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Autumn Fine & Decorative Arts Auction-October 23 to November 6, 2013
October 23, 2013

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3158717Stieff Sterling Silver Flatware Service for Twelve, American, N9GN$1561.20
3158718Group of Sterling Silver Flatware Items, American, 20th C., N9GN$229.20
3158719Set of Twelve Gorham Sterling Silver and Enamel Demi-Tasse Spoons, American, 20th C., N9GN$103.20
3158720Boxed Set Mother-of-Pearl Handled Fish Serving Knife and Fork, English, 20th C., N9GN$100.80
3158721Minton Porcelain "Ancestral" Partial Dinner Service, English, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158722Minton Porcelain "Ancestral S-595" Partial Dinner Service, English, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158723Partial Group of Webb Stemware, England, 20th C., N9GN$159.60
3158724Large Assorted Group of Cut, Pressed and Art Glass Stemware and Barware, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158728"In Darkest Africa" by Henry Stanley, Vols 1 and 11, Demy Quarto Edition, 19th C., N9GN$1566.00
3158729Raadvad Mogensen, "Champagne" Pattern Sterling Silver Partial Dinner Service, Denmark, 20th C., N9GN$992.40
315873014K Yellow Gold Enamel and Diamond Peacock Brooch, American, 20th C., N7GN$300.00
3158731Navette Shape Unmarked yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, European, 20th C., N9GN$1585.20
3158732High Carat Unmarked Yellow Gold Filigree Sapphire and Pearl Bow-Form Pendant, 20th C., N9GN$686.40
3158733Le Reymond Logle Yellow Gold and Enamel Hunter Case Pocket Watch, 20th C., N9GN$840.00
3158734Gold Filled Enamel Locket and Two Stickpins, 20th C., N9GN$555.60
3158736Oil on Panel, Seascape with Lighthouse, J.S. Dudley, late 19th C.,N9GN$180.00
3158737Two Watercolors, Augustus Kollner (American, 1813-1906), N9GN$960.00
3158739Four Chinese Erotica Prints, 19th/20th C., N9GN$3360.00
3158740Watercolor on Board, Mine House, Barney Shude ,American early 20th C., N9GN$372.00
3158741Oil on Canvas, Landscape with Figure on Bridge, 19th C., N9GN$870.00
3158743Blue and White Porcelain Vase, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N9GN$240.00
3158744Three Chinese Watercolor Paintings, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158745Two Vintage Hermes, Paris Silk Scarves, French, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3158746Two Vintage Hermes, Paris Silk Scarves, French, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158747Two Vintage Hermes, Paris Scarves, French, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158748Vintage Gucci and Vintage Emanuel Ungaro Silk Scarves, Italian/French, 20th C., N9GN$110.40
3158749Three Vintage Silk Scarves, Italian, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158751Tiffany & Co. "Tiffany Blue" Patent Leather Change Purse, American, 20th C., N9GN$108.00
3158752Loro Piana Made in Italy for Bergdorf Goodman Black Cashmere Shawl, 20th C., N9GN$162.00
3158753Missoni and Burberry Wool Scarves, English/Italian, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158754Anne Klein Brown Wool and Dyed Fox Collar Coat, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158755Worth Leather Tote Bag, Italy, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3158756Salvatore Ferragamo Black Leather Hobo Bag, Italy, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3158757Two Rafe Handbags, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158758Three Coach Handbags, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3158759Two St John Knit Sweaters and One Skirt, 20th C., N9GN$70.80
3158760Three Cole Haan Leather Hand Bags, 20th C., N9GN$174.00
3158761Two Quoizel Gone with the Wind Style Hurricane Lamps, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158762Steinway & Sons Mahogany Baby Grand Piano, 20th C., N9GN$1200.00
3158763Framed Enhanced Photograph of Baden-Baden, German, 20th C., N9GN.$42.00
3158764Diamond Set Yellow Gold Mounted 1903 United States Five Dollar Gold Coin, 20th C., N9GN$720.00
315876518K Yellow Gold and Diamond Necklace, Italian, 20th C., N9GN$1800.00
3158766Native American Sterling Silver and Opal Cuff Bracelet, 20th C., N9GN$312.00
3158767Tiffany & Co. 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Rope Chain, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3158768Group of Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold Jewelry Items, 20th C., N9GN$144.00
3158769Material Related to Lee De Forest, "Father of the Radio Industry", American, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158770Oil on Board Landscape, John Thomson, (Scottish 1778-1840), N9GN$180.00
3158771Six Baccarat Tumbler Glasses, Harmonie Pattern, 20th C., N9GN$300.00
3158773Three Majolica Plates and Two Pitchers, 19th and early 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158774Pair of Oak Birdcage Windsor Chairs, American, 19th C., N9GN$102.00
3158775Two Empire Style Mahogany Mirrors, 19th/20th C., N9GN$45.60
3158776Bronze Sculpture, "Range Mother," Bob Scriver (American, 1914-1999), N9GN$180.00
3158777Fifty-One Volume Set, The Harvard Classics, Edited by Charles W. Eliot, N9GN$121.20
3158778Contemporary White-Painted Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158779Contemporary Oak Queen Size Bedstead, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158781Group of Blue and White Porcelain Articles, 20th C., N9GN$67.20
3158782Four Chinese Porcelain and Pottery Articles, Ming Dynasty, N9GN$242.40
3158783Chinese Porcelain Blande Red Vase,19thC., N9GN$495.60
3158784Five Chinese Cloisonne Articles, 19th/20thC., N9GN$210.00
3158785Tibetan Tanka, 20th C., N9GN$112.80
3158787Chines Export Famille Rose Punch Bowl, late 19th C., N9GN$660.00
3158788Group of Six Decorative Hand Colored Engravings, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3158791Antler and Leather Rocking Chair, early 20th C., N9GN$600.00
3158794Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal Urn, 20th C., N9GN$1620.00
3158795Porcelain Figure of a Rabbi, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158796Miniature Painting on Composition, Consalvo Battai, Italy, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158798Four Chinese Composition Musical Figures, 20th C., N9GN$223.20
3158799Two Chinese Composition Figures with Fans,20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158800Chinese Bone Fisherman and Warrior, 20th C., N9GN$1080.00
3158801Chinese Colorless Glass and Silver Plated Mounted Inkwell, 20th C., N9GN$2173.20
3158802Enamel and Blackamoor Figural Miniature Clock, 20th C., N9GN$4752.00
3158803S. Kirk & Sons Sterling Silver with Vermeil Wash Miniature Bird Cage and Stand, 20th C., N9GN$2475.60
3158804Coalport Porcelain Beaded Demi-Tasse Cup and Saucer, England, 20th C., N9GN$391.20
3158806Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Double Snuff Bottle and a Single Snuff Bottle, 20th C., N9GN$843.60
3158808Two Chinese Hard Wood Display Stands, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3158810Three Chinese Calligraphy on Paper, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3158814Five Federal Style Sabre Leg Side Chairs, American, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158816Victorian Mahogany Slant Front Desk, American, late 19th C., N9GN$90.00
3158817Victorian Oak Tall Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N9GN$86.40
3158818Pine Armoire, English, 19th/20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158819Chinese Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$387.60
3158820Carved Hardstone Figure of a Kneeling Animal Figure, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3158823Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Gourd Form Vase, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158824Chinese Patinated Metal and Gilt Decorated Decanter, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158825Chinese Brass Figure of a Lady Playing an Instrument, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3158826Chinese Carved Lazuli Lapis Fisherman, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158830Three Japanese Woodblock Prints, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158831Three Japanese Books, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158832Four Unframed Japanese Woodblock Prints, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158835Japanese Woodblock Print, 19/20th C., N9GN$42.00
3158837Zsolany Porcelain Seated Dog, Hungary, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3158838Three Herend Floral Decorated Porcelain Articles, Hungary, 20th C.,N9GN$30.00
3158839Two Herend Porcelain Bowls, Hungary, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158840Group of Koszorusne Gilt Decorated Porcelain, Czechoslovakia, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158842Mother and Child Polychrome Print, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158843Queen Anne Maple Highboy, New England, 18th C., N9GN$1800.00
3158845Cherry Wood Mirror, 20th C., N9GN$48.00
3158846Oil on Board Marine Painting, Paul Jean Clays (1819 - 1900), Belgium, N9GN$900.00
3158848French Provincial Style Maple Open Armchair, 20th C., N9GN$15.60
3158849Sherrill Blue and Red Striped Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N9GN$79.20
3158850Baroque Style Cast-Brass Six Light Chandelier, Dutch Influence, 20th C., N9GN$84.00
3158851Contemporary Floral Upholstered Love Seat, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158852Georgian Style Mahogany Two-Tiered End Table, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3158853Contemporary Pink Upholstered Love Seat, 20th C., N9GN$36.00
3158854Contemporary Plaid Upholstered Diminutive Club Chair, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158855Neoclassical Style Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158856Contemporary Green and Blue Floral Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158857Gucci Gold Tone and Enamel Ladies Quartz Wristwatch, Swiss, 20th C., N9GN$15.60
3158858Very Heavy Gold Tone Link Bracelet, 20th C., N9GN$ 6.00
3158859Group of Six Costume Jewelry Pins, 20th C., N9GN$18.00
3158860Sheffield Silver Co., Silver Plated Large Oval Shaped Tray, American, 20th C., N9GN$12.00
3158861Neoclassical Style Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C.,N9GN$240.00
3158862Empire Style Eglmoise-Panel Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3158865Two Lithographs of French Soldiers, Janet Lange, 19th C., N9GN$57.60
3158867Two Watercolors, Flowers in a Vase, B. Wells, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158868Two Cartoon-Style Prints, Annie Tempest, 20th C., N9GN$12.00
3158869Two Rectangular Giltwood Mirrors, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158870George III Inlaid Mahogany Gentleman's Shaving Mirror,19thC., N9GN$180.00
3158871Two Ceramic and One Milk Glass Table Lamps, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3158872Two Wilton Pewter Trays, 20th C., N9GN$15.60
3158873Painted Tole Tray, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158875Five Ceramic Cookware Articles,France, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3158877Partial Villeroy & Boch "Switch" Porcelain Dinner Service, German, 20th C., N9GN$393.60
3158878Italian Wildfire Designs Ceramic Bowls, Plates and Charger Platter, 20th C., N9GN$48.00
3158879Silver Plated Wooden Bottom Circular Galleried Tray, 20th C., N9GN$24.00
3158880Group Silver Plated Table Items, American, 20th C., N9GN$24.00
3158881Silver Plated Wood Based Oval Tray, Covered Vegetable Dish, and Tea Caddy, 20th C., N9GN$44.40
3158882Gilt-Decorated Ebonized Papier Mache Tray on Stand, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158883Regency Inlaid Mahogany Sofa Table, English, 19th C., N9GN$1080.00
3158884Watercolor, Landscape with Trees, Oregon, 1945, N9GN$30.00
3158885Val St Lambert Colorless Glass Covered Bowl, France, 20th C., N9GN$27.60
3158886Paint-Decorated Turned Wood Table Lamp, 20th C., N9GN$24.00
3158887Military Pins and Buttons, American/French, 20th C., N9GN$ 6.00
3158888Eleven Limoges Porcelain and Gilt Decorated Luncheon Plates, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158889Brass Mounted Vanity Lamp, 20th C., N9GN$15.00
3158891Rene Lezard Silk Sleeveless Shell with Cowl Neck, 20th C., N9GN$15.60
3158892Nicole Miller Collection, Black Silk Crepe Dress, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158893Vintage Romeo Gigli Bronze Organza Jacket circa 1980's, N9GN$60.00
3158897Yoly Muoz Couture Bronze Silk Taffeta and Black Lace Evening Gown and Matching Wrap, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158899Christian Dior Full Length Ranch Mink Coat,20th C., N9GN$780.00
3158900Pischl Green Wool Poncho/Cape, Austria, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158902Vintage Silk Scarf with Amber Glass Tassels, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158903Carlos Falchi Black and Silver Evening Bag, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158904Vintage Gilt Metal and Silk Beaded Evening Bag, 20th C. N9GN$120.00
3158905Jean Despres, 18K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Art Deco Ring, French, 20th C., N9GN$960.00
3158906Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Miniature Perfume Bottle, American 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158907Jay Strongwater Enamel and Faux Jeweled Circular Compact, American, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158908Rebecca Collins, Sterling Silver and Hardstone Ear Clips, American, 20th C., N9GN$192.00
3158910Victorian Needlepoint-Upholstered Mahogany Side Chair, late 19th/20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158911Georgian Style Giltwood Overmantel Mirror, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3158912Contemporary Oak Tall Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158914Contemporary Green-Painted Washstand, 20th C., N9GN$24.00
3158915Baroque Style Mahogany Armchair, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158916Contemporary Black-Painted Circular Low Table with Mirror Top, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158918Regency Style Leather-Inset Mahogany Drum Table, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158919Chinese Chippendale Style Mahogany Two Drawer Side Table, 20th C., N9GN$103.20
3158920Chinese Style Low Table and Ottoman, 20th C., N9GN$15.60
3158921Federal Cherrywood Drop-Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N9GN$150.00
3158922Chinese Metal-Mounted Pine Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158923Three Similar George III Style Mahogany Ladderback Side Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3158924Georgian Style Walnut Candlestand, 20th C., N9GN$54.00
3158926Three Patinated Metal and Wood Torcheres, 20th C., N9GN$24.00
3158928Chippendale Style Gilt-Decorated Mahogany Mirror, 19th/20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158929Federal Giltwood Pier Mirror, American, 19th C., N9GN$84.00
3158930Georgian Style Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158931Chinese Ancestor Portrait, 18th/19th C., N9GN$4800.00
3158933Minton, England Polychrome Porcelain Avian & Floral Motif Dinner Plates, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158934French Polychrome Faiance Soup Tureen With Fruit Form Finial, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158935Staffordshire, "Ellesmore" Pattern Set of Eight Dinner Plates, England, 20th C., N9GN$126.00
3158936Twelve Minton, Porcelain Bouillons and Sixteen Underplates,England, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3158937Chinese Export Porcelain Famille Rose Three Piece Tea Set, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158938Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Covered Vegetable Dish, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158940Three Silver Plated Candlesticks, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158941Four Silver Plated Candlesticks with Pierced Silver Plated Shades, 20th C., N9GN$36.00
3158943Pair of Silver Plated Two Arm Candelabra, 20th C., N9GN$151.20
3158944Pair of Mounted Water Buffalo Horns, 20th C., N9GN$48.00
3158945Pair of Thai Carved Wooden Figures, Modern, N9GN$30.00
3158947Bronze Sculpture, "Bronco Buster," after Frederick Remington (Am. 1861-1909, N9GN$162.00
3158949Chippendale Style Mahogany Slant Front Desk, 19th/20th C., N9GN$360.00
3158950Federal Carved Mahogany Side Chair, Duncan Phyfe or a Contemporary, American, 19thC., N9GN$8700.00
3158951Colonial Revival Carved Mahogany Fall-Front Ladies Writing Desk, American, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3158952Chinese Copper Red Underglaze Jardiniere, 18th C., N9GN$11340.00
3158953Empire Mahogany Swivel-Top Game Table, American, 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3158954Louis XVI Style Mahogany Chaise Lounge, 19th/20th C., N9GN$240.00
3158955Federal Inlaid Mahogany Butler's Desk, American, 19th C., N9GN$480.00
3158956Neoclassical Marble Top Inlaid Chest of Drawers, Continental, 19th C.,N9GN$2190.00
3158957Empire Mahogany Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N9GN$390.00
3158958Federal Style Mahogany Drop Leaf Work Table, 20th C., N9GN$57.60
3158960Empire Mahogany Swivel Top Game Table, American, 19th C., N9GN$180.00
3158961Federal Mahogany Two-Drawer Work Table, American, 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3158962Victorian Mahogany Roll Top Desk, American, late 19th C., N9GN$330.00
3158963Jacobean Style Carved Mahogany Window Seat, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3158964Federal Mahogany Slant Front Secretary Bookcase, American, 19th C., N9GN$660.00
3158965Federal Inlaid Mahogany Two Drawer Stand, American, 19th C., N9GN$303.60
3158966Empire Mahogany Two-Drawer Work Table, American, 19th C., N9GN$180.00
3158967Federal Inlaid Mahogany Slant Front Bookcase Secretary, American, 19th C., N9GN$570.00
3158968Three Vintage T. Anthony Suitcases, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3158969Victorian Red-Leather Upholstered Mahogany Cock Fighting Chair, English, 19th C., N9GN$450.00
3158970Empire Mahogany Swivel Top Game Table, American, 19th C., N9GN$102.00
3158971Victorian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3158973Set of Four Chinese Hardwood Nesting Tables, 20th C., N9GN$270.00
3158974Two Chinese Hardwood Plant Stands, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3158975Pair of Empire Style Brass and Wrought-Iron Andirons, 20th C., N9GN$270.00
3158977Alex Beckers Double Viewer Mahogany Table Top Stereoscope, New York, 19th C., N9GN$270.00
3158978Victorian Mahogany Swivel Top Games Table, American, late 19th C., N9GN$180.00
3158979Vintage Paramount Banjo, William Lange, early 20th C., N9GN$516.00
3158980Empire Mahogany Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N9GN$300.00
3158981Brass-Mounted Inlaid Mahogany, Part-Ebonized Tilt-Top Candlestand, 19th/20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158982Victorian Carved Walnut Chest of Drawers, American, late 19th C., N9GN$240.00
3158983Mission Oak Rocking Chair, American, 20th C., N9GN$360.00
3158984Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Settee, American, 20th C., N9GN$114.00
3158985Three Tribal Throw Rugs, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3158986Carved Mahogany Backstool, Alpine, Probably Swiss, 19th/20th C., N9GN$120.00
3158987Two Victorian Carved Mahogany Chairs, American, late 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3158988Pair of Victorian Part-Ebonized Walnut Side Chairs, American, late 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3158989Two Umbrella Stands, 20th C., N9GN$181.20
3158990Victorian Carved Mahogany Occasional Table, American, late 19th C., N9GN$126.00
3158991Two Carved Mahogany Backstools, Alpine, Probably Swiss, 19th/20th C., N9GN$246.00
3158992Louis XVI Style Giltwood Side Chair, 19th C., N9GN$72.00
3158993Black Painted Windsor Child's Chair, 19th/20th C., N9GN$391.20
3158994Federal Mahogany Two Drawer Stand, American, 19th C., N9GN$90.00
3158995Pair of Empire Mahogany Side Chairs, American, 19th C., N9GN$60.00
3158996Two Empire Mahogany Side Chairs, American, 19th C., N9GN$60.00
3158997Oil on Canvas, River Landscape, Christian Meyer,(American 1838-1907), N9GN$487.20
3158998Oil on Canvas, Hanging Dead Fish, 19th/20th C., N9GN$360.00
3158999Oil on Canvas, Barn Landscape, Edmund D. Lewis (American, 1835-1910), N9GN$2760.00
3159000Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Woman in a Hat, Theodore Breuer (American, 1870-?) N9GN$210.00
3159001RFS & Co. Gold Filled Mounted Walking Stick, American, Early 20th C., N9GN$339.60
3159003Print, Girl and Her Dog, Briton Riviere (English, 1840-1920), N9GN$120.00
3159004Empire Parcel-Gilt Mahogany Overmantel Mirror, American, 19th C., N9GN$210.00
3159007Print, Girl with Two Cows, Edwin Douglas (English, 1848-1914), N9GN$300.00
3159008Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Woman, American, 19th/20th C., N9GN$278.40
3159009Oil on Canvas, Landscape, Morris Seymour Bloodgood (American, 1945-1920), N9GN$720.00
3159011Map, North American Colonies and Territories, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159013Oil on Board, Parlor Scene, 19th C., N9GN$721.20
3159014Oil on Canvas, Still Life Vase of Flowers, 19th/20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159015Oil on Canvas, Seascape, Joseph Antonio Hekking (1830-1903), N9GN$2520.00
3159016Oil on Canvas, Couple at a Table, Ernst Anders (German, 1845-1911), N9GN$1200.00
3159017Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Boy, Ernst Anders (German, 1845-1911), N9GN$300.00
3159018Print of a Woman and a Photograph of a Man, early 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159019Empire Mahogany Mirror, American, 19th C., N9GN$60.00
3159021Empire Mahogany Pier Mirror, American, 19th C., N9GN$90.00
3159022Sarouk Style Throw Rug, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159024Heriz Style Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159025Oil on Canvas, Elderly Woman Knitting, Theodore Breuer (American, 1870-?), N9GN$180.00
3159026Oil on Canvas, Western Scene, Norman Blaine Saunders (American, 1907-1989), N9GN$3000.00
3159028Oil on Board, Clipper Ship at Sea, Gordon Grant (American, 1875-1962), N9GN$570.00
3159029Oil on Board, Clam Diggers, French, 19th/20th C., N9GN$660.00
3159030Oil on Board, New Hampshire Quarry, Andy Anderson, 1967, N9GN$120.00
3159032Gorham Sterling Silver Rectangular Hinged Wood Lined Box, American, 20th C., N9GN$298.80
3159034Two Lappas, Argentina Silver Plated Crystal Dresser Jars, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159036Pair of Imari Ginger Jars, Japanese, 20th C., N9GN$781.20
3159037Pair of Georgian Style Colorless Glass Lustres, late 19th/20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159038Pair of Victorian Cast Brass Figural Girandole Lustres, late 19th C., N9GN$90.00
3159039Three Cloissone Enamel Boxes and a Vase, Chinese, 19th C. and Later, N9GN$667.20
3159042Four Hardstone Table Articles, Some Chinese, 20th C., N9GN$43.20
3159043Regency Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Mahogany Lap Desk, English, early 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3159044Victorian Print Decorated Satinwood Tea Caddy, English, 19th C., N9GN$210.00
3159045Group of Enamel and Porcelain Boxes and Matchbook Covers, Mostly Chinese, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3159047Three Lacquer Boxes, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159049Georgian Style Mahogany Mantle Clock, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3159050Coalport "Admiral" Pattern Partial Dinner Service, English, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159051Seven Glass Paperweights, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159052Nine Piece Bakelite Dresser Set, English, early 20th C.,N9GN$60.00
3159053Sterling Silver and Mother-of-Pearl Baby Rattle, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159054Sterling Silver Handled Pair of Scissors, 20th C., N9GN$56.40
3159055Silver Plated Tray, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159056Seven Pieces of Colored Table Glass, 19th/20th C., N9GN$156.00
3159057Partial Keramis Dinner Service, Belgian, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159058Chinese Style Brass Lantern, 20th C., N9GN$55.20
3159060United States Navy Dress Sword, 20th C., N9GN$189.60
3159061Victorian Brass-Inlaid and Green Stone Inlaid Black Hardstone Mantle Clock, 19th C., N9GN$180.00
3159062Two Sevres Parian Ware Figural Groups, 19th/20th C., N9GN$249.60
3159063Twelve Bavarian Fruit-Decorated Luncheon Plates, Kraufheim, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159064Thirteen Wedgwood Octagonal Luncheon Plates, English, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159065Brass Repousse Decorated Wine Pitcher, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159066Three Beaver Top Hats, 19th/20thC., N9GN$270.00
3159067Oil on Canvas, Study of a Monk, Arnaldo Tamburini (Italian 1843-1908)N9GN$480.00
3159068Oil on Board Portrait, Girl with a Flower in her Hair, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159069Two Tiffany Style Table Lamps and Shades, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159070Group of Vintage Walking Sticks, Umbrellas and Riding Crops, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159071Victorian Mourning Frame, American, N9GN$60.00
3159072Two Tiffany Favrile Glass Shallow Bowls, 20th C., N9GN$901.20
3159073Three Fashion Prints, 20th C.,N9GN$30.00
3159074Unframed Japanese Woodblock Print,20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159075Two Miniature Oil on Paper Laid Down on Board Landscape Paintings, 19th/20thC., N9GN$180.00
3159076Three Ornithological Engravings, 19thC., N9GN$90.00
3159077Two Watercolor Landscape Paintings, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159078Six French Miniature Hinged Porcelain Boxes, 19th/20thC., N9GN$180.00
3159079Pair of Neoclassical Style Blue Porcelain and Gilt Decorated Covered Urns, 20thC., N9GN$1320.00
3159080Assorted group of Limoges Plates and Bowls, France, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159081Twelve Royal Doulton Porcelain Luncheon Plates, England, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159082Two Vintage Tiffany & Company Travel Clocks, 20th C., N9GN$333.60
3159083Two Miniature Oval Portrait Paintings of Gentleman on Bone, 19thC., N9GN$780.00
3159084Two Chinese Cloisonne Table Lamps, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3159085Neoclassical Style Alabaster Urn Form Lamp, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159088Hand Painted Porcleain Urn Form Table Lamp, Classical Figures in Center Medallion, 20th C.,N9GN$330.00
3159089Assorted Group of Porcelain Articles, France/Hungary/German/England/Japan, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159091Tiffany & Company Colorless Glass Circular Platter, Germany, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159093Two Tiffany & Company Circular Pewter Covered Boxes, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159094Five Fountain Pens, 20th C., N9GN$55.20
3159096Tiffany Sterling Silver Picture Frame, American, 20th C., N9GN$510.00
3159098Group of Gold Tone Costume Jewelry, 20th C., N9GN$98.40
3159099Group of Silver Toned Costume Jewelry Items, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3159100Royal Worcester Orientalist Style Figure,19th C., N9GN$420.00
3159101Yellow Ware Bowl and Two Molds, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159102Two Vintage Patinated Metal and Gilt Decorated Lion Figural Company Blind Stamps,20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159103Jiminy Cricket Toy, by Ideal, 20th C., N9GN$96.00
3159104Two Foot Stools, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159105Effanbee Baby Doll, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159106Patinated Metal Dog Figural Two Arm Candelabra with Prisms, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159107Bronze Sculpture of a Classical Figure, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159108Pair of Neoclassical Style Bronze Ewers, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159109Pair of Cast Bronze Bear Figures, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159110Mixed metal group of Table Articles, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159112Six Porcelain Platters, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159114Twelve Royal Doulton Transferware Dinner Plates, England, 20th C., N9GN$54.00
3159115Chinese Export Porcelain, Canton Pattern Platter, late 19th C., N9GN$210.00
3159116Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl and Vase, 20th C., N9GN$270.00
3159117Pair of Chinese Porcelain, Famille Jaune Jardinieres, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159118Chinese Porcelain Famille Noir Jardiniere, 20th C., N9GN$361.20
3159119Japanese Imari Porcelain Jardiniere, 20th C.,N9GN$210.00
3159120Bronze Seated Classical figure, French, 20th C.,N9GN$330.00
3159121Eleven Assorted Orange and White Porcelain Plates,Japanese, 20th C., N9GN$2049.60
3159122Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Ring Handled Vase, England, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3159123Pair of Silver Overlay Glass Vases, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159124Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Three Handled Urn, England, 19thC., N9GN$390.00
3159125Pair of Cobalt and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Ewers, Bacchus Motif, Continental, 19thC., N9GN$3601.20
3159128Group of Asian Table Articles, 20th C., N9GN$121.20
3159129Cobalt and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Urn, Continental, 19thC., N9GN$1920.00
3159130Three Wedgwood Articles, England, 20th C., N9GN$67.20
3159131Two Pairs of Chinese Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N9GN$55.20
3159132Royal Vienna Hand Painted and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Coffee Set, 10th C., N9GN$3960.00
3159133Three Framed Pencil Signed Prints, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3159135Oriental Style Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159136Bokhara Style Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$360.00
3159137Persian Carpet, early 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159138Victorian Eastlake Style Walnut Secretary, late 19th C., N9GN$480.00
3159139George III Mahogany Secretary Bookcase, English, late 18th C., N9GN$480.00
3159141Georgian Inlaid Walnut Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th C., N9GN$510.00
3159144Five Vintage Fans, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159146Group of Bone, Wood and Composition Elephant Figures, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159147Japanese Wood Block Print, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159148Three Vintage Coin Purses, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159150Heinz Sterling on Bronze Vase, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159151Seven Wedgwood Jasperware Porcelain Articles, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159152Alaskan Bone and Scrimshaw Cribbage Board,20th C., N9GN$300.00
3159153Collection of Reproduction Museum and Souvenir Articles, 20th C., N9GN$216.00
3159154Royal Copenhagen Vase, Denmark, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159156Three Native American Woven Baskets, 20th C., N9GN$1140.00
3159157Native American Woven Basket and Jug, 20th C., N9GN$302.40
3159158Vintage Scale and Weights, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159159Vintage Cranberry Scoop/Rake, early 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159160English Silver Ink Stand, 20th C., N9GN$230.40
3159161English Silver Rectangular Hinged Lidded Wood Lined Box., 20th C., N9GN$116.40
3159162Twelve Baroque Style Pink-Gingham Upholstered Dining Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$1800.00
3159163Bamboo and Rattan Armchair, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159164Two Similar Regency Style Faux-Rosewood Side Tables, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159165Georgian Style Inlaid Mahogany Tray on Stand, 20th C., N9GN$151.20
3159166Contemporary Pink-Plaid Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159167Regency Style Mahogany Caned Library Chair, 20th C., N9GN$840.00
3159168Jacobean Style Pine Center Table, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159169Two Blue Gingham Draper Panels, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159171Four Contemporary White-Painted Rush Seat Side Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$45.60
3159172Mixed Media on Linen, Two Ducks, Chinese, 20th C., N9GN$24.00
3159173Contemporary Matching White-Painted Chest of Drawers and Nightstand, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159174Contemporary Green-Painted Pier Table, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159175Four White-Painted Rush-Seat Barstools, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3159176Pair of Contemporary White-Painted Nightstands, 20th C., N9GN$45.60
3159177Queen Anne Style Cherrywood Double Pedestal Dining Table, 20th C., N9GN$600.00
3159179Stained Pine Pier Table, 19th/20th C., N9GN$360.00
3159180Three Prints of Tropical Fish, 20th C., N9GN$126.00
3159181Queen Anne Style Oak One-Drawer Work Table, 20th C., N9GN$390.00
3159182Pine Welsh Cupboard, 20th C.,N9GN$180.00
3159183White-Painted Tilt-Two Tiered Stand, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159184Six Blue-and-White Flora and Fauna Decorated Drapery Panels, 20th C., N9GN$840.00
3159185Oak Two-Tiered Rolling Serving Cart, 20th C., N9GN$96.00
3159186Pine Two Drawer Pier Table, English or American, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159187Contemporary Wrought-Iron Four Light Chandelier, 20th C. N9GN$90.00
3159189Federal Mahogany Commode, American, 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3159190Contemporary White Painted Desk with Hutch, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159191Regency Style Walnut Veneered Center Table, 19th/20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159192Contemporary Green-Gingham Upholstered Headboard, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159193Contemporary Yellow-and-Blue Pattern Upholstered Headboard, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159194Contemporary Blue-Floral Upholstered Headboard, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159195Four Prints of Seashells, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159196Contemporary Red, Blue, and White Striped Area Rug, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159197Contemporary Grey, Blue, and Beige Woven Room Size Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159198Contemporary Blue and White Floral Room Size Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159199Contemporary Geometric Room Size Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159200Contemporary Floral Decorated Room Size Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159202Contemporary Sea Foam Green and White Checkerboard Area Rug, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159203George III Style Mahogany Highboy, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3159204Chinese Carved Hardwood Pier Table, 20th C., N9GN$1020.00
3159205Chinese Carved Hardwood Low Table, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159206Half Hull Ship Model, "Benjamin F. Phillips," by Scott Chambers, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159207Federal Style Mahogany Camelback Sofa, 20th C., N9GN$138.00
3159208Federal Style Mahogany Drop Leaf Breakfast Table, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159209Mid-Century Modern Widdecomb Maple Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9GN$271.20
3159210Chinese Carved Hardwood Settee, 20th C., N9GN$360.00
3159211Chinese Gilt-and-Paint Decorated Red Lacquer Altar Table, 20th C., N9GN$1920.00
3159212Mid-Century Modern Widdecomb Maple Tall Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3159214William and Mary Style Black Painted Caned Seat Chaise Lounge, 19th/20th C., N9GN$330.00
3159215Chinese Hardwood Settee, 20th C., N9GN$300.00
3159216Chinese Hardwood Love Seat, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159219Four Chinese Stone-Inset Carved Hardwood Armchairs, 20th C., N9GN$300.00
3159221Two William and Mary Style Mahogany Side Tables, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159222Pair of Federal Style Mahogany Plant Stands, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159223Brass Tray on Wood Stand, Indian, 20th C., N9GN$153.60
3159224Stone Inlaid Hardwood Side Table, Middle Eastern, 20th C., N9GN$660.00
3159225Chinese Square Hardwood Mahjong Table, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159226Four Mid-Century Modern Maple Swivel Office Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$1020.00
3159227Pair of Chinese Hardwood Side Tables, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159228Chinese Carved Hardwood Altar Table, 20th C., N9GN$7200.00
3159229Brass Mounted Metal and Red-Leather Savonarola Chair, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159231Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Pier Table, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159232Stained Pine Blanket Chest, American, 19th C., N9GN$210.00
3159233Chinese Six Panel Bird of Prey Decorated Folding Screen, 20th C., N9GN$909.60
3159234Chinese Style Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159235Tribal Style Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159236Two Chinese Throw Rugs, 20th C., N9GN$45.60
3159237Chinese Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159238Contemporary Chinese Carpet, 20th C., N9GN$390.00
3159241Painted Wood Panel, Earl of Oxford Ales & Spirits, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159243Japanese Landscape Watercolor, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159245Japanese Print on Silk, 20th C., N9GN$1586.40
3159246Oil on Canvas, Fishing Boat in Rough Seas, Arthur Safford (1900-1992) American, 20th C., N9GN$104.40
3159248Two Japanese Needlework on Silk, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159251Oil on Canvas, Town Square Scene, Carl F. Noone, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159253Sail Boat Print, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159257Two Japanese Drawings on Paper, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159258Ericka Smith DeLong Watercolor, Three Loons, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159259Woodblock Print, Subtemple at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Unichi Hiratsuka (Japanese, 1895-1997), N9GN$180.00
3159260Three English Colored Engravings of Roosters,19th C., N9GN$180.00
3159265Two Chinese Floral Paintings on Silk, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159272Japanese Erotic Wood Block Print, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159273Two Erotic Prints on Paper, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159274Chinese Carved Soap Stone Plaque, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159278Set of Six Fores's Hunting Casualties Fox Hunt Colored Engravings, English, 1850, N9GN$90.00
3159279Two Watercolor Paintings of Junk Ships, PC Thomas, Chinese, 1904, N9GN$90.00
3159282Three Sand Piper Shore Bird Prints, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159283Seven Botanical Lithographs, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159284Oil on Canvas Landscape, Ed Furuike, "Liliou Kalani Gardens," Hawaii, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159292Georgian Style Giltwood Mirror, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159293Carved Wooden Pilot and Greenland Right Whale, by Robert Hewins Locke, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159294Carved Wooden Sperm Whale,by Robert Hewins Locke, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159295Carved Wooden Killer and Finback Whale, by Robert Hewins Locke, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159296Chinese Scroll Print, Cat and Dog, 20th C., N9GN$570.00
3159297Chinese Scroll Print, Dragon and Baby, 20th C., N9GN$570.00
3159298Chinese Scroll Print on Silk, Portrait of a Lady, 20th C., N9GN$2400.00
3159302Chinese Scroll Print on Silk, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3159304Two Chinese Scroll Prints, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3159305Three Chinese Scroll Prints, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159306Three books on Erotica, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159307Group of American Coins in Coin Folders, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159308Chinese Cloisonne Punch Bowl, Butterfly and Floral Motif, 20th C., N9GN$510.00
3159309Chinese Cloisonne Baluster Form Vase, 20th C., N9GN$46812.00
3159310Three Chinese Bronze Incense Burners, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159312Chinese Cloisonne Bowl and a Pair of Compotes, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159314Six Chinese Cloisonne Articles, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159315Chinese Porcelain Bowl Painted with Erotic Scenes, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159316Two Chinese Imari Porcelain Platters, 19th/20th C., N9GN$330.00
3159317Pair of Chinese Fu Dog Decorated Brush Pots, 19th/29thC., N9GN$60.00
3159320Pair of Chinese Giltwood Fu Dog Figures, 20th C., N9GN$6300.00
3159321Pair of Chinese Cloisonne Tall Baluster Form Vases, 20th C., N9GN$360.00
3159322Half Hull Ship Model, "Schooner Yacht America, 1851" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159323Half Hull Ship Model, "Friendship Sloop Pemaquid, LOA 25'-0" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159324Half Hull Ship Model, "New England Pinky" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159325Half Hull Ship Model, "Ex Portland Pilot Sch Timberwind" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159326Half Hull Ship Model, "Penobscot Bay Lobster Boat" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159327Half Hull Ship Model, "Peapod Double Ender" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159328Half Hull Ship Model, "Gloucester Fisherman Adventure" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159329Half Hull Ship Model, "Northport Sailing Dory" by Duck Trap Woodworking, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159330Contemporary Wood Crane Sculpture, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159331Contemporary Brass Sculpture, C. Jere, 20th C., N9GN$360.00
3159332Pair of Chinese Rose Medallion Porcelain Garden Seats, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159334Chinese Rose Medallion Porcelain Garden Seat, 20th C., N9GN$1821.60
3159336Ink on Paper, Chinese Landscape, 20th C., N9GN$55.20
3159337Chinese Two Panel Folding Table Screen, 20th C., N9GN$570.00
3159338Carved Wood Bas Relief Plaque of The Great Seal of the United States, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3159339Half Hull Ship Model, "Lizzie W. Matheson," by Scott Chambers, 1983, N9GN$240.00
3159341Three Dunhill 14K Outer Jacket Cigarette Lighters,England, 20th C., N9GN$1440.00
3159342Sterling Silver and Enamel Presentation Cigarette Lighter, 20th C., N9GN$200.40
3159343Three Chinese Hard Wood Display Stands, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159344Georg Jensen Allan Scharff Sterling Silver Wagtail Letter Opener, Denmark, 20th C., N9GN$1059.60
3159345Three Chinese Carved Bone Ring Puzzles, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159346Chinese Opium Pipe, 20th C., N9GN$277.20
3159347Paul Evans Mixed Metal End Table, 20th C., N9GN$690.00
3159348Lucite Sculpture, Reclining Male, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159349Two Patinated Metal Eagle Sculptures, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159350Chinese Patinated Metal Erotica Circular Plaque, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159351Two Boyds Collection J Dudley Decoy Ducks, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159356Three Patinated Metal Ducks, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159357Large Brass Eagle Figure on Tree Branch, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159362Two Chinese Carved Hard Stone Duck Figures, 20th C., N9GN$144.00
3159363Carved Bone Eagle Head, 20th C., N9GN$181.20
3159364Chinese Bronze Standing Bird Figure, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159365Two Chinese Cloisonne Bird Figures, 20th C., N9GN$337.20
3159366Four Steuben Crystal Swan Figures, 20th C., N9GN$570.00
3159367Three Steuben Crystal Bird Figures, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159368Four Steuben Crystal Swan Figures, 20th C., N9GN$660.00
3159369Bronze of Eagle Sculpture, Jules Moigniez, French, 19th C., N9GN$600.00
3159370Pair of Patinated Metal Chamber Oil Lamps, 20th C., N9GN$96.00
3159371Three Carved Wood Shore Birds, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3159372Stoneware Crock, "McCormack & Caverley High Bridge NJ," 20th C., N9GN$468.00
3159373Stoneware Crock, "H V. Bodine, Clinton, N.J." 20th C., N9GN$422.40
3159374Stoneware Jug, "Frank Sabo 362 S. Main St. Phillipsburg, N.J." 20th C.,N9GN$102.00
3159375Stoneware Crock, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159377Thai Carved and Gilt Wood Buddha Figure, 20th C., N9GN$2400.00
3159378Thai Patinated Metal Seated Buddha Figure, 20th C., N9GN$1560.00
3159379Carved Wood Standing Fu Dog Figure, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159380Tall Chinese Blue and White Baluster Form Vase, 20th C., N9GN$2305.20
3159381Tall Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase, 20th C., N9GN$391.20
3159382Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Garden Seat, 20th C., N9GN$1233.60
3159383Thai Carved Wood Buddha Figure encased in an Altar Shrine, 20th C., N9GN$1080.00
3159384Thai Carved Wood Buddha Figure encased in an Altar Shrine, 20th C., N9GN$2160.00
3159385Whiting "Madam Jumel" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service, American, 20th C., N9GN$918.00
3159386Group of Silver Flatware Items, American/English, 19th/20th C., N9GN$301.20
3159387Five Small Sterling Silver Chamber Stick Form Candlesticks, American, 20th C., N9GN$152.40
3159388English Silver Mounted Bird Head Form Parasol Handle, 20th C., N9GN$571.20
3159389Jacobean Style Mahogany Needlepoint-Upholstered Bench, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159390Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Vitrine Cabinet, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159391Contemporary Brass and Glass Coffee Table, 20th C.,N9GN$324.00
3159392Oak and Caned Seat High Chair and Stroller, circa 1880, N9GN$60.00
3159393Contemporary Carved Mahogany Club Chair, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159394Lyon & Healy Maple and Gilt-Decorated Concert Harp, early 20th C., N9GN$1800.00
3159395Brass Music Stand, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159396Pair of Federal Style Cast Brass Andirons, 19th/20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159397Empire Wrought-Iron Chenet, French, 19th C., N9GN$180.00
3159398Pair of Silver Plated Table Pheasants, 20th C, American, N9GN$120.00
3159399Steuben Colorless Crystal Footed Bowl and Bird on Ball, 20th C., American, N9GN$211.20
3159400Nautical Brass Inclinometer, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159401Nautical Brass Telescope, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159403Pair of Reproduction Copper and Brass Navigation Lights, 20th C., N9GN$271.20
3159406Nautical Boxed Marine Compass, 20th C., N9GN$114.00
3159409Centennial Exhibition Wooden Puzzle Blocks Game, 1876, N9GN$240.00
3159410Pair of Hand Painted Gilt Decorated Bristol Glass Footed Vases, 19th/20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159411George Smith Floral-Upholstered Chaise Lounge, 20th C., N9GN$432.00
3159412George Smith Contemporary Floral-Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N9GN$960.00
3159413Federal Black-Painted Pine Hanging What-Not Shelf, American, 19th C., N9GN$378.00
3159414Provincial Style Green-Stained Pine Pier Table, 20th C., N9GN$300.00
3159415French Provincial Style Walnut Center Table, early 20th C., N9GN$840.00
3159416Provincial Style Walnut Wine Table, 19th/20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159417Federal Paint-Decorated Rush Seat Fancy Chair, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159418Pair of Contemporary Velour-Upholstered Club Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$218.40
3159419George Smith Ltd Brown-Leather Ottoman, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3159420Four Oak Bentwood Side Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159421Pair of George Smith Ltd Lift-Top Ottomans, 20th C., N9GN$331.20
3159422Oriental Style Rug, 20th C., N9GN$390.00
3159423Painted Wood Book-Form Side Table, American, 19th C., N9GN$726.00
3159424Pair of Federal Style Carved Mahogany Twin Bedsteads, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159425Federal Cherrywood Twin Bedstead, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159427Regency Walnut Slant-Front Pedestal Desk, English, 19th C., N9GN$300.00
3159428Empire Style Giltwood Pier Mirror, 19th/20th C., N9GN$510.00
3159429Neoclassical Leather-Inset Mahogany Writing Desk, French, 19th C., N9GN$1140.00
3159430Contemporary Cloverleaf-Form Upholstered Ottoman, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159431Painted Three Panel Folding Screen, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159432Contemporary Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N9GN$45.60
3159433Louis XVI Style White-Painted Bergere, 20th C.,N9GN$900.00
3159434Victorian Bamboo Etagere, late 19th/20th C., N9GN$144.00
3159436Framed Blanc de Chine Bas Relief Plaque, 20th C., N9GN$45.60
3159437Two Contemporary Pink and White Painted Nesting Tables, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159438White-Painted Plaster and Wood Ceiling Medallion, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159439George III Style Mahogany Upholstered Bench, 20th C., N9GN$246.00
3159440Mahogany Caned Seat Side Chair, 19th/20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159441Georgian Style Upholstered Wing Chair, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159442Empire Style Walnut Bookcase, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159443Pair of Federal Style Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$72.00
3159444Empire Green Upholstered Mahogany Low Chair, American, 19th C., N9GN$300.00
3159445Oil on Canvas, Hunting Dogs Scene, Arthur Alfred Davis (English, 1877-1905), N9GN$660.00
3159446Queen Anne Style Chinoiserie-Decorated Swivel Top Game Table, 19th/20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159448Regency Mahogany Rush Seat Armchair, English, 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3159449Neoclassical Style White-Painted Marble Top Pier Table, 20th C., N9GN$780.00
3159450Whitewashed Pine Sideboard, 20th C., N9GN$540.00
3159452Red-Stained Pine Dome-Top Trunk, 19th/20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159453Neoclassical Style Black-and-Gold Painted Center Table, 20th C., N9GN$390.00
3159454Red-Stained Pine Lift-Top Blanket Chest, American, 19th C., N9GN$120.00
3159455Five Embroidered Pillows and an Embroidered Quilt, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159457Duvet Cover and Paisley Fabric Panel, 20th C., N9GN$30.00
3159458Eight Assorted Throw Pillows, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159459Pair of Blue-and-White Porcelain Jardineres, Chinese, 20th C., N9GN$362.40
3159461Queen Anne Style Mahogany Needlepoint Firescreen, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159462Pair of Embroidered Leather Pillow Covers, Moroccan, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159463Green-and-Gold Painted Eight-Light Wrought-Iron and Tole Chandelier, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159464Neoclassical Style White-Painted Wood Floor Lamp, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159465Three Nautical Brass Lanterns, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159466Two Bulbous Bell Form Hall Lanterns, 20th C., N9GN$330.00
3159467Contemporary Painted Ceiling Fixture, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159468Cast-and-Wrought Iron Four Light Chandelier, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159469Pair of Regency Style Brass Wall Sconces and brass mounted glass hurricane shade, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159470Pair of Contemporary Brown and Floral Painted Columnar Form Candlesticks, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159471Staffordshire Porcelain Dog, 20th.C, N9GN$60.00
3159472Pair of Decorative Over Painted Glass Urns, 20th C., N9GN$15.60
3159473Neoclassical Style Composite Covered Urn, 20th C., N9GN$151.20
3159475Two Cast Iron Painted Fox Head Door Stops,19th/20th C., N9GN$391.20
3159476Chinese Black Floral Decorated Porcelain Vase, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159478Pair of Chinese Armorial Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159479Pair of Chinese Armorial Porcelain Covered Jars, 19th/20thC., N9GN$90.00
3159480Amber Glass Bowl and Pedestal, English, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159481Pair of Gilt Decorated Porcelain Hens, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159484Group of Continental Handpainted Porcelain Articles, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159489Art Deco Cerused Oak Pedestal Desk, French, early 20th C., N9GN$1680.00
3159490French Provincial Walnut Farm Table, 19th C., N9GN$942.00
3159491Cast-Iron Garden Urn, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159492Arts & Crafts Brass-Mounted Inlaid Oak Armoire, English, early 20th C., N9GN$900.00
3159493Pair of White-Painted Carved Wood Corinthian Columns, 18th/19th C., N9GN$2792.40
3159494Pair of Louis XVI Style Painted Armchairs, 19th/20th C., N9GN$1494.00
3159495Twenty Assorted Antique Books, 19th/20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159496Pair of French Rococo Style Carved Fruitwood Open Armchairs, 20th C., N9GN$660.00
3159497Art Deco Style Cerused Oak Footstool, 20th C., N9GN$510.00
3159500Bentwood and Metal Umbrella Stand, Possibly German, 20th C., N9GN$270.00
3159501Georgian Style White-Painted Segmental Pediment, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159502Persian Runner, Pakistan, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159504Gold-Painted Metal Sunburst Wall Sculpture, 20th C., N9GN$270.00
3159505Chippendale Style Faux-Bamboo Armchair, 20th C., N9GN$384.00
3159506Pair of Elaborately Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Hardwood Side Tables, 20th C., N9GN$781.20
3159507Contemporary Brass Mounted Two-Drawer Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9GN$390.00
3159508Regency Style Beige-Upholstered Mahogany Ottoman, 20th C., N9GN$240.00
3159510Corinthian Style Carved Stone Architectural Fragment, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159511Baldwin Ebonized Spinet Piano, 20th C., N9GN$360.00
3159513Contemporary Red-Lacquer Game Table, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159514Pair of Regency Style Cast-Brass Andirons, 20th C., N9GN$102.00
3159515Contemporary Bent-Metal and Glass Top Side Table, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159518Paint-Decorated Carved Wood Shield, New Guinea, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159520Mixed Media Sculpture, Bronx Zoo, Artist Abby Saunders, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159522Etching, Two Abstract Figures, Alberto Giacometti (Swiss, 1901-1966), N9GN$1920.00
3159523Two Currier & Ives Prints, "A Brush for the Lead" and "The Cares of a Family," 19th C., N9GN$600.00
3159524Etching, "The Great Jewish Bride," Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669), N9GN$336.00
3159525Oil on Canvas, Forest Landscape, Herman Geyer (American, 19th C.), N9GN$960.00
3159526Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Woman with Green Ribbon, American School, 1835, N9GN$579.60
3159527Oil on Canvas, Livestock and Figures in a Landscape, American School, 19th C., N9GN$336.00
3159528Oil on Board, "Echo Lake, White Mountains," American School, 19th/20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159529Three Small Portraits, 19th/20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159531Japanese Imari Covered Vase, 19th C., N9GN$612.00
3159532Four George Washington Related Works of Art, 19th/20th C., N9GN$672.00
3159533Oil on Canvas, Fall River Scene, C. Muller, 19th C., N9GN$240.00
3159534Oil on Canvas, "Drifting Sand," Oscar Anderson (American, 1873-1953), N9GN$1027.20
3159536Two Metal Medallions and Calligraphy in Shadow Boxes, Chinese, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159537Pair of Gorham Sterling Silver Oval Handled Baskets, American, 20th C., N9GN$181.20
3159539Olive Amber Blown Molded Glass Inkwell, Probably Keene, NH, 19th C., N9GN$180.00
3159540Lithograph, "Jem Ward's Picture of the Great Fight Between Tom Sayers & J.C. Heenan," N9GN$43.20
3159541Carved Bone Bas-Relief Figural Scene, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N9GN$5865.60
3159542Chinese Export Plate, Animal Decorated, 19th/20th C., N9GN$270.00
3159543Four Staffordshire Porcelain Items, English, 19th C., N9GN$90.00
3159544Three Staffordshire Porcelain Figural Groups, English, 19th C., N9GN$90.00
3159545Two Staffordshire Porcelain Buildings, English, 19th C., N9GN$180.00
3159546Eight Blue-and-White Porcelain Items, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159550Oil on Canvas, Sailboat in Harbor, William Clay, 19th C.,N9GN$60.00
3159551Large Giltwood Frame, 20th C., N9GN$276.00
3159552Lithograph, "Reception Militaire," Jean Dufy (French, 1888-1964), N9GN$114.00
3159553Oil on Board, French Countryside Scene, Jacque Mathey (French, 1883-1973), N9GN$420.00
3159554Oil on Canvas, River Landscape, Edmund Coates (American, 1816-1871), N9GN$1200.00
3159555Group of Sterling Silver Flatware and Silver Plated Items, 20th C., N9GN$296.40
3159556Wallace "Antique" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Items, American, 20th C., N9GN$302.40
3159557Group of Sterling Silver Serving Spoons, American/English, 18th/20th C., N9GN$344.40
3159558Group of Sterling Silver Teaspoons, American, 20th C., N9GN$392.40
3159559Assorted Sterling Silver Spoons, American, 20th C., N9GN$205.20
3159560Towle "Old Newbury" Pattern Sterling Silver Pieces, American, 20th C., N9GN$570.00
3159561Group of Sterling Silver Serving and Condiment Forks, American, 20th C., N9GN$160.80
3159562Sterling Silver Small Serving Pieces, American/English, 19th/20th C., N9GN$216.00
3159563Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, American, late 19th C., N9GN$300.00
3159564Two Sterling Silver Handled Two Piece Carving Sets, American, 20th C., N9GN$108.00
3159565Miscellaneous Silver Plated Table Items, American, 20th C., N9GN$51.60
3159571Richard Ginori Rete Blue Porcelain Dinner Service, Italy, 20th C., N9GN$420.00
3159572Val St Lambert Cobalt to Clear Cut Crystal Vase,Belgium /France, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159573Three Stromberg Shytan Colorless Crystal Vases, Sweden, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159574Porcelain Capodimonte B. Merrli Mythological Figural Group,Italy, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159576Two Pedro Friedeberg Silk Screens, Mexican, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159577Two Patinated Metal Southeast Asian Seated Deities, 20th C., N9GN$11220.00
3159578Capodimonte Monumental Porcelain Treasure Box, Italy, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159580Six Watch Collage Wall Plaques, 20th C.,N9GN$96.00
3159581Limoges Porcelain Oval Hinged Lidded Box, France, 20th C., N9GN$961.20
3159582Pair of Chinese Ring Handled Vases, 19th/20thC., N9GN$1441.20
3159583Lalique Frosted Glass Egret, France, 20th C., N9GN$150.00
3159584Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Vase, 19thC.,N9GN$450.00
3159585Royal Dux Porcelain Figural Group, Three Graces, Czechoslavakia, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159586Carved Stone Inuit Figure, Alaska, 20th C., N9GN$90.00
3159587Painted Agate Nude Figure, 20th C., N9GN$18.00
3159588Three Japanese Vases, 20th C., N9GN$8401.20
3159589Delft Blue and White Porcelain Vase, Holland, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159590Chinese Porcelain Vase Warrior Motif with applied Fu dog handles, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159591Two Antique Wire-Inlaid Flintlock Handguns, Continental, 18th C., N9GN$300.00
3159592Carole Stupell Design Silvered Metal and Shell Seal, Italy, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159593Pablo Picasso Colored Lithograph on Paper, Rainbow Dove, 20th C., N9GN$2041.20
3159595Pedro Friedeberg Silk Screen, Mexican, 20th C., N9GN$163.20
3159596Salvador Dali Print, Spanish, 20th C., N9GN$690.00
3159597Oil on Canvas Abstract, Lawrence W. Whitaker, 20th C., N9GN$60.00
3159598Chinese Carved and Giltwood Hotai with Children Wall Plaque, 20th C., N9GN$3720.00
3159600Oil on Canvas, Popo & Ruby Lee, Man and Child Faces, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159601Oil on Canvas, Chess Players, 20th C., N9GN$43.20
3159602Chinese Floral Still Life Print, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159603Eland Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, 20th C., N9GN$330.00
3159604Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Taxidermy Mount, 20th C., N9GN$270.00
3159605Axis Deer Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, 20th C., N9GN$192.00
3159606African Waterbuck Antelope Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, 20th C.,. N9GN$120.00
3159607Red Fox Taxidermy Mount, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159610Oribi Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, 20th C., N9GN$45.60
3159611White Tail Deer Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, 20th C., N9GN$75.60
3159613Two Duck Taxidermy Mounts, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3159615Wild Boar Taxidermy Mount, 20th C., N9GN$180.00
3159616Wild Boar Taxidermy Mount, 20th C., N9GN$399.60
3159617Wild Goat Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3159618Gemsbok Oryx Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, 20th C., N9GN$210.00
3159619Set of Horns Mounted on Leather and Wood, 20th C., N9GN$42.00
3159620Ship Model, Cargo Motor Vessel, Mersey Ore, German, 20th C., N9GN$480.00
3159621Relief Ship Model, Clipper Ship, 20th C., N9GN$360.00
3159622Antique Engraved Brass Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$2520.00
3159623Antique Engraved Brass Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$2550.00
3159624Antique Engraved Brass Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$4080.00
3159625Antique Brass Mounted Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$1776.00
3159626Antique Brass Mounted Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$2202.00
3159627Antique Brass Mounted Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$3240.00
3159628Antique Brass Mounted Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$2310.00
3159629Antique Engraved Overmounted Spring Bayonet Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$2310.00
3159630Antique Engraved Overmounted Spring Bayonet Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$2364.00
3159631Antique Engraved Undermounted Spring Bayonet Blunderbuss, Irish, 18th C., N9GN$1719.60
3159632Antique Engraved Brass Double Barrel, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$13920.00
3159633Antique Engraved Steel Double Barrel, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$5040.00
3159634Antique Engraved Brass Blunderbuss, Probably English, 18th C., N9GN$3084.00
3159635Antique Engraved Brass Nautical Blunderbuss, Probably Dutch, 18th C., N9GN$6300.00
3159636Antique Engraved Brass and Steel Maritime Boat-Mounted Blunderbuss, Continental, N9GN$3240.00
3159638Tiffany "Provence" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service, American, 20th C., N9GN$1440.00
3159640Gorham and Towle Sterling Silver Circular Trays, American, 20th C., N9GN$447.60
3159641Six Chippendale Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$421.20
3159642Rococo Style Gilt Wood Mirror, 19th/20thC., N9GN$600.00
3159643Oil on Board, Children and Dog on Beach, 20th C., N9GN$426.00
3159645Neoclassical Style Painted and Gilt Decorated Chest with Marble Top, 20th C., N9GN$601.20
3159646Pine Work Table, 19th/20thC., N9GN$456.00
3159647Neoclassical Gilt Wood Mirror, 20th C., N9GN$900.00
3159648Oil on Board Religious Portrait, 19th/20thC., N9GN$282.00
3159649Sterling Silver Oval Bread Dish, 20th C., N9GN$372.00
3162681Print, Fisherman, Chinese, 20th C., N9GN$120.00
3167124Six Maple Spindle Back Side Chairs, 20th C., N9GN$180.00