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July FRESH Auction on igavelauctions.com
July 1, 2013

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
1Items Sold Post-Auction$512.40
3025353Contemporary Two Tiered Glass, Metal and Marble Low Table, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3025354Baccarat Crystal Vase, France, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3025355Large Group of Colorless Cut and Pressed Glass Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$91.20
3025356Eleven Waterford Goblets, Ireland, 20th C., FR3SH$392.40
3025357Group of Colorless Cut and Press Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025358Colorless Cut and Pressed Glass Compotes, Decanters and Pitchers, 20th C., FR3SH$278.40
3025359Waterford Stemware, Ireland, 20th C., FR3SH$321.60
3025360Two Art Deco Style Mixed Media Sculptures, 20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3025361Five Painted Cast Iron Floral Basket Door Stops, 20th C., FR3SH$510.00
3025362Six Cast Iron Figural and Basket Door Stops, 20th C., FR3SH$271.20
3025363Four Vintage Cameras, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025365Two Chinese Patinated Metal Urns, 20th C., FR3SH$82.80
3025366Chinese Porcelain Gilt Decorated Platter and Matching Footed Cake Dish, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025367Chinese Cloisonne Covered Jar, 20th C., FR3SH$184.80
3025368Two Neoclassical Style Porcelain Gilt Metal Urns and a Covered Jar, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3025370Three Belleek Porcelain Tea Pots, Ireland, 20th C., FR3SH$57.60
3025371Hummel Porcelain Figure of "Mary," German, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025372Group of Porcelain Vases and Bowls, German/Bavaria, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025373White Ruffled Glass Apern, 20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3025374Large Group of Vintage and Reproduction Glass Bottles, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025375Large Group of Vintage and Reproduction Bottles, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025376Large Group of Depression, Presses and Venetian Glass Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025377Three Decorative Art Glass Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025378Three Fiestaware Green-Glazed Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025380Three Board Games, 20th C., FR3SH$45.60
3025381Large Group of Tin Noisemakers, 20th C., FR3SH$189.60
3025382Beatle Memorabilia, 20th C., FR3SH$66.00
3025383Large Group of Colored Glass Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$270.00
3025384Five Lenox Porcelain Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025386Twenty-Seven Colored Glass Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$168.00
3025387Group of Colored Glass Vases and Bowls, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025388Group of Green and Blue Glass Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025389Twelve Pieces of Art Glass, Vases and Bowls, 20th C., FR3SH$180.00
3025390Two Chinese Blue and White Gilt Metal Mounted Porcelain Urns, 20th C., FR3SH$69.60
3025391Two Decorative Neoclassical Style Porcelain Gilt Metal Mounted Covered Urns, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025392Two Satsuma Style Porcelain Covered Jars, 20th ., FR3SH$66.00
3025393Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Jar, 20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3025396Italian Ceramic Figural Group, Seated Lady, 20th C., FR3SH$150.00
3025397Pair of Neoclassical Style Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figural Bookends, 20th C., FR3SH$68.40
3025403Art Deco Bronze Sculpture, Marcel Bouraine (1918-1935) France,20th C., FR3SH$210.00
3025404Four Neoclassical Style Giltwood Candlesticks, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025405Overseas Airlines DC-3 Friction Powered Tin Airplane, 20th C.,FR3SH$43.20
3025406Singer Sew Handy Sewing Machine, Model No 20, 20th C., FR3SH$104.40
3025407Large Group of Costume Jewelry, 20th C., FR3SH$96.00
3025408Coast Artillery Cannon, Baldwin Manufacturing Company, 20th C., FR3SH$91.20
3025409African Mask, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025410Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Double Bar Ranch Lunch Box, 20th C., FR3SH$44.40
3025411Assorted Group of Glass, Porcelain and Ceramic Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025412Two Chinese Carved Hard Stone and One Metal Fu Dog Figures, Modern, FR3SH$115.20
3025413Four Chinese Hardstone Figural Groups, Modern, FR3SH$151.20
3025414One McCoy Ceramic Plant Pot and Two Hull Pottery Mugs, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025415One Hull and Three McCoy Ceramic Vases, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025416Eight Assorted Glass Vases, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025417Nine Ceramic Vases and Plant Pots, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025418Cameo Glass Vase and Compote Dish, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3025419Gilt Metal and Beveled Glass Dresser Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$148.80
3025421Five Yellowware Bowls, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025422Large Assorted Group of Porcelain Articles, Japan/China/ Italy, 20th C., FR3SH$55.20
3025423Art Noveau Style Patinated Metal Figural Clock, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025424Four Ron Lee Sculptures, 20th C., FR3SH$55.20
3025425Hummel Porcelain Friar Tuck Toby Decanter, Mug, Jug and Salt and Pepper Shakers, German, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025428Limoges Porcelain and Gilt Metal Mounted Dresser Box, 20th C.,FR3SH$30.00
3025429Nao by Lladro Porcelain Mother and Child, Spain, 20th C., FR3SH$91.20
3025430Group of Wood and Composition Document and Jewelry Boxes, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025431Group of Black American Articles , 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025432Cast Iron Dachshund Dog Food Dish, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025433Patinated Metal Sculpture "Lanuit," 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025434Two Vintage Coffee Grinders and an Egg Beater,20th C., FR3SH$243.60
3025435Assorted Beer Related Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025436Two Patinated Metal Jumping Horse Figural Groups, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025437Seven Dolls, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025438Large Group of Depression and Carnival Glass, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025439Vintage Door Knobs and Pulley's, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025440Authentic E.T. Limited Edition Talking Figure, 20th C., FR3SH$67.20
3025441Three French Can Can Girl Prints, 20th C., FR3SH$67.20
3025442Four Gilt Metal Seated Buddha Figures, Modern, FR3SH$912.00
3025443Large Group of Patinated Metal, Marble Mounted Busts of Presidents and Animal Figures, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025444Resin Mickey Mouse Bank and Ceramic Donald Duck Bank, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025446Neoclassical Style Patinated Metal Figural Table Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3025448Victorian Porcelain and Gilt Metal Fluid Table Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025449Art Nouveau Style Gilt Metal and Resin Shade Table Lamp, 20th C.FR3SH$30.00
3025450Frosted Glass and White Metal Mounted Airplane Table Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$66.00
3025451Satsuma Decorated Porcelain Sleeping Cat and Egg, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025453Five Mixed Metal Decorative Swords, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025455Large Group of Colorless and Colored Glass Perfume Bottles and Stoppers, 20th C., FR3SH$164.40
3025456Six Metal Banks, 20th C., FR3SH$74.40
3025457Four Banks, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025458Seven Figural Banks, 20th C., FR3SH$61.20
3025461Home Town Batter Cast Iron Mechanical Bank, 20th C., FR3SH$68.40
3025462Six Patinated Metal Figural Banks,20th C., FR3SH$64.80
3025463Artillery Cast Iron Mechanical Bank, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025464Structo Toys Transport Truck, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025466Marx Toy Dick Tracy Squad Car, 20th C., FR3SH$56.40
3025467Hubley Toy Transport Truck, 20th C., FR3SH$193.20
3025468"Three Stooges" Composite Figures, 20th C., FR3SH$114.00
3025469Marx Toy Trains and Lionel Train Accessories, 20th C., FR3SH$68.40
3025470Lionel Trains and Lionel Construction Set, 20th C., FR3SH$282.00
3025471Copper Coal Scuttle with Ceramic Handles, 20th C., FR3SN$30.00
3025472Group of Eleven Glass Paperweights, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025473Group of Decorative Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025474Art Deco Entouka Compact and Robert Hudnut Compact, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025476Assorted Metal Decorative Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025477Art Deco Bronze Sculpture, DH Chiparus, 20th C., FR3SH$151.20
3025479Two Egyptian Sphinx and a Bird Figure, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025481Moon Zoom Child's Metal Disc Sled, 20thC., FR3SH$43.20
3025482Large Group of Miniature Porcelain Animal Figures, 20th C.,FR3SH$54.00
3025483Mixed Group of Table Articles, 20th C., FE3SH$30.00
3025484Two Taj Mahal Models, 20th C., FR3SH$51.60
3025485Group of Star Wars Action Figures, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025486Nine Betty Harper Elvis Presley Prints, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025487Three Maxfield Parrish Prints, late 19th/early 20th C., FR3SH$150.00
3025488Four Bessie Pease Gutmann Infant Prints, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$30.00
3025489Two Framed Wedgwood Medallions,English, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025490Four Micro Mosaic Frames, Possibly Italian, 20th C., FR3SH$85.20
3025491Two Miniature Landscape Prints, 20th C.,FR3SH$54.00
3025496Daguerreotypes of Individuals and Family Portraits, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025497Joe Pesci Autographed Photograph from "My Cousin Vinny," 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025498Beatles Collectables, 20th C.FR3SH$30.00
3025500Two Erector Toy Sets, by The A.C. Gilbert Company, 20th C., FR3SH$43.20
3025502Group of Colorless Cut Glass Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$85.20
3025504Singing Bird Automation Music Box, German, 20th C., FR3SH$162.00
3025505Pompeian Bronze Dante & Beatrice Bookends,20th C., FR3SH$56.40
3025506Three Wrought Iron Lanterns, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025508Gold Painted Three-Panel Metal Screen, 20th C., N7GN$180.00
3025511Maxfield Parrish Print, 20th C., FR3SH$67.20
3025515Arts and Crafts Style Table Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$126.00
3025516Neoclassical Style Black Porcelain and Gilt Metal Mounted Covered Jar, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025517Pair of Chinese Black Lacquer and Gilt Painted Plant Stands, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025518Two Sterling Silver Porringers, American, 20th C., FR3SH$154.80
3025519Sterling Silver Porringer, American 20th C., FR3SH$84.00
3025520Sterling Silver Revere Form Trophy Bowl, American, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3025521Webster Sterling Silver Reticulated Circular Tray, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$151.20
3025522Sterling Silver Circular Footed Tray, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$84.00
3025523Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Footed Bowl, American, 20th C., FR3SH$276.00
3025524Sterling Silver Handled Basket and Circular Dish, American, 20th C., FR3SH$163.20
3025525Sterling Silver Rectangular Hinged Lidded Box, 20th C., FR3SH$344.40
3025526Four Sterling Silver Small Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$180.00
3025527Four Sterling Silver Small Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$150.00
3025528Small 870 Silver and Enamel Circular Dish, Norwegian, 20th C., FR3SH.$30.00
3025529Four Sterling Silver Circular Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$60.00
3025530Group Sterling Silver Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH$96.00
3025532Group of Sterling Silver Small Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH$87.60
3025533Two Sterling Silver Picture Frames, American, 20th C., FR3SH$52.80
3025534Group of Sterling Silver Weighted Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH$90.00
3025535Group of Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$114.00
3025536Group of Seven Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$300.00
3025537Two Sterling Silver Sherbert Cups, American, 20th C., FR3SH.$42.00
3025538Three Sterling Silver Cigarette Cases, 20th C., FR3SH.$162.00
3025539Six Sterling Silver Napkin Rings, American, 20th C., FR3SH$198.00
3025540Group of Sterling Silver Small Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH$294.00
3025541Group of Sterling Silver and 800 Silver Serving Spoons, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3025542Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Flatware Items, 20th C., FR3SH$74.40
3025543American Sterling Co Floral Pattern Handle Matching Spoons & Forks, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025544Group of Sterling Silver Serving Forks, American, 20th C., FR3SH$240.00
3025545Group Sterling Silver and Coin Silver Spoons, American, Late 19th/Early 20th C., FR3SH$189.60
3025546Group of Sterling Silver Spoons, 20th C., FR3SH$216.00
3025547Group of Sterling Silver Handled Knives, 20th C., FR3SH$242.40
3025548Group of Sterling Silver Serving Spoons, American, 20th C., FR3SH$126.00
3025549Set of Four Sheibler Flat Handled Butter Spreaders, American, 20th C., FR3SH$61.20
3025550W & S Sorensen, Denmark Matching Ladle, Curved Spoon and Condiment Spoon, 20th C., FR3SH.$109.20
3025552Group of Sterling Silver Spoons, 20th C., FR3SH$186.00
3025553Cartier Sterling Silver Tongs, 20th C., FR3SH$192.00
3025554Group of Demi-tasse and Salt Spoons, 20th C., FR3SH.$206.40
3025555Group of Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3025556Group of Silver Plate Flatware and Serving Pieces, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025557Two Silver Plated Double Handled Tea Trays, 20th C., FR3SH$66.00
3025558Crosby, Spain 800 Silver Bowl, 20th C., FR3SH$84.00
3025559Silver Plated Velvet Lined Indian Motif Hinged Box-Form Jewelry Box., 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025560Two Gilt Metal Picture Easels, and a Dresser tray, 20th C., FR3SH.$66.00
3025561Wallace Sterling Silver Handled Jar With Pierced Lid, American 20th C., FR3SH$180.00
3025562Group of Silver Plated Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH$56.40
3025563Seven Vintage Silver Plated Loving Cup Trophies, American, 20th C., FR3SH$96.00
3025564Silver Plated Cruet Stand With Glass Bottles, Pickle Caster and Tea Urn, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025567Group of Silver Plated Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH$300.00
3025569Four Sterling Silver Holders With Glass Inserts, American, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025570Group of Silver Plated Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025571Silver Plated Monumental Chased Urn, and Two Circular Bowls, 20th C., FR3SH$151.20
3025572Miscellaneous Group of Metal Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025574Watercolor Landscape, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025575Hanging Weight Ten Pound Scale, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025576Mickey Mouse Standing Figure, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025577Official Futurama Robot Action Toy "Bender," 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3025578Ideal Electronic Missile Base, Battery Operated, 20th C., FR3SH$67.20
3025581Five Porcelain Queen Victoria and Albert Commemorative Items, English, 19th C., FR3SH$90.00
3025582Six British Royalty Commemorative Items, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$117.60
3025583Eight Items Commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3025584Six Commemorative Porcelain Plates for King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$90.00
3025585Seven King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra Commemorative Items, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$90.00
3025586Thirteen King George V and Queen Mary Commemorative Items, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3025587Five Bisque Porcelain Busts, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3025588English Silver Trowel with Bone Handle, early 20th C., FR3SH$426.00
3025589Nine Porcelain Items Commemorating King Edward VII and George VI, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3025590Four Colorless Glass Commemorative British Royalty Items, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3025591Eleven Porcelain Table Articles, English, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$90.00
3025593Two Needlepoints of Young Boys, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3025594Printed Photograph of Queen Victoria, W&D Dourney, London, FR3SH$72.00
3025595Print of the French Royal Family, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3025596Three Prints of Royal British Women, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3025597Eight Commemorative Painted Tin Boxes, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$90.00
3025598Eleven Commemorative Painted Tin Boxes, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3035513Patinated Metal Sculpture of a Nude Man on a Marble Base, 20th C., FR3SH$150.00