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Property from a New Canaan Private Collector, From May 9th to May 22nd
May 9, 2012

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
2565091Oil on Canvas, Landscape with Swans, 20th C., N6EN$702.00
2565092Louis XVI Style Giltwood Pier Mirror, French Tradition, 19th/20th C., C., N6EN$852.00
2565093Louis XV Style Brass Three Arm Bouillote Lamp, French Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$114.00
2565094Contemporary Floral and Ribbon Decorated Circular Rug, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565095Pair of Marble and Shell-Inlaid Pedestals, 20th C., N6EN$660.00
2565096Near Pair of Gilt and Patinated Metal Figural Candlesticks, 20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565097Regency Style Inlaid Mahogany Double Pedestal Dining Table, Early 20th C., N6EN$720.00
2565098Contemporary Aubusson Style Custom Wool Carpet, 20th C., N6EN$360.00
2565099Ten Chippendale Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$1800.00
2565100Inlaid Cherrywood Architectural Side Cabinet, 20th C., N6EN$36.00
2565101Oil on Canvas, Floral Still Life, Emile Zola, 20th C., N6EN$271.20
2565102Pair of Brass Candlestick Lamps, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565103Two Chinese Porcelain Figures, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565104Federal Style Carved Giltwood Eagle-and-Shell Decorated Convex Mirror, American, 20th C., N6EN$900.00
2565105George III Style Inlaid Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase, 20th C., N6EN$1800.00
2565106Porcelain Floral Decorated Oval Cache Pot, 20th C., N6EN$54.00
2565108Councill Craftsmen Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard, 20th C., N6EN$900.00
2565110Victorian Marble Top Walnut Wash Stand, American, late 19th C., N6EN$330.00
2565111Four Custom Damask Drapery Panels, 20th C.$450.00
2565112Victorian Silver Plated Revolving Lid Breakfast Warmer, English, 20th C., N6EN$132.00
2565113Neoclassical Style Silver Plate and Frosted Glass Covered Dish, English, 20th C., N6EN$54.00
2565114Victorian Silver Plated Butter Dish, American, 19th C., N6EN$84.00
2565115Silver Plated Mounted Cut Crystal Claret Jug, English, 20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565116Neoclassical Style Paint-Decorated Side Chair, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565117Ship Model of The Valkyrie III, With Custom Table by William Hitchcock, 20th C., N6EN$661.20
2565118Group of Silver Plated Items, English, American, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565119Pair of Henredon Tapestry Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$102.00
2565120William and Mary Style Walnut Gate Leg Sofa Table, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$360.00
2565121Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Ginger Jar, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565123Harwich Clock Co. Brass Barometer, 20th C., N6EN$300.00
2565124Maitland Smith Tooled Leather Inset Faux-Book Decorated Mahogany Side Table, 20th C., N6EN$420.00
2565125Map of Kensington and Chelsea, Edward Weller, London, 19th/20th C., N6EN$300.00
2565126Wide Urn Shaped Brass Table Lamp, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565127Custom Red and Green Table Skirt with Wood Table Base, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565129Custom Red and Green Geometric Area Rug, 20th C., N6EN$102.00
2565130Chinese Chippendale Style Hardwood Bench, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$960.00
2565131Sarouk Style Carpet, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565132Two Botanical Prints, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565133Oil on Board, "Early Morning on the Cree," John Glover" (Scottish, b. 1945), N6EN$30.00
2565134Victorian Oak Rolltop Desk, American, late 19th C., N6EN$480.00
2565135Brass Mounted Tan Leather Rolling Desk Chair, 20th C., N6EN$210.00
2565136Photograph of an Egyptian Stone Carving of a Deity, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565137Brass Bankers Desk Lamp, 20th C., N6EN$258.00
2565138Two Maple Bookcase Cabinets, 20th C., N6EN$36.00
2565139Contemporary Brass Mounted Red Leather Club Chair and Ottoman, 20th C., N6EN$1140.00
2565140George III Stained Oak Tilt Top Tea Table, English, Late 18th/19th C., N6EN$180.00
2565141Two Brass Floor Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565142Contemporary Oak Black Velvet Lined Vitrine End Table, 20th C.,N6EN$54.00
2565143Pair of Rococo Style Cast Bronze Wall Brackets, English Tradition, 19th/20th C., N6EN$108.00
2565144Pair of Sang de Boeff Porcelain Double Handled Covered Jars, 20th C., N6EN$54.00
2565145Victorian Mahogany Needlepoint Firescreen, English, late 19th C., N6EN$73.20
2565146Steel Mounted Hardwood Tansu, Chinese, early 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565147Eglomise Painting of Two Young Girls, Chinese, 20th c., N6EN$49.20
2565148George III Style Carved Mahogany Sofa Table, Chinese Taste, 20th C., N6EN$510.00
2565149Pair of Brass Candlestick Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565150Famille Rose Porcelain Urn, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N6EN$330.00
2565151Contemporary Edward Ferrill Yellow Floral Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N6EN$900.00
2565152Baker Furniture Chinoiserie-Decorated Black Lacquer Low Table, Chinese Style, 20th C., N6EN$600.00
2565153Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Side Table, American Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565154Two Similar Celadon Porcelain Lamps, Chinese, 20th C., N6EN$420.00
2565155Pair of Baker Queen Anne Style Mahogany Wing Chairs, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$960.00
2565156Ink on Fabric, Mountainous Landscape, Chinese, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565157Late Regency Rosewood and Brass Inlaid Tea Caddy, English, 19th C., N6EN$960.00
2565159Pair of Georgian Cast Brass and Wrought-Iron Andirons, English, Mid-18th C., N6EN$270.00
2565160Federal Style Mahogany Drop Leaf Sofa Table, American Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$72.00
2565161Contemporary Edward Ferrill Yellow Floral Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N6EN$900.00
2565163William IV Burlwood Breakfront Bookcase, English, Second Quarter 19th C., N6EN$1500.00
2565164Moroccan Silver Parfume Container, Moroccan, 19th C., N6EN$157.20
2565165Familly Rose Gilt-Decorated Porcelain Urn, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N6EN$277.20
2565166Baroque Style Brass Six Light Chandelier, Dutch Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$600.00
2565167Anglesey Paint-Decorated Oak Welsh Cupboard, English, Early 19th C., N6EN$3120.00
2565168Group of Ten Brass Candlesticks, 19th/20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565169Group of Assorted Chinese Porcelain Table Articles, 19th/20th C.,, N6EN$48.00
2565170Group of Five Porcelain Table Items, Italian/Portuguese, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565171Engraving, "The Lord of the Tournament (Lord Eglinton) with his Esquires and Retainers," 19th /20th C. N6EN$30.00
2565172Oil on Canvas, "Four Year Old Shorthorn Heifer," Thomas Alder, 1849, N6EN$600.00
2565173Provincial Style Pearwood Refrectory Table, 20th C., N6EN$3960.00
2565174Eight Provincial Style Pearwood Rush Seat Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$1680.00
2565175Provincial Walnut Cabinet, French Tradition, 19th C., N6EN$480.00
2565176Federal Oak Bookcase Cabinet, American, 19th C., N6EN$331.20
2565177George III Oak Tilt Top Tripod Tea Table, English, Late 18th/19th C., N6EN$720.00
2565179Contemporary Upholstered Love Seat, 20th C., N6EN$72.00
2565180Contemporary Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565181William & Mary Style Parquetry Inlaid Cocktail Table, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$1320.00
2565182Pair of Contemporary Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$420.00
2565183George III Style Brass Hall Lantern, 20th C., N6EN$300.00
2565184Provincial Style Oak Cabinet, French Tradition, 20th C.,N6EN$108.00
2565185Pair of Tole Architectural Finials, American 19th C., N6EN$181.20
2565186Victorian Ansonia Clock Co. Ginger Bread Mantle Clock, 19th C., N6EN$78.00
2565188Brass Kettle with Amber Handle, English, 19th/20thC., N6EN$42.00
2565189Pair of Fox Hunting Prints, G.D. Rowlandson (George, British, 1861-1928), N6EN$102.00
2565190Louis XVI Style Shell Decorated Bouillote Lamp, French Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565191Federal Cherrywood Drop Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N6EN$48.00
2565192Pair of Eglomise Painted and Hardwood Lanterns, Chinese, 19th/20thC., N6EN$301.20
2565193Brass Elephant-Decorated Reticulated Tray, India, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565194Green Cloissone Covered Jar, Chinese, 20th C., N6EN$336.00
2565195Oil on Board, Coastal Landscape, Charles Neal, (English, 1951-), N6EN$1020.00
2565197Federal Cherrywood and Pine Bedstead, American, late 19th C., N6EN$36.00
2565198Contemporary White Lacquer Egg Chair, Mid-20th C., N6EN$96.00
2565201Windsor Cherrywood Bowback Side Chair, American, 19th C., N6EN$30.00
2565203Pair of George III Style Brass Two Light Wall Sconces, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565204Pair of Federal Style Mahogany Twin Size Four Poster Beds, 20th C., N6EN$300.00
2565205George III Style Carved Beechwood Armchair, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565206Oil on Board Hummingbirds with Flowers, 20th C., N6EN$192.00
2565207Maitland Smith Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Night Stand, American Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$330.00
2565208Watercolor of a Boat in a Harbor, 1983, N6EN$30.00
2565211Lexington Furniture White-Painted Student Desk, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565212Lexington Furniture Federal Style White-Painted Chest and Bookcase, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565213Federal Style White Painted Slat Back Side Chair, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565214Federal Style Tromp L'Oielle Painted Beside Table, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565215Victorian Style Paint-Decorated Maple Diminutive Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565216Victorian Style White Painted Tall Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N6EN$513.60
2565217Contemporary Blue and White Upholstered Club Chair and Ottoman, 20th C., N6EN$330.00
2565218Aubusson Style Carpet, French Taste, 20th C., N6EN$54.00
2565219Regency Ladies Satinwood-Inlaid Mahogany Writing Desk, English, 19th C. N6EN$510.00
2565220Regency Style Gilt-Decorated Ebonized Side Chair, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565221Pair of Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Bowfront Chests of Drawers, 20th C., N6EN$1080.00
2565222Pair of Brass and Glass Pineapple Form Table Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$300.00
2565223Colonial Revival Carved Mahogany Upholstered Open Arm Settee, American, Early 20th C. N6EN$480.00
2565224Georgian Style King Size Four Poster Mahogany Bedstead, 20th C., N6EN$600.00
2565225Regency Style Leather Inset Mahogany Drum Table, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$480.00
2565226Pair of George III Style Mahogany Armchairs, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$600.00
2565227Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Tray on Stand, American Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$390.00
2565228George I Style Upholstered Mahogany Wing Chair, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$270.00
2565229Two Etchings, Thames River Views, F. Hunter, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565230Pair of Federal Style Cast Brass Andirons, American Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$96.00
2565231George III Style Inlaid Mahogany Linen Press, English Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$600.00
2565232Contemporary Floral-Upholstered Loveseat, 20th C., N6EN$360.00
2565233Pair of Contemporary Pink Upholstered Swiveling Club Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$960.00
2565234Sherrill Furniture Cloverleaf-Form Upholstered Ottoman, 20th C., N6EN$270.00
2565235Federal Style Inlaid Mahoany Pembroke Table, American Tradition, 20th C., N6EN$1230.00
2565236Pair of Porcelain Candlestick Form Table Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565237Victorian Cherrywood Washstand, American, late 19th C. N6EN$90.00
2565238Oval Framed Wood Block Print of a Water Carrier, Japanese, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565239Framed Ink Scroll Landscape, Chinese, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565240Watercolor, Landscape Harbor Scene, Birdsay, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565241Stained Pine Cobbler's Bench, American, 19th C., N6EN$102.00
2565242Kettler Ping Pong Table, German, 20th C., N6EN$420.00
2565243Monneret Foosball Table, French, 20th C., N6EN$270.00
2565244Country Style Pine Drop Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N6EN$48.00
2565245Colonial Style Hardwood Plank Seat Settee, 20th C., N6EN$360.00
2565246Octagonal Bumper Snooker Table, 20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565247Ethan Allen Cherrywood Low Cabinet, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565248Four Provincial Style Ladderback Side Chairs, With an Oak Square Table, 20th C., N6EN$480.00
2565249Pair of Green Painted Oars, 20th C., N6EN$48.00
2565250Pair of Contemporary Blue Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$660.00
2565251Contemporary Square Oak Low Table, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565252Drexel Heritage Oak Square End Table, American, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565253Brass Mounted Globe Form Table Lamp, 20th C., N6EN$72.00
2565254Remote Control Sail Boat "Prelude," 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565256Bogen Technical Dry Mounted Press, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565257Two Framed Nantucket Prints, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565258LifeFitness Lifecyle 4500 Stationary Bike, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565259LifeFitness LF-4500 Treadmill, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565261Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Bedside Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N6EN$660.00
2565262Brass Arrow-Decorated Table Lamp, 20th C., N6EN$66.00
2565263Federal Style Mahogany Secretary Bookcase, American, 20th C., N6EN$189.60
2565264Regency Style Mahogany Armchair, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565265French "Fut" Barrel from Burgundy, 19th/20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565266Metal Bound Oak Bucket, Filled with a Collection of Wine Corks, 19th/20th C., N6EN$271.20
2565268Provincial Walnut Wine Tasting Table, Italian, late 19th C., N6EN$660.00
2565269Six French Provincial Style Cherrywood Dining Chairs, 19th/20th C., N6EN$660.00
2565270Oak and Metal Mounted French Wine Press, 20th C., N6EN$102.00
2565271Steel Locking Wine Rack, 19th C., N6EN$390.00
2565273Assorted Vineyard Related Tools, 20th C., N6EN$72.00
2565275Pair of Federal Style Maple Twin Bedsteads, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565276Cast Stone Planter on Stand, 20th C., N6EN$174.00
2565277Cast Stone Planter, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565278Pair of Cast Stone Planters, 20th C., N6EN$300.00
2565279Weatherend Estate Furniture White Painted Dining Table and 10 Chairs, Maine, 20th C., N6EN$1560.00
2565280Pear and Ivy Topiary, 20th, N6EN$30.00
2565281Pair of Silver Plated Three-Tier Pastry Carriers, 20th C., N6EN$210.00
2565282Partial Minton Porcelain Dinner Service, "Ancestral," England, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565283Partial Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Dinner Service, "Brittany," England, 20th C., N6AEN$1440.00
2565285Tiffany & Company Crystal Bowl and Decanter, 20th C., N6EN$210.00
2565286Silver Plated Handled Cruet Stand With Cut Glass Bottles and Jar, English 19th C., N6EN$270.00
2565290Two Limoges Porcelain Bird Charger Plates, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565292Silver Plate Oak Wood Barrel Form Ice Bucket, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565293Weems & Plath Mahogany Brass Mounted Mantle Clock, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565294Boxed Silver Overlay Saki Set, Japanese, 20th C., N6EN$421.20
2565295Chinese Scroll Depicting Shrimp, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565296Pair of Brass Mallard Head Book Ends, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565297Four Halcyon Days Enamel Boxes, England, 20th C., N6EN$132.00
2565298Four Desk Accessories, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565299Brass Bust of a Male Warrior, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565300Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mug, "The Trapper," England, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565301Assorted Decorative Articles, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565304Oil on Board, "The Buchan Burn, Above Loch Trool," John Glover (Scottish, b. 1945), N6EN$330.00
2565305Celadon Glazed Jardinere, 20th C., N6EN$102.00
2565306Pair of Tapestry Unicorn Throw Pillows, 20th C., N6EN$151.20
2565307Bamboo Food Carrier, Chinese, 20th C., N6EN$96.00
2565308Georgian Style Mahogany Canterbury, 20th C., N6EN$61.20
2565309Stained Pine Three Drawer Filing Cabinet, 20th C., N6EN$48.00
2565310Pair of Contemporary Pink Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$330.00
2565311Blue and White Porcelain Shallow Bowl, Chinese, 19th/20thC., N6EN$84.00
2565312Waterford Crystal Table Lamp, Ireland, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565313Pair of Rococo Giltmetal Three Arm Wall Sconces, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565314Red Glazed Cherub-Decorated Porcelain Covered Jar, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565315Group of Brass Heath Equipment, N6EN$180.00
2565316Celadon Ceramic Jardiniere, 20th C., N6EN$222.00
2565317Group of Six Metal Planters, American 20th C., N6EN$79.20
2565318Three Colorless Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565319Five Pairs of Brass Candlesticks, 20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565320Four Custom Drapery Panels, 20th C., N6EN$480.00
2565321Adams Ironstone "Veruschka," Partial Dinner Service, English, 20th C., N6EN$109.20
2565323Ceramic Yellow and Blue Toile Cache Pot, 20th C., N6EN$114.00
2565324Pair of Blue & White Chinese Style Porcelain Covered Ginger Jars, American 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565325Two Framed Coat of Arm Prints, French, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565326Large Handled Brass Bucket, 19th/20th C., N6EN$222.00
2565327Georgian Style Brass-Mounted Mahogany Diminutive Butler's Tray Table, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565328Five Decorative Articles, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565329Pair of Brass Wall Sconces and Glass Shades, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565330Group of Silver Plated and Pewter Frames, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565331Group of Assorted Frames, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565332Gorham Sterling Silver Brandy Warming Pot, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565333Oak Pedestal Tureen, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565334Tiffany Swiss Made Brass Table Clock, American, 20th C., N6EN$450.00
2565335Eleven Pewter Table Articles, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565336Assorted Pewter Articles, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565337Floral Bell Pull, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565338Four Custom Drapery Panels and Valences, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565339Two Brass Table Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565340Four Provincial Style Pearwood Rush Seat Barstools, 20th C., N6EN$720.00
2565341Pair of Contemporary Green Plaid Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$702.00
2565342Contemporary Green Plaid Upholstered Loveseat, 20th C., N6EN$600.00
2565343William and Mary Style Walnut Gate Leg Drop Leaf Table, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565344Contemporary Cherrywood Desk with Hutch, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565345Contemporary Cherrywood Double Pedestal Desk, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565346Pair of Shaker-Style Ladderback Maple Side Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565347Group of Three Wooden Table Lamps, American 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565348Two Painted Architectural Elements, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565349"A Chart of the Antilles, or, Charibbee, or, Caribs Islands, with the Virgin Isles," N6EN$285.60
2565350Patinated Metal Standing Horse Weather Vane, 20th C. N6EN$42.00
2565351Cast Iron Decorative Door Stop, 20th C., N6EN$96.00
2565352Edson Bronze and Teak Handled Yacht Wheel, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565354Green Glass Jar, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565357Two Pieced Quilts, One Drunkard's Path Pattern, 20th C., N6EN$780.00
2565359Group of Five Framed Black & White Photographs, American 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565361Four Painted Metal Stars, 20th C., N6En$60.00
2565362Watercolor, House, Vita Loria, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565363Four Framed Botanical Prints, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565364Two Framed Prints, "Cries of London," English, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565365Brass Table Lamp, 20th C., N6EN$84.00
2565366Floral and Lattice Hooked Carpet, 20th C., N6EN$360.00
2565367Four Framed Beatrix Potter Prints, from the "Tale of Jeremy Fisher," 20th C., N6EN$72.00
2565368Three Framed Children's Prints, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565369Framed Print, "May Blossom," Early 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565370Contemporary Mirror Topped Dressing Table with Skirt, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565371Two Light Blue and White Hand-Painted Items, American, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565372Three White Ceramic Table Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$225.60
2565373Pair of Painted Wood Plaid Decorated Table Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565374White and Blue Painted Diminutive Bookshelf, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565375Two Framed Botanical Prints, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565376Pair of Neoclassical Gilt Metal Candlesticks, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565377Two Framed Botanical Prints, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565378Councill Furniture Co. Georgian Style Inlaid Mahogany Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N6EN$780.00
2565379George III Style Gilt-Decorated Mahogany Looking Glass, 20th C., N6EN$420.00
2565380Brass Bouillote Lamp, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565381Pair of Brass Candlestick Form Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565382Group of Shell and Turquoise Jewelry, American 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565383Six Decorative Throw Pillows, 20th C., N6EN$36.00
2565384Ivory Mounted and Ebony Walking Stick, 20th C., N6EN$2679.60
2565386Two Blue and White Porcelain Jardiniere Planters, Chinese, 20th C., N6EN$117.60
2565388Two Glazed Ceramic Planters, 20th C., N6EN$73.20
2565389Four Fishing Related Articles,20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565390Adirondack Style Decorative Articles, 20th C., N6EN$78.00
2565391Pair of Maple Ladderback Rush Seat Side Chairs, 20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565392Pair of Vintage Snow Shoes, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565394Painted Metal Sailboat-Form Weathervane, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565395Four Framed Fish Prints, 20th C., N6AEN$150.00
2565396Federal Stained Pine Blanket Chest, American, 19th/20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565397Pair of Landsem Wooden Cross Country Skis, Norway, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565398Stained Pine Cased Accudart Dartboard and Accessories, 20th C., N6EN$102.00
2565399Painted Carved Wood Light House Floor Lamp, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565400Three Table Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$72.00
2565401Green Painted and Decoupage Fish Decorated Wooden Box, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565402Federal Style Brass-Mounted Mahogany Diminutive Candlestand, 20th C., N6EN$36.00
2565403Carved Wooden Circular Bowl, 19th/20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565404Set of Hampton Free Weights on Stand, 20th C., N6EN$432.00
2565405Pair of Ceramic Candlestick Lamps, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565406Federal Style Mahogany Wall Mirror, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565407French Provincial Style Tole Eight Light Chandelier, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565408Pair of White-Painted Wrought-Metal Architectural Elements, 20th C., N6EN$54.00
2565409Four Framed Hand-Colored Engravings, England, 19th C., N6EN$72.00
2565410Two Framed Mosaic Wood Carvings, African, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565411Two Horse and Jockey Prints, 20th C., N6EN$66.00
2565412Fox Hunt Print, George Wright, "Breaking Cover," 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565413Six Black and White Wine Related Photographs, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565414Five Framed Black and White Continental Photographs, 20th C., N6EN$42.00
2565415Basket Covered Wine Jug, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565416Four Books on Wine, 20th C., N6EN$24.00
2565417Two Stained Oak Wood and Metal Mounted Table Top Wine Barrels, 20th C., N6EN$150.00
2565418Group of Wooden Wine Crates, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565419Vin De Corton Green Glass Jug, French, 19th/20th C., N6EN$277.20
2565420Pair of Wrought Iron Five Light Chandeliers, 20th C., N6EN$210.00
2565421Pair of Cast Stone Planters, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565422Two Weatherend Estate Furniture White Painted Settees, Maine, 20th C., N6EN$2880.00
2565423Weatherend Estate Furniture White Painted Concave Settee, Maine, 20th C., N6EN$2040.00
2565424Two Weatherend Estate Furniture White Painted Chaise Lounges, Maine, 20th C., N6EN$1680.00
2565426Two Persian Style Rugs, 20th C., N6EN$96.00
2565427Oriental Style Rug, 20th C., N6EN$390.00
2565428Four Framed Black & White Photographs, American 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565431Spode Porcelain "Christmas Tree" Table Articles, England, 20th C., N6EN$114.00
2565432Fender Blue and White Squier Bass, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565433Three Framed Miniature Watercolors on Paper, Venetian Canal Scenes, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565434Two Chinese Landscape Paintings on Silk, 20th C., N6EN$30.00
2565435Persian Style Carpet, 20th C., N6EN$180.00
2565436Two Contemporary Wood Square Side Tables, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565437British Airways "Concord" Hip Flask, 20th C., N6EN$174.00
2565438Octagonal Red Lacquer and Mother of Pearl Inlaid Covered Box, Chinese, 20th C., N6EN$79.20
2565439Four Framed Black and White Photographs, 20th C., N6RN$49.20
2565440Four Framed Black and White Photographs, 20th C., N6EN$84.00
2565441Six Framed Black and White Photographs, 20th C., N6EN$156.00
2565442Three Similar Green, Blue, and White Braided Rugs, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565443Three Braided Rugs, 20th C., N6EN$90.00
2565445Heriz Style Carpet, 20th C., N6EN$270.00
2565446Oriental Style Carpet, 20th C., N6EN$390.00
2565447Victorian Style Marble Top Walnut Side Table, 20th C., N6EN$72.00
2565448Taffeta and Beaded Wedding Gown and Lace Veil, 20th C., N6EN$12.00
2565449Four Lady's Hats,20th C., N6EN$84.00
2565450Two Framed Botanical Prints, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565451Four Custom Drapery Panels and Matching Valences, 20th C., N6EN$84.00
2565454Seven Custom Valences, 20th C., N6EN$240.00
2565455Eight Custom Floral Chintz Drapery Panels, 20th C., N6EN$174.00
2565456Assorted Group of Photography Articles, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565457Two Golf Bags and Golf Clubs, 20th C., N6EN$120.00
2565458"The Works of W.H.Prescott,"William Hickling Prescott, George Routledge and Sons, LTD, London, 20th C., N6EN$60.00
2565459"Causeries Du Lundi," C.A. Sainte-Beuve, Garnier Freres, Libraries-Editeurs, 19th/20th C., N6EN$54.00
2565461Fourteen Assorted Books, 19th/20thC.,N6EN$102.00