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April Fine & Decorative Arts, Silver & Jewelry Auction, April 3rd to April 17th
April 3, 2012

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
2528531Maritime Print, John Stobart (English b.1929) "The Bark W.B. Flint at East Boston," 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2528532Maritime Print, John Stobart (English b.1929) "New York The Black Ball Packet Orpheus Leaving the East River 1835," 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2528533Frank M Whiting "King Court aka "Neapolitan" (1895) Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, 20th C., N4EN$1021.20
2528534Norweigan 850 Silver Partial Flatware Service, 20th C., N4EN$296.40
2528535Bigelow Kennard & Co. Sterling Silver 7 Piece Tea and Coffee Service and Matching Tray, 20th C., N4EN$7801.20
2528536Miscellaneous Group of Norwegian 830 Sterling Silver and Silverplated Flatware Items, 20th C., N4EN$374.40
2528538Meissen Porcelain Figure, "Boy Feeding Ducks," German, 19th C., N4EN$600.00
2528539Meissen Porcelain Figural Group, "Xerxes with Two Putti Representing Fertility," German, 19th C., N4EN$900.00
2528540Meissen Porcelain Figural Group, "Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well,"German, 19th C., N4EN$2119.20
2528541Meissen Porcelain Figural Group, "Venus and Bacchus," 10th C., N4En$1500.00
2528542Meissen Porcelain Figural Group. "The Courting of a Lady,"German, 19th C., N4EN$900.00
2528544Meissen Porcelain Standing Cupidic Figure, German, 19th C., N4EN$600.00
2528545Meissen Porcelain Figure, "Girl Feeding Chickens," German, 19th C., N4EN$480.00
2528547Oil on Canvas, Hermann Armin Kern (Hungary, 1839-1912)" The Folk Singer," 19th/20th C., N4EN$1620.00
2528548Chinese Porcelain Teapot, Electrified and Fitted as a Lamp, 20th C., N4En$60.00
2528549Pair of Contemporary Brass Wall Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$126.00
2528550Two Pairs of Blue and White Porcelain Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$84.00
2528551Pair of Colorless Pressed Glass Table Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528552Pair of Brass Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528553Four Blue Glass Bottles, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528554Two Snow Shoe Form Table Lamps,20th C., N4EN$210.00
2528555Three Pressed Green Glass Table Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528556Electrified Green Glass Bottle, Fitted as a Lamp, 20th C., N4EN$50.40
2528557Group of Decorative Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$103.20
2528558Baccarat Amethyst Glass Heart, France, 20th C., N4EN$61.20
2528559Three Art Glass Paperweights, 20th C., N4EN$67.20
2528560Mahogany and Mother of Pearl Inlaid Letter Box, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2528561Four Porcelain Floral Decorated Inkwells, 20th C., N4EN$93.60
2528562Five Blue and Two Red Pressed Glass Vases, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528563Three Electrified Glass Gas Lamps, 20th C.,. N4EN$44.40
2528564Three Color Glass Bottles Fitted as Table Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528565Two Green Glass Bottles, Fitted as Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528566Three Table Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$85.20
2528567Two Floral Decorated Porcelain Teapots, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528568Two Assembled Green Glass and Brass Mounted Table Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$67.20
2528569Fourteen Porcelain Gilt Decorated Miniature Vases, 20th C., N4EN$68.40
2528570Porcelain, Ceramic and Glass Miniature Shoe Collection, 20th C., N4EN$50.40
2528571Seventeen Partial Gilt Decorated Miniature Dishes, 20th C., N4EN$56.40
2528572Four Limoges Miniature Covered Pill Boxes, France, 20th C., N4EN$162.00
2528573Miniature Portrait on Ivory Circular Box, French, 20th C.,N4EN$150.00
2528574Meissen Style White Porcelain and Gilt Metal Mounted Covered Jar, German, 20th C., N5EN$60.00
2528575Two Child's Porcelain Tea Sets, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528576Assorted Group of Porcelain and Wooden Doll House Furniture, 20th C., N4EN$64.80
2528578Two Cold Painted Amish Men Figures, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528579Assorted Group of Porcelain and Ceramic Table Articles, England/France/Portugal/Italy 20th C., N4EN$85.20
2528580Nine Colored Glass Hats, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528581Lalique Frosted to Clear Bowl, France, 20th C., N4EN$186.00
2528582Nine Colored Glass Carafes, 20th C., N4EN$102.00
2528583Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure of a Resting Tiger, Denmark, 20th C., N4EN$462.00
2528584Howard Miller Mantle Clock, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528585Partial Mason's Denmark Ceramic Dinner Service, England, 20th C., N4EN$187.20
2528586Handpainted Floral and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Dessert Set for Six, 20th C., N4EN$81.60
2528587Two Painted Green Cast Iron Urns, 20th C., N4EN$223.20
2528588Three Framed Polychrome Fashion Prints, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528589Three Framed Charles H. Overly Williamsburg Prints, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528590Six Framed Miniature Floral Egliomise and Foil Paintings, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528591Framed Handwritten Valentine's Day Letter, 19th C., N4EN$108.00
2528592Egloisme Framed Print "Cries of London," 20th C, N4EN$54.00
2528593Three Gilt Framed Mirrors, 20th C., N4EN$55.20
2528594Three Framed Botanical Prints, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528595Four Framed Polychrome Floral Prints, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528596Two Color Glass Columnar Pedestals, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528597Group of Assorted Tableware Bowls and Plates, German/English/France, 20th C., N4EN$85.20
2528598New Chelsea Porcelain Breakfast Set for One, England, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528599Assorted Porcelain Tableware, England/American, 20th C., N4EN$81.60
2528600Four Colorless Glass Decanters with Stoppers, 20th C., N4EN$66.00
2528601Three Graduated Oval Copper Trays, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528602Four Beveled Glass and Gilt Metal Jewelry Boxes, 20th C., N4EN$390.00
2528604Four Cobalt Glass Rooster and Hen Covered Dishes, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528605Group of Blue and White Porcelain Decorative Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528606Colored, Frosted and Colorless Glass Articles, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528607Blue and Green Pressed Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528608Group of Colorless Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528609Waterford Crystal Wine Caddy, Ireland, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528610Assembled Set of Blue and White "Willow" Porcelain Dinnerware, England, 20th C., N4EN$170.40
2528611Amethyst and Colorless Glass Curtain Tiebacks, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528612Nineteen Green Glass Curtain Tiebacks, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2528613Twenty-One Blue Glass Curtain Tie-Backs, 20th C., N4EN$86.40
2528614Color Cut to Clear Glass Dessert Cups, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2528615Color Cut to Clear Decorative Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528616Six Color Cut to Clear Vase and Bowls, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2528617Three Green Glass Bowls, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2528619Blue Glass Stemware and Barware, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528620Assorted Group of Amethyst Glass Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528621Seven Blue Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528622Assorted Group of Blue, Red and Amethyst Glass Articles, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528623Colorless Glass and White Metal Mounted Treasure Chest Box, 20th C., N4EN$571.20
2528624Punched Tin Ceiling Fixture, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528625Green Pressed Glass Stemware, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528626Green Glass Stemware and Barware, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528627Green Glass Stemware and Barware, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528628Colorless Glass Stemware and Barware, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2528629Colorless Pressed Glass Goblets and Wine Glasses, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528630Six Assorted Cobalt Blue Glass Vases, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528631Twelve Cobalt Glass Bottles and Vases, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528632Two Pairs of Amethyst Glass Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$49.20
2528633Three Pairs of Pressed Blue Glass Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528634Five Pairs of Green Glass Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528635Four Pairs of Blue Glass Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528636Assorted Yellow and Colorless Glass Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2528637Eight Green Glass Tall Vases, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528639Four Cobalt Glass Hurricane Shades, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2528640Four Green Glass Hurricane Shades, 20th C., N5EN$231.60
2528641William Sonoma Spode Blue and White Porcelain Wash Pitcher and Basin, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528642Group of Pressed Yellow Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528643Green Glass Decanters, Vases and Pitchers, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528644Large Assorted Group of Colorless Glass Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528645Eight Assorted Wash Pitchers, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528646Three Orrefors Blue Glass Bowls, Sweden, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2528647Large Assorted Group of Colorless Pressed and Cut Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$49.20
2528649Collection of Pressed Green Glass Plates and Platters, 20th C., N4EN$109.20
2528650Assorted Group of Green Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528651Pair of Colorless Pressed and Cut Glass Two-Light Wall Sconces$36.00
2528652Pair of Neoclassical Style Glass and Patinated Metal 2-Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., N4EN$300.00
2528653Pair of Glass and Gilt Metal Mounted Ceiling Fixtures, 20th C, N4EN$84.00
2528656Group of Pressed and Cut Colorless Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528658Dansk Designs Enamelware Cookware, France, 20th C., N4EN$222.00
2528659Three Graduated Blue Glass Footed Cake Plates, 20th C., N4EN$54.00
2528660Pair of Blue and White Ceramic Wall Pockets, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528661Seven Wire Baskets with Porcelain Dish Inserts, 20th C., N4EN$49.20
2528662Eighteen Green Glass Telephone Insulators, N4EN$24.00
2528663Eighteen Green Glass Telephone Insulators, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528664Sixteen Glass Telephone Insulators, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528665Georgian Style Six-Light Crystal Chandelier, 20th C., N4EN$258.00
2528666Green and Colorless Crystal Decorated Hall Lantern, 20th C., N4EN$1440.00
2528667Georgian Style Six-Light Crystal Chandelier, 20th C., N4EN$270.00
2528668Delft-Style Porcelain and White Metal Six Light Chandelier, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528669Gilt Metal and Crystal Two-Light Ceiling Fixture, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528670Oil on Canvas, Abstract Landscape, Possibly Malcolm Forbes McKesson, N4EN$30.00
2528671Print, Houses on a Mountain, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2528672Print, 17th Century Courtroom Scene, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528673Print, Chinese Characters, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528674Lithograph, "Little Wonder," Printed by J.F. Herring, Engraved by J. Hunt, N4EN$300.00
2528675Assorted Group of Baseball and Racing Cards,20th C., N4EN$54.00
2528677Heriz-Style Room-Size Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$300.00
2528678Assorted Group of Silverplated Serving Articles, Some German, N2EN$12.00
2528682Queen Anne Style Carved Mahogany Dressing Table, Mass. Tradition, 20th C, N4EN$360.00
2528683Steinway & Sons Ebonized Baby Grand Model H Piano, 20th C., N4EN$3120.00
2528684Six Yellow Painted Rush Seat Side Chairs, French Provincial Style, 20th C., N4EN$114.00
2528685Contemporary Yellow Chintz Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2528690Five Equestrian Prints, English, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
252869414K White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring, 20th C., N4EN$570.00
2528695Unmarked Rose Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring, 20th C., N4EN$375.60
252869614K Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, 20th C., N4EN$102.00
2528698Large Assorted Group of Linens,20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528699Vintage Navy Beaded and Gold Tone Evening Bag, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528700Francesco Biasia Red Leather Evening Bag,Italy, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528701Coach Black Leather Bucket Bag, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
252870214K Yellow and Diamond Engagement Ring, 20th C., N4EN$360.00
2528703Group of 14K Yellow Gold Articles, 20th C., N4EN$782.40
2528704Patek Philippe Ladies 18K Yellow Gold "Nautilus" Watch With Diamond Bezel, 20thC, N4EN$9000.00
2528705Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronometer Gentlemens Wristwatch, 20th C., N4EN$4200.00
2528706Rose Gold and Fireball Baroque Pearl Loop Link Necklace, 20th C.,N4EN$415.20
252870718K Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Owl Pin, 20th C., N4EN$600.00
2528709Hand Colored Map of Little Falls Township in 1860, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528710Watercolor, Orientalist Scene, Florence M. Early, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2528711Oil on Board, Seascape with Cliffs, Alessandro Sani (Italian, 1870-1950), N4EN$120.00
2528712Oil On Canvas, Cottage and Bridge in a Landscape, Robert Fenson (English, 19th/20th), N4EN$240.00
2528713Pair of Chinese Carved Hardwood Horseshoe Back Armchairs, 20th C., N4EN$720.00
2528714Two Chinese Carved Hardwood Hongmu Stands, N4EN$300.00
2528715Group of Twenty Chinese Carved Hardwood Stands, 20th C., N4EN$84.00
2528716Chinese Marble Top Carved Hardwood Plant Stand, 20th C., N4EN$108.00
2528717Two Chinese Yixing Pottery Teapots, N4EN$54.00
2528718Two Watercolor and Ink Scroll Paintings, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
252871914K Yellow Gold and Sapphire Brooch, American, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2528720Four 14K Gold Rings, American 20th C., N4EN$480.00
2528721Two 14k Yellow Gold Charms, American 20th C., N4EN$360.00
2528722Four 10K Yellow Gold Rings, American 20th C, N4EN$694.80
2528723Four 10K Yellow Gold Ladies Rings, American 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2528724Group of 10K Yellow Gold Jewelry Items, American, 20th C., N4EN$301.20
2528725Group of Mens Costume Jewelry Items, American, 20th C., N4EN$151.20
2528726Group of Costume Jewelry Necklaces, American 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528727Coriz Signed Sterling Silver Hardstone and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, American 20th C., N4EN$108.00
2528728Four pair of Sterling Silver Earrings, American 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528729Large Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528730Unmarked Large Silver and Turquoise Cross Pendant on Chain, American 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528731Group of Imitation Diamond and Pearl Costume Jewelry, American, 20th C, N4EN$74.40
2528732Group of Hair Combs and Stick Pins, American, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528733Pair of 14K Yellow Gold and Sapphire Earclips, American 20th C., N4EN$452.40
2528734Group of Costume Jewelry Bracelets, American, 20thC., N4EN$12.00
2528735Group of Costume Jewelry Pins, American, 20th C.,, N4EN$60.00
2528736Group of Costume Jewelry Earrings, American 20th Century, N4EN$60.00
2528737Graduated Cultured Pearl Necklace, American 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528739Omega Automatic Gentlemen's Gilt Stainless Steel Wristwatch, American, 20th C., N4EN$331.20
2528740Vintage Hamilton Small Ladies Wristwatch, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528741YSL Signed Gold Metal Cross-Form Pendant on Chain, American, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528742Miscellaneous Group of Dresser and Jewelry Items, American 20th C, N4EN$72.00
2528743Group of Eight Pairs of St. John Costume Ear Clips, American 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528744St. John Costume Jewelry Necklaces and Bracelets, American, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2528745Pair of St. John Costume Jewelry Bangle Bracelets, American, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528746Bally Gray Leather Tote Bag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528747Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Brown Leather Handbag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$258.00
2528748Frank Whiting Gold Chain Mesh Evening Bag, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528749Lana Marks Black Leather Handbag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$210.00
2528751Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Tan Leather Handbag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528752Gucci Black Fabric and Leather Shoulder Bag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528753Vintage St John Red Leather Handbag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528754Vintage Gucci Black Leather Shoulder Bag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$300.00
2528755Colorless Cut Glass Tall Vase, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528757St John Gold Tone Chain Link Belt, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528758St John Belt, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2528759Sterling Silver Bull Form Belt Buckle, 20th C., N4EN$270.00
2528760Mont Blanc Fountain Pen, Germany, 20th C., N4EN$211.20
2528761Uncle Sam's 3-Coin Register Bank, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528762Dana Buchman Brown Wool and Fox Fur Trimmed Wrap, 20th C., N4EN$330.00
2528763Full Length Mink Coat, 20th C., N4EN$360.00
2528764Vintage Taffeta Wedding Gown and Lace Veil, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2528765Kieselstein-Cord Black Leather Tote Bag, 20th C., N4EN$210.00
2528766Judith Leiber White Leather and Gold Tone Metal Hand Bag, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2528767Judith Leiber Black Leather and Gold Tone Metal Evening Bag$180.00
2528768Vintage Andrea Pfister Red Suede and Gold Tone Metal Hand Bag, Italy, 20th C., N4EN$174.00
2528769C.F Martin Guitar, 20th C., N4EN$390.00
2528770Pair of Brass and Etched Glass Two Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2528772Oil on Canvas, Frolicking Dogs, 19th C., N4EN$1560.00
2528780Watercolor, Birds and Pink Flowers, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2528781Watercolor, Coy in a Pond, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2528782Watercolor, General on Horseback, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528783Print, Two Galloping Horses, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528784Print, Baby Bamboo Shoots, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$1029.60
2528785Print, Vignettes Depicting Buddha, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$66.00
2528786Four Hitchcock Windsor Style Fanback Side Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2528787Victorian Mahogany Center Table, late 19th/20th C., N4EN$240.00
2528788Room Sized Sisal Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2528789Contemporary Green and White Polka Dot Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528790Oriental Style Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$1200.00
2528791Room Sized Custom Cut Sisal Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528792Four Neoclassical Walnut Side Chairs, Italian, Late 18th/Early 19th C., N4EN$180.00
2528793Pair of Continental Handpainted Porcelain Classical Urns, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528795Hohner Oversized Harmonica, German, 1930s, N4EN$348.00
2528796Walnut Post Box, English, late 19th C., N4EN$1200.00
2528799Four George III Style Mahogany Backstools, 20th c., N4EN$90.00
2528801George III Style Inlaid Mahogany Server, 20th c., N4EN$90.00
2528802Louis XV Style Brass and Glass Light Fixture, 20th C., N4EN$174.00
2528804Oriental Style Mat, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2528805Two Similar Georgian Style Mahogany Armchairs, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528806Lithograph Albert Stolz (Austrian, 1875), N4EN$240.00
2528807Tribal Style Runner, 20th C., N4EN$96.00
2528809Heritage Henredon Leather Inset Mahogany Octagonal Bookshelf Side Table, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528810Pair of Ladderback Rush Seat Mahoganized Fruitwood Side Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2528811Georgian Style Mahogany Drop Leaf Diminutive Pier Table, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2528812Ruby Cut to Clear Etched Glass Vase, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528814Rosenthal Leaf Decorated Porcelain Partial Tea Service, German, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2528815Framed Nude Pencil Drawing, 20th C., N4EN$ 6.00
2528818Four Russian Silver and Enamel Articles, 20th C., N4EN$505.20
2528819George III Style Brass and Glass Hall Lantern, 20th C., N4EN$571.20
2528820Blue and White Breaker Vase, 20th C., N4EN$330.00
2528823Blue and White Ceramic Footed Bowl, Chinese, N4EN$120.00
2528825Pair of Blue and White Ceramic Covered Jars, Chinese, N4EN$390.00
2528827Tall Blue and White Covered Vase, Chinese, N4EN$120.00
2528828Tibetan Coral Beaded and Amber Double Strand Necklace, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2528829Multi-Strand Coral Beaded and Amber Necklace, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$414.00
2528830Two Turquoise Beaded Necklaces, Asian, 20th Century, N4EN$54.00
2528831Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Motif Vase, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2528834Chinese Ceramic Signed Teapot, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528835Chinese Scroll Depicting a Scholar, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2528841Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Man and His Cane, John R. Grabach (American, 1886-1981), N4EN$348.00
2528842Oil on Board, John Grabach (American, 1886-1981), Man with Gun, N4EN$780.00
2528845Engraving of Trees, Sir Alfred East (English, 1849-1913), N4EN$48.00
2528846Oil on Copperplate, John R. Grabach (American, 1886-1981), "The Intruder," N4EN$338.40
2528851Graphite on Paper Sketch of Houses, John R. Grabach (American, 1886-1981), N4EN$158.40
2528853Print, "French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisana," A. Dedilla, Aug. 75, N4EN$24.00
2528854Seriograph, Portrait of a Seated Woman, Raphael Soyer (Russian, 1899-1987,) N4EN$60.00
2528855Two Watercolors on Paper, WZ Embry, German Soldiers, N4EN$49.20
2528856Two Framed Landscape Watercolors, David Bareford, American, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2528858Framed Watercolor,Floral Still Life, David Bareford (20th C.) American, N4EN$60.00
2528864Contemporary Oak Low Table, 20th C., N4EN$126.00
2528865Oriental Style Rug, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2528866Sculpture Bust of a Man, 29th C., N4EN$12.00
2528867Pen and Ink Drawing, Stephan Scholinsky (American, 20th C.), N4EN$90.00
2528868Louis XV Style French Provincial Chestnut Credenza, 20th C., N4EN$630.00
2528869Chinese Scroll, Landscape Painting, Ink on Paper, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528870Chinese Scroll, Colored Ink on Paper, Red Bamboo, 20th, N4EN$150.00
2528871Empire Figured Mahogany Swivel Top Games Table, American, early 19th C., N4EN$120.00
2528873German Porcelain Figure of a Musician, 19th/20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528875Federal Giltwood Pier Mirror, Probably New York, c. 1800, N4EN$1080.00
2528877Orrefors Colorless Crystal Bowl and Clock, Sweden, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2528878Pair of Caned Mahogany Headboards, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528883Four Chinese Art Books, 20th C., N4EN$450.00
2528887Group of Books, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528890Group of Art Books, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528897Charles Dickens Rare Print Collection, 19th/20thC., N4EN$180.00
2528898"The Guelph Treasure,German, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2528900Gilt Plaster Eagle with Snake, late 19th C., N4EN$480.00
2528902Duckloe Bros. Inc. Oak Windsor Armchair, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528903Wrought and Cast Iron Ice Cream Parlor Table and Two Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$157.20
2528904Pastel on Paper, River Landscape, William Henry Chandler (American, 1854-1928), N4EN$72.00
2528905Coca Cola Calendar November/December 1941, N4EN$48.00
2528906Patinated Metal and Iridescent Glass Five-Light Ceiling Fixture, American, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2528907Glazed Ceramic Jardiniere and Stand, early 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2528908Mahogany Veneered Mantel Clock, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2528909Vintage Royal Typewriter and Cover, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2528910Group of Mother of Pearl Handled Knives, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528911Chippendale Style Carved Mahogany Open Armchair, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2528912RJ Horner & Co. Louis XVI Style Inlaid Mahogany Kidney Shaped Side Table, 20th C., N4EN$84.00
2528914Victorian Carved Walnut Parlor Chair, American, late 19th C., N4EN$60.00
2528915Classical Part Ebonized Giltwood Mirror, English or American, early 19th C., N4EN$90.00
2528917Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany "Martha Washington" Sewing Table, American, early 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528918Empire Mahogany Mirror, American, 19th C., N4EN$30.00
2528920Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Woman, Joe Jones (American, 20th C.), N4EN$906.00
2528923Samuson Porcelain Covered Urn, France, 20th C., N4EN$390.00
2528924Kindel Oval Mahogany Mirror, 20th C. N4EN$90.00
2528925Two Lowestoft Porcelain Helmet Shaped Pitchers, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528929Group of Ten Books of Shakespeare's Works, 19th/20th C., N4EN$48.00
2528930Dominick & Haff/Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Spoons and Knives, American 20th C, N4EN$661.20
2528931Four Piece Assembled Sterling Silver Dresser Set, Late 19th/Early 20th, N4EN$370.80
2528932Federal Black Painted and Stencil Decorate Washstand, American, 19th/20th C., N4EN$84.00
2528933George III Style Upholstered Barrel Back Club Chair, 20th C., N4EN$36.00
2528934George III Style Carved Mahogany Side Chair, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528935Nine Limoges Porcelain Dinner Plates, France, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2528936Sixteen Audubon "The Birds of America" Plates, England, 20th C., N4EN$144.00
2528937Glazed Blue Ceramic Jug, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2528938Two Brass Handled Pots, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2528939Federal Inlaid Mahogany Secretaire Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N4EN$360.00
2528940Empire Mahogany Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N4EN$60.00
2528941Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Amber Glass Beaded Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet, N4EN$900.00
2528942Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Pink Beaded Necklace, Brooch, Bracelet, and Earrings, N4EN$300.00
2528943Miriam Haskell Pink Glass Beaded, Colorless Rhinestone 3 Strand Necklace & Earrings, N4EN$180.00
2528944Miriam Haskell Green Malachite, Gilt Metal Wing-Form and Gold Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings, N4EN$180.00
2528945Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Colorless Glass Multi-Strand Beaded Jewelry Suite, N4EN$840.00
2528946Miriam Haskell Black Beaded, Rhinestone, and Gold Faceted Beaded Jewelry Suite, N4EN$480.00
2528947Unsigned Miriam Haskell Floral Form Gilt Metal, Red and Green Glass Beaded Brooch, N4EN$30.00
2528948Miriam Haskell Colored Imitation Pearl Necklace and Bracelet, N4EN$360.00
2528949Gilt Metal Shield Form Pin, N4EN$30.00
2528950Imitation Baroque Pearl Double Strand Necklace, N4EN$12.00
2528951Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Imitation Baroque Pearl and Blue Glass Brooch, N4EN$72.00
2528952Miriam Haskell Imitation Baroque Pearl and Rhinestone Pin and Earrings, N4EN$60.00
2528953Pink and Red Glass Beaded Multi-Strand Necklace, N4EN$36.00
2528954Gilt Metal Leaf Stamped, Rhinestone, Red Cabochon, and Blue Stone Brooch, N4EN$60.00
2528955Gilt Metal Mesh and Blue Flower Beaded Bracelet and Earrings, N4EN$90.00
2528956Miriam Haskell Stamped Metal Leaf and Imitation Pearl Brooch and Earrings, N4EN$60.00
2528957Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain with Citron Colored Rhinestones, N4EN$24.00
2528958Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Beaded, Green Glass, and Rhinestone Necklaces, N4EN$240.00
2528959Three Unsigned Miriam Haskell Pieces, N4EN$210.00
2528960Miriam Haskell Rhinestone, and Imitation Baroque Pearl Circle Pin with Drops, N4EN$45.00
2528961Miriam Haskell Pink Seashell and Beaded Necklace, N4EN$150.00
2528962Four Vintage Imitation Seed Pearl and Rhinestone Chignon Pins, N4EN$30.00
2528963Two Vintage Scent Bottles, N4EN$24.00
2528964Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Mesh Rhinestone, and Imitation Pearl Necklace, N4EN$120.00
2528965Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Imitation Pearl Hatpin, N4EN$48.00
2528966Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl and Rhinestone Brooch and Earrings, N4EN$90.00
2528967Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Imitation Seed Pearl and Rhinestone Vase-Form Pin, N4EN$60.00
2528968Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Carved White Beaded Lariat Necklace, N4EN$300.00
2528969Miriam Haskell Imitation Seed and Baroque Pearl Brooch, N4EN$48.00
2528970Unsigned Miriam Haskell White Floral Decorated Brooch, N4EN$114.00
2528971Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Rhinestone Ring, N4EN$48.00
2528972Five Unsigned Miriam Haskell Beaded Dress Clips, N4EN$60.00
2528973Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Beaded Three Strand Necklace and Drop Earrings, N4EN$390.00
2528974Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal & Turquoise Color Beaded Jewelry Suite, N4EN$1320.00
2528975Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal & Turquoise Color Beaded Brooch, N4EN$150.00
2528976Miriam Haskell Silver Metal and Turquoise Color Brooch and Pair of Earrings, N4EN$60.00
2528977Unsigned Miriam Haskell Green Glass Beaded and Pansy Decorated Necklace and Dress Clip, N4EN$240.00
2528978Miriam Haskell Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Beaded Brooch and Matching Earrings, N4EN$60.00
2528979Four Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Glass Brooches, N4EN$180.00
2528980Four Miriam Haskell Glass Beaded Brooches, N4EN$120.00
2528981Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Imitation Pearl, and Rhinestone Pins, N4EN$60.00
2528982Unsigned Miriam Haskell War Eagle Silver Metal, Lavender and Green Beaded Necklace, N4EN$120.00
2528983Miriam Haskell Imitation Seed and Baroque Pearl Chained Shoulder Pin and Dress Clip, N4EN$120.00
2528984Miriam Haskell Coral and Bone Color Beaded Necklace with Matching Earrings, N4EN$270.00
2528985Two Miriam Haskell Beaded Necklaces, N4EN$60.00
2528986Miriam Haskell Gilt Stamped Metal Rope Chain Necklace, N4EN$48.00
2528987Josef Morton for Miriam Haskell Jet Beaded and Rhinestone Collar Necklace, N4EN$330.00
2528988Miriam Haskell Filigree Mother-Of-Pearl, Imitation Pearl & Red Beaded Circular Brooch, N4EN$60.00
2528989Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal, Coral Beaded, and Rhinestone Necklace, N4EN$360.00
2528990Bokhara Wool Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2528991Sarouk Wool Floral Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$600.00
2528992Semi-Antique Kirman Wool Carpet, early 20th C., N4EN$571.20
2528993Chinese Wool Rug, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2528994Renaissance Style Silk and Metallic Thread Tapestry Panel, 19th C., N4EN$300.00
2528995Pair of Louis XVI Style Giltwood Fauteuils, French, late 19th C., N4EN$2400.00
2528996Napoleon III Ebonized Walnut & Burlwood Table Vitrine, French, 3rd quarter 19th C., N4EN$600.00
2528997Venetian Style Giltwood Wall Mirror, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2528999Rococo Style Giltwood Overmantle Mirror, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529000Napoleon III Bronze Mounted and Boullework Cabinet, French, mid-19th C., N4EN$1620.00
2529001Two Similar Louis XV Style Parcel Gilt Chairs, late 19th/20th C., N4EN$900.00
2529002Napoleon III Bronze Mounted Boullework Center Table, French, 3rd quarter 19th C., N4EN$1440.00
2529003Pair of George III Style Malachite-Top Mahogany Tea Tables, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2529005Louis XV Style Glazed Mahogany Vitrine, late 19th C., N4EN$120.00
2529007Louis XVI Style Bronze-Mounted Mahogany Commode, French, late 19th C., N4EN$3240.00
2529008Venetian Style Giltwood Wall Mirror, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529009Empire Style Carved Stone Center Table, 20th C., N4EN$8101.20
2529010Painted Print on Canvas, Classical Woman with Putto, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529011Pair of Photographically Transferred and Hand Colored Images on Canvas, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529012Kirman Floral Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$300.00
2529013Antique Persian Rug, Northwest Persia, early 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529014Afghan Wool Runner, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529015Large Oil on Canvas, Figures in a Garden with Putti, European School, 20th C., N4EN$660.00
2529016Sarouk Wool Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$331.20
2529017Feraghan Wool Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529018Sarouk Room-Size Carpet, first quarter 20th C., N4EN$900.00
2529019Renaissance Style Brussels Tapestry, late 19th C., N4EN$1500.00
2529020Aubusson Tapestry, "The Swing," 20th C., N4EN$5160.00
2529021Empire Style Carved Giltwood Oval Wall Mirror, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529022Cast-Bronze Seven-Light Sculptural Wall Light, 20th C., N4EN$570.00
2529023Louis XVI Gilt Metal Mantle Clock, French Taste, 20th C., N4EN$1560.00
2529024Pair of Empire Revival Sculptural Bronze Table Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$1440.00
2529025Pair of Victorian Bronze Mounted Mahogany Marble Top Pedestal Cabinets, late 19th C., N4EN$2280.00
2529026Bronze Figure of Victorian Lady Mounted as a Lamp, 20th C., N4EN$5280.00
2529028Pair of Carved Marble Pedestals, 20th C., N4EN$2340.00
2529029Pair of Louis XV Style Giltwood Fauteuils, 20th C., N4EN$2760.00
2529030Gilt Metal Sculptural Group Glass Top Low Table, 20th C., N4EN$7201.20
2529031Pair of Bronze Sculptural Footed Planters, 20th C., N4EN$5520.00
2529032Pair of Louis XV Style Beechwood Carved Settees, 20th C.,N4EN$3600.00
2529033Louis XVI Style Gilt Metal and Marble Three-Piece Garniture, 20th C., N4EN$6900.00
2529034Pair of Brown Lacquer Wood Carved Sculpture Pedestals, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529035Pair of Louis XVI Style Ormolu-Mounted Marble Inset Kidney Shaped Side Tables, 20th C., N4EN$6602.40
2529036Pair of Bronze Busts of a Lady and Gentleman Mounted as Lamps, French School, late 19th C., N4EN$2700.00
2529037Pair of Bronze and Glass Sculptural Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$1560.00
2529038Brown Lacquer Oval Sculpture Pedestal, 20th C., N4EN$49.20
2529039Bronze Sculpture, Mario R. Nardini, (American, 19th/20th C), N4EN$720.00
2529040Pair of Louis XVI Style Gilt-Metal Five-Light Candelabra, 20th C., N4EN$900.00
2529041Renaissance Style Bronze Sculpture Centerpiece, 20th C., N4EN$7021.20
2529042Four Oval Portrait Miniatures of Ladies on Ivory, 20th C., N4EN$375.60
2529043Reed and Barton Silver Plated Kettle on Spirit Burner Stand, 19th/20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529044Green Marble Corner Pedestal, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529045Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Bookcase, 20th C., N4EN$480.00
2529046Regency Style Mahogany Leather Top Library Table, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529047Chesterfield Style Sleeper Sofa, 20th C., N4EN$570.00
2529048Eight Jacobean Style Carved Oak Leather Upholstered Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$360.00
2529049Louis XV Style Rococo Gilt Metal Fireplace Screen, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529051Oil on Canvas, Still Life of Game, European School, 20th C., N4EN$1443.60
2529052Bronze Sculpture of a Warrior, "Le Travail," A. Masjouille, 20th C., N4EN$1680.00
2529053Sarouk Garden Carpet, Northwest Persia, first quarter 20th C., N4EN$270.00
2529054Hamadan Rug, Central Persian, mid-20th C., N4EN$156.00
2529055Autographed Letter with Black and White Portrait Engraving, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, N4EN$180.00
2529056Autographed Letter with Black and White Photograph, Emile Zola (French, 1840-1902), N4EN$483.60
2529057Autographed Letter with Black and White Photograph, George Sand (French, 1804-1876), N4EN$268.80
2529058Pair of Chinese Giltwood Arched Architectural Fragments, 20th C., N4EN$408.00
2529059Chinese Carved Red Painted Giltwood Architectural Niche, 20th C., N4EN$282.00
2529061Large Chinese Painted and Carved Wood Tang-Style Head of Buddha, 20th C., N4EN$361.20
2529062Japanese Blue and White Nabeshima-Style Porcelain Dish, early 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529063Pair of Sung Style Painted Wood Figures of Kuan Yin, N4EN$1141.20
2529064Two Carved Antler Lantern Vignettes, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529066Carved Ivory and Bone Diorama of a Tradesman, Chinese, 19th C., N4EN$120.00
2529067Carved Bone and Ivory Figure of a Carpenter, Chinese or Japanese, 19th/20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529069Two Brass Boats, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529071Two Carved Wood Figures of Deities, Probably Chinese, 19th/20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529072Engraved Brass Bell on Stand, Southeast Asian, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529074Louis XVI Style Walnut Marquetry Dining Table, 20th C., N4EN$1620.00
2529075Six Baroque Style Carved Walnut Velvet and Needlework Upholstered Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529076Louis XVI Style Walnut Marquetry Breakfronted Sideboard, 20th C., N4EN$1320.00
2529077Louis XVI Style Walnut Marquetry Marble Top Side Cabinet, 20th C., N4EN$1020.00
2529078Louis XVI Style Bronze-Mounted Mahogany Commode, French, late 19th C., N4EN$3240.00
2529079Louis XVI Style Ormolu-Mounted Marble Top Mahogany Pedestal, 20th C., N4EN$1440.00
2529080Oil on Canvas, Contemporary Nude in Blue, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529083Oil on Canvas, Matador, Amalio Garcia del Moral, Spanish, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529084Oil on Canvas, "Segadores," Amalio Garcia del Moral, Spanish, 20th C., N4EN$288.00
2529085Autographed Black and White Photograph, Mary Pickford (1893-1979), N4EN$30.00
2529086Patinated Terracotta Bust of a Classical Woman, 20th C., N4EN$661.20
2529087Terracotta Bust of a Girl with a Hat, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529088Pair of Louis XVI Style Giltwood Fauteuils, French, late 19th C., N4EN$2520.00
2529089Pair of Empire Style Ormolu-Mounted Mahogany Side Chairs, French, early 20th C., N4EN$540.00
2529091Pair of Empire Style Ormolu-Mounted Marble Top Walnut Gueridons, 19th/20th C., N4EN$1740.00
2529092Painted Print on Canvas, Diana Goddess of the Hunt, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529093Painted Print on Canvas, Allegorical Composition of Vanity, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529094Watercolor and Ink on Paper Scroll, Village in a Valley, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529095Watercolor and Ink on Paper Scroll, Man in House, Mountain & Trees, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529097Watercolor and Ink on Fabric Scroll, Winter Landscape, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529098Print on Paper Scroll, Students and Teachers, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529099Painted Fabric Scroll, Cherry Blossoms, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529100Oil on Canvas, Two Hunting Nude Women, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529102Four Panel Hardstone and Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Hardwood Wall Hangings, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$210.00
2529104Oil on Canvas, Goddess and Putti, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529105Oil on Canvas, Tuscan Scene, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529106Persian Style Floral Decorated Runner, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529107Oil on Canvas, Aphrodite and Putti, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529109Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Bookcase, 20th C., N4EN$480.00
2529110Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Cupboard, 20th C., N4EN$480.00
2529111Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Cupboard, 20th C., N4EN$450.00
2529112Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Bookcase Cabinet, 20th C., N4EN$570.00
2529113Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Bookcase Cabinet, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529114Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Bookcase Cabinet, 20th C., N4EN$540.00
2529115Jacobean Style Carved and Stained Oak Corner Cupboard, 20th C., N4EN$270.00
2529116Oil on Canvas, Courting Scene, European School, 20th C., N4EN$390.00
2529117Oil on Canvas, Courting Scene, European School, 20th C., N4EN$390.00
2529118Carved Hardwood Armchair, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$600.00
2529120Diminutive Pink Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529121Terracotta Bust of a Woman, Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse (French 1824-1887), N4EN$1080.00
2529122Pair of Gilt and Floral Decorated Green Porcelain Table Lamps, Chinese Taste, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529123Giltwood Statue of a Classical Woman, 19th/20th C., N4EN$2040.00
2529124Wood, White Metal, and Ivory Handled Dagger, Southeast Asian, 20th C., N4EN$181.20
2529125Art Nouveau Style Patinated Metal Picture Frame, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529126Reticulated Patinated Metal Circular Tray, Southeast Asian, 20th C., N4EN$132.00
2529129Circular Unframed Mirror, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2529130Neoclassical Style Giltwood Circular Mirror, 20th C., N4EN$186.00
2529131Miriam Haskell Gilt Beaded Red, Green, & Yellow Glass Beaded Graduated 3 Strand Necklace, N4EN$60.00
2529132Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Imitation Gemstone Pins, N4EN$48.00
2529133Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Drop Pair of Earrings, N4EN$120.00
2529134Miriam Haskell White Beaded and Rhinestone Earrings, N4EN$150.00
2529135Two Pairs of Robert Signed Gilt Metal and Amber Beaded Earrings, N4EN$24.00
2529136Vintage Unsigned Miriam Haskell Floral Wax and Glass Brooch, N4EN$60.00
2529137Unsigned Miriam Haskell Yellow and Brown Beaded Necklace, N4EN$144.00
2529138Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl and Pink Glass Beaded Jewelry Suite, N4EN$30.00
2529139Miriam Haskell Gilt and Silver Metal Brooch and Earrings, N4EN$24.00
2529140Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Green Glass Bangle Bracelet, N4EN$210.00
2529141Two Miriam Haskell Gray Beaded Necklaces, N4EN$36.00
2529142Two Pairs of Miriam Haskell Earrings, N4EN$42.00
2529143Miriam Haskell Yellow Beaded Brooch, N4EN$30.00
2529144Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal and Red Beaded Wire Choker, N4EN$48.00
2529145Three Pairs of Miriam Haskell Earrings, American 20th Century, N4EN$24.00
2529146Miriam Haskell Silver Metal Chain With Seashell Pendant, N4EN$30.00
2529147Two Unsigned Miriam Haskell Brooches, N4EN$60.00
2529148Miriam Haskell Dove Clasp Blue Beaded Necklace, N4EN$600.00
2529149Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain Necklaces, N4EN$30.00
2529150Two Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Brooches, N4EN$60.00
2529151Miriam Haskell Silver Metal Imitation Baroque Pearl and Rhinestone Suite, N4EN$60.00
2529152Miriam Haskell Dove Clasp Four Strand Imitation Pearl and Glass Beaded Necklace, N4EN$150.00
2529153Three Miriam Haskell White Beaded Necklaces, N4EN$150.00
2529154Miriam Haskel Green Beaded Bracelet and Necklace, N4EN$240.00
2529155Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain Necklaces, N4EN$60.00
2529156Two Unsigned Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Beaded Pins, N4EN$42.00
2529157Three Pairs of Unsigned Miriam Haskell Pink and Black Beaded Earrings, N4EN$30.00
2529158Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Black Earrings, N4EN$24.00
2529159Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Earrings, N4EN$30.00
2529160Miriam Haskell Egyptian Motif Jewelry Set, N4EN$120.00
2529161Miriam Haskell Braided Jewelry Suite, N4EN$360.00
2529162Three Miriam Haskell Bracelets, N4EN$60.00
2529163Miriam Haskell Whited Beaded Bracelet and Necklace, N4EN$30.00
2529164Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain Necklaces, N4EN$60.00
2529165Miriam Haskell Red Glass Beaded Necklace, N4EN$72.00
2529166Two Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain and Plaque Necklaces, N4EN$210.00
2529167Miriam Haskell Purple Beaded Necklace, N4EN$60.00
2529168Two Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. Gilt Metal Imitation Seed Pearl and Colored Rhinestone Pins, N4EN$120.00
2529169Unsigned Robert Oval Pink and Purple Rhinestone Brooch, N4EN$60.00
2529170DeMario Bracelet and a Pair Earrings, N4EN$120.00
2529171Group of Miriam Haskell Pins and Earrings, N4EN$54.00
2529172Group of Miriam Haskell Earrings, N4EN$60.00
2529173Unsigned Miriam Haskell Red Beaded Brooch and Earrings, N4EN$36.00
2529174Miriam Haskell Gilt Metal Chain and Green Rhinestone and Yellow Beaded Pin, N4EN$60.00
2529175Miriam Haskell Seashell Necklace and Earrings, N4EN$30.00
2529176Two Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Pins, N4EN$30.00
2529177Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Pin, N4EN$60.00
2529178Two Pairs of Miriam Haskell Imitation Pearl Earrings, N4EN$24.00
2529179Group of Miriam Haskell Jewelry Fragments, N4EN$30.00
2529180Two Miriam Haskell Blue Beaded and Imitation Pearl Multi Strand Necklaces, N4EN$96.00
2529181Contemporary Black Painted Metal and Glass Top Two Tiered Low Table, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529182Six White Painted Contemporary Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$84.00
2529183Pair of Neoclassical Style Brass Two-Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529184Contemporary Mahogany Floor Lamp, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529185Two Patinted Metal and Glass Ceiling Lights, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529186Victorian Figured Oak Extension Dining Table, late 19th/20th C., N4EN$330.00
2529187Contemporary Needlepoint Upholstered Headboard, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529188Oak Hanging Cabinet, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529189Japanese Needlework Panel, first half 20th C., N4EN$660.00
2529190Pair of Contemporary Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529191Two Brass Fighting Roosters, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529192Contemporary Four Panel Folding Table Screen, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2529193Two Watercolors on Paper Dog Portraits, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529194Pair of Frosted Art Glass Vases, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529196Louis XVI Style Marquetry Cherrywood Extension Dining Table, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529197Neoclassical Style Patinated Commode, French Taste, 20th C., N4EN$300.00
2529198Ruby, Blue, and Grey Floral Decorated Chinese Style Carpet, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529199White Carved Carved Hardwood Octagonal Side Table, Indian, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529200Neoclassical Style Oak Breakfront Bookshelf, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529202Contemporary Cast Iron Center Table, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2529203Stained Glass Leaded Chandelier, Dragon Fly Decorated, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529204Block Spal Partial Dinner Service for Eight, Portugal, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2529205Assorted Group of Colorless Cut and Pressed Glass Articles, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2529206Assorted Group of Colorless Cut and Pressed Glass Articles, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529207Ten Boda Colorless Glasses, Sweden, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2529208Patinated Metal and Slag Glass Hanging Lamp, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529209Partial Continental China "Shadow Leaf" Dinner Service, German, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529211Brass Finished Slag Glass Three Light Ceiling Fixture, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529213Neoclassical Style Paint Decorated Side Chair, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529214Oil on Canvas Floral Still Life, Probably Continental, late 19th/20th C., N4EN$900.00
2529215Oil on Canvas Floral Still Life, Probably Continental, late 19th/20th C., N4EN$900.00
2529217Two Similar Federal Mahogany Side Chairs, American, second quarter 19th C., N4EN$12.00
2529222Neoclassical Style Mahogany and Brass Mounted Chest, 20th C., N4EN$780.00
2529223Moorcroft Glazed Ceramic Bowl, England, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529226Sterling Silver Weighted Sugar Bowl and Creamer, 20th C., N4EN$129.60
2529227Sterling Silver Weighted Footed Bowl, 20th C., N4EN$76.80
2529228Lithograph, "Young Girl Combing Her Hair," Raphael Soyer (American 1899-1987)$60.00
2529229Nude Dry Point Etching, 20th C., N4EN$390.00
2529230Chinese Lacquered Food Carrier, 20th C., N4EN$86.40
2529232Carved Hardwood and Gilt Decorated Mirror, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529236Barley Twist Leg Wooden Side Table, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529237Large Silverplated Circular Reticulated Gallery Tray, 20th C., N4EN$181.20
2529238Silverplated Urn-Form Planter, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529240Carved Wooden and Mother of Pearl Inlaid Box, 20th C., N4EN$66.00
2529241A Strand of Akoya Cultured Pearls With 14K Yellow Gold Clasp, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$270.00
2529242Neoclassical Style Part Ebonized Circular Side Table, 20th C., N4EN$294.00
2529244Pair of Art Deco Style Glass and Brass Floor Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$660.00
2529245Four Mid-Century Modern Walnut Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529246Three Danish Modern Illums Bolighus Low Armchairs, 20th C., N4EN$780.00
2529247Two Mid-Century Modern Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529248Mid-Century Modern Oak Telephone Table, 20th C., N4EN$55.20
2529249Mid-Century Modern Oak Veneered Ladies Writing Desk, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529250Mid-Century Modern Walnut Low Table, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529251Mid-Century Modern Oak Two Part Desk, 20th C., N4EN$186.00
2529252Mid-Century Modern Walnut Sideboard, 20th C., N4EN$612.00
2529253Mid-Century Modern Oak Drinks Cart, 20th C., N4EN$102.00
2529255Cmielow Grey and White Porcelain Tea Set, Polish, 20th C., N4EN$198.00
2529260Cibachrome on Aluminum, Willie Doherty (Irish, 1959-), N4EN$1320.00
2529261Ballpoint Pen on Paper, Surrealist Drawing, Tim Maxwell (American, 20th C.), N4EN$780.00
2529262Mixed Media on Canvas, Architectural Scene, Kevin Zucker (American, 1976-), N4EN$1500.00
2529263Cibachrome on Aluminum, "Windscreen Fragement," Willie Doherty (Irish, 1959-), N4EN$960.00
2529264Chinese Paint Decorated Green Lacquer and Giltwood Cabinet on Stand, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529265Pair of Louis XV Style Ormolu-Mounted Parquetry Mahogany Side Tables, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529266Louis XV Style Needlepoint Upholstered Carved Beechwood Fauteuil, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2529267Pair of Baroque Style Parquetry Bombe-Front Commodes, 20th C., N4EN$660.00
2529268George II Style Marquetry Inlaid Mahogany Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529269Regency Mahogany Writing Cabinet, English, 19th C., N4EN$900.00
2529270Venetian Style Etched Glass Looking Glass, 19th C., N4EN$102.00
2529271Venetian Style Etched Glass Octagonal Mirror, 19th C., N4EN$90.00
2529273Framed Chinese Needlework, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529274Regency Crystal and White Metal Two Light Candelabra, English, 19th C.,N4EN$120.00
2529275Pair of Victorian Style Alabaster and Crystal Four-Light Candelabra, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529276Twelve Amethyst Cut to Clear Water Goblets, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529277Sterling Silver Footed Compote Dish and Small Footed Bowl, 20th C., N4EN$451.20
2529279Four Ellis-Barker Silver Plate Weighted Candlesticks, English, 20th C., N4EN$246.00
2529280Steuben Colorless Glass Covered Bowl, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529281Eight Etched Colorless Glass Water Goblets, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529282A Group of Silver and Silver Plated Items, American, French, English, 18th/19th/20th C., N4EN$514.80
2529283Eight Copeland Spode Fitzhugh-Blue Pattern Porcelain Serving Articles, English, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529284Group of Staffordshire and Transfer-Decorated Porcelain Table Articles, 19th/20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529285Group of Wedgwood "Fairford" Pattern Plates and Bowls, English, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529286Group of Lenox "Starlight" Pattern Porcelain Boullion Cups and Underplates, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529288Twelve Meissen "Blue Onion" Pattern Gilt-Decorated Reticulated Porcelain Plates, N4EN$1740.00
2529289Chinese Watercolor Scroll Painting on Paper, N4EN$3840.00
2529293An Assembled English Georgian Silver Three Piece Tea Service, 19th C., N4EN$846.00
2529294An English Silver Kettle on Stand, English, Early 20th C., N4EN$1052.40
2529295Abstract Oil on Canvas, Will Wang, 20th C., N4EN$600.00
2529299Oil on Canvas Abstract Horse, Qunce Zeng, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$1800.00
2529302Oil on Canvas Still Life, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$270.00
2529305Six Queen Anne Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529308Fireboard, "Jean Lu," Larry Francis (American, 20th C.), N4EN$90.00
2529309Fine Arts "Processional" Pattern Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, 20th C, N4EN$1165.20
2529310Group of American Sterling Forks, American 20th C, N4EN$571.20
2529311Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Coffee Pot, American 20th C., N4EN$522.00
2529312Randahl Sterling Silver Circular Bowl, American 20th C., N4EN$246.00
2529313Dunkirk Sterling Silver Cream Jug and Open Sugar Bowl and Tray, American 20th C., N4EN$489.60
2529314Miscellaneous Group of Sterling Silver Flatware Items, American 20th C., N4EN$1680.00
2529315Group of Silver Plated Flatware Items, American, 20th C., N4EN$51.60
2529316Group of Six Flatware Sterling Silver Serving Items, American 20th C., N4EN$360.00
2529317Tiffany & Co. Makers "Provence" Pattern Sterling Silver Sauce Ladle, American 20th C., N4EN$115.20
2529318Group of Sterling Silver Items, American 20th C., N4EN$780.00
2529319Three Boxed Sets of Steak Knives, American, English 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529320Group of Silver Plated Items, American 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529321Group of Silver Plated Items, American, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529322Group of Silver Plated Items, American 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529324Pair of Contemporary White Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529326Contemporary Floral Upholstered Love Seat, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529327Federal Style Mahogany Campeche Chair and Stool, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2529328Elephant-Form Porcelain Foot Rest, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$90.00
2529329Queen Anne Style Walnut and Burl Walnut Games Table, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529330Pair of Victorian Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, American, late 19th C., N4EN$60.00
2529331Biedermeier Fruitwood Side Chair, Austrian, 19th C., N4EN$350.40
2529332Empire Style Ormolu-Mounted Marble Top Mahogany Low Table, French, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529333Victorian Inlaid Cherrywood Ladies Writing Desk, English, late 19th C., N4EN$780.00
2529335Neoclassical Style Burlwood Circular Side Table, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2529337George III Inlaid Mahogany Octagonal Candlestand, English, 18th C., N4EN$60.00
2529338Queen Anne Cherrywood Secretary Desk on Frame, Probably Connecticut, mid-18th C., N4EN$3120.00
2529339Federal Walnut Step Back Cupboard, American, 19th C., N4EN$780.00
2529340Wrought Iron and Brass Baker's Rack, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529341Queen Anne Carved and Figured Cherrywood High Chest of Drawers, Mass., mid-18th C. N4EN$4920.00
2529342George III Style Burl Walnut Inlaid Demi-Lune Cabinet, 20th C., N4EN$330.00
2529343Red-Painted Gilt Decorated Chinioserie Decorated Hanging Cabinet, 20th C., N4EN$246.00
2529344Federal Cherrywood Chest of Drawers, American, 18th/19th C., N4EN$720.00
2529345Federal Stained Pine Tall Case Clock, American, 19th C.,N4EN$540.00
2529346Two White Glazed Ceramic Pedestals, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529347Blue and White Dragon-Decorated Ceramic Garden Seat, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529348Coy Decorated Ceramic Fish Bowl, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529350Federal Gilt-Decorated Mahogany Pier Mirror, American, 19th C., N4EN$360.00
2529351Two Framed Fans, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529352Victorian Shadowbox Triple Imaged Print, 20th C., N4EN$66.00
2529353Framed Brocade Panel of Horse and Female Rider, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529354Pair of Oil on Board Portraits of a Gentleman and a Lady, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529355Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Gentleman, 19th/20th C., N4EN$402.00
2529356Watercolor, Daises and Spiderweb, Robert Laessig (American, 1913-2010), N4EN$180.00
2529357Carved Maple Trencher, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529359Pair of Neoclassical Style Walnut Upholstered Footstools, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529360Group of Linen Hand Towels, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529361Colorless Cut, Etched and Pressed Glass Stemware, 20thC., N4EN$30.00
2529362Pair of Carved Wood Figural Lamps, 20th C., N4EN$151.20
2529363Sixteen Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Christmas Plates, Denmark, 20th C., N4EN$102.00
2529364Two Miniature Portrait Daguerreotypes , Gentleman and a Lady,20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529365Ceramic Decorative Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529366Stoneware Bottle, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529367Two Pairs of Brass Barley Twist Candlesticks, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2529368Two Similar Staffordshire Dog Figures, England, 20th C., N4EN$84.00
2529369Weller Neoclassical Style Porcelain Vase, 20th C., N4EN$96.00
2529370Group of Colorless Cut, Etched and Pressed Glass Articles, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2529371Celadon Covered Jar, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529372Flame Mahogany and Brass Mounted Letter Box, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529373Rose Medallion Porcelain Punch Bowl, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529375Carved Wooden Bust of a Bearded Man, 20th C., N4EN$118.80
2529376Royal Copenhagen and Royal Worcester Porcelain Figures,$60.00
2529377Two Woven Coverlets, 19th C., N4EN$157.20
2529378Painted German Porcelain Plaque, 20th C., N4EN$1020.00
2529379Currier & Ives Print, "Little Brother and Sister," 19th C., N4EN$60.00
2529380Orrefors Colorless Glass Vase, Sweden, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529381Group of Porcelain Articles, 20th C., N4EN$84.00
2529382Mason's Ironstone Pitcher, England, 20th C., N4EN$242.40
2529383Staffordshire Porcelain Blue and White Platter, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529384Four Blue and White Porcelain Platters, English, 20th C., N4EN$156.00
2529386Group of Glass Bottles, 20th C., N4EN$252.00
2529387Foot Stool, 20th C., N4EN$12.00
2529388Group of Copper Table Articles, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529389Group of Advertising Tins, 20th C., N4EN$84.00
2529390Pewter Pitchers, Coffee Pot and Sugar and Creamers, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2529391Large Group of Pewter Measures, 19th/20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529393Group of Pewter Articles, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529395Group of Color and Etched Glass Articles, 20TH c., N4EN$84.00
2529396Wood Carved Religious Figure, 19th/20thC., N4EN$510.00
2529397Reed & Barton Colorless Glass and Gilt Metal Presentation Inkwell on Stand, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529399Two Stuart Abelman Art Glass Jack in the Pulpit Vases, 20th C., N4EN$348.00
2529400Two Royal Doulton Porcelain Figures, England, 20th C., N4EN$48.00
2529402Three Spongeware Bowls and One Strainer, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529403Royal Worcester "Evesham" Dinner Service, English, 20th C., N4EN$108.00
2529404Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Porcelain Tea Pot, 20th C., N4EN$114.00
2529405Two Staffordshire Porcelain Spaniels, English, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529406Ivory Figure of a Man, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529407Colorless Crystal Stemware,Wheat Pattern, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529408Wooden Trencher, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529410Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, German, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529411Shirley Temple Doll, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529413Silver and Pewter Reference Books, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529414Furniture Reference Books, American/English 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2529415Decorative Arts Reference Books, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529416Decorative Arts Reference Books, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529418Group of Books of Historical and International Homes, 20th C., N4EN$42.00
2529419Group of Books, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529421Gorham "Chantilly" Pattern Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, 20thC, N4EN$3639.60
2529422Large Group of Silver Plated Flatware Items, American 20th C., N4EN$330.00
2529423Group of American Coin Silver Spoons, American, 19/20th C., N4EN$427.20
2529424Pair of Scottish Silver Sauce Ladles, 19th C., N4EN$126.00
2529425English Georgian Silver Asparagus Tongs, English, 19th C., N4EN$426.00
2529426Group of Sterling Silver Flatware Items, American 20th C., N4EN$678.00
2529427English Silver Victorian Platter Spoon, English, 19th C., N4EN$126.00
2529429Sterling Silver Wine Taster, 20th C., N4EN$73.20
2529430Group of Silver Plated Circular Trays, AMerican, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529431Group of Silver Plated Trays, American, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529432Group of Silver Plated Trays, American 20th C., N4EN$78.00
2529433Group of Silver Plated Items, American, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2529434Group of Sterling Silver Items, American, 20th C., N4EN$386.40
2529435Eleven Sterling Silver Bouillon Holders With Lenox Porcelain Liners, American, 20th C., N4EN$510.00
2529436Twelve Sterling Silver Demi-Tasse Holders With Lenox Porcelain Liners, Am., 20th c, N4EN$241.20
2529438Ten Sterling Silver Ramekin Holders With Porcelain Liners, American 20th C., N4EN$361.20
2529439Group of Fabric, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529440Miscellaneous Group of Items, American/English 20th C., N4EN$228.00
2529442Eight Baroque Style Walnut Rush Seat Side Chairs, Italian Tradition, 19th C., N4EN$120.00
2529443Metamorphic Mahogany Side Chair, 20th C., N4EN$150.00
2529444Oil on Board Portrait of a Gentleman, 19th C., N4EN$270.00
2529445Chinese Porcelain Yellow and Blue Floor Vase, 20th C., N4EN$72.00
2529446Chinese Porcelain Double Handled Double Gourd Form Vase, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529447Pair of Chinese Porcelain Footed Compotes, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529448Three Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Vases, Chinese 20th Century, N4EN$24.00
2529449Pair of Chinese Porcelain Baluster Form Vases, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529450Chinese Porcelain Double Vase, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529451Chinese Porcelain Baluster Vase, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529453Covered Celadon Bowl, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529456Chinese Earthenware Jardinere, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$24.00
2529457Agate Beaded Necklace, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$108.00
2529458Jade Barrel Beaded Bracelet on Elastic, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529459Jade Circular Disk Pendant on Red Cord, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529460Three Chinese Pendants on Cords, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$397.20
2529461Two Green Jade Pendants, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
252946214K Yellow Gold and Diamond Hinged Bangle Bracelet, Italy 20th C., N4EN$324.00
252946314K Yellow Gold and Diamond Cross Pendant on Fine Gold Chain, American, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
252946414K Yellow Gold With Seed Pearl Filigree Link Bracelet, Italy 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529465Chinese Jade With 14K Yellow Gold Chinese Characters, Chinese, 20th C, N4EN$108.00
252946614K Yellow Gold and Three Gemstone Ring, Thailand, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529467Large Silverplated Handled and Footed Rectangular Tray, 20th C., N4EN$162.00
2529468Sketch Book of Watercolor Paintings on Paper, Japanese, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529473Wedgwood Queensware Blue and White Porcelain Vase, 20th C., N4EN$30.00
2529475Pair of 14K Yellow Gold Art Deco Style Earrings, American 20th C., N4EN$210.00
252947618K Brushed Yellow Gold Pearl and Diamond Flora-Form Ring, 20th C., N4EN$480.00
252947714K Yellow Gold Keyring, American 20th Century, N4EN$210.00
2529478Pair of Unmarked 14K yellow Gold and Pearl Drop Earrings, 20th C., N4EN$96.00
2529485Chinese Carved Hardwood and Upholstered Three-Part Sectional Sofa, 20thC., N4EN$480.00
2529486Chinese Carved Hardwood Armchair, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529488Pair of Chinese Hardwood and Cane Back Side Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529490Ten Chinese Carved Hardwood Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4EN$541.20
2529491Chinese Carved Hardwood and Brass Mounted Chest/Trunk, 20th C., N4EN$240.00
2529492Two Chinese Carved Hardwood Side Tables 20th C,N4EN$84.00
2529497Bokhara Rug in Tones of Red and Black, 20th C., N4EN$180.00
2529502Glazed Ceramic Table Lamp, 20th C., N4EN$246.00
2529503Oil on Board, Korean Buddhist Temple, 20th C.,N4EN$150.00
2529508Oil on Canvas Nude Female, Chinese, 20th C., N4EN$570.00
2529509Oil on Board Haitian Landscape, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529512Oil on Canvas Portrait of Lady from India, C.J. Antony Doss,India, 20th C., N4EN$780.00
2529514Oil on Board Orientalist Portrait of a Man, 20th C., N4EN$930.00
2529515Chinese Floral Decorated Four Panel Screen, 20th C., N4EN$60.00
2529516Oil on Canvas Reclining Nude, Jamil Naqsh, Pakistan, 20th C., N4EN$20100.00
2529521Oil on Canvas Landscape, 20th C., N4EN$1208.40
2529523Oil on Canvas Street Scene, Russia, 20th C., N4EN$120.00
2529524Oil on Board, Haitian Couple, 20th C., N4EN$420.00
2529525Federal Elaborately Inlaid Cherrywood Slant Front Desk, Mid-Atlantic States, c.1800, N4EN$510.00
2529526Pair of Chinese Double Sided Panels of Landscapes, late 19th/20th C., N4EN$781.20
2534954Geometric Stained Glass Panel, 20th C., N4EN$30.00