407560Two Pairs of Federal Style Stained Maple Headboards, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407561Five Side Chairs, American, 19th C., N2EN$78.00
2407562Two Pine Side Cabinets, English, 19th/20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407563Two Pine Side Cabinets, English, 19th/20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407564Victorian Painted Pine Dressing Chest, late 19th C., N2EN$24.00
2407565Victorian Pine Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C, N2EN$120.00
2407566Regency Style Mahogany Three Pedestal Dining Table, 20th C., N2EN$600.00
2407567Federal Style Stained Pine Demi-Lune Pier Table, 20th C., N2EN$198.00
2407568Pair of Cast Iron Double Handled Garden Urns, 19th C., N2EN$1080.00
2407569Pair of Cast Iron Bird Baths, 19th/20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407570Pair of Cast Iron Kylix-Form Garden Urns, 19th/20th C., N2EN$420.00
2407571Pair of Reticulated Cast Iron Jardineres, 20th C., N2EN$109.20
2407572Pair of Green Painted Cast Iron Urns, 20th C., N2EN$85.20
2407573Cast Iron Double Handled Garden Urn, 19th C., N2EN$120.00
2407574Four Green Painted Cast Iron Urns, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407575Four Green Painted Cast Iron Urns, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407576Three Green Painted Cast Iron Diminutive Urns, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407577Two Green Painted Cast Iron Urns, 20th C., N2EN$73.20
2407578Three Green Painted Cast Iron Planters, 20th C., N2EN$84.00
2407579Federal Style Cumberland Action Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, 20th C., N2EN$67.20
2407580Pair of Contemporary Rattan Floor Lamps, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407581Victorian Giltwood Pier Mirror, Probably English, late 19th C., N2EN$181.20
2407582Fourteen Windsor Bowback Dining Chairs, English Tradition, 20th C., N2EN$960.00
2407583Three Ladderback Rush Seat Chairs, 19th & 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407584Baroque Carved Oak Writing Table, Continental, 18th C., N2EN$3360.00
2407585Directoire Marble Top Low Table, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407586Pair of Contemporary Swiveling Club Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$426.00
2407587Louis XVI Style Stained Maple Demi-Lune Pier Table, 20th C., N2EN$390.00
2407588Cast Iron and Oak Work Table, 19th/20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407591Pair of Stained Pine Paneled Twin Headboards, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407593Pair of Neoclassical Style Mahogany Side Tables, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407594Pair of Neoclassical Style Mahogany Side Tables, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407595Victorian Stained Pine Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N2EN$36.00
2407596Paneled Pine Settle, English, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407597Contemporary Hardwood Games Chest, 20th C., N2EN$45.60
2407598Victorian Oak Chest of Drawers, late 19th/20th C., N2EN$78.00
2407599George III Mahogany Wall Cupboard, English, late 18th/19th C., N2EN$3144.00
2407600Federal Turned Maple Candlestand, Massachusetts, Circa 1800, N2EN$60.00
2407602Oriental Style Rug, 20th C., N2EN$84.00
2407603Floral Decorated Hooked Rug, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407604Three Hooked Rugs, 20th C., N2EN$62.40
2407605Oriental Style Runner, 20th C., N2EN$228.00
2407606Two Similar Oriental Style Rugs, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407607Three Oriental Style Mats, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407608Two Similar Oriental Style Rugs, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407609Two Similar Oriental Style Rugs, 20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407610Pair of Contemporary Upholstered Sleeper Sofas, 20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407611Contemporary Cherrywood Entertainment Cabinet, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407616Two Similar Oriental Style Runners, 20th C., N2EN$84.00
2407618Five Contemporary Blonde Wicker Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407619Group of Five Contemporary Rattan Seating Furniture, 20th C., N2EN$480.00
2407620White Painted Rattan Settee and Two Similar Side Tables, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407621Contemporary White Painted Rattan Settee and Three Similar Tables, 20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407622Four White Painted Rattan Armchairs and an Octagonal Low Table, 20th C., N2EN$36.00
2407623Five Pieces of White Painted Contemporary Rattan Furniture, 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407624Stained Pine Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N2EN$151.20
2407625Victorian Pine Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N2EN$103.20
2407626Pair of Directoire Style Marble Top Side Tables, French Taste, 20th C., N2EN$24.00
2407627Neoclassical Style Stained Pine Demi-Lune Pier Table, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407634Five Japanese Landscape Prints, 20th C., N2N$60.00
2407635Alabaster Bust of a Lady with Scarf, Italy, 20th C., N2EN$510.00
2407637Carved Wood and Polychrome Painted Deity Wall Hanging, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407638Green Glazed Baluster Form Vase, 20th C., N2DN$60.00
2407640Contemporary Mahogany Dining Table, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407641Three Contemporary Brass and Glass Side Tables, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407642Pair of Rattan Open Armchairs, 19th/20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407643Twelve Contemporary Black Lacquer Dining Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407645Two Pairs of Brass and Cloisonne Tall Candlesicks, 20th C., N2EN$42.00
2407648Hardstone Walrus Sculpture, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407649Two Leather Prancing Horse Figures, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407650Two Patinated Metal Equestrian Sculptures, 20th C, N2EN$180.00
2407651Tiffany & Co. Crystal Barware, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407653Twelve Sterling Silver Goblets, 20th C., N2EN$1561.20
2407654Patinated Metal Sculpture, Monkey on Bicycle, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407655Patinated Metal Two-handled Vase, Japanese, 20th C., N2EN$174.00
2407657Blue and White Ceramic Garden Wall Pocket, 20th C., n2EN$48.00
2407658Brass Fire Place Tools, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407659Patinated and Gilt Metal Cutty Sark Limited Edition Three Mast Ship Model, 20th C., N2EN$1441.20
2407660Colorless Glass Female Nude Sculpture, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407661Carved, Gilded, Mirrored, and Jeweled Dragon on Stand, Southeast Asian, 19th/20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407662Bronze Horse Sculpture, Marilyn Newmark, 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407663Cast and Patinated Bronze Figure of a Horse, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407664Cast and Patinated Bronze Figure of a Horse, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407666Twenty Inch Diameter Heirloom Globe on Stand, 20th C., N2EN$12.00
2407667Two Black and Wheat Checked Seisel Carpets, 20th C., N2EN$108.00
2407668Patinated Bronze Figure of a Horse, 20th C.,N2EN$180.00
2407669Patinated Bronze Figure of a Rearing Horse, 20th C., N2EN$242.40
2407670Patinated Cast Bronze Figure of a Male Lion, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407671Cast Bronze Figure of a Gelding, Christoph Fratin (French, 1800-1864), N2EN$666.00
2407672Cast Bronze Figure of a Gelding, Christoph Fratin (French, 1800-1864), N2EN$721.20
2407673Four Sterling Silver Equestrian Mint Julip Cups, 20th C., N2EN$1140.00
2407674Four Sterling Silver Equestrian Presentation Plates, England, 20th C., N2EN$2161.20
2407675Four Silverplated Presentation Plates, 20th C., N2EN$378.00
2407676Two Mix Metal Equestrian Trophy's, 20th C., N2EN$842.40
2407677Contemporary Carved Rose Quartz Figure of a Recumbent Horse, 20th C, N2EN$1321.20
2407678Folding Two Panel Paper Screen, Chinese, 19th C., N2EN$480.00
2407680Two Chinese Prints, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407682Victor Vasarely Print, 20th C., N2EN$511.20
2407683Oil on Board Gentleman Portrait with Pipe, German, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407685Neoclassical Style Sterling Silver Equestrian Presentation Trophy, England, 20th C., N2EN$1213.20
2407686Two Black and Wheat Checked Seisel Carpets, 20th C., N2EN$84.00
2407688Louis XV Style Paint Decorated Buffet, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407689Louis XV Style Paint Decorated Buffet, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407691Modern Bone Inlaid Mahogany Pool Table, 20th C., N2EN$480.00
2407692Oriental Style Floral Decorated Room Sized Carpet, 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407693Floral Decorated Green Chinese Style Carpet, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407694Neoclassical Style Green Painted Etegere, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407695Cast and Patinated Garden Form Basket, 20th C., N2EN$12.00
2407696Three Jacobean Style Oak Barstools, 20th C., N2EN$55.20
2407697Two Neoclassical Style Pieces of Bedroom Furniture, 20th C., N2EN$48.00
2407698Louis XV Style Commode, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407699Louis XV Style Piano Stool, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407701Mills Life Size Cowboy Figural Slot Machine, 20th C., N2EN$2040.00
2407702Pink, White, Grey, and Blue Chinese Style Carpet, 20th C., N2EN$42.00
2407703Room Sized Carpet, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407705Louis XV Style Ormolu Mounted Marquetry Inlaid Secretary, 20th C., N2EN$165.60
2407706Federal Style Mahogany Tall Case Clock, 20th C., N2EN$480.00
2407707Regency Style Brass and Steel Bookshelf, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407708Pair of Barque Style Marble Top Petit Commodes, Portuguese Taste, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407709Jacobean Style White Painted Barley-Twist Floor Lamp, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407711Louis XVI Style Caned and Marble Top Side Table, 20th C., N2EN$84.00
2407712Pair of Contemporary Faux Bamboo Patinated Metal Stools, 20th C.,N2EN$420.00
2407714Contemporary White Painted Chest of Drawers, 20th C.,N2EN$12.00
2407715Pair of Louis XV Style Green Painted Fauteuil, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407716Four Neoclassical Style Carved Cherrywood Dining Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407717Louis XV Style Carved Mahogany William Knabe Baby Grand Piano, 20th C., N2EN$438.00
2407719Suite of Louis XV Style Carved Seating Furniture, 20th C., N2EN$420.00
2407720Neoclassical Style Mirrored Brass Side Cabinet, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407721Pair of Carved and Painted Wood Figures, 19th/20th C., N2EN$1590.00
2407722Louis XVI Style Cherrywood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407723Louis XV Style Carved Beechwood Fauteuil, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407725Modern Slag and Leaded Glass Mirror, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407727Mixed Media, Lady Near her Vanity, 1926, N2EN$60.00
2407728Oil on Silk, Gentlemen, 20th C., N2EN$91.20
2407729Oil on Canvas, 20th C., N2EN$61.20
2407730Baroque Style Gilt Metal Eight Arm Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407731Lladro Porcelain, Don Quiote, Portugal, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407733Stained Glass Leaded Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407734Neoclassical Style Giltwood Hanging Mirror, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407735Three Globe Bookshelf Garniture, 20th C., N2EN$78.00
2407736Pair of Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal 5-Arm Wall Sconces, 20th C., N2EN$480.00
2407737Painted Tole and Tin 2-Arm Table Lamp, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407739Lalique Three Graces Cherubs Frosted Crystal Sculpture, France, 20th C., N2EN$282.00
2407740Lalique Crystal Ariane Doves Figurine, France, 20th C., N2EN$282.00
2407741Victorian Papier Mache Inlaid Mother of Pearl Inkstand, 20th C.,N2EN$42.00
2407742Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Dessert Service, "Olde Avesbury,"England, 20th C., N2EN$421.20
2407743Sterling Silver Mounted Rosenthal Porcelain Bowl, German, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407744Large Rosenthal Porcelain Dinner Service, Germany, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407745Five White Ceramic Monkey Figures, 20th C., N2EN$156.00
2407747Assorted Group of Colorless Glass Articles, 20th C., N2EN$720.00
2407748Terracotta Bust of a Young Peasant Girl, Italian, 20th C., N2EN$210.00
2407749Three Waterford Crystal Handled Articles, 20th C., N2EN$54.00
2407751Two Daum Colorless Crystal Stork Figures, France, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407752Architectural Motif Colorless and Gilt Decorated Tumbler Glasses, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407753Waterford Colorless Crystal Stemware, Ireland, 20th C., N2EN$390.00
2407755Assorted Brass Table Articles, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407756Community "South Seas" Silverplated Flatware Service, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407757Silverplated Dome Cover, 20th C., 2EN$12.00
2407758Three Le Creuset Cast Iron Pots, France, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407760Murano Glass Style and Gilt Metal Ceiling Fixture, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407761Louis XVI Style Gilt Metal and Crystal Twelve Light Chandelier, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407763Samran Flatware Service, Thailand, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407764Large Collection of Souvenir World Tour Dolls, 20th C., N2EN$25.20
2407766Butterfly and Marquetry Inlaid Serving Tray, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407767Carlsbad China Fish Set, Austria, 20th C., N2EN$270.00
2407768Nine Lenox Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407769Wedgwood Green Embossed Queensware Dinner Service, England, 20th C., N2EN$480.00
2407770Wedgwood "Florentine Turquoise"Porcelain Dinner Service, England, 20th C., N2EN$1680.00
2407771Group of Porcelain and Ceramic Wash Bowls, Pitchers and Chamber Pots, England,20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407772Five Sterling Silver Weighted Articles, 20th C., N2EN$1021.20
2407773Assorted Silverplated Table Articles, 20th C., N2EN$210.00
2407774Twelve Tiffany & Company Sterling Silver Reticulated Cup Holders and Lenox Porcelain Cup Liner, 20th C., N2EN$780.00
2407775Assorted Sterling Silver Articles,20th C., N2EN$930.00
2407776Assorted Sterling Silver Articles, 20th C., N2EN$792.00
2407777800 Silver Five Piece Coffee and Tea Service, Continental 20th C., N2EN$4920.00
2407778Six Sterling Silver Handmade Cup Holders and Colorless and Etched Glass Inserts, 20th C., N2EN$181.20
2407779Sterling Silver Bailey Banks and Shaped Circular Shallow Bowl, 20th C., N2EN$960.00
2407780Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Dresser Jar and Compact Mirror, 20th C., N2EN$421.20
2407781Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Service, "Grand Baroque,"20th C., N2EN$3000.00
2407782Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Service, "Grand Baroque," 20th C. N2EN$2916.00
2407783Wallace Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, "Grand Baroque," 20th C., N2EN$910.80
2407784Three Frank Whiting Sterling Silver Handled Serving Pieces, "Botticelli," 20th C., N2EN$130.80
2407785Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Cheese Knife, "Marquise," 20th C., N2EN$266.40
2407786Twelve Tiffany & Co. Silverplated Melon Forks, 20th C., N2EN$600.00
2407787Assorted Group of Silverplated and Stainless Serving Pieces, 20th C., N2EN$54.00
2407788Three Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, 20th C., N2EN$571.20
2407789Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Handled Bottle Opener, "Cactus," 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407790Westmoreland Sterling Silver Flatware Service, "Enchanted Orchid," 20th C. N2EN$1338.00
2407791Assorted Group of Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C, N2EN$90.00
2407792"Works of Charles Dickens, House Hold Edition, Sheldon and Company, New York., 19th C., N2EN$150.00
2407793English Silver Fish Service for Six, 20th C., N2EN$582.00
2407794German Porcelain Figural Group, 20th C., N2EN$300.00
2407795Three Royal Doulton Porcelain Figures, England, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407796Three Royal Doulton Porcelain Figures, England, 20th C., N2EN$102.00
2407797Three Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mugs, England, 20th C., N2EN$114.00
2407798Four Royal Doulton Porcelain Articles, England, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407799Two Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mugs, England, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407800Three Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mugs, England, 20th C., N2EN$114.00
2407801Three Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mugs, England, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407802Assorted Color Glass Table Articles, 20th C, N2EN$60.00
2407803Assorted Group of Colored Glass Table Articles,20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407804Assorted Group of Silverplated Articles, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407805Four Lalique Perfume Bottles and Stoppers, France, 20th C., N2EN$810.00
2407806Baccarat Colorless Glass Wild Boar Figure, France, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407808Seven Art Glass Paperweights,20th C., N2EN$48.00
2407809Neoclassical Style Brass Frame Mirror, 20th C., N2EN$72.00
2407810Group of German Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C., N2EN$73.20
2407811Sterling Silver Overlay Vase, 20th C., N2EN$84.00
2407812Minton Porcelain Soup Tureen, Underplate and Ladle, England, 20th C. N2EN$60.00
2407813Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Young Girl,19th C., N2EN$120.00
2407815Bronze Figure of a Serpent Woman,La Jalousie (1980), by Erte (Romain de Tirtoff Russian 1892-1990), N2EN$1200.00
240781614K Yellow Gold Diamond and Peridot Ring, American 20th Century, N2EN$900.00
2407817Galanos "Black Onyx" Mink Coat for Maximilian, American, 20th Century, N2EN$360.00
2407818Napoleon III Jeweled and Green Enamel Mantle Clock, Probably French/Continental, Late 19th C., N2EN$3150.00
2407819Enamel and Jewel Decorated Mantle Clock with Pictorial Dial, Continental, Late 19th C., N2EN$3120.00
2407821Regency Style Parcel Gilt Upholstered Window Seat, English Tradition, 20th c., N2EN$360.00
2407822Pair of Cloisonne Fu Dogs, Chinese, 20th C., N2EN$1200.00
2407825Two Ivory Carved Figures, Chinese, 20th C.,. N2EN$2304.00
2407827Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, 20th C., N2EN$482.40
2407828Pair of Jacobean Style Walnut Diminutive Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407831Victorian Inlaid Amboyna Lap Desk, English, 19th C., N2EN$180.00
2407832Kosta Boda Glass Sculpture By Goran Warff, Sweden, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407833Ten Contemporary Upholstered Chrome Dining Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407834Italian Ceramic and Gilt Decorated Charger Plates, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407835Roman Figural Brass and Pewter Chess Set, 20th C. N2EN$120.00
2407836Carved Hardwood Altar Table, Chinese, 20th C., N2EN$240.00
2407838Two 900 Silver and Enamel Covered Boxes, 20th C., N2EN$342.00
2407839Meissen Reticulated Porcelain Plate, German, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407843Assorted Group of Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407845French Silverplated Three Light Candelabrum, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407846Louis XV Style Walnut Bergere, French, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407853Victorian Enamel Decorated Mantle Clock, 19th C., N2EN$660.00
2407854Four Lalique Frosted to Clear Articles, France, 20th C., N2EN$582.00
2407856Blue Enamel Urn-Form Clock, France, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407860George III Mahogany Knife Box, English, 18th C., N2EN$180.00
2407861Louis XVI Alabaster Ormolu Mounted Figural Clock, France, 20th C., N2EN$6300.00
2407867Contemporary Leather Upholstered Love Seat, 20th C., N2EN$360.00
2407868Pair of Contemporary Chrome and Leather Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N2EN$2580.00
2407869Modern Red and Black Lacquer Table, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407870Swarovski Glass Chinese Dragon, 20th C., N2EN$198.00
2407872Villeroy & Boch Porcelain Dinner Service, "Naranja Switch 4" German, 20th C., N2EN$840.00
2407877Three Steuben Colorless Crystal Bird Figures, 20th C., N2EN$450.00
2407878Two Steuben Colorless Crystal Doves, 20th C., N2EN$391.20
2407879Two Steuben Colorless Crystal Figures, 20th C., N2EN$720.00
2407884Waterford Colorless Crystal Stemware, Ireland, 20th C., N2EN$1980.00
2407889Eight Limoges Porcelain Pot de Creme Pots and Tray, France, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407891Brass and Patinated Metal Menorah, Israel 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407893Two Jay Strongwater Decorative Candles, 20th C., N2EN$210.00
2407895Four Ceramic Cookie Jars, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407896Group of Pewter Articles, 20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407897Four Flag-Bearing Military Lead Figures, 20th C., N2EN$79.20
2407898Group of Painted Cast-Lead Figures of Native Americans, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407901Two Boxed Sets of Painted Lead Soldiers, 20th C., N2EN$180.00
2407904Nigri Composite Painted and Cast Chess Set, Italian, 20th C., N2EN$120.00
2407906Assorted Group of Napkin Rings, 20th C., N2EN$61.20
2407908Enamel, Jeweled and Gilt Metal Egg Form Clock, 19th/20th C., N2EN$2880.00
2407909Carved Wooden Warrior on Horseback, Chinese, 20th C., N2EN$151.20
2407914Kosta Boda Colorless Cube Paperweight, Sweden, 20th C., N2EN$90.00
2407915Tiffany & Co. Alarm Clock, 20th C., N2EN$252.00
2407916Eleven William Yeoward Colorless and Etched Glass Goblets, 20th C., N2EN$270.00
2407917Chinese Rosewood and Gilt Metal Clock, 20th C., N2EN$2162.40
2407919Jack Baron Folk Art Sculpture, Bust of a Black Young Boy, 20th C., N2EN$150.00
2407921Assorted Group of Sterling and Continental Silver, 20th C. N2EN$361.20
2407922Pair of 800 Silver Hand Hammered Water Jugs, 20th C., N2EN$900.00
2407923Silverplated Jewelry Box, 20th C., N2EN$60.00
2407924Assorted Group of Silverplated and White Metal Table Articles,20th C., N2EN$30.00
2407926Sterling Silver Bird Table Ornament, Mario Buccellati, Italy, 20th C., N2EN$4200.00
2407929Four Silverplated Serving Trays, 20th C., N2EN$1200.00
2407930Oil on Canvas, Classical Battle Scene, Continental, Probably 19th C., N2EN$28800.00