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Fine & Decorative Arts, Silver & Jewelry, March 5th to March 20th
March 5, 2013

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
2895653English Sterling Silver Card Case, 20th C., N4GN.$102.00
2895654English Sterling Silver Spectacle Case, 20th C., N4GN.$92.40
2895655Sterling Silver Hinged Lidded Box, American, 20th C., N4GN.$52.80
2895656Group of Twelve Sterling Silver Spoons and Forks, American 20th C., N4GN.$241.20
2895657Group of Ten Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, American, 20th C., N4GN.$109.20
2895658Sterling Silver Weighted Cream Jug and Matching Open Sugar Bowl, American, 20th C., N4GN.$228.00
2895659Pair of Metal One Light Sconces, American 20th C., N4GN.$30.00
2895660Set of Six Metal Two-Light Wall Sconces, American, 20th C., N4GN.$270.00
2895661Wooden Fifteen Light Chandelier, American, 20th C., N4GN.$126.00
2895663Cross of London Leather Lap Desk, 20th C., N4GN.$300.00
2895664Stoneware Stenciled Crock, American 20th C., N4GN.$12.00
2895665Two Madame Alexander Dolls, American, 20th C., N4GN.$12.00
2895666International Sterling Silver Four Piece Dresser Set, American, 20th C., N4GN.$211.20
2895667Eight Miscellaneous Sterling Silver Handled Dresser Items, American, 20th C., N4GN.$318.00
2895668Faux Bamboo Side Chair, American, 20th C., N4GN.$54.00
2895669Set of Three Needlepoint Pillows, 20th C., N4GN.$84.00
2895670Native American Style Woven Basket, 20th C., N5GN$30.00
2895671Karl Springer Console Cabinet, 20th C., N4GN$7500.00
2895672Georgian Style Walnut and Needlework Footstool, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895673English Ironstone Floral Well and Tree Platter, 19th C., N4GN$450.00
2895674Blue and White Porcelain Transfer Decorated Coddled Egg Cup and Stand, English, 19th/20th C., N4GN$84.00
2895675Pair of Cut Crystal Covered Compotes, English, 19th/20th C., N4GN$120.00
2895677Cut Crystal and 875 Silver Mounted Swing Basket, 20th C., N4GN$72.00
2895678Scottish Silver Footed Salver, 19th C., N4GN.$1200.00
2895679Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Oval Footed Centerpiece Bowl, American, 20th C., N4GN.$1506.00
2895680Fraget & Warszavia Vermeil Silver Plated Handled Basket, Continental, 20th C., N4GN.$60.00
2895682English Silver Covered Tankard, 19th C., N4GN.$1320.00
2895683English Georgian Silver Pastry Server, 18th C., N4GN.$330.00
2895684Carved and Painted Wooden Armadillo, Jacinto Lopez, Mexico, 20th C., N4GN$313.20
2895685Pair Eqyptian Revival Mixed Metal Campana Form Wine Coolers, Continental, 20th C., N4GN$2880.00
2895688Karl Springer Lucite Table Lamp, 20th C., N4GN$390.00
2895689Carved Wood and Brass Mounted Half Bell, 19th/20th C., N4GN$180.00
2895690Neoclassical Style Bronze Urn, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2895691Towle Silver Plated Rectangular With Curved Corners Tray, American, 20th C., N4GN.$30.00
2895692Crystal and Bronze Two-Light Candelabrum, French Tradition, 19th/20th C., N4GN$660.00
2895693Pair of Crystal and Bronze Two-Light Lustres, French Tradition, 19th/20th C., N4GN$1200.00
2895694Three Carved Jade Plates, Chinese, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2895696Six Segries Moustiers Porcelain Covered Soup Bowls, France, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895697Royal Worcester Cobalt and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Fruit Service, English, 20th C., N4GN$3600.00
2895698French Blue and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Cups and Saucers, 20th C., N4GN$271.20
2895699Oil on Copper, Bazaar Scene, German School, Mid 19th C., N4GN$1200.00
2895700Oil on Board, Attributed to Franz de Paula Ferg (Austrian, 1689-1740) Officer and Soldiers in a Guardroom, N4GN$1200.00
2895701Baccarat Colorless Crystal Tall Vase, France, 20th C., N4GN$90.00
2895702Edinburgh Cut Crystal Stemware, Scotland, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2895704Three Oversized Baccarat Tumbler Glasses, France, 20th C., N4GN$300.00
2895706Christian Dior Dyed Blue Mink Head Band with Feather, France,20th C., N4GN$120.00
2895708Revillon Fox Fur Jacket, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895709Two Oil On Board Still Life Paintings, Continental, Mid-19th C., N4GN$1020.00
2895711Paillard Bolex H16 Camera, 20th C., N4GN$223.20
2895712Five Blue and White Porcelain Sushi Plates and Soy Dishes, Chinese, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895713Silver Plated and Mirrored Circular Plateau, Continental, 20th C., N4GN.$102.00
2895714Pair English Silver Tapersticks, English, 19th C., N4GN.$254.40
2895715Set of Eleven Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Butter Pats, American, 20th C., N4GN.$301.20
2895716Danish Silver Serving Spoon, 19th C., N4GN.$85.20
2895717Mappin & Webb Princess Plate Soup Ladle, English, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895718Whiting Division of Gorham Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Pastry Fork, American, 20th C., N4GN.$450.00
2895719Group of Silver and Silver Plated Flatware Items, Continental, Israeli, 20th C., N4GN.$90.00
2895720Fraget Warsawie, Silver Plated Double Handled Tea Tray, Continental, 20th C., N4GN.$420.00
2895721Silver Plated Circular Galleried Tray, 20th C., N4GN.$270.00
2895722Silver Plated Double Handled Tea Tray, Continental 20th C., N4GN.$108.00
2895723English Georgian Silver Oval Platter, 18th C., N4GN$2881.20
2895725Silver Plated Footed Punch Bowl, 20th C., N4GN$330.00
2895726Group of Silver Plated Items, 20th C., N4GN.$60.00
2895727Set of Ten Silver Plated Chargers, 20th C., N4GN.$180.00
2895728Silver Plated Double Handled Rectangular Tray, 20th C., N4GN.$210.00
2895729Seven Pair of Earrings, 20th C., N4GN.$81.60
2895730Three Imitation Pearl Necklaces, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895731Silver and Jade Fringe Double Strand Necklace, 20th C., N4GN.$54.00
2895732Three Gold Metal Coin and Beaded and Imitation Pearl Necklaces, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895733Three Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklaces, 20th C., N4GN.$180.00
2895734Imitation Diamond and Amethyst Necklace With Matching Drop Pendant Earrings, 20th C., N4GN.$60.00
2895735Silver Tone Metal and Imitation Diamond Bracelet and Matching Necklace, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895737Framed Watercolor Still Life, Dorothy Ganek (American b. 1947), 20th C., N4GN.$45.60
2895738Framed Watercolor "Bayou Lillies" P. Ganek, American, 20th C., N4GN.$120.00
2895739Pair of Pierre-Joseph Redoute Rose Botanical Prints, 20th C., N4GN.$72.00
2895740Group of Four Framed Botanical Prints, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895741Vintage Creche and Carved Wood Nativity, German, 1930's, N4GN$180.00
2895742Fresh Water Pearl Two Strand and Sterling Clasp Necklace, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2895743Two Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895744Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold Cuff Link and Stud Set, 20th C., N4GN$117.60
2895745Falsi Gioielli Firenze Bracelet, Italy, 20th C., N4GN$102.00
2895746Pair of 14K White and Yellow Gold Huggy Earrings, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2895747Alexander Dionne Quintuplet "Yvonne" Doll, 1930's, N4GN$60.00
2895748Pair of Chinese Export Canton Covered Dishes, 19th C., N4GN$210.00
2895749Two Chinese Export Famille Rose Plates, 18th/19thC., N4GN$271.20
2895750Three Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vases, 19th C., N4GN$600.00
2895752Two Chinese Ceramic Junyao Bowls, Possibly Song Yung Dynasty, N4GN$1320.00
2895754Chinese Cloisonne Planter, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2895755Chinese Watercolor Scroll, Birds, 19th/20th C., N4GN$300.00
2895757Ten Asian Porcelain and Ceramic Articles, 20th C., N4GN$54.00
2895758Framed Dumont (French) Whimsical Oil on Canvas, Dogs on Settee, 20th C., N4GN$156.00
2895759Set of Three Royal Crown Derby Hand-Painted Porcelain Small Dishes, English, 19th C., N4GN.$90.00
2895761Parian Bust of Beethoven, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2895763Gorham Sterling Silver Porringer, American 20th C., N4GN.$102.00
2895764Two Steiff Mohair Seated Toy Dogs, 20th C., N4GN.$120.00
2895765Chinese Carved Hardwood Statue of a Scholar, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895766African Carved Ebony Statue, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895767Two African Carved Heads, 20th C., N4GN.$15.60
2895768Brass Diety Statue, 20th C., N4GN.$30.00
2895769Four Louis XV Painted and Carved Beechwood Chairs, French, 18th C., N4GN$2100.00
2895770Chinese Carpet, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2895771Brass-Mounted Blue Glass Table Lamp, 20th C., N4GN$27.60
2895774Oil on Canvas, Floral Still Life, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2895775Oil on Canvas, Floral Still Live, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2895776Pen, Ink, and Wash Drawing of a Woodland Hunt Scene, 19th/20th C., N4GN$331.20
2895777Gouache of a Village Scene, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895778"Prestige" Japanese Gilt-Metal Flatware Service for Six, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895781Thirteen French Themed Books, 20th C., N4GN$24.00
2895783"Index Ornithologicus, Sive Systema Ornithologiae," By John Lathan, 18th C., N4GN$240.00
2895784Tiffany & Company Cut Glass Decanter and Stopper, 20th C.,N4GN$120.00
2895785Group of Sterling Silver and Silver-Plated Articles, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2895786Calligraphic Panel, Chinese, 20th C., N4GN$330.00
2895787Blue and White Porcelain Brush Bowl, Chinese, 20th C., N4GN$109.20
2895788Three Chinese Porcelain Small Bowls, 20th C., N4GN$1020.00
2895789Ink on Paper Framed Scroll, Mountainous Landscape, Chinese, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2895790Signature of Sun Yat-sen, President of the Republic of China, 20th C., N4GN$1440.00
2895791Three Unframed Ink and Watercolors on Paper, Chinese, 20th C., N4GN$57.60
2895792Clay Double Handled Bowl, Pacific Northwest Coast, N4GN$1044.00
2895793Afghan Khyber Knife with Bone Handle, N4GN$12.00
2895800Dan Paint-Decorated Carved Hardwood Female Figure, African, N4GN$780.00
2895802Pre-Columbian Terracotta Male Head on Stand, La Tolita, Ecuador, N4GN$150.00
2895805Timor Carved Redwood Ceremonial Mask, Indoneasia, c.1850s, N4GN$30.00
2895806Bronze Pipe, Burkina Faso, Africa, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895809Chinese Scroll on Paper, Still Life, N4GN$30.00
2895810Chinese Scroll on Paper, Floral Still Life with Man, N4GN$30.00
2895811Chinese Scroll on Paper, Still Life and Footed Urn, N4GN$30.00
2895812Chinese Scroll On Paper, Floral Still Life and Footed Urn, N4GN$30.00
2895813Chinese Landscape Scroll Print on Paper, N4GN$141.60
2895814Two Large Islamic Brass and Engraved Circular Trays, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895815Oil on Canvas, Still Life, Ben Benn (Russian/American 1884-1983), N4GN$2040.00
2895816Thirteen Books Relating to Art & Design, 20th C., N4GN.$79.20
2895817Ten Books Relating to Art, 20th C., N4GN.$115.20
2895818Fifteen Books Relating to Art, 20th C., N4GN.$157.20
2895819Fifteen Volume Set of Encyclopedia of World Art, 20th C., N4GN.$120.00
2895820Twelve Books Relating to Art, 20th C., N4GN.$108.00
2895821Fifteen Books Relating to Art, 20th C., N4GN.$102.00
2895822Ten Volumes of Benezit Dictionnaire Des Peintres Sculpteurs, 20th C., N4GN.$348.00
2895823Sixteen Books Relating to Art, 20th C., N4GN.$102.00
2895824Twelve Books Relating to Art, 20th C., N4GN.$312.00
2895826Victorian Carved Mahogany Folding Crib, American, late 19th C., N4GN$60.00
2895828Scrimshawed Tusk Cribbage Board, 20th C., N4GN$390.00
2895831Two Watercolors on Paper, Marine Scenes, 19th/20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895833Chinese Green and Red Glazed Vase, 19th/20th C., N4GN$120.00
2895835Japanese Imari Porcelain Vase, 20th C., N4GN$391.20
2895837Brown Glazed Ceramic Vase, 20th C., N4GN$90.00
2895838Federal Style Cherrywood Occasional Table, 20th C., N4GN$79.20
2895839Regency Style Figured Mahogany Hanging Shelf, early 20th C., N4GN$24.00
2895840Nine Glass Christmas Ornaments, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895841Regency Style Shamrock-Decorated Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N4GN$90.00
2895845Porcelain Hand-Painted Vase, 20th C., N4GN$27.60
2895846Three Ceramic Articles, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895847Group of Porcelain and Ceramic Articles, 20th C., N4GN$67.20
2895848Large Chinese Green Glazed Ceramic Covered Jar, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895849Pair of Porcelain Cockatoo Bird Figures, France, 20th C., N4GN$78.00
2895850Hull Ceramic Pitcher and Vase, 20th C., N4GN$55.20
2895852Large Cut Glass Vase, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895853Four Art Glass Articles, 20th C.,N4GN$120.00
2895854Two Marble Sculptures, Horse Busts, 20th C., N4GN$91.20
2895855Four Ladies Fans, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895856Bronze Sculpture, Prancing Horse, 20th C., N4GN$103.20
2895857Carved Alabaster Urn, Italy, 20th C.,N4GN$15.60
2895858Pair of Swiss Air Chrome Plated Ashtrays, Switzerland, 20th C., N4GN$266.40
2895859Brass Nautical Sculpture, DeMott, 20th C., N4GN$78.00
2895860Shaving Mirror, 20th C., N4GN$87.60
2895861Brass Student Lamp, 20th C., N4GN$116.40
2895862Metal Sculpture, Young Boy, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895863Remco "Frogman" The U.S. Navy Commando, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895864Two Walt Disney Pinocchio Figures, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895865Crimson Collection Porcelain Doll, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895866Paramount Music and Action Santa Reindeer Sled, 20th C., N4GN$72.00
2895867Beer Advertising Display, "At Popular Prices," 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2895868Group of American Metal Toy Soldiers, 20th C., N4GN$66.00
2895869Five Steiff Animals, 20th C., N4GN$181.20
2895870Oil on Canvas Bucolic Landscape with Cows, Continental, 19th/20th C., N4GN$330.00
2895871Pair of Chinese Landscape Prints, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895872Oil on Canvas Clipper Ship, 19th C., N4GN$148.80
2895873Norman Rockwell Print, Portrait of John F. Kennedy, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895874Group of Movie Prints, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895875Mid-Century Modern Teakwood Table, 20th C., N4GN$183.60
2895876Two Needlepoint Footstools, 20th C., N4GN$195.60
2895877Two Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) Prints, 20th C., N4GN$132.00
2895878Oil on Canvas on Board Seascape, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895879Photograph Print, Portrait of an Officer, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895880Three Landscape Paintings with Trees, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895881Print, Village Scene, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895882Seven Iron Banks, 20th C., N4GN$102.00
2895883Sessions Banjo Style Wall Clock, 20th C., N4GN$73.20
2895884Group of Corn Themed Ceramic Articles, 20th C., N4GN$54.00
2895885Patinated Metal Bust of a Neoclassical Man, 20th C., N4GN$102.00
2895886Three Patinated Metal Figural Mantle Clocks, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2895887Sculpture, AMR (for Alva Museum Replicas), 20th C., N4GN$126.00
2895888Patinated Sculpture of a Seated Dog, After Paul Herzel (1876-1956), N4GN$169.20
2895889Patinated Sculpture, Dog and Mouse, After A. Bayre(19th C.)N4GN$88.80
2895890Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Articles, 20th C., N4GN$511.20
2895891Group of Silver Plated Articles, 20th C., N4GN$112.80
2895892Chrome 8-Day Pocket Watch, 20th C., N4GN$296.40
2895893Three Piece Garniture Porcelain and Gilt Metal Mounted Set, Chinese, 20th C., N4GN$450.00
2895894Tiffany Studios, New York Bronze Inkwell and Letter Opener, Zodiac Pattern, 20th C., N4GN$211.20
2895895Gilt Metal Bust of a Lady, 20th C., N4GN$84.00
2895896Miniature Portrait on Bone of a Lady, 19th/20th C., N4GN$102.00
2895897Brass Powder Flask, 20th C., N4GN$72.00
2895898Two Pairs of Brass Candlesticks, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895899Chinese Carved Soap Stone Figural Group, Modern, N4GN$282.00
2895900Dorado by Gretsch 6029 Guitar, 1970's, N4GN$91.20
2895901Orlando Electric Guitar, 20th C., N4GN$362.40
2895902Dover Stamp Company Copper and Painted Can, 20th C., N4GN$103.20
2895903Four Full Bodied Fur Wraps, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895904Patinated Metal Coal Scuttle with Hinged Lid, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895905Advertising Sign, "Speedboat Races," 20th C., N4GN$80.40
2895906Neoclassical Style Ceramic and Gilt Metal Urn on Pedestal, 20th C., N4GN$27.60
2895907Pair of Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal and Hanging Prism Candlesticks, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895908Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal Five-Light Candelabra, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2895909The Franklin Mint,'The Dragon of Wisdom Crystal Ball,"20th C., N4GN$162.00
2895910Three Carved Decoys, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895911Black Forest Carved Walnut Compote Base, 20th C., N4GN$222.00
2895912Wood Dough Bowl by Seceni, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2895913Black Starr & Frost Sterling Silver Shoe Horn, 20th C., N4GN$91.20
2895914Pair of Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Cobalt Lined Acorn Salt Cellars, Denmark, 20th C., N4GN$452.40
2895915Four Sterling Silver Bottle Labels, 20th C., N4GN$144.00
2895916Sterling Silver Presentation Piece, Israel, 20th C., N4GN$204.00
2895917Silver Tone Art Nouveau Style Mesh Purse, 20th. C,N4GN$61.20
2895918Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet, Thailand, 20th C., N4GN$78.00
2895919Group of Native American Sterling Silver and Silver Tone Jewelry Articles, 20th C., N4GN$114.00
2895920Seven Sterling Silver Thimbles, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2895921Imitation Pearl and Diamond Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings, 20th C., N4GN$91.20
2895922Green Amethyst and Sterling Silver Jewelry Suite, 20th C., N4HN$67.20
2895923Sterling Silver Hardstone and Imitation Diamond Jewelry Suite, 20th C., N4GN$300.00
2895924Two Sterling Silver Abalone and Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklaces, 20th C., n4GN$105.60
2895925Sterling Silver and Colored Quartz Necklace, 20th C., N4GN$66.00
2895926Sterling Silver Colored Quartz Flower Form Necklace, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2895927Sterling Silver Imitation Diamond and Tanzanite Necklace, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2895928Group of Sterling Silver Spoons, 20th C., N4GN$266.40
2895929Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Spoons, 20th C., N4GN$201.60
2895930Two Pewter Female Figure Wax Seal Stamps, 20th C., N4GN$48.00
2895931Etching, "Cervantes," Possibly Salvador Dali, 20th C., N4GN$206.40
2895932Art Deco Style Walnut Cabinet, 20th C., N4GN$78.00
2895933Neoclassical Style White and Yellow Painted Vanity, 20th C., N4GN$108.00
2895934Baroque Style Carved Oak Armchair, 20th C., N4GN$84.00
2895935Chinese Style Mahogany Plant Stand, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2895936Wood and Patinated Composition Games Table, 20th C., N4GN$66.00
2895937Rococo Style Patinated Composition Footstool, 20th C., N4GN$174.00
2895938Henkel Harris Georgian Style Mahogany Armchair, 20th C., N4GN$270.00
2895939Ebonized Rope-Twist Leg Ottoman, 20th C., N4GN$261.60
2895940Two Oak Plant Stands, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2895941Two Mahogany Chairs, Victorian and Georgian Style, 20th C., N4GN$69.60
2895942Louis XV Style Paint Decorated Marble Top Nightstand, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2895943Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Candlestand, 20th C., N4GN$67.20
2895944Child's Oak Top Desk and Chair, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2895945Two Neoclassical Style White Painted Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2895946Pair of Neoclassical Style Leather-Inset Mahogany Side Tables, 20th C., N4GN$70.80
2895947Two Radios, One Sparton, One Carved Wood, 20th C., N4GN$54.00
2895948Neoclassical Style Inlaid Nesting Tables, 20th C., N4GN$108.00
2895951Antique German-Silver- Mounted Inlaid&Heavily Carved Flintlock Pistol, Continental, 18th C., N4GN$660.00
2895952Georgian Style Six-Light Brass Chandelier, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2895953Chinese Bird, Floral, and Fish Decorated Ceramic Jardinere, 20th C., N5GN$60.00
2895956Painted American Milk Co. Horse Drawn Wagon Toy, early 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2895957Painted and Hand Carved Plow and Horses Sculpture, Pennsylvania, 19th/20th C., N4GN$300.00
2895958Tiffany Studios Gold Favrile Glass Chalice, American, 20th C., N4GN.$570.00
2895959Tiffany Studios Gold Favrile Glass Decanter With Stopper, American, 20th C., N4GN.$930.00
2895960Tiffany Studios Blue Favrile Glass Goblet, American, 20th C., N4GN.$480.00
2895961Steuben Aurene Gold Glass Perfume Bottle With Stopper, American, 20th C., N4GN.$600.00
2895962Tiffany Studios Gold Favrile Glass Cup, American, 20th C., N4GN.$300.00
2895963Tiffany Studios Copper Color Favrile Glass Salt Cellar, American, 20th C., N4GN.$192.00
2895964Thomas Webb Style Cameo Glass Lay Down Scent Bottle, English, 19th C., N4GN.$853.20
2895965Daum, Nancy France Art Glass Covered Dresser Jar, 20th C., N4GN.$1441.20
2895968Two Art Deco Art Glass Perfume Bottles, Continental, Early 20th C., N4GN.$90.00
2895969Foil Enamel Art Glass Vase, 20th C., N4GN.$90.00
2895970Russian Gilt Silver and Enamel Strainer Spoon, 19th C., N4GN.$601.20
2895971Russian Gilt Enamel Small Handled Cup, 19th C., N4GN.$595.20
2895972Cold Painted Bronze Figural Group of Courting Couple, 20th C., N4GN.$510.00
2895973Bronze Grazing Sheep, After Rosa Bonheur (French 1822-1899), 19th C., N4GN.$900.00
2895974Native American Bronze, Carl Kauba (Austrian, 1865-1922), N4GN.$180.00
2895975Cold Painted Native American Bronze, Rodgers, American, 20th C., N4GN.$120.00
2895976Oil on Board Marine Scene, 20th C., N4GN.$73.20
2895977Victorian Yellow Gold Filled Seed Pearl and Enamel Mourning Brooch, English, Early 20th C., N4GN.$501.60
2895978Art Glass Perfume Bottle, Continental, Late 19th/Early 20th C., N4GN.$163.20
2895979Marc Chagall(Russian/French 1887-1985) Single Book Page Colored Lithograph, 20th C., N4GN$450.00
2895980Marc Chagall(Russian/French 1887-1985) Offset Lithograph, 20th C., N4GN.$270.00
2895981Pablo Picasso "Untitled" Original Lithograph on Paper From Original Painting, 20th C., N4GN$900.00
2895982Marc Chagall (Russian/French 1887-1985) Original Signed "Poems" Poster, 20th C., N4GN$660.00
2895983Henri Matisse (French 1869-1954) Offset Lithograph, 20th C., N4GN.$360.00
2895984Color Lithograph, "Her Every Word," 20th C., N4GN.$60.00
2895985Four Framed Art Works, 20th C., N4GN.$30.00
2895986Purportedly a Partial Torso of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, Probably Greek, 2nd Century BC, N4GN$19200.00
2895987Funerary Piece, Roman, 2nd Century AD, N4GN$3241.20
2895988Abstract Evett Sculpture, 20th C., N3GN$60.00
2895989Henkel Harris Inlaid Mahogany Double Pedestal Dining Table, 20th C., N4GN$2190.00
2895990Six Henkel Harris Chippendale Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$1800.00
2895991Henkel Harris Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard, 20th C., N4GN$1200.00
2895992Tiffany & Co. "Winthrop" Pattern Partial Flatware Service, 20th C., N4GN.$3150.00
2895993Set of Four American Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks, 20th C., N4GN.$326.40
2895994Tiffany & Co. Silver Plated Stuffing Spoon and Matching Flat Server, 20th C., N4GN.$122.40
2895995Mexican Sterling Salad Fork & Spoon, Danish Taste, 20th C., N4GN.$122.40
2895996Sheibler Sterling Silver Serving Spoon, American, 20th C., N4GN.$237.60
2895997Fisher Sterling Silver Wood Lined Hinged Lidded Box, American 20th C., N4GN.$136.80
2895998Vintage Kitchen Toaster, American 20th C., N4GN.$30.00
2895999Sterling Silver Thimbles and Vintage Sewing Collection, 19/20th C., N4GN$270.00
2896000Ten Assorted Vintage Desk Items, Clark Gable Dixie Cup Lid, N4GN$30.00
2896001Cinnabar Buckle, Two Carved Bone Netsukes, and Brass Box 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896002Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Mechanical Pencils, 20th C., N4GN$48.00
2896003Five Dresser Articles, Including Limoges, 20th C., N4GN$48.00
2896004Sterling Silver Overlay Perfume and an Alvin Sterling Silver Overlay Jar, 19/20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896005Seventeen Faux Ivory Hand Mirrors, Jars, Brushes, Comb, and Trays, 19/20th C. N4GN$15.60
2896006Vintage Ladies Vanity Compacts, Stork Club, Perfume Nips, 19/20th c., N4GN$36.00
2896007Bronze Mirror, Censor and Incense Pot, 19th/20th C., Asian, N4GN$1440.00
2896008Watercolor on Paper, Portrait of an Indian, Signed, Horter, 19th/20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896009Watercolor, Landscape with Birch Trees and Steeple, Louis K. Harlow(American 1850-1913), N4GN$108.00
2896010Ten Vintage Fans, a Glove Box and a Bamboo and Paper Umbrella, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896011Twenty-Two Vintage Shaving Related Items, 19th/20th C., N4GN$72.00
2896012Three Victorian Sterling Silver Buckles, N4GN$196.80
2896013Turned Walnut Baby Cradle, 19th C., N4GN$84.00
2896014Large Collection of Silver Plated Flatware and Stainless Steel Flatware, 20th C., N4GN$104.40
2896015Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Dresser Sets and Bells, 19/20th C., N4GN$326.40
2896016Tiffany Sterling Silver Shovel and Five Sterling Spoons, 19/20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896017Three Whiting Sterling Silver "Lily" Pattern Serving Pieces, 20th C., N4GN$661.20
2896018Howard Sterling Co Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, 20th c., N4GN$961.20
2896019Nine Sterling Silver Lemon and Olive Forks and Six Sterling Dinner Forks, 20th C., N4GN$360.00
2896020Thirty-Eight Sterling Silver Spoons, 19/20th C., N4GN$1020.00
2896021Thirty-Nine Coin Silver Spoons, 19/20th C., N4GN$667.20
2896022Towle Old Colonial Sterling Silver Spoons and Old Newbury Spoons, 20th C., N4GN$409.20
2896023Sterling Silver, Silver Plated and Coin Silver Forks and Spoons, 20th C., N4GN$399.60
2896024George Shiebler Sterling Silver "American Beauty" Spoon, 20th C., N4GN$261.60
2896025Maple and Caned Rocking Chair, 20th C., N4GN$18.00
2896026Two High Style Victorian Walnut Side Chairs, 19th C., N4GN$156.00
2896027Oil on Canvas, Paul Manzoni, Figure in the Forest, 20th C., N4GN$300.00
2896028Three Vintage Prints, One Colorized, 19/20th C., N4GN$12.00
2896029Two Oils on Board, Ship in Harbor and Bridge Landscape, 19/20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896030Oil on Canvas, Cow Standing In River, J. Bertie, N4GN$188.40
2896031Three Oval Oils on Board, World Tour, Turkey, 20th C., N4GN$5520.00
2896032Three Framed Prints, Two Botanical and a Picnicker, 20th C., N4GN$12.00
2896033Three "The Mutt and Jeff Cartoons" Books by Bud Fisher, 20th C., N4GN$68.40
2896034Railroad Photographs, Poster, Model Station, Menus, Cards, 19/20th C., N4GN$336.00
2896035New Jersey History Books and Counties and a Print of the Coast, New Jersey, 20th C., N4GN$24.00
2896036Coral Branch Pendant and Necklace, 19/20th C., N4GN$25.20
2896037Lapis Lazuli Necklace and Graduated Turquoise, 19/20th C., N4GN$168.00
2896038Moonstone Necklace, Brooches, and Stickpins, 19/20th C., N4GN$72.00
2896039Sterling Silver and Faux Pearl Stickpin and Two Sterling Bangles, 19/20th C., N4GN$156.00
2896040Victorian Gold Filled Jewelry, 14K Men's Ring, and Sterling Pins, 19/20th C., N4GN$1078.80
2896041Monet Pin, Heinz Pickle Pin, and Vintage Gold Cufflinks and Bracelets, 19/20th C., N4GN$96.00
289604214K Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2896043Six Gold Filled and Gold Metal Bangle Bracelets, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896044Six Sterling Silver Pins, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896045Large Group of Silver Metal and Gold Metal Pins, 20th C., N4GN$78.00
2896046Assorted Group of Jewelry Items, 20th C., N4GN$296.40
289604714K yellow Gold Lucien Picard Quartz Ladies Bracelet Wristwatch, 20th C., N4GN.$540.00
2896048Group of Watches, 20th C., N4GN.$510.00
2896049Vintage Party Favors Alligators, Birch Bark Canoes, 19/20th C., N4GN$24.00
2896050Vintage Cigar Labels and Eatmor Cranberries of NJ Fruit Labels, 20th C., N4GN$54.00
2896051Two Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858) Woodblock Prints, Japanese, N4GN$90.00
2896052Three Japanese Prints, Modern, N4GN$60.00
2896054Three Japanese Prints, Modern, N4GN$60.00
2896055Japanese Woodblock Print, Kneeling Geisha, Modern, N4GN$60.00
2896056Three Japanese Woodblock Prints, Modern, N4GN$60.00
2896057Watercolor on Paper, "Vineyard Haven,"20th C., N4GN$241.20
2896058Two Japanese Woodblock Prints, Modern, N4GN$60.00
2896059Japanese Woodblock Prints, "Twelve Months of Kyoto," by Tomikichiro Tokuriki, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896060Two Miniature Woodblock Prints, Modern, N4GN$30.00
2896062Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858) Woodblock Print, Japanese, N4GN$120.00
2896063Miniature Etching,Poi Partridge, "Winged Victory,"20th C., N4GN$90.00
2896064Watercolor on Paper, Floral Still Life, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2896065Large Group Of Vintage Jewelry, 20th C., N4GN.$96.00
2896067Contemporary Mahogany Three Panel Screen, 20th C., N4GN$90.00
2896069Contemporary Zebra-Fabric Upholstered Ottoman, 20th C., N4GN$300.00
2896070Contemporary Mahogany Round Occasional Table, 20th C., N4GN$300.00
2896071Contemporary Paint-Decorated Circular Dining Table, 20th C., N4GN$690.00
2896072Contemporary Painted Metal Pier Mirror, 20th C., N4GN$600.00
2896073Contemporary Mahogany Bookshelf, N4GN$540.00
2896074Louis XVI Style Upholstered Mahogany Settee, 20th C., N4GN$390.00
2896075Pair of Yellow and White Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$840.00
2896076Pair of Teak and Rattan Lounge Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$390.00
2896077Pair of Regency Style Mahogany Etageres, 20th C., N4GN$780.00
2896078Pair of Contemporary Plaid Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$900.00
2896079Pair of Federal Style Mahogany Twin Bedsteads, 20th C., N4GN$174.00
2896080Contemporary Mahogany and Caned Etagere, 20th C., N4GN$300.00
2896081Contemporary Campaign-Style Walnut Low Table, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896082Crate and Barrel Tambe Walnut Veneered Coffee Table, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896083Pair of Contemporary White and Blue Painted Nightstands, 20th C., N4GN$1342.80
2896084Pair of Contemporary Pink and White Painted Nightstands, 20th C., N4GN$540.00
2896085Campaign Style Leather Insert Mahogany Apothecary Cabinet, 20th C., N4GN$840.00
2896086William and Mary Style Floral Upholstered Mahogany Library Chair, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2896087Pair of Contemporary Floral Upholstered Walnut Library Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$1020.00
2896088Contemporary Beige Upholstered Club Chair and Ottoman, 20th C., N4GN$390.00
2896089Contemporary Mahogany Low Table, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896090Twelve Contemporary Upholstered Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$1320.00
2896091Contemporary Mahogany Three Panel Screen, 20th C., N4GN$300.00
2896092Twelve Neoclassical Style White and Gold Painting Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$3420.00
2896093Six George III Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$1332.00
2896094Oil on Board, Garden Scene, late 20th C., N4GN$93.60
2896095Oil on Board Landscape Triptych, "Desert Fall," Douglas Freeman, 2005, N4GN$600.00
2896096Contemporary Clover-Shaped Upholstered Ottoman, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2896097Contemporary Beige Suede Queen Size Headboard, 20th C., N4GN$900.00
2896099George III Inlaid Mahogany Bowfront Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th C.,N4GN$780.00
2896100George III Inlaid Mahogany Bowfront Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th C.,N4GN$510.00
2896101Arne Jacobsen Red Egg Chair and Ottoman, Fritz Hansen, 20th C., N4GN$1440.00
2896102Arne Jacobsen Red Egg Chair and Ottoman, Fritz Hansen, 20th C., N4GN$1380.00
2896103Contemporary Red Suede Queen Size Headboard, 20th C., N4GN$270.00
2896104Contemporary Red Suede Queen Size Headboard, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896105Contemporary Oval Mahoganized Dining Table, 20th C., N4GN$900.00
2896106Contemporary Caned Back Walnut Sofa, 20th C., N4GN$570.00
2896108Four Blue and White Floral Drapery Panels, 20th C., N4GN$1320.00
2896109Four Blue and White Striped Drapery Panels, 20th C., N4GN$738.00
2896110Pair of Louis XVI Style Marble Top Mahogany Side Cabinets, 20th C., N4GN$5220.00
2896111Contemporary Beige Upholstered Club Chair and Ottoman, 20th C., N4GN$330.00
2896112Federal Inlaid Mahogany Diminutive Sideboard, American, 18th/19th C., N4GN$600.00
2896113Contemporary White-Painted Pier Table, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896114Neoclassical Style Mirrored Top Metal Low Table, 20th C., N4GN$360.00
2896115Four Contemporary Mahoganized Swiveling Barstools, 20th C., N4GN$360.00
2896116Pair of Federal Style White Painted Side Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$90.00
2896117Contemporary Blue and White Painted Two Tiered Side Table, 20th C., N4GN$270.00
2896118Beige and Blue Wool Carpet, 20th C., N4GN$570.00
2896119Stark Pink and Cream Geometric Wool Carpet, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2896120Two Pink and White Striped Twin Bedskirts, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896121Embroidered Floral Bedskirt/Valance, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896122Four Custom Beige and Tan Drapery Panels, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2896123Four Custom Beige and Tan Drapery Panels, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2896124Two Custom Beige and Green Drapery Panels, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896125Two Custom Beige and Pink Drapery Panels, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896126Two Custom Beige and Pink Drapery Panels, 20th C., N4GN$48.00
2896127Pair of Patinated Metal Three-Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896128Pair of Patinated Metal Three-Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., N4GN$114.00
2896129Pair of Neoclassical Style Gilt and White Painted Lamps, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2896131Federal Burlwood and Ebonized Candlestand, American, 19th/20th C., N4GN$390.00
2896132Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Games Table, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2896133Federal Maple Drop Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N4GN$300.00
2896134Asian Style Metal Mounted Pine Tansu Chest, 20th C., N4GN$222.00
2896135Pine Linen Press, English, 19th/20th C., N4GN$420.00
2896136Group of Regency Style Brass Hearth Equipment, 19th/20th C., N4GN$102.00
2896137Three Chairs, American, 19th/20th C., N4GN$72.00
2896138White Painted Cast Iron Full Size Bedstead, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2896140Acrylic on Canvas, Nude Female, Marvel Wynn (American, 1915-2002), N4GN$390.00
2896141Four Botanical Prints, Rory McEwen (English, 1932-1982), N4GN$300.00
2896142Two Mixed Medias, Dryclean Series, Sue Etkin (American, 1955-), N4GN$90.00
2896143Oil on Canvas, Fantastical Parade, Chuck Connelly (American, 1955-), N4GN$4200.00
2896144Oil on Board, Blue and White Stripes, Frederick Lynch (American, 1935-), N4GN$870.00
2896145Oil on Canvas, Abstract Figure, Frederick Lynch (American, 1935-), N4GN$300.00
2896146Lithograph, Abstract, Frederick Lynch (American, 1935-), N4GN$126.00
2896148Oil on Board, Woman in City Skyline, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896149Oil on Canvas, Hummingbird and Flower, 20th C., N4GN$2040.00
2896153Mixed Media Collage, Paula Hayes, 1993, N4GN$30.00
2896154Painted and Gilt Decorated Mirror, early 20th C., N4GN$186.00
2896156Oil on Board, Modern Landscape, Atwell, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2896157Eglomise Family Portrait, "Connubial Happiness", N4GN$78.00
2896158Mixed Media on Paper, Abstract Expressionist, Austin Ackles, 1992, N4GN$300.00
2896159Oil on Board, Basket of Strawberries, H.M. Kerr, 19th/20th C., N4GN$90.00
2896160Sculpted Oil on Canvas, Blondie Cartoon, Leslie Lew Burns, 1996, N4GN$276.00
2896161Diorama, People on a Pier, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896162Twenty Volumes of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, N4GN$1478.40
2896164Gilt Metal and Crystal Three Light Wall Sconce, 19th/20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896165Eleven Sterling Silver Items, Gorham and Tiffany, 20th C., N4GN$399.60
2896166Twenty Seven Silver Plated Items, N4GN$133.20
2896167Iron Pig Form Trade Sign, "FEED", 19th/20th C., N4GN$330.00
2896168Four Graduating Beswick Flying Ducks, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896171Three Lustre Porcelain Articles, English, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2896172Cheese Wheel Stand, 20th C.,N4GN$30.00
2896173Group of Majolica Green Glazed Ceramic Plates and Serving Platters, 20th C., N4GN$660.00
2896174Applewood Pear Form Tea Caddy, 19th/20thC., N4GN$420.00
2896175Regency Tea Caddy, 19th/20th C.,N4GN$480.00
2896176Boulle Mantel Clock, French Circa 1875,N4GN$367.20
2896179Two Hinged Lid Boxes, 20th C., N4GN$270.00
2896180Papier Mache Circular Box, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896181Framed Daguerreotype Portrait of a Young Lady, 19th/20th C., N4GN$78.00
2896182Two Georgian Style Miniature Doll Dressers, 20th C., N4GN$456.00
2896183Mother of Pearl Veneer Calling Card Case, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896184Group of Silver Items, Continental, 20th C., N4GN.$246.00
2896186J.C. Vickery Blue Leather Lap Desk, English, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896187Six Beaded Necklaces, 20th C., N4GN.$120.00
2896188Two Agate Oval Hinged Lidded Pill Boxes, English, 20th C., N4GN.$72.00
2896189Yellow Gold Filled Framed Agate Mourning Pendant, English, 20th C., N4GN.$602.40
2896190Four Yellow Gold Framed Carved Shell Cameo Brooches, English, 20th C., N4GN.$426.00
2896191Unmarked Yellow Gold, Diamond and Ruby Bangle Bracelet Swiss Watch, English, 20th C., N4GN$432.00
2896192Two English 9K Rose Gold Hinged Oval Bangle Bracelets, 20th C., N4GN.$309.60
2896194Four Yellow Gold Wedding Band Rings, 20th C., N4GN.$544.80
2896195Platinum and Diamond Three Stone Ring, 20th C., N4GN.$360.00
2896196Three Gold Rings With Hardstones, 20th C., N4GN.$296.40
2896197Two 9K Yellow Gold Rings, English, 20th C., N4GN.$162.00
28961989K Rose Gold Watch Chain and Fob, English, 20th C., N4GN.$686.40
2896199Three 9K Yellow Gold Chains, English 20th C., N4GN.$438.00
289620018K Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Pendant, 20th C., N4GN.$270.00
2896201Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry Items, 20th C., N4GN.$330.00
2896202Nine Pairs of Earrings, 20th C., N4GN.$342.00
2896203Oil on Board, Floral Still Life Geraniums, Boris Grigoriev (Russian 1886-1939), N4GN$6600.00
2896204Oil on Canvas, Color Block Cityscape, 20th C., N4GN$1440.00
2896205Oil on Canvas, Maritine Scene, 20th C., N4GN$42.00
2896206Federal Paint-Decorated Wash Stand, New England, c. 1810, N4GN$240.00
2896208Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Child, Style of Velazques, 19th/20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896210Victorian Poplar Stand Up Desk, American, late 19th C., N4GN$180.00
2896211Two Flat Metal Wall Sculptures, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896214Paint-Decorated Pine "Hired Mans" Bed, Possibly Swedish, 19th C., N4GN$300.00
2896215Wicker Serving Table, Probably American, 19th/20th C., N4GN$240.00
2896216Six Cast-Iron and Hardwood Children's School Desks, American, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896217Chatham Pottery Dinner Service, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2896218Three Vintage Child's Chalkboards on Easels, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896221Advertising Tin, "Cudahy's Selected Lamb Liver," 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896222Two Handpainted Portrait Ceramic Tiles, Carol Gagnon, 20th C., N4GN$96.00
2896224Country Style Pine and Wainscoting Dry Sink, 20th C., N4GN$72.00
2896225Window Pane Framed Decorative American Flag, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896226Mahogany Canterbury, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896227Cast Iron Water Pump, 20th C., N4GN$102.00
2896228Six St. Louis Crystal Champagne Flutes, Apollo Pattern, French, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896230Waterford Cut Crystal Ship's Bell on Base, 20th C., N4GN$90.00
2896231St. Louis Crystal Paperweight, US Centennial, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896232Pair of Edinburgh Crystal Shot Glasses, Thistle Pattern, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896233Daum Colored Glass Frog on a Lilypad, 20th C., N4GN$210.00
2896234Tiffany & Co. Crystal Small Box, 20th C., N4GN$45.60
2896235Two Beijing Crystal Bud Vases, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896236St Regis Hotel Doorknob and Key Embedded in Plastic, 20th C., N4GN$270.00
2896237Dale Chihuly Green Crystal Small Curved Dish, 20th C., N4GN$330.00
2896238Beijing Crystal Vase and Scent Bottle, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896239Lalique Crystal Bird Decorated Compote, 20th C., N4GN$183.60
2896240Tiffany & Company Seagrams 1776 Cut Crystal Decanter, 20th C.,$60.00
2896241Jaffa Lead Crystal Small Box, 20th C., N4GN$24.00
2896243Pair of Colle Frosted Crystal Candlesticks, 20th C., N4GN$48.00
2896246Pair of Madeland Crystal Schnapps Glasses, Norway, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
289624722K Gold Plated and Crystal Miniature Horse, Austrian, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2896248Chinese Hardwood Double Chairback Bench, 20th C., N4GN$1680.00
2896249Chinese Ebonized Hardwood Cabinet, 20th C.N4GN$330.00
2896250Chinese Ebonized Hardwood Etagere, 20th C., N4GN$327.60
2896251Pair of Chinese Stone Inset Armchairs, 20th C., N4GN$1320.00
2896252Pair of Chippendale Style Mahogany Armchair, 20th C., N4GN$180.00
2896253Chinese Bone, Mother-of-Pearl, Wood, and Stone Two Panel Screen, 20th C., N4GN$360.00
2896254Chinese Hardwood and Fabric Four Panel Screen, 20th C., N4GN$720.00
2896255Lithograph, "Between Life and Life" Will Barnett (American, 1918-1992), N4GN$480.00
2896257Pencil Drawer, Pelican, George Luks (American, 1867-1933), N4GN$210.00
2896258Two Unframed Pencil Drawing, George Luks (American, 1867-1933), N4GN$102.00
2896259Etching, Woman with Hat, Kenneth Hayes Miller (American, 1876-1952), N4GN$240.00
2896260Etching, Women Shopping, Kenneth Hayes Miller (American, 1876-1952), N4GN$240.00
2896261Etching, Women and Son, Kenneth Hayes Miller (American, 1876-1952), N4GN$240.00
2896265Watercolor, Supine Nude, Hank Virgona (American, 1929-), N4GN$60.00
2896266Watercolor, Model in Blue, Hank Virgona (American, 1929-), N4GN$114.00
2896267Watercolor, Model in Blue Smock, Hank Virgona (American, 1929-), N4GN$60.00
2896268Three Watercolors, Studies of a Woman, Hank Virgona (American, 1929-), N4GN$45.60
2896269Watercolors, Study of a Woman, Hank Virgona (American, 1929-), N4GN$30.00
2896270Five Engravings, Orientalist Scenes, Thomas Allom (English, 1804-1872), N4GN$180.00
2896271Indian Miniature Painting, 19th/20th C., N4GN$246.00
2896272Colored Woodblock Print, Samurai, Utagawa Kunisada (Japanese, 1786-1864), N4GN$90.00
2896273Woodblock Print, Woman on Horse, Sadao Watanabe (Japanese, 1913-1996), N4GN$588.00
2896274Woodblock Print, "Christmas", Sadao Watanabe (Japanese, 1913-1996), N4GN$390.00
2896276Etching, "Dolientes," Raul Anguiano (Mexican, 1915-2006), N4GN$180.00
2896281Lithograph, "Miss Universe 81," LeRoy Neiman (American, 1921-2012) N4GN$312.00
2896282Pencil and Chalk Drawing, Seated Woman, Dominique Sanda, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2896284McCarthy Peace Poster, Ben Shahn (American, 1898-1969), N4GN$240.00
2896285Roy Lichtenstein Poster, Guggenheim Museum, Helmet, N4GN$120.00
2896287Ellsworth Kelly (American, 1923-) Lincoln Center Lithograph, N4GN$72.00
2896288Roy Lichtenstein Lithograph, Lincoln Center, 1966, N4GN$300.00
2896289Two Lincoln Center Lithographs, Frank Stella and Robert Indiana, N4GN$210.00
2896292Four Bird Species Posters, Pennsylvania Game Commission, 1965, N4GN$51.60
2896293Six Fish Posters, Osprey Books, New York/Denmark, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896294Six Fish Posters, Osprey Books, New York/Denmark, 20th C., N4GN$97.20
2896295Five French Posters, Wine Regions of France, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896296Five French Posters, Wine Regions of France, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896297Three Food Posters, Celestial Arts, Berkley California, 20th C., N4GN$54.00
2896298Four Food Posters, Celestial Arts, Berkley California, 20th C., N4GN$33.60
2896299Four Food Posters, Celestial Arts, Berkley California, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2896300Four Food Posters, Celestial Arts, Berkley California, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896301Four Food Posters, Celestial Arts, Berkley California, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2896302Five Food Posters, Celestial Arts, Berkley California, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2896303Four Food Posters, Celestial Arts, Berkley California, 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896304Four Beer Posters, 20th C., N4GN$63.60
2896307Four Posters for Italian Heritage & Culture Week in New York City, 20th C., N4GN$15.60
2896308Marilyn Monroe Poster, Idaho Potato Queen, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896311Two Vintage Style Posters for Fernet-Branca Spirits, 20th C., N4GN$60.00
2896314Two Posters for Toulous Latrec Museum, Ambassadeurs, 20th C., N4GN$24.00
2896315Jasper Johns Exhibition Poster, Prints, 1960-1970, Philadelphia Museum of Art, N4GN$60.00
2896316Silkscreen Hawaii Five-O Promotional Poster, 20th C., N4GN$116.40
2896317Two Alexander Calder Exhibition Posters, 20th C., N4GN$103.20
2896318Leonard Baskin Exhibition Poster, Far Gallery, New York, 1970, N4GN$90.00
2896321Two Posters, The Legendary Queens, Cunard Line Cruises, 20th C., N4GN$27.60
2896323Grand Central Terminal Elevation Drawing Poster, 1980, N4GN$60.00
2896324Two Posters, New York is Book Country, 20th C., N4GN$36.00
2896327Two Honore Daumier (French, 1808-1879) Lithographs, N4GN$60.00
2896328Five Gorham Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel Serving Pieces, Strasbourg Pattern, N4GN$180.00
2896329Nine Gorham Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, Strasbourg Pattern, 20th C., N4GN$512.40
2896330Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Service, Strasbourg Pattern, 20th C.., N4GN$2160.00
2896331Four Silver-Plated Serving Trays, 20th C., N4DN$60.00
2896332Group of Silver Plated Articles, 20th C., N4GN$72.00
2896333Pair of Staffordshire Glazed Porcelain Dogs, 19th/20thC.,N4GN$150.00
2896334Group of Weighted Sterling Silver Articles, 20th C., N4GN$342.00
2896335English Staffordshire Transferware Flow Blue Plates, 19thC., N4GN$180.00
2896336Eleven George Shiebler Sterling Silver Dinner Forks, Gothic Pattern, 19th C., N4GN$786.00
2896337George Shiebler Sterling Silver Flatware Service, American Beauty Pattern, 19th C., N4GN$1680.00
2896338Tiffany Sterling Silver Spoons and Two Gorham Cluny Pattern Forks, 19th C., N4GN$678.00
2896339Ten George Shielber Sterling Silver Demi-tasse Spoons, Victoria Pattern, 19th C., N4GN$342.00
2896340Sterling Silver, Enamel, and Coin Silver Flatware Pieces, 19/20th C., N4GN$189.60
2896341Large Collection of Silver Plated Flatware and Serving Items, N4GN$30.00
2896342Meissen Reticulated Porcelain Basket, German, early 20th C., N4GN$152.40
2896343German Inlaid Music Box, 19th/20th C., N4GN$390.00
2896344Pair of Victorian Mahogany Parlor Chairs, early 20th C., N4GN$30.00
2896345Pair of Georgian Style Brass Andirons, 20th C., N4GN$120.00
2896346Beaded Collar Necklace in Pink. Green and Blue, 20th C., N4GN$150.00
2896347Miriam Haskell Stamped Gilt Metal and Green Bowtie Beads Collar Necklace, 20th C., N4GN$240.00
2896348Print, "Paris Opera," Marc Chagall (French, 1887-1985), N4GN$240.00
2896350Print, Salvador Dali (French/Spain, 1904-1989), N4GN$120.00
2896351Codman and Codman Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Coffee Pot, 1904-5, N4GN$1200.00
2896352Pair of Sterling Silver Weighted Columnar Candlesticks, American, 20th C., N4GN.$840.00
2896353Codman and Codman Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Sugar Bowl, 1904-5, N4GN$240.00
2896354Kirman Style Carpet, Persian, 20th C., N4GN$1200.00
2896355Louis XV Style Brass Mounted Ladies Writing Desk, French Taste, 19th C., N4GN$450.00
2896356Room Size Sarouk Carpet, 20th C., N4GN$2400.00
2896358Pair of Contemporary Ralph Lauren Leather Club Chairs, 20th C., N4GN$600.00
2896359Room Size Mahal Carpet, late 19th/20th C., N4GN$6000.00
2905473Pair of 14K White Gold Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings, N4GN.$300.00