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Winter Americana & Decorative Arts Auction, January 25th to February 8th, 2012
January 25, 2012

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
2452995Six Sterling Silver Pins, 20th C., N3EN$109.20
2452996Two Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Necklaces, 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2452997Sterling Silver and Vermil Wash Necklace, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453000Nine Sterling Silver Bracelets,20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453001Seven Sterling Silver Rings, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453002French Provincial Style Cherrywood Extension Dining Table, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453003Three Pairs of Toile Custom Drapes and attached Valances, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453004American Painted Game Board, 19th/20thC., N3EN$2640.00
2453006Figural Boar's Head Cigar Cutter, 20th C., N3EN$3720.00
2453009Cold Painted Cast Bronze Figure of a Gentleman, 19th/20th C., N3EN$252.00
2453010Louis XVI Ormolu Mantle Clock, French, early 19th C., N3EN$1440.00
2453011Silver Plated Trophy Loving Cup, Dated 1910, N3EN$120.00
2453013Victorian Enamel Decorated Brass Mantle Clock, Probably French, late 19th C., N3EN$330.00
2453014World War II Army Helmet, early 20th C., N3EN$780.00
2453015Burl Bowl, Of Impressive Size, 19th/20th C., N3EN$2040.00
2453017Silverplated Footed Salver Tray, Continental, 20th C., N3EN$96.00
2453018Engraved Pewter Charger, Probably English, 18th C., N3EN$318.00
2453020Pictorial Needlework Sampler, American, 19th C., N3EN$120.00
2453021Print, Russell Morgan, Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Far East, 20th C. N3EN$720.00
2453023Print, Russell Morgan, Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Far East, 20th C. N3EN$960.00
2453025Rolls Royce Nickle Plated Silver Cloud III Grille, With Flying Lady, 20th C., N3EN$1560.00
2453027Oil on Board, "New Hope Street," Walter Emerson Baum, (American, 1884-1956), N3EN$1986.00
2453028Oil on Canvasboard, Reclining Nude, Maximilian Rasko, (New York,1883-1961) 1928, N3EN$960.00
2453029Late Federal Ebony Inlaid Carved Mahogany Swivel Top Games Table, New York, c. 1815, N3EN$2280.00
2453030William Hunt Diederich Wrought Iron Prancing Horse Candleholder, early 20th C., N3EN$6000.00
2453031William Hunt Diederich Wrought Iron Prancing Horse Candleholder, early 20th C., N3EN$6000.00
2453032George II Carved and Figured Mahogany Linen Press, English, 18th C., N3EN$7500.00
2453033Richard Marquis (Am. b.1945) Studio Art Glass Sculpture, 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453034Federal Red Stained Birchwood Bedstead, New England, Possibly New Hampshire, c. 1800, N3EN$2940.00
2453035Group of Autographs and Ephemera, Including John F. Kennedy, 20th C., N3EN$3720.00
2453036Eleven Tiffany & Co./Mintons Gilt Decorated Porcelain Dinner Plates, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453038Pair of Jacobean Style Carved Oak Armchairs, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453040Jacobean Style Carved Oak Looking Glass, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453042Rococo Style Giltwood Looking Glass, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453043Louis XV Style Mahogany Chaise Lounge, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453044Rococo Style Giltwood Round Low Table, 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2453045Brass and Glass Oil Lamp Stand, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453046Pair of Neoclassical Style Inlaid Demi-Lune Side Cabinets, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453047Painted and Parcel Gilt Mirror, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453048Alabaster Figural Table Lamp, 20th C., N3EN$55.20
2453049White Marble Pedestal, 20th C., N3EN$420.00
2453050Paint Decorated Marble Top Demi-Lune Cabinet, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$390.00
2453051Paint Decorated Marble Top Hardwood Diminutive Plant Stand, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453052Jacobean Style Carved Oak Secretary, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453053Georgian Style Silver Plated Two Tiered Server, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453054Contemporary White Upholstered Sectional Sofa, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453055Eames Style Leather Upholstered Ottoman, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453057Patinated Metal Double Handled Urn Table Lamp, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453058Victorian Oil Floor Lamp, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453059Brass Footman, English, 19th C., N3EN$114.00
2453061Oriental Style Rug, 20th C., N3EN$300.00
2453062Oriental Style Runner, 20th C., N3EN$84.00
2453063Oriental Style Runner, 20th C., N3EN$114.00
2453064Persian Style Carpet, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453065Walnut Brass Mounted Jewelry Box, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453066Pair of Ross Binoculars, England, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453067Two Gilt Metal and Painted Table Lamps, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453069Group of Evening Bags, Small Boxes and Costume Jewelry, 20th C., N3EN$182.40
2453070Silverplated Urn Form Wall Pocket, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453071Pair of Silverplated Two-Arm Wall Sconces, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453072Assorted Group of Pewter Articles, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453073Assorted Group of Silverplated Articles, English/American, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453074Oneida Community Sterling Silver Flatware Service, "Melbourne," 20th C., N3EN$1776.00
2453075Silverplated Six Piece Cruet Set, 20th C., N3EN$78.00
2453076Three Colorless Glass Decanters with Stoppers, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453077Three Hutschenreuther Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453078Porcelain Circular Shaped Bowl, German, 20th C., N3EN$174.00
2453079Group of Limoges Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453080Royal Copenhagen Pottery Vase, Denmark, 20th C., N3EN$91.20
2453081Rosenthal White Porcelain Dinner Service, Germany, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453082Carved Alabaster Sculpture, "Fighting Lions,"Italy, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453083St Petersburg Blue and White Porcelain Tea/Dessert Set, Russia, 20th C., N3EN$403.20
2453084Partial Noritake Porcelain Dinner Service, Japan, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453085Minton Porcelain Dinner Service, "Aragon," England, 20th C., N3EN$564.00
2453087Assorted Group of Chinese/Japanese Porcelain Articles, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453088Chinese Carved Wood Figure of an Old Man on Horse, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453089Two Carved Giltwood Wall Hangings, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$85.20
2453090Hexagonal Form Paneled and Gilt Metal Mounted Bottle, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453091Assorted Hardstone Articles, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$480.00
2453092Two Carved Wood Sand Piper Bird Figures, 20th C., N3EN$96.00
2453093Glazed Ceramic Vessel, Chinese, 19th C., N3EN$1380.00
2453094Six Earthenware Plates, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453095Three Decorative Ceramic Wall Plaques, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453098Gilt Metal Sculpture of an Elephant and Deity, Middle Eastern, 20th C., N3EN$151.20
2453099Neoclassical Style Patinated Metal Urn, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453100Three Patinated Metal Deity Figures, Asian, 20th C., N3EN$115.20
2453101Two Metal Ethnic Figures, Chinese, 20th C, N3EN$908.40
2453102Group of Mixed Metal Animal Figures, 20th C., N3EN$151.20
2453103Assorted Group of Metal Table Articles, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453104Cloisonne Bird Figure Incense Burner, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453105Carved Hardstone Elephant Figure, American, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453106Two Metal Ethnic Horse on Wheels, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$300.00
2453107Three Metal Ethnic Elephant Figures on Wheels, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453108Three Metal Ethnic Horse Figures on Wheels, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453109Two Metal Ethnic Elephant Figures on Wheels, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$175.20
2453111Four Metal Ethnic Figures, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453112Four Metal Ethnic Figures, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$115.20
2453113Two Burlwood Walking Sticks, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453114Rococo Style Giltwood Looking Glass, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453115Georgian Style Giltwood Mirror, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453116Avant Garde, "Picasso's Erotic Gravures," 1969, N3EN$48.00
2453118Glazed Green and Silver Ceramic Baluster Form Vase,Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453119Three Japanese Woodblock Prints of Figures, N3EN$240.00
2453120Japanese Woodblock Print, "Warrior Kajiwara Kagesue," Sandanobu Hasegawa, N3EN$120.00
2453121Japanese Woodblock Print Triptych of a Battle Scene, N3EN$270.00
2453122Three Japanese Woodblock Prints of Geishas, N3EN$240.00
2453123Abstract Woodblock Print, "Still Life," 20th C., N3EN$213.60
2453124Painted Cut Out Vellem Bull, 20th C., N3EN$37.20
2453125Print, Salvador Dali, "Don Quixote," 20th C., N3EN$96.00
2453127Watercolor on Rice Paper, Abstract, Schlecht, 20th C., N3EN$24.00
2453128Oil on Canvas, Abstract, Ruth Kligman (American, 20th C.), N3EN$451.20
2453129Lithograph, Two Woman on a New York City Rooftop, Martin Lewis (American, 1881-1962), N3EN$7200.00
2453130Acrylic on Canvas of a Pansy, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453131Two Framed Theater Posters, 19th/20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453132Abstract Oil on Canvas, 20th C., N3EN$338.40
2453133Two Pen and Ink Drawings of Woman, Schlecht, 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2453134Three Woodblock Prints, Kent Crane, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453135Henri Toulous-Latrec Print, "Reine de Joie par Victor Joze, Chez Yous les Libraries," N3EN$240.00
2453137Neoclassical Style Giltwood Mirror, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453142Tiffany and Co. Sterling Silver and Blue Enamel Travel Clock, 20th C., N3EN$336.00
2453143Wedgwood Nantucket Basket-Weave Style China Teapot and Assorted China, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453145Tribal Style Mat, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453146Tribal Style Carpet, 20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453147Tabriz Style Carpet, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453148Heriz Style Runner, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453149Stained Poplar Step Back Cupboard, Mid-Atlantic States, first half 19th C., N3EN$2160.00
2453150Colonial Revival Carved Mahogany Corner Cupboard, American, early 20th C., N3EN$300.00
2453151Colonial Revival Figured Mahogany Tall Chest of Drawers, American, early 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453157Victorian Walnut Armless Rocking Chair, American, late 19th C., N3EN$42.00
2453158Regency Brass Fire Fender, English, early 19th C., N3EN$90.00
2453159Classical Style Figured Mahogany Slant Front Desk, American, early 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453160Brass Mounted Black Painted Seaman's Trunk, American, early 20th C., N3EN$42.00
2453161Five Sterling Silver Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$963.60
2453162Four Sterling Silver Circular Plates, 20th C., N3EN$1150.80
2453163Pair of Gorham Weighted Sterling Silver Three Arm Candelabra, 20th C., N3EN$490.80
2453164Sterling Silver Oval Tray, 20th C., N3EN$1203.60
2453165Lenox Porcelain Dinner Service "Westfield," 20th C.,N3EN$210.00
2453166Six Porcelain Tea Pots, 20th C., N3EN$1170.00
2453167Colorless Crystal Stemware, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453168Three Porcelain Tea Pots and Matching Creamer Jugs, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453169Seven Green Glass and Gilt Decorated Twist Stem Wine Glasses, 20th C., N3EN$152.40
2453170Four Weighted Silverplated Telescope Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$300.00
2453171Sterling Silver Presentation Bowl,20th C., N3EN$876.00
2453173Cartier Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Stuffing Spoon, France, 20th C., N3EN$1179.60
2453174Assorted Sterling Silver Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$666.00
2453175Sterling Silver Tea Set, 20th C., N3EN$726.00
2453176Neoclassical Style Britannia Six Piece Coffee/Tea Service, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453177Pair of Diminutive Brass Coal Scuttles, 19th/20thC., N3EN$150.00
2453179Two Oil on Canvasboard Harbor/Port Scenes, 20th C., N3EN$7140.00
2453181Stuart Colorless Glassware, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453182Chinese Watercolor Landscape with Buddha, 20th C., N3EN$126.00
2453183Chinese Still Life Watercolor, Girls, Dog and Bull, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453184Chinese Watercolor Mountainscape, 20th C., N3EN$780.00
2453185Chinese Watercolor, Blue Bird in Tree, 20th C., N3EN$1680.00
2453186Emerald Cut Emerald and Platinum Ring, N3EN$72000.00
2453187Two 18K Yellow Gold Matching Ribbed Dome Rings, N3EN$966.00
245318818K Yellow Gold Dome Ring with Cross-Cross Pattern, N3EN$2760.00
245318918K Yellow Gold Heavy Cast "Lion Head" Brooch, N3EN$3480.00
245319018K Yellow Gold Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond Necklace, N3EN$5760.00
245319118K Yellow Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond Bracelet, N3EN$5040.00
2453192Eight George III Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N3EN$1680.00
2453193Regency Style Two Pedestal Extension Dining Table, 20th C., N3EN$1800.00
2453194Georgian Style Mahogany Bookcase Cabinet, 18th C. and later, N3EN$1320.00
2453195Neoclassical Style Paint Decorated Pier Table, 20th C., N3EN$300.00
2453196Regency Silver Gilt Looking Glass, English, early 19th C., N3EN$240.00
2453197Federal Inlaid Mahogany Demi-Lune Pier Table, New England, circa 1800, N3EN$330.00
2453198Gorham Silverplated Five Piece Coffee and Tea Service, England, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453199Green and Red Painted Courting Mirror, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453200Pair of George I Hamilton Weighted Sterling Silver Candle Sticks, N3EN$306.00
2453201Queen Anne Style Mahogany Lift Top Games Table, Irish Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453202George III Mahogany Tilt Top Candlestand, English, late 18th C., N3EN$510.00
2453203George III Mahogany Pier Table, English, late 18th C., N3EN$1920.00
2453204Queen Anne Figured Walnut Corner Chair, Massachusetts, Mid-18th C., N3EN$18302.40
2453205Pair of Glazed Porcelain Fu Dog Figures on Stand, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453206George III Carved Mahogany Side Chair, English, late 18th C., N3EN$120.00
2453207Federal Cherrywood Candlestand, American, late 18th C., N3EN$720.00
2453208Queen Anne Mahogany Side Chair, New England, last half 18th C., N3EN$540.00
2453209Oil on Canvas, Riverscene, Jacques Michael G. Dunoyer (French 1933-2000), N3EN$103.20
2453210Regency Style Inlaid Mahogany Sofa Table, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453211Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Side Cabinet, American, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453212Pair of Federal Cast Brass and Wrought Iron Andirons, 19th C., N3EN$162.00
2453213Louis XVI Style Parcel Gilt Mahogany Fauteuil, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453214Four George III Mahogany Side Chairs, English, late 18th C., N3EN$570.00
2453215George III Mahogany Chest on Chest, English, late 18th C., N3EN$1560.00
2453216Ecclesiastical Scale Brass Candlestick, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453217Mission Style Stained Oak Side Table, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453218Neoclassical Style Faux Painted Demi Lune Pier Table, Italian Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453219Queen Anne Carved Mahogany Side Chair, English, first half 18th C., N3EN$510.00
2453221Edwardian Painted and Burlwood Veneered Mahogany Pier Table, English, early 20th C., N3EN$882.00
2453222Pair of George III Mahogany Side Chairs, English, late 18th C., N3EN$330.00
2453223Queen Anne Style Mahogany Demi-Lune Games Table, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453224George III Mahogany Canterbury, English, early 19th C., N3EN$720.00
2453225Eight Copeland Spode Porcelain Fruit Plates, England, N3EN$72.00
2453227Ten Hutschenreuther Porcelain and Sterling Silver Overlay Charger Plates, German, 20th C., N3EN$660.00
2453228Orrefors Fisherman Colorless and Etched Glass Vase, 20th C., N3EN$84.00
2453231Eight Colorless Glass Tumblers, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453232Three Framed Prints, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453233Assorted Group of Books, 19th/20thC., N3EN$48.00
2453234Two Signed Artist Proof Etchings, Owen Selby, N3EN$48.00
2453235Four Still Lives of Flowers, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453236Queen Anne Style Burlwood Side Table, 20th C., N3EN$126.00
2453238Regency Inlaid Mahogany Bowfront Diminutive Sideboard, English, early 19th C., N3EN$660.00
2453239George III Mahogany Side Chair, English, late 18th C., N3EN$270.00
2453240French Provincial Walnut Side Table, 19th C., N3EN$270.00
2453241Victorian Walnut Side Chair, American, late 19th C., N3EN$30.00
2453242French Provincial Beechwood Side Table, 19th C., N3EN$330.00
2453243George III Style Mahogany Two Drawer Stand, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453244George III Style Mahogany Headboard, 20th C., N3EN$252.00
2453245Oil on Canvas, Contemporary Family Vignette, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453246Unframed Lithograph, Promoting Art at the Armory, Larry Rivers (Am. 1923-2002), N3EN$390.00
2453247Leather La-Z Boy Recliner, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453248George III Style Leather Upholstered Backstool, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453249Contemporary Glass and Brass Low Table, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453250Bazar Francais "666" Copper and Brass Handled Stock Pot with Lid, France, 20th C. N3EN$312.00
2453251Two Bazar Francais "666" Copper and Brass Handled Lidded Saute Pans, 20th C. N3EN$300.00
2453252Five Graduated Copper Lidded Stock Pots, 20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453253Federal Inlaid Mahogany Tall Case Clock, David Wood, Newbury Port, Massachusetts, C. 1800, N3EN$3720.00
2453254Labeled Benjamin Frothingham Chippendale Figured Mahogany Oxbow Desk, Boston, 3rd 1/4 18th, N3EN$6000.00
2453255Oil on Canvasboard, Autumn Landscape, Maurice Braun (Hungary/American 1877-1941)N3EN$3600.00
2453256Kittenger Chippendale Style Mahogany Piecrust Tea Table, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453257Chinese Ceramic Figure of a Standing Man, 20th C., N3EN$231.60
2453258Oil on Canvas, Courting Scene, Unsigned, 20th C., N3EN$804.00
2453259Oil on Canvas, Winter Scene with Peasant, John Edwards, 19th C., N3EN$480.00
2453260Oil on Board, Washer Women, Charles Kuwasseg, (French, 1838-1904), N3EN$1110.00
2453261Oil on Canvas, Bucolic Landscape, C. Veils, 19th/20th C., N3EN$343.20
2453262Oil on Board, Grist Mill, William Bond, (British, 19th C.), N3EN$180.00
2453263Oil on Canvas, Dutch Harbor Scene, William Dommersen (Dutch, 1850-1927), N3EN$780.00
2453264Oil on Canvas, Canal Scene, George Gregory (British, 1849-1938), 1886, N3EN$660.00
2453265Oil on Board, Seaside Cottage, Paserti, 19th/20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453266Oil on Canvas, Romantic Interior Scene, Friedrich Ortlieb (German, 1839-1909), N3EN$3000.00
2453267Federal Cherrywood Slant Front Desk, Mid-Atlantic States, Probably Penn., c. 1800, N3EN$660.00
2453268Oil on Metal Plate,"Clear Lake," Reginald Aspinwall (English 1851-1921) 19th/20thC., N3EN$240.00
2453269Oil on Board Mystical Wharf Scene with Worshipers, 20th C., N3EN$600.00
2453270Oil on Canvas, Deer by a River, Unsigned, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453271Oil on Canvas, "Evening at Buckhurst Hill, Epping Forest," Samuel Bough (English, 1822-1908), N3EN$540.00
2453272Oil on Canvasboard, Ships in Rough Seas, 20th C., N3EN$781.20
2453273Oil on Canvas, Disembarking Passengers from Ships, Wm. Shayer, N3EN$1200.00
2453274Oil on Canvas, Rowboat near Stream, G.L. Hayes, 20th C., N3EN$600.00
2453276Oil on Canvasboard, Stratford upon Avon, Defaux, 1857, N3EN$660.00
2453277George III Inlaid Mahogany Tall Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th/early 19th C. N3EN$450.00
2453279Oil on Canvas, Side Yard, Carl Carlsen, (Danish, 1855-1917), 1906, N3EN$432.00
2453280Oil on Canvas, Horses in a Field, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453281Oil on Canvas, Landscape, Harry W. Powers (British, 20th C., N3EN$493.20
2453282Oil on Canvas, Girl in a European Landscape, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453283Pastel on Paper,"Ballerina," Rhonda Yanow (Am. 20th C.) N3EN$80.40
2453284Pair of Needlework Panels on Silk, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$85.20
2453285Gouache on Paper, Alice Browning Doughton (Am 1880-1969), N3EN$80.40
2453286Watercolor on Paper, Mounted on Canvas, Girl in Green Beret, G.L. Nelson, 1920, N3EN$282.00
2453287George II Style Carved Mahogany Extension Dining Table, Irish Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453288George III Style Figured Mahogany Fold Over Dining Table, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453289Empire Carved and Parcel Gilt Mahogany Center Table, Danish, early 19th C., N3EN$840.00
2453291Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453292Pair of Brass Candlesticks and Hurricane Shades,20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453293Six Art Glass Paperweights, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453294Neoclassical Style Gilt-Metal Figural Mantle Clock, 20th C., N3EN$570.00
2453295Three Pairs of Brass Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453297Pair of Silver Metal Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$24.00
2453298Pair of Chinese Tri-Color Tang Style Ceramic Horses,20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453299Pair of Regency Style Brass Mounted Mahogany Curule Form Benches, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453300Hardstone and Mother-of-Pearl Mounted Hardwood Cabinet, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$115.20
2453302George III Style Mahogany Bookcase Cabinet, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453303Regency Style Brass Mounted Pier Table, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453304Pair of White Painted Cast Metal Side Tables, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453305Coy Decorated Ceramic Fish Bowl, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2453306Two Nearly Identical Ceramic Fish Bowls, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$171.60
2453307Large Stoneware Twenty Gallon Crock, American, early 19th C., N3EN$48.00
2453308Four Baroque Style Carved Walnut Caned Seat Side Chairs, Italian, 19th C., N3EN$120.00
2453309Oil on Board Winter House Portrait in West Milford, Paola, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453311Silverplated Champagne Bucket and Stand, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453312Silverplated Serving Dish, English, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453313Group of Sterling Silver and Silverplated Articles, 20th C., N3EN$534.00
2453314Three Sterling Silver Articles, 20th C., N3EN$816.00
2453316Gilt Metal and Colorless Cut Crystal Covered Compote, 20th C., N3EN$882.00
2453317Assorted Group of Vintage Frames and Photographs,20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453318Large Assorted Group of Silverplated Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$54.00
2453319Print, "Veduta della Basilica, e Piazza di S. Pietro in Vaticano," Piranesi, N3EN$180.00
2453321Oil on Board, Floral Still Life, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453323Four Carved Hardwood Nesting Tables, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453324Victorian Painted Cast Iron Planter, 20th C., N3EN$171.60
2453326Two Iron Metal Architectural Elements, 20th C., N3EN$108.00
2453327Mahoganized Table Top Revolving CD Stand, 20th C., N3EN$ 6.00
2453328Black and White Lithograph "A Night in Provincetown,"John W. Gregory (1903-1992,) N3EN$180.00
2453329Oil on Board, Maritime Scene, 20th C., N3EN$62400.00
2453330Needlework on Silk Seascape, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453331Brooklyn Academy of Music Program, "Hamlet" 19thC., N3EN$180.00
2453333Elsmore & Foster Ironstone Puzzle Jug, England, 19th/20th C.,N3EN$570.00
2453334Ruffoni Copper Stockpot, Italy, 20th C., N3EN$312.00
2453335Three Urn Form Silverplated Champagne Buckets, 20th C., N3EN$216.00
2453336Bouillote Style Brass and Granite Two-Light Table Lamp, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453337Pair of Cobalt Glass Compote Bowls, 20th C., N3EN$840.00
2453338Four Carved Netsuke Figures, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$134.40
2453339Kodak Retina II Camera, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453340Regency Mahogany Inlaid Tea Chest, English, 19th/20thC., N3EN$180.00
2453341Pair of Figured Mahogany Table Top Pedestals, 19th C., N3EN$180.00
2453343Oil on Board Landscape, Grazing Sheep, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453344Pair of Porcelain Cache Pots, Portugal, 20th C., N3EN$42.00
2453346Pair of Neoclassical Carved Giltwood and Gilt Metal Three-Arm Wall Sconces, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453347Pair of Staffordshire Porcelain Dogs, 10th/20thC., N3EN$210.00
2453348Chinese Black Lacquer and Gilt Decorated Box, 20th C., N3EN$4920.00
2453350Carved Walnut Religious Shadow Box, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453351Gilt Metal Faux Horn Mounted Dolphin Sculpture, 20th C., N3EN$276.00
2453354Two Near Pairs of Miniature Staffordshire Porcelain Dogs, England, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453355US Marine Corps Red Wool Jacket, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453356Victorian Cut Glass and Crystal Table Lamp, early 20th C., N3EN$1029.60
2453357Stained Glass Table Lamp, 20th C., N3EN$264.00
2453359Pair of Contemporary Brass Table Lamps, 20th C., N3EN$66.00
2453360Mercury and Colorless Glass Urn, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453361Georgian Style Inlaid Mahogany Bracket Clock, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453362Georgian Style Inlaid Mahogany Oval Tray, English, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453363Oil on Canvas, Floral Still Life, Marion Hawthorne (American, 1870-1945), N3EN$1080.00
2453364Oil on Board, Country Peasant Scene, Unsigned, 20th C., N3EN$1020.00
2453366Painted and Parcel Gilt Lacquered Panel, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453367Oil on Canvas, European Canal Scene, Bessie Kennedy (American, 1864-1944), N3EN$60.00
2453368Oil on Canvas, Man with Two Horses, 19th/20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453369Contemporary Lacquered Pier Table, Chinese Taste, 20th C., N3EN$156.00
2453370Contemporary Brass and Glass Pier Table, Chinese Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$450.00
2453371Four Piece Set of Contemporary Gilt and White Lacquer Bedroom Furniture, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453372Neoclassical Style Giltwood Mirror, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453374Bone Inlaid Hardwood Side Table, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N3EN$480.00
2453375Louis XVI Style Marquetry Inlaid Ormolu-Mounted Armoire, 20th C., N3EN$720.00
2453376Arts and Crafts Style Oak Tall Case Clock, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453377Baroque Giltwood Looking Glass, Italian, 18th C., N3EN$1173.60
2453378Louis XVI Style Brass Two-Arm Bouillote Lamp, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453379Queen Anne Mahogany Tall Case Clock, English, first half 18th C., N3EN$2040.00
2453380Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Tambour Secretary, Mass. Trad., early 20th C., N3EN$480.00
2453381George II Giltwood Mahogany Looking Glass, English, Second half 18th C., N3EN$1890.00
2453382Two Glazed Ceramic Gourd Form Vases, 20th C., N3EN$156.00
2453383Classical Mahogany Sofa, American, early 19th C., N3EN$450.00
2453384Regency Burlwood Swivel Top Games Table, English, early 19th C.,N3EN$3240.00
2453385Victorian Mahogany and Needlework Footstool, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453386Federal Mahogany Tilt Top Candlestand, American, early 19th C., N3EN$180.00
2453387Pair of Neoclassical Giltwood Girandole Mirrors, Continental, late 18th/early 19th C., N3EN$1230.00
2453388Eight Queen Anne Style Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, Penn. Trad., 20th C., N3EN$2520.00
2453390Chippendale Style Carved Mahogany Dressing Table, Penn. Trad., 20th C., N3EN$270.00
2453391Pair Of Victorian Patinated Metal Dolphin Form Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453392Fine Empire Black Wood Ormolu Mantle Clock, French, early 19th C., N3EN$1560.00
2453393Classical Stencil Decorated Carved Mahogany Marble Top Pier Table, New York, c. 1825, N3EN$4680.00
2453394Pair of Victorian Patinated Metal Three Branch Candelabra, 20th C., N3EN$372.00
2453395George III Mahogany Armchair, English, late 18th C., N3EN$270.00
2453396Henredon Federal Style Pencil Post Bed, 20th C., N3EN$720.00
2453398Pair of Victorian Colorless Glass Table Lamps,"Honeycomb," 20th C., N3EN$96.00
2453401Giltwood Looking Glass, Continental, 19th C., N3EN$240.00
2453402Federal Mahogany Veneered Tall Chest of Drawers, Probably New York, c. 1815, N3EN$504.00
2453404Regency Ebony Inlaid and Figured Mahogany Linen Press, English, early 19th C., N3EN$1320.00
2453406Pair of Colonial Revival Carved Mahogany Bedsteads, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453407Oil on Canvas, Lorenz Maas (German, 1845-1889), Portrait of a Piper, N3EN$1170.00
2453408Oil on Canvas, Maritime Coastal Scene, Harry (Henry) Chase (American, 19th C.), N3EN$3840.00
2453409Oil on Board, Bucolic Landscape, American or English, 19th C., N3EN$840.00
2453411Oil on Canvas Landscape with Large Tree, Ducks and Cows, Hendrik Dirk Kruseman Van Elten (1829-1904) 19th/20thC., N3EN$900.00
2453413Pencil Study Portrait, Joe Jones (Am. 20th C.)N3EN$90.00
2453416Oil on Canvas, Madonna and Child, After Carlo Dolci, 20th C., N3EN$1586.40
2453417Pair of Blue Green Porcelain Gilt Dragon Decorated Gourd Form Vases, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453418Meissen Blue and White Porcelain Ink Stand, German, 19th/20th C., N3EN$276.00
2453419Canton Blue and White Porcelain Bowl, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453421Pair of Silver Luster Water Jugs, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453422Four Copper Luster Jugs, English, 20th C., N3EN$54.00
2453423Ceramic and Pewter Mounted Tankard, German, 18th/18thC., N3EN$300.00
2453424Continental Ebonized, Brass and Mother of Pearl Inlaid Box, 19th C., N3EN$240.00
2453425Victorian Etched Ruby Glass Articles, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453426Copper Jug, 20th C., N3EN$163.20
2453427Pair of Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Urns, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453428Pair of Gilt Bronze and Enamel Oval Compotes, French, C 1880, N3EN$2040.00
2453429Federal Turned Maple Dishtop Candlestand, New England, c. 1800, N3EN$240.00
2453431Two Repousse Brass Wall Plaques, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453432Three Brass Decorative Articles, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453433Two Brass Decorative Fireplace Articles, 20th C, N3EN$104.40
2453434Miniature Sterling Silver, Silverplated and Assorted Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$391.20
2453435Two Porcelain Fu Dog Decorated Vases, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453436Pair of Polychrome and Gilt Cactus and Bird Decorated Porcelain Urns, 20th C., N3EN$6300.00
2453437Eoff & Howell Coin Silver Teapot and Covered Sugar Bowl, 20th C., N3EN$1639.20
2453438Three Pairs of Silverplated Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$222.00
2453439Federal Mahogany Veneered Tilt Top Candlestand, Pennsylvania, early 19th C., N3EN$360.00
2453440Group of Silverplated Articles, 20th C., N3EN$522.00
2453442Four Volumes, "History of the English People," by John Richard Green, MA, N3EN$30.00
2453443"Notes on the State of Virginia, with an Appendix," by Thomas Jefferson, 1801, N3EN$246.00
2453444"A History of Martyrs," by Thomas Mall M.A., Volume 2, 1897, N3EN$240.00
2453449Sixteen Volumes of the Works of J. Fenimore Cooper, D. Appleton & Co., 1873, N3EN$172.80
2453450Group of Twenty-Six Works of Fiction and Non-Fiction, 19th/20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453451Two Victorian Hand Fans, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453452Photogravure, Edward Sheriff Curtis(Am.1868-1952) "The Maid of Dreams," early 20th C.,N3EN$9300.00
2453453Photogravure, Edward Sheriff Curtis(Am.1868-1952) "Oasis in the Badlands," early 20th C.,N3EN$9300.00
2453454Edelstein Porcelain Dinner Service, Maria Theresia "Hedgerose," Germany, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453455Large Assorted Collection of Porcelain and Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$156.00
2453456Evans Vintage Cigarette Lighter and Dish, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453458Print, Birds-Eye View from the North, Boston, 20th C., N3DN$50.40
2453459Three Assorted Landscape Scenes, 20th C., N3DN$37.20
2453460Six Assorted Landscape Prints, Cecile Johnson (American, 1916-2010), 20th C., N3DN$72.00
2453461Three Rectangular Giltwood Mirrors, 20th C., N3DN$510.00
2453462Rectangular Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$98.40
2453463Rectangular Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$180.00
2453464Mahogany Pier Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$24.00
2453465Neoclassical Style Rectangular Giltwood Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$273.60
2453466Rectangular Giltwood Mirror with Canted Corners, 20th C., N3DN$180.00
2453467Ebonized and Parcel Gilt Walnut Overmantel Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$210.00
2453468Stained Pine Rectangular Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$72.00
2453469Two Giltwood Mirrors, Circular and Oval Example, 20th C., N3DN$240.00
2453470Pine Rectangular Pier Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$60.00
2453471Two Parcel Gilt Rectangular Mirrors, Maple and Mahogany, 20th C., N3DN$84.00
2453472Pair of Parcel Gilt Oak Rectangular Mirrors, 20th C., N3DN$36.00
2453473Two Giltwood Mirrors, Rectangular and Oval, 20th C., N3DN$60.00
2453474Two Giltwood Rectangular Mirrors, 20th C., N3DN$150.00
2453475Two Giltwood Rectangular Mirrors, 20th C., N3DN$210.00
2453476Silver Gilt Rectangular Pier Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$96.00
2453477Pair of White Metal Octagonal Mirrors, 20th C., N3DN$66.00
2453478Four Botanical Lithographs, 20th C., N3DN$480.00
2453479Watercolor of Skiers, Betay Gay, 20th C., N3DN$24.00
2453480Punched Tin and Tile Inset Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$90.00
2453481Floral Decorated Silver Gilt Pier Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$96.00
2453482Shaped Silver Gilt Pier Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$150.00
2453483Six Prints of Sailboats, 20th C., N3DN$240.00
2453484Oil on Canvas, Ski Village, Colbert, 20th C., N3DN$24.00
2453485Giclee, Two Girls in a Row Boat, 20th C., N3DN$42.00
2453486Circular Giltwood Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$102.00
2453487Silver Gilt Rectangular Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$66.00
2453488Circular Silver Gilt Mirror, 20th C., N3DN$51.60
2453489Print, 19th Century French Palace, 20th C., N3DN$24.00
2453490Two Framed Scarves, 20th C., N3DN$36.00
2453491Print, Princeton's Nassau Hall, 20th C., N3DN$222.00
2453492Framed Set of Parrot Prints, 20th C., N3DN$210.00
2453493Needlepoint Sampler, in Red Tones, dated 1892, N3DN$84.00
2453494Mixed Media, Women in a Landscape with Deity, Indian, 20th C., N3DN$24.00
2453495Chinese Scroll Painting of an Empress, 19th/20th C., N3DN$885.60
2453496George III Mahogany Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th C., N3EN$960.00
2453497Victorian Style Figured Oak and Beechwood Leather Inset Writing Table, 20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453498Chippendale Cherrywood Chest of Drawers, American, New England, late 18th C., N3EN$840.00
2453499Neoclassical Style Carved Mahogany Marble Top Side Table, early 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453500English Oak Cricket Table, 20th C., N3EN$390.00
2453501Regency Mahogany Side Table, English, early 19th C., N3EN$150.00
2453502Pair of Contemporary Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453503Blue and White Porcelain Vase, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453504Mixed Media Maritime Portrait, of a Sailing Ship, American, late 19th C., N3EN$1320.00
2453505Eglomise Portrait of a Railroad, first half 19th C., N3EN$510.00
2453506Federal Style Eglomise Banjo Clock, New Haven Clock Co., early 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453507Woolwork Image of the HMS Victor Emmanuel, Duncan McLord, Second half 19th C., N3EN$1800.00
2453508Chippendale Style Maple Veneered Looking Glass, American, 19th C. or later, N3EN$240.00
2453509Set of Pine Bedsteps, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453510William and Mary Style Walnut Veneered High Boy, Massachusetts Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$810.00
2453513Oil on Artist Board, Portrait of a Young Man, American, 19th C., N3EN$600.00
2453515Red Stained Maple Bowback Windsor Side Chair, American, Prob. Conn., mid-19th C., N3EN$120.00
2453516Red Painted Pine Wall Shelf, early 20th C., N3EN$2040.00
2453517Victorian Style Five Light Chandelier, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453518Contemporary "Icicle" Four Light Chandelier, 20th C., N3EN$270.00
2453519Stained Glass Leaded Chandelier, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453520Pair of Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal Two-Arm Mirrored Wall Sconces, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453521Cast Glass Floral Decorated Two Light Ceiling Fixture, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453523Carved Wood Hanging Cabinet, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453524Pair of Rococo Style Ormolu Mounted Putti Figural Four Arm Candelabrum, French, 19th/20thC, N3EN$900.00
2453525Dresden Polychrome Hand-Painted Porcelain Covered Urn, German, 19th C., N3EN$361.20
2453528Hand-Painted Porcelain Urn, French, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453529Pair of Majolica Handled Urns, Continental, early 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453530Pair of Bisque Lamps, Continental, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453532Modern Lucite Day Bed, American, 20th C., N3EN$1440.00
2453534Lithograph, Nude Female, Henri Fantin-Latour (French, 1836-1904), N3EN$102.00
2453535Early Wedgwood Black Basalt Trumpet Vase, English, 19th C., N3EN$240.00
2453536Colored Lithograph, Madonna and Child, American, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453537Picasso Colored Lithograph, "Columbe Volant," Spanish, 20th C., N3EN$480.00
2453538Partial Set of Five Unframed Unsigned Lithographs, European, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453541Paul Zimmerman Mixed Media, American, 20th C., N3EN$174.00
2453542Oil on Canvas, Mountain Winter Scene, Alois Arnegger (Austrian, 1879-1967), N3EN$720.00
2453544Two Silver and Enamel Elephants, 20th C., N3EN$4669.20
2453545Contemporary Leather Upholstered Collapsible Rocking Chair, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453547Two Contemporary Painted Side Tables, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453548Paint Decorated Regulator Wall Clock, American, late 19th C., N3EN$30.00
2453549George III Inlaid Mahogany Banjo Barometer, English, late 18th/19th C., N3EN$360.00
2453550Murano Art Glass Circular Platter, Italy, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453551Pair of Carved Green Hardstone Birds, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453553Carved Wood and Mosaic Style Inlaid Wall Mirror, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453554Two Neoclassical Style Urn Form Silverplated Champagne Buckets, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453555Two Victorian Ormolu Mounted Egyptian Revival Side Chairs, English, late 19th C., N3EN$360.00
2453556Regency Style Knox Hat Box, 19th/20thC., N3EN$60.00
2453557Neoclassical Marquetry Mahogany Ladies Dressing Table, Prob. Italian, early 19th C., N3EN$360.00
2453558Oil on Canvas Floral Still Life, Probably Continental, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$1561.20
2453559Pair of Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal and Marble Mounted Gas Table Lamps, 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453561Baroque Style White-Painted and Parcel-Gilt Side Chair, Italian Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$126.00
2453562Neoclassical Paint Decorated Triple Chairback Settee, Italian, 19th C., N3EN$2521.20
2453563Pair of George III Style Paint Decorated Torcheres, early 20th C., N3EN$270.00
2453565Neoclassical Paint Decorated Serpentine Pier Table, Italian, Probably Venetian, 19th C., N3EN$2280.00
2453566Oil on Canvas Floral Still Life, Probably Continental, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$1561.20
2453567Federal Inlaid Mahogany Tall Case Clock, New Jersey, c. 1800, N3EN$4800.00
2453568Chinese Watercolor Scroll Painting on Paper, Landscape with Birds, 20th C., N3EN$390.00
2453569Chinese Landscape Painting, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453570Contemporary Barrel Back Tufted Easy Chair, 20th C., N3EN$74.40
2453571Jacobean Style Turned Walnut Armchair, English Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$156.00
2453572Pair of Salmon Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N3EN$483.60
2453573Neoclassical Style Wrought Iron Marble Top Pier Table, 20th C., N3EN$342.00
2453574Neoclassical Style Patinated Wrought Iron Looking Glass, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453575Oil on Canvas, Ships in a Harbor, 20th C., N3EN$270.00
2453576Watercolor, Floral Still Life, 20th C., N3EN$91.20
2453577Oil on Board, Floral Still Life, Kathleen Buffum, 1989, N3EN$24.00
2453578Pair of Botanical Prints, 20th C. Restrikes, N3EN$36.00
2453579Oil on Board, Stone House in Landscape, William Mohr, N3EN$115.20
2453580Pair of Bird Prints, 20th C., N3EN$36.00
2453581Oil on Canvas, Girls in the Forest, Theophile Louis Deyrolle, N3EN$4920.00
2453582George III Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table, English, late 18th C., N3EN$732.00
2453583Federal Swivel Top Mahogany Games Table, American, early 19th C., N3EN$84.00
2453584George II Style Carved Mahogany Tea Table, 20th C., N3EN$84.00
2453586Pair of Victorian Brass and Hanging Prism Candlesticks, N3EN$24.00
2453587Lladro Porcelain Bird Figure, Spain, 20th C., N3EN$36.00
2453588Patinated Metal "The Pony Express" Sculpture, 20th C., N3EN$24.00
2453589Neoclassical Style Patinated and Gilt Metal Three-Arm Candelabra, 20th C., N3EN$36.00
2453590Chinese Red and White Porcelain Baluster Form Vase, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453591Atlas Bronze Sculpture Figural Clock, French, 20th C., N3EN$1680.00
2453593Six Colorless Glass Decanters with Stoppers,20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453595Stained Pine Table Top Treasure Box, 19th C., N3EN$126.00
2453596Fourteen Assorted Baccarat Glasses, France, 20th C., N3EN$216.00
2453597Campaign Style Walnut Table Top Chest, 20th C., N3EN$303.60
2453598Collection of Woman's Vintage Clothing,Lace and Fabric Fragments, 19th/20thC., N3EN$180.00
2453602George III Style Mahogany Side Chair, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453603Pair of Red Stained Turned Maple Bedsteads, American, 19th C., N3EN$90.00
2453604Victorian Stained Oak Drop Leaf Sewing Table, late 19th C., N3EN$60.00
2453605Classical Style Figured Mahogany Sideboard, early 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453606Federal Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table, Mid-Atlantic States, circa 1795, N3EN$900.00
2453607Empire Mahogany Sofa, American, mid-19th C., N3EN$240.00
2453608Paint Decorated Carved Hardwood Side Table, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453609Classical Style Carved Mahogany Center Table, American, late 19th/early 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453610Marquetry Inlaid Rosewood Music Box, Probably Swiss, 19th C., N3EN$355.20
2453611Federal Figured Walnut Sugar Chest, Southern, early 19th C., N3EN$1020.00
2453612Federal Inlaid Walnut Sideboard, Southern, circa 1800, N3EN$1500.00
2453613Pair of Mirrored Two Light Metal Wall Sconces, 20th C., N3EN$330.00
2453614Seven Colonial Revival Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, American, early 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453616Six Federal Style Mahogany Shield Back Dining Chairs, early 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2453617Seven Late Federal Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, American, mid-19th C., N3EN$120.00
2453619Victorian Carved Mahogany Settee, American, mid-19th C., N3EN$450.00
2453622Empire Style Mahogany Serving Table, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453623Regina Mahogany Music Box, 19th/20th C., N3EN$4920.00
2453625Empire Mahogany Two Drawer Stand, Mid-Atlantic States, Second Quarter 19th C., N3EN$120.00
2453626Federal Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Probably New York, early 19th C., N3EN$300.00
2453627Classical Carved Mahogany Eight Day Mantel Clock, American, first half 19th C., N3EN$181.20
2453628Victorian Walnut Fainting Couch, American, late 19th C., N3EN$180.00
2453629Victorian Carved Mahogany Settee, American, mid-19th C., N3EN$450.00
2453630Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Chest and Bookcase, Massachusetts Tradition, 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453631Colonial Revival Figured Mahogany Center Table, American, early 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453632Two Silverplated Chicago World's Fair Souvenir Spoons, 19th C., N3EN$12.00
2453633Twelve Sterling Silver Demi-Tasse Spoons, 20th C., N3EN$241.20
2453634Four Coin Silver Spoons, 20th C., N3EN$163.20
2453635Four Sterling Silver Articles, 20th C., N3EN$361.20
2453636Sterling Silver Paul Revere Reproduction Bowl and Small Pitcher, 20th C., N3EN$510.00
2453637Sterling Silver Pitcher, 20th C., N3EN$661.20
2453638Two Blue and White Dedham Pottery Mugs, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453639Poole Sterling Silver Three Piece Coffee Service, 20th C., N3En$2041.20
2453640Oil on Board Landscape, Peter Olsted (Denmark, 1824-1887)19th C., N3EN$453.60
2453642Carved Composition Figural Chess Set, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$282.00
2453643Baroque Style A. Dragsted Silver Four Piece Coffee/Tea Service, Copenhagen 20th C., N3EN$1921.20
2453644Jacobean Style Carved Oak Sofa, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453645Jacobean Style Carved Oak Court Cupboard, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453646Pair of Jacobean Style Carved Oak Octagonal Side Tables, 20th C., N3EN$126.00
2453647Two Community Silverplated Flatware Services, "Coronation, and Daffodil" 20th C., N3EN$270.00
2453648Jacobean Style Carved Oak Server, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453649Jacobean Style Carved Mahogany Cupboard, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453650Jacobean Style Carved Oak Two Pedestal Desk, 20th C., N3EN$78.00
2453651Chinese Style Carved Hardwood Plant Stand, 20th C., N3EN$78.00
2453652Jacobean Style Carved Mahogany Window Seat, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453653Jacobean Style Carved Oak Sideboard, 20th C., N3EN$270.00
2453654Jacobean Style Carved Walnut Sideboard, 20th C., N3EN$114.00
2453655William and Mary Style Figured Oak Bookcase Cabinet, 20th C. N3EN$150.00
2453656Jacobean Style Carved Oak Vitrine, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453657Jacobean Style Mahogany Side Cabinet, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453658Rare Empire Gilt and Painted Rosewood Box Piano, Peterson & Co., Jamestown, NY, 19th C., N3EN$240.00
2453659Jacobean Style Carved Oak Draw Leaf Dining Table, 20th C., N3EN$84.00
2453660Jacobean Style Oak Low Table, American, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453661Jacobean Style Carved Maple Bedstead, American, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453664Seven Jacobean Style Carved Oak Dining Chairs, American, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453665Jacobean Style Carved Oak Octagonal Center Table, American, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453666Georgian Style Mahogany Adjustable Bookstand, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453667Stained Pine Metamorphic Bookcase, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453668Handpainted Green Glass Urn, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453669Assembled Shelly Bone China Tea Service, England, 20th C., N3EN$132.00
2453670Four KPF Porcelain Serving Articles, German, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453671Eight Alfred Meakin "Audubon's Birds of America," Porcelain Plates, England, 20th C., N3EN$91.20
2453672Gilt Metal and Paint Decorated Figural Bookends, 20th C., N3EN$108.00
2453673Two Limoges Porcelain Fish Plates, French, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453674Assorted Group of Porcelain Table Articles, France/England/German, 20th C., N3EN$121.20
2453675Two French Painted and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Portrait Vases, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453676Pair of Neoclassical Style Royal Worcester Blanc de Chine Porcelain Candle Sticks, England, 20th C., N3EN$92.40
2453677Gilt Metal Figural Vase, France, 20th C., N3EN$49.20
2453678Assorted Group of Porcelain and Ceramic Cat Figures, England/German Japan, 20th C., N3EN$54.00
2453679Molded Frosted Glass Ceiling Fixture Shade, 20th C., N3EN$84.00
2453680Pair of Columnar Hand Painted Porcelain Table Lamps, 20th C., N3EN$25.20
2453681Assorted group of Polychrome and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Plates and Bowls, Germany/ Austria, 20th C., N3EN$26.40
2453682Coach Green Leather Zippered Make-Up Pouch, American, 20th C., N3EN$49.20
2453683Coach Tobacco Leather Shoulder/Hand Bag, American, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453684Coach Black Leather Satchel Bag, American, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453685Dorcelle Red Leather Handbag, American, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453686Coach Green Leather Sutton Satchel, American, 20th C., N3EN$151.20
2453687Black Leather Appointment/Address Book, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453688Two Portrait Print Wall Plaques, 20th C. N3EN$72.00
2453689Two Porcelain Blanc de Chine Figures of Guanyin, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$49.20
2453690Two Porcelain Polychrome and Gilt Decorated Courting Scene Figural Groups, 20th C., N3EN$54.00
2453692Ceramic Oval Ornithological and Gilt Decorated Baking Dish, French, 20th C., N3EN$24.00
2453693Three Capodimonte Porcelain Table Articles, Italy, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453694Ceramic Polychrome Cat and Owl Figures, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453695Partial Wedgwood White Embossed Porcelain Queensware Dinner Service, England, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453696Oil on Canvas, "Courting Scene," 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453697Two Patinated Metal Nymph Figures, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453698Jacobean Style Carved Walnut Looking Glass, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453699Jacobean Style Carved Walnut Looking Glass, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453700Capodimonte Reticulated Porcelain Table Lamp. Italy, 20th C., N3EN$12.00
2453701Jacobean Style Carved Beechwood Armchair, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$36.00
2453702Turned Poplar Ladderback Rocking Chair,N3EN$12.00
2453703Mid-Century Modern Bench, 20th C., N3EN$216.00
2453704National Silverplated Four Piece Coffee Service, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453705Group of Sterling Silver and Weighted Sterling Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$429.60
2453706Three Pairs of Weighted Sterling Silver Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$332.40
2453707Group of Silverplated Table Articles, 20thC., N3EN$60.00
2453708Assorted Group of Silverplated Articles, 20th C., N3EN$97.20
2453709Three Silver-Plated Well and Tree Platters, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453710Large Group of Silver-Plated Hollowware, 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2453711Large Group of Sterling Silver Spoons, 20th C., N3EN$694.80
2453712Three Sterling Silver Dishes, 20th C., N3EN$354.00
2453713Gorham Sterling Silver Footed Revere Style Bowl, 20th C., N3EN$678.00
2453714Reed and Barton Francis I Sterling Silver Bowl, 20th C., N3EN$259.20
2453715Two Similar Sets of Sterling Silver Demi-tasse Cups with Lenox Liners, 20th C., N3EN$781.20
2453716Collection of Sterling Silver Footed Cups/Cordials, 20th C., N3EN$961.20
2453717Three Sets of Sterling Silver Sugar Bowls and Creamers, 20th C., N3EN$690.00
2453718Four Sterling Silver Casters, 20th C., N3EN$432.00
2453719Twelve Sterling Silver Butter Plates and Nine Sterling Silver Butter Pats, 20th C., N3EN$1099.20
2453720Group Sterling Silver Porringers, Nut Dishes and Coasters, 20th C., N3EN$391.20
2453721Thirteen Assorted Weighted Sterling Silver Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$436.80
2453722Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$271.20
2453723Group of Sterling Silver Dishes and a Hand Mirror, 20th C., N3EN$296.40
2453724Twelve Sterling Silver Sherberts with Glass Liners, 20th C., N3EN$133.20
2453726Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, Silver Sculpture Pattern, 20th C., N3EN$3732.00
2453727Sterling Silver "Lady Diana" Pattern Partial Flatware Service, 20th C., N3EN$1975.20
2453728Assorted Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Flatware Items, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453729Victorian Carved Oak Gothic Revival Tall Case Clock, probably American, 19th C., N3EN$1200.00
2453730C. Plath Cased Sextant, Hamburg, Germany, 20th C., N3EN$150.00
2453731Federal Brass Mounted Mahogany Tall Case Clock, Phillip Price Jr., Philadelphia, early 19th C. N3EN$3000.00
2453733Federal Mahogany Pillar and Scroll Mantle Clock, American, early 19th C., N3EN$686.40
2453734Art Nouveau Specimen Marble, Patinated Metal,& Carved Horn Mantle Clock, Poss. French 20th C., N3EN$193.20
2453736Georgian Style Burlwood Low Table, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453737Walnut Blanket Chest, American, 19th C., N3EN$489.60
2453738Brass Mounted Camphor Wood Blanket Chest, Chinese, 19th C., N3EN$331.20
2453739Contemporary Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453740Regency Style Mahogany Etagere, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453741George III Style Mahogany Bookcase Cabinet, 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453742Six Federal Grain Painted Plank Seat Side Chairs, American, early 19th C., N3EN$390.00
2453744Shed Elk Antler, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453746Upholstered Barrel Back Love Seat, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453747Federal Cherrywood Tilt Top Tea Table, New England, circa 1790, N3EN$480.00
2453748Federal Figured Maple Tilt Top Candlestand, New England, circa 1800, N3EN$120.00
2453749Federal Red Stained Maple Candlestand, New England, Possibly Rhoda Island, c. 1800, N3EN$150.00
2453750Federal Figured Mahogany Candlestand, New England, c. 1800, N3EN$180.00
2453751Pair of Adjustable Wrought Iron Floor Lamps, 20th C., N3EN$300.00
2453752Pair of Cast Iron Anchor Form Andirons, 20th C., N3EN$486.00
2453753Pair of Wrought Iron Jardinieres, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453754Four George II Style Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453756Pair of Louis XV Style Giltwood Diminutive Side Chairs, French, 19th C., N3EN$120.00
2453757Pair of Neoclassical Style Stone Inset Side Tables, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453759Pair of Architectural Bronze Andirons, American, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453760Pair of Federal Cast Brass Andirons, American, early 19th C., N3EN$120.00
2453761Painted and Parcel-Gilt Lacquered Four Panel Table Screen, Chinese, late 19th/20th, N3EN$72.00
2453762Oil on Metal, Depicting a Railroad Scene, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453763Pair of Baker Contemporary Blue Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N3EN$360.00
2453764Contemporary Blue Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N3EN$66.00
2453765Native American Sand Art, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453766Violin with Case and Bow, 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2453767Pair of Porcelain Dutch Boy and Girl Figures, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453768Two Hexagonal Brass Planters, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453769Georgian Style Brass Andirons, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453770Bronze Native American Bookend, 20th C., N3EN$429.60
2453771Pair of Chinese Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N3EN$3585.60
2453772Bouillote Style Brass and Ceramic Two-Arm Table Lamp, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453773Chinese Cloisonne Urn, 20th C., N3EN$241.20
2453775Brass Bed Warmer, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453776Two Patinated Metal Anchor Bookends, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453777Pair of Black Iron Lantern Table Lamps, 20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453779Armorial Porcelain Bowl, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453783Chinese Ceramic Peacock on Perch, 19th/20thC., N3EN$240.00
2453784Carved Giltwood Eagle,20th C., N3EN$243.60
2453786Green Quartz Figure of a Man, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453787Group of Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Decorative Plates,Decanters and Vase, Denmark, 20th C., N3EN$43.20
2453788Three Pairs of Weighted Sterling Silver Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$312.00
2453790Two Navajo Style Mats, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453791Navajo Style Room Sized Carpet, 20th C., N3EN$901.20
2453797Fourteen Volumes of "The Works of Victor Hugo," George Barrie & Son, Philadelphia,1897, N3EN$108.00
2453799Group of Twenty-One Works of Fiction and Non-Fiction, 19th/20th C., N3EN$258.00
2453800Neoclassical Style Giltwood Rectangular Mirror, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453801Pair of Bird Lithographs, J.G. Keulemans, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453802Oil on Canvas, Herons in Marsh, 20th C., N3EN$102.00
2453803Print, Native American Family, F. Luis Mora (Uruguay, 1874-1940)N3EN$211.20
2453806Two Audubon Prints, (John James 1785-1851) "Blue-Winged Teale," and "Willow Grous or Large Ptarmigan." 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453807Victorian Giltwood Pier Mirror, English or American, 19th C., N3EN$510.00
2453808Leaf Decorated Giltwood Pier Mirror, English or American, 19th C., N3EN$480.00
2453809Two Pairs of Vintage Wooden Skis, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453810Copper and Glass Lantern, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453811Ox Yoke, 20th C. N3EN$30.00
2453812Chippendale Carved and Figured Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, Mass., c. 1770, N3EN$1800.00
2453814Victorian Carved Walnut Parlor Sofa, American, probably New York, c. 1875, N3EN$1440.00
2453815Victorian Marquetry Inlaid Part Ebonized Walnut Center Table, American, c. 1880, N3EN$1320.00
2453816Victorian Marquetry Inlaid Part Ebonized Walnut Center Table, American, c. 1880, N3EN$2521.20
2453817Victorian Carved Walnut Armchair, American, possibly New York, circa 1875, N3EN$660.00
2453818Victorian Marble Top Carved Walnut Dressing Chest, New York, 3rd quarter 19th C., N3EN$960.00
2453819Pair of Victorian Marble Inset Part Ebonized Walnut Veneered Plant Stands, Am., c. 1875, N3EN$1140.00
2453820Pair of Victorian Carved Walnut Side Chairs, American, Probably New York, c. 1875, N3EN$300.00
2453821Victorian Carved Walnut Marble Top Wash Stand, American, Probably New York, c. 1875, N3EN$240.00
2453822Victorian Carved and Parcel Gilt Walnut Pier Mirror, American, Prob. NY, c. 1875, N3EN$360.00
2453823Victorian Carved Walnut Bedstead, American, probably New York, c. 1875, N3EN$900.00
2453824Tiffany Studios Sixteen Piece Bronze "Bookmark" Desk Set, 20th C., N3NE$5580.00
2453825Two Carved Giltwood Putti Figures with Wings,20th C., N3EN$181.20
2453826Tiffany Studios Assembled Bronze "Bookmark" Desk Set, 20th C., N3NE$1200.00
2453827Tiffany & Company Brass Clock, 20th C., NM3EN$120.00
2453828Chinese Export Porcelain Bowl, 19th/20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453829Orvit Art Nouveau Bronze Vase, German, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453830Limoges Gilt Decorated Porcelain Tea Service, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453831Lunt Sterling Silver Three Piece Coffee Service, 20th C., N3EN$842.40
2453832Sterling Silver Master Butter Knife, 20th C., N3EN$151.20
2453834Leather Upholstered Sack Back Windsor Armchair, American, Mid-19th C., N3EN$240.00
2453835Oil on Canvas, Abstract Ocean Landscape, 20th C., N3EN$282.00
2453836Two Tan Canvas Men's Caps, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453837Iron Columnar Pedestal, 20th C., N3EN$42.00
2453838Pair of Mahogany Barley Twist Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453839Abstract Acrylic on Canvas, "Evening," Judith Bernstock, 20th C., N3EN$120.00
2453840Painting on Silk, Female Musician, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453841Oil on Canvas Landscape, Gordon Matheson, 20th C., N3EN$78.00
2453842Oil on Canvas Landscape, Rinaldo Cuneo (1877-1939) N3EN$900.00
2453843Greg Copeland Original Chromograph of a Stylized Antique Rolls Royce Car, N3EN$97.20
2453844Greg Copeland Original Chromograph of a Stylized Antique Ford Car, N3EN$85.20
2453846Oil on Canvas, Harvest Landscape, S. Gabriel, 20th C., N3EN$180.00
2453847Regency Brass Mounted Mahogany Bookcase Cabinet, English, early 19th C., N3EN$1560.00
2453848Six George III Carved Mahogany Shield Back Dining Chairs, English, late 18th C., N3EN$3000.00
2453849George III Giltwood Eglomise Pier Mirror, English, late 18th/19th C., N3EN$1080.00
2453850Dragon-Decorated Ceramic Vase, Japanese or Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$210.00
2453851George III Inlaid Mahogany Cutlery Box, English, late 18th C., N3EN$420.00
2453853Pair of Georgian Style Cast Brass Barley-Twist Candlesticks, 20th C., N3EN$72.00
2453855Four Small Colored Prints of Maritime Scenes, 20th C., N3EN$48.00
2453856925 Silver Punch Bowl and Tray, Ortega, Mexico, 20th C., N3EN$2169.60
2453857Afshar Rug, 19th/20th C., N3EN$240.00
2453858Two Brass Apple Butter Buckets, American, 19th/20th C., N3EN$90.00
2453859Pair of Blue Glazed Ceramic Seated Cats, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$103.20
2453860Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Bookcase, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453861Queen Anne Inlaid Burl Walnut Slant Front Desk, English, early 18th C., N3EN$1920.00
2453862Blue and White Glazed Porcelain Bottle, Chinese, 20th C., N3EN$306.00
2453863Delft Pictorial Tile Plaque, Continental, Probably Dutch, 19th C., N3EN$180.00
2453864Delft Pictorial Tile Plaque, Continental, Probably Dutch, 19th C., N3EN$180.00
2453866Delft Pictorial Tile Plaque, Continental, Probably Dutch, 19th C., N3EN$150.00
2453867Two Military Equestrian Prints, French, 19th C., N3EN$48.00
2453869Two Military Maritime Prints, French, 19th C., N3EN$270.00
2453870Regency Turned Mahogany and Caned Armchair, English, early 19th C., N3EN$300.00
2453871Silver Plated Footed Compote, American, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453872Four Silver Plated Dessert Plates, 20th C., N3EN$60.00
2453873Sterling Silver Dish, 19th/20th C., N3EN$129.60
2453874Two Sterling Silver Beakers, N3EN$210.00
2453875Solid Silver Cigarette Box, English, 20th C., N3EN$361.20
2453876Reticulated Sterling Silver Basket, Probably English, late 19th/20th C., N3EN$271.20
2453877Silver Plated Champagne Bucket, India, 20th C., N3EN$30.00
2453878Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Flatware and Table Articles, 20th C., N3EN$56.40
2453879925 Silver Water Pitcher, Mexican, 20th C., N3EN$199.20
2453880Four George III Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, English, early 19th C., N3EN$480.00
2453881Caucasian Style Wool Carpet, 20th C., N3EN$534.00
2453882Twelve George II Silver Pistol Handled Fruit Knives and Forks, English, N3EN$579.60
2453883Two Sterling Silver Weighted Trumpet-Form Vases, 20th C., N3EN$210.00