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Holiday Auction: Personal Property of Actor, Dustin Hoffman-December 3-17, 2013
December 3, 2013

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3211421Sterling Silver and Carnelian Link Bracelet, 20th C., N1HN$222.00
3211422Sterling Silver Greek Key Motif and Matching Bracelet, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211423Sterling Silver Jade and Marcasite Link Bracelet, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211424Sterling Silver Hinged Bangle Bracelet, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211425Four Strand Coin Pearl Necklace With Sterling Silver Butterfly Clasp, 20th C., N1HN$186.00
3211426Double Strand Rose Quartz and Pearl Necklace With Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211427Henri Bendel Gilt Metal Mounted Resin Plaque Wrist Watch, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211428Los Castillo Hand Wrought Mixed Metal Circular Disk, Mexican, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211429Tiffany & Co. Woven Sterling Silver Flexible Cuff Bracelet, American, 20th C., N1HN$752.40
3211430Sterling Silver Picture Frame, 20th C., N1HN$48.00
3211431Sterling Silver Pill Boxes and Compact, American/European 20th C., N1HN$254.40
3211432Pair of Porcelain Vases, Floral Motif, 20th C., N1HN$211.20
3211433Carolee Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, American, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211435Hermes Enamel Bangle Bracelet, Austrian 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3211436Angelique de Paris Sterling Silver Hinged Bangle Bracelet, French, 20th C., N1HN$210.00
3211437Three Enamel Bangle Bracelets, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211438Lagos Caviar Sterling Silver Ribbed Bracelet With 18K Yellow Gold, 20th C., N1HN$390.00
3211439Sterling Silver and Cultured Pearl Pendant, Robert Lee Morris, American, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211440Lois Hill Sterling Silver Jewelry, American, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211441Sterling Silver Cable Link Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$72.00
3211442Lagos Sterling Silver Gold Beaded and Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace and Bracelet, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211444Continuous-Arm Windsor Armchair, American, Late 18th C., N1HN$180.00
3211446Frosted Luce Plan "D36 Agaricon" Table Lamp, Italy, 20th C., N1HN$151.20
3211447Large Group of Vintage Embroidered, Lace and Crochet Bed and Table Linens, early 20thC., N1HN$120.00
3211448Large Group of Vintage Embroidered, Lace and Crochet Bed and Table Linens, early 20thC., N1HN$120.00
3211450Large Group of Antique Collector and Price Guide Books, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211451Large Group of Antique Porcelain, Pottery, Glass and Price Guide Books, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211452Large Group of Antique, Art and Price Guide Books, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211453Large Group of Auction House Catalogs, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211454Solingen Silver Plated Vermeil Wash Six Piece Dessert Set, Germany, 20th C., N1HN$42.00
3211455Longchamp Black Leather Roseau Handbag, France, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211457Mahogany Hooded Rocking Cradle, American, 19th C., N1HN$330.00
3211458Vintage Whiting & Davis Art Deco Bakelite Kiss Clasp Alumesh Evening Bag, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211459Vintage Lucite Hinged Box Form Purse, 20th C., N1HN$54.00
3211460Two Similar Vintage Native American Style Woven Wool Clutch Handbags,20th C., N1Hn$72.00
3211465Oak Telephone Table, 20th C., N1HN$96.00
3211466Federal Mahogany Two Drawer Work Table, American, 19th C., N1HN$120.00
3211471Jacobean Style Mahogany Sideboard, 20th C., N1HN$720.00
3211481Eight Jacobean Style Leather and Mahogany Dining Chairs, 19th/20th C., N1HN$600.00
3211483Elsa Peretti For Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold Pendant on Matching Chain, 20th C., N1HN.$600.00
3211484Mixed Metal Japanesque Hanging Open Face Pocket Watch, Late 19th/Early 20th C., N1HN$396.00
3211485Sterling Silver and Aquamarine Ring, 20th C., N1HN$450.00
3211486Black Cultured Pearl Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$162.00
3211487Akoya Pearl Graduated Strand Necklace With 14K White Gold Clasp, 20th C., N1HN$98.40
3211488Set of Three Sterling Silver Large Link Bracelets, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$492.00
3211489Baroque Freshwater 11MM Pearl Necklace With Sterling Silver Clasp, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211490Pink Freshwater 7.5MM Pearl Rope Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3211491Freshwater Oval Gray 10MM Pearl Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211493Freshwater 8MM Pearl Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$98.40
3211495Ecclissi Sterling Silver Bracelet Wristwatch, 20th C., N1HN$54.00
3211496Two Gilt Sterling Silver Bracelets and Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$48.00
3211497Three Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets and Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$126.00
3211498Group Gold Tone Costume Jewelry Items, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211499Caucasian Mat, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211500Heriz Runner, 20th C., N1HN$210.00
3211501Heriz Runner, 20th C., N1HN$300.00
3211502Heriz Runner, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211503Tabriz Rug, 20th C., N1HN$480.00
3211504Caucasian Mat, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211505Capo-di-Monte Blace de Chine Porcelain Figure of a Bagpiper, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211506Reticulated Porcelain Table Lamp, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211508Black Shirred Mink Vest With Rheinstone Zipper, 20th C., N1HN$780.00
321151518K Yellow Gold Amethyst and Diamond Ring, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$792.00
3211516Chinese Zhou Style Spring and Autumn Carved Hardstone Dragon, Modern, N1HN$120.00
3211521Two Chinese Carved Hardstone Animal Figures, Modern, N1HN$90.00
3211522Chinese Bronze Bird Figure Vessel, Modern, N1HN$60.00
3211524Chinese Carved Bone Standing Elephant Figure, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211526Asian Patinated Metal Battle Shield, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211527Twelve Japanese Imperial Jingdezhen Porcelain Geisha Motif Plates, 20thC., N1HN$150.00
3211530Chinese Carved Hardstone Figural Vase and Table Garniture, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211531Chinese Patinated Metal Elephant and Lion Figure, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211532Two Chinese Cloisonne Baluster Form Vases, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211533Chinese Porcelain Shield Form Tray, 20th C., N1Hn$90.00
3211534Pair of Chinese Cloisonne Covered Jars, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211536Three-Masted Clipper Ship, "Flying Cloud", 20th C.,N1HN$240.00
3211537Seven-Masted Clipper Ship, "Thomas W. Lawson", 20th C.,N1HN$120.00
3211538Three-Masted Clipper Ship, "Red Jacket", 20th C.,N1HN$181.20
3211539Three-Masted Clipper Ship, "American Eagle", 20th C.,N1HN$120.00
3211540Three-Masted Clipper Ship, "Red Jacket", 20th C.,N1HN$180.00
3211541Antique Pistol-From Blunderbuss with Spring-Loaded Bayonet, English, 18th C., N1HN$3120.00
3211542Antique Flintlock Pistol, English, 18th C., N1HN$1080.00
3211543Pair of Engraved Gilt-Decorated Percussion Dueling Pistols, Continental, 18th C., N1HN$1440.00
3211544Steuben and Tiffany Colorless Glass Grapes and Bowls, 20th C.,N1HN$271.20
3211545Tiffany Sterling Silver Calendar and Perfume Flask and Mexican Silver Jewelry, N1HN$162.00
3211547Charcoal and Chalk Drawing, Portrait of a Woman, Burt Silverman, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211548Two Wool Carriage Blankets, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211549Waterford Colorless Crystal Vases, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211551Miniature Oil on Board Seascape, Carmel California, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211552Abraham Lincoln Engraving, 19th/20thC.,N1HN$60.00
3211554Silver Plated Four Arm Candelabra, 20th C., N1HN$102.00
3211555Limoges Porcelain Partial Dresser Set, France, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211556Pair of Brass Horse Figural Bookends, 20th C., N1HN$132.00
3211557Group of Vintage Evening Bags and Coin Purses, 19th/20thC., N1HN$162.00
3211558William J. McCormick Produce Broker, Philadelphia,PA Hinged Lid Box, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211559Group of Silver Plated Articles, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211560Pair of Brass Federal Ball Top Andirons, N1HGN$120.00
3211561Louis XV Style Marble Top Low Table, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211562Miscellaneous Group of Buttons, Buckles and Costume Jewelry, 20th C., N1HN$42.00
3211563Group of Vintage Gold Filled Jewelry and Fragments, 20th C., N1HN$456.00
3211564Three Ladies Watches, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211565Pair of Silver Plated Covered Serving Dishes on Stands, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211566Pair of Silver Plated 3-Arm Candelabra, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211567Silver Plated Coffee Service, 20th C., N1HN$73.20
3211568Group of Silver Plated Table Articles, 20th C., N1HN$84.00
3211569Waterford Cut Crystal Vase, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211570Pair of Regency Style Candelabra Form Gilt Metal Table Lamps,20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211572Abstract Print, Maulhardt, 20th C.,N1HN$60.00
3211576Hitchcock Style Side Chair, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211577Painted Ceramic Nativity Set, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211578Three Native American Chief Prints, 20th C.,N1HN$30.00
3211581Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Circular Bowl, American, 20th C., N1HN$153.60
3211582Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, American, 20th C., N1HN$570.00
3211583Lalique Art Deco Amethyst Frosted Figural Glass Vase, France, 20th C., N1HN$780.00
3211584Four Byers' Choice Caroler Figures, 20th C.,N1HN$60.00
3211585Five Byers' Choice Caroler Figures, 20th C.,N1HN$60.00
3211586Five Byers' Choice Caroler Figures, 20th C.,N1HN$60.00
3211588Pair of Continental Street Scene Prints, 20th C., N1HN$43.20
3211589Two Portrait Prints, English, 19th/20thC., N1HN$30.00
3211590Watercolor Floral Still Life 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211592Four Brass Ecclesiastical Style Candlesticks, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211593Pair of Chinese Oxblood Glazed Vases, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211594Four Antique Leather Bound Newspaper Clippings, 19thC., N1HN$60.00
3211596Group of Leather Bound Novels and Classic Books, 19th/20thC., N1HN$270.00
3211597Gorham Sterling Silver Polar Exploration Oval Ice Bucket, American, 19th C., N1HN$16200.00
3211598Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold "Atlas" Hinged Bangle Bracelet, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$2100.00
3211599Tiffany & Co. "Atlas" 18K Yellow Gold Hinged Bangle Bracelet, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$2880.00
3211600Unmarked Platinum, Diamond and Ruby Necklace, 20th C., N1HN.$6000.00
321160118K Yellow Gold Diamond and Emerald Jewelry Suite, 20th C., N1HN$10800.00
321160218K Yellow Gold Sapphire and Diamond Necklace, 20th C., N1HN$6000.00
3211603Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold and Sapphire Band Ring, 20th C., N1HN$1320.00
321160418K Yellow Gold Rope Form Necklace With Center Clip, 20th C., N1HN$3480.00
321160518K Yellow Gold and Green Hard Stone Jewelry Suite, South American, 20th C., N1HN$2278.80
3211606Pair of 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Emerald Earrings, 20th C., N1HN$482.40
3211607Indian 22K Yellow Gold Jewelry Suite, 20th C., N1HN$1620.00
3211608Pair of 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Earrings, 20th C., N1HN$480.00
321160918K Yellow Gold Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet, 20th C., N1HN$2280.00
3211610Greek 18K Yellow Gold and Gemstone Charm Bracelet, 20th C., N1HN$451.20
3211611Pair of Unmarked 22K Yellow Gold and Diamond Coin Form Earrings, 20th C., N1HN$1980.00
3211612Pair of 18K Yellow Gold and Tanzanite Earrings, 20th C., N1HN$570.00
321161314K Yellow Gold and Diamond Swirl Form Ring, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3211615Twelve Volume Set "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," 1813, N1HN$45.60
3211616Victorian Oak Sideboard, 19th C., N1HN$180.00
3211617Contemporary Mahoganized Dining Table, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211618Tabriz Style Carpet, 20th C.,N1HN$75.60
3211620Brown-Leather Chesterfield Style Sofa, 20th C., N1HN$292.80
3211621Green-Leather Chesterfield Style Sofa, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211622Contemporary Blue Velvet-Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N1HN$24.00
3211624Federal Style Maple Sofa Table, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211625George III Mahogany Library Chair, English, late 18th C., N1HN$1927.20
3211626Two Framed Spanish Bull-Fighting Posters, 20th C., N1HN$301.20
3211627Oil on Canvas Landscape, German, 20th C., N1HN$102.00
3211629Regency Style Brass-Mounted Mahogany Extension Dining Table, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211630Baker Furniture Queen Anne Style Inlaid Walnut Dining Table, 20th C., N1HN$900.00
3211631George III Style Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211632Contemporary Floral Decorated Rug, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211635Pair of Federal-Style Cast-Iron and Brass Andirons, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211636Louis XV Style Brass-Mounted Inlaid Mahogany Center Table, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211637George III Style Leather-Inset Mahogany Pedestal Desk, 20th C., N1HN$75.60
3211638Print, Fores's National Sports, "A False Start," Printed 1856, N1HN$330.00
3211639Two Mahogany Mirrors, 20th C., N1HN$24.00
3211640Three Prints of Birds, 19th/20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211641Four Botanical Lithographs, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211642Print, "Royal Agricultural College Cirenceser," G. Hardin, N1HN$73.20
3211643Two Prints of Mushrooms, 20th C., N1HN$36.00
3211644Lithograph, Portrait of a Nude Woman, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211645Louis XV Style Gilwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211647Neoclassical Style Marble Columnar-Form Pedestal, 20th C., N1HN$48.00
3211649Pair of Brass 3-Arm Candelabra Form Table Lamps, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211651Pair of Louis XVI Style Giltwood 2-Branch Wall Sconces, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211652Pair of Continental Porcelain Musical Figures, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211653Winter Landscape Print, Joe Frank Purcell, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211654Chinese Porcelain Floral and Bird Decorated Vase, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211655Pair of Modern Brass Table Lamps, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211657Pair of Georgian Style Brass Andirons, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211659Pair of Louis XVI Style Gilt Metal 3-Branch Wall Sconce, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211660Brass-Mounted Hardwood Slant Front Chest, Chinese or Southeast Asian, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211661Carved Hardwood Sculpture, Man on Horseback, African, 20th C., N1HN$72.00
3211662Neoclassical Paint-Decorated Mahogany Occasional Table, French, 19th C.,N1HN$45.60
3211663Two African Tribal Art Pieces, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211664Chinese Bronze Bird Figure, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211665Three South Asian Art Pieces, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211666Copper Teapot and Bowl, India, 20th C., N1HN$72.00
3211667Nine Continental Cobalt and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Dinner Plates and Gravy Boat, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211671Oil on Canvas, Woman with Child, Rafael Amezaga Gomez (Spain, 1928-), N1HN$75.60
3211673Group Mens Costume Jewelry Items, 20th C., N1HN$12.00
3211675Fursteinberg Porcelain Dinner Service, Germany, 20th C., N1HN$42.00
3211676Stoke on Trent Imari Style Porcelain Oval Platter, England, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211677Three Wine Caddies, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211679Group of Stone and Glass Articles, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211681Satsuma Style Porcelain Footed Compote, Japanese, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211682Modern Patinated Metal Sculpture of a Seated Couple on a Bench, 20th C., N1HN$162.00
3211684Two Musical and Two Courting Scene Prints, early 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211685Oil on Canvasboard, "May Morning," Attributed to John F. Carlson (American, 1874-1945), N1HN$300.00
3211686Oil on Canvasboard, Sunrise on the Shore, John F. Carlson (American, 1874-1945), N1HN$1080.00
3211687Oil on Canvas, "Golden Afternoon," Possibly William Lathrop (American, 1859-1938), N1HN$3480.00
3211688Colonial Revival Carved Pine Armoire, Probably English, late 19th/20th C., N1HN$300.00
3211689Pair of Federal Cast-Brass and Wrought-Iron Andirons, American, 19th C., N1HN$360.00
3211690Pair of Regency Style Cast-Brass and Wrought Iron Andirons, 19th/20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211691Regency Mahogany Specimen Cabinet, 19th C., N1HN$1188.00
3211692Regency Brass-Mounted Mahogany Side Table, 19th C., N1HN$420.00
3211693George III Mahogany Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th C., N1HN$1800.00
3211694George III Inlaid Mahogany Caned Seat Armchair, English, late 18th C., N1HN$210.00
3211695Neoclassical Cherry and Walnut Two Tiered Occasional Table, Continental, 19th C., N1HN$180.00
3211697Neoclassical Style Ormolu-Mounted Marquetry Pier Table, 20th C., N1HN$3361.20
3211699Regency Mahogany Window Seat, English, 19th C., N1HN$810.00
3211700Regency Mahogany Serving Table, English, 19th C., N1HN$600.00
3211701George III Walnut Architect's Desk, English, late 18th C, N1HN$240.00
3211702Victorian Marble Inset Mahogany Pot Cupboard, late 19th C., N1HN$439.20
3211703Regency Mahogany Window Seat, English, 19th C., N1HN$1380.00
3211705Baroque Style Carved Mahogany Upholstered Bench, 19th/20th C., N1HN$720.00
3211706George III Oak Two Part Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th C., N1HN$602.40
3211707Green and White-Painted Cast-Iron Radiator Grate, 19th C., N1HN$180.00
3211708Chippendale Style Upholstered Mahogany Wing Chair, 19th/20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211709Empire Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N1HN$90.00
3211710George III Mahogany Serpentine Front Sideboard, English, late 18th C., N1HN$1440.00
3211711Pair of George III Mahogany Side Chairs, English, late 18th C., N1HN$660.00
3211712Twelve Pieces of Colorless and Ruby Glassware, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3211714Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211715Regency Walnut Dressing Table, English, 19th C., N1HN$90.00
3211716Victorian Carved Mahogany Barrel Back Armchair, late 19th C., N1HN$84.00
3211718Queen Anne Maple Highboy, Rhode Island, 18th C., N1HN$960.00
3211719Paint-Decorated Pine and Cast-Iron Wagon, American, 19th/20th C., N1HN$300.00
3211720Sixteen George III Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N1HN$3240.00
3211721Chinese Parcel-Gilt and Red-Painted Carved Wood Frame, 20th C., N1HN$181.20
3211723Heriz Rug, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3211724Heriz Rug, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3211725Heriz Style Carpet, 20th C., N1HN$300.00
3211726Caucasian Runner, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211727Neoclassical Style Carved and Painted Architectural Element, Columnar Form, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211728Persian Style Rug, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211730Pair of Rococo Style Parcel-Gilt Painted Marble Top Console Tables, 20th C., N1HN$390.00
3211732Pair of Neoclassical Style Carved and Gilt Wood Wall Plaques, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3211733Pair of Chinese Dolphin Architectural Elements, 20th C., N1HN$42.00
3211734Chinese Abacus and Carved Tibetan Buddha Head, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211735Chinese Glazed Ceramic Fu Dog Form Sculpture, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211740Oak and Metal Slot Machine, Early 20th C., N1HN$660.00
3211741Chippendale Mahogany Pembroke Table, English, 18th/19th C., N1HN$240.00
3211743New York Harbor Festival Advertising Poster, 1977, N1HN$180.00
3211745Painted Cast and Wrought Iron Carnival Target, German or Austria, 19th/20th C., N1HN$720.00
3211746Chinese Fu-Lion Decorated Vase, Fitted as a Lamp, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211747Louis XVI Mahogany Marble Top Chest of Drawers, French, 18th/19th C., N1HN$900.00
3211749Print, Love, by Robert Indiana (American, 1928-), 1997, N1HN$150.00
3211751White-Metal Statue of a Medieval Knight, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211753Victorian Copper and Iron Fireplace Insert, late 19th C., N1HN$180.00
3211754Victorian Carved Oak Fireplace Mantel, late 19th C., N1HN$120.00
3211756French Provincial Style Carved Oak Armoire, 19th/20th C., N1HN$542.40
3211758Acrylic on Canvas, "Iris Border, Boerner Gardens," William Nichols,American,20thC., N1HN$1920.00
3211762Oil on Canvas French Landscape, Luc Tullat, France, 20th C., N1HN$480.00
3211763Eric Tenney Animal Print, Leopard, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211766Color Wood Cut, Antonio Frasconi, Tuscany III, Uruguay, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211767Mixed Media on Paper, Rachel Von Roeschlaub, Tibetan Monk, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211770Oil on Canvas French Landscape, Luc Tullat, France, 20th C., N1HN$1512.00
3211771Jacobean Carved Walnut Dining Table, English, 17th C., N1HN$3660.00
3211777Four Chinese Hardwood Ottomans, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3211779Three Japanese Watercolors on Paper, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211783Giclee Musical Interior Scene Print, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211784Carved Hardstone Fu Dog Motif Censer, 20th C., N1HN$210.00
3211785Pair of Asian Porcelain Vases, Men Figural Scene, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3211786Chinese Carved Amethyst Covered Box, 20th C., N1HN$337.20
3211788Transferware Porcelain Oval Covered Dish,19th/20thC.,N1HN$104.40
3211789Two Chinese Carved Bone Figures, 19th/20thC., N1HM$841.20
3211790Chinese Carved Erotic Box and Netsuke, 20th C., N1HN$300.00
3211791Pair of Custom Metal Twin Size Sleigh Beds, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3211792Green Painted Rattan and Caned Seat Chaise Lounge, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3211793Art Deco Inlaid Walnut Round Side Table, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211794Group of Billiards Equipment, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3211796Stained Pine Blanket Chest, American, 19th C., N1HN$330.00
3211797Regency Style Mahogany Slate Top Center Table, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211798Pine Work Table, American, late 19th C., N1HN$360.00
3211800Oak Child's High Chair, Probably English, 19th C., N1HN$150.00
3211801Oak Swivel Desk Chair, 20th C., N1HN$102.00
3211802Oak Bentwood Caned Seat Rocking Chair, American, 19th/20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211805George III Giltwood and Eglomise Mirror, English, late 18th C., N1HN$2760.00
3211806Victorian Black-Painted Mahogany Bench, Late 19th C., N1HN$900.00
3211807Victorian Oak Hat Box, English, late 19th C., N1HN$240.00
3211808Carved Oak Caned Seat Child's Armchair, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211809Stickley Mission Style Oak Side Chair, 20th C., N1HN$174.00
3211810Arts and Crafts Style Oak Armchair, early 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211812Contemporary Octagonal End Table, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211813Neoclassical Style Cast-Iron Marble Top Side Table, 20th C., N1HN$210.00
3211814Contemporary Mahogany and Brass Two-Tiered Etagere Table, 20th C., N1HN$1320.00
3211815Queen Anne Style Mahogany Foot Stool, late 19th C., N1HN$180.00
3211816Pair of Qing Dynasty Hardwood Armchairs, Chinese, 18th/19th C., N1HN$420.00
3211817Contemporary Beechwood Low Table, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211818Contemporary Jackie O Style Coffee Table, 20th C., N1HN$300.00
3211819Charles II Oak Joint Stool, English, late 17th C., N1HN$600.00
3211820Onyx Columnar Form Pedestal, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3211821Onyx Reeded Columnar Form Pedestal, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$241.20
3211823Federal Mahogany Drop-Leaf Table, American, early 19th C., N1HN$150.00
3211825George III Mahogany Tilt Top Candlestand, English, Third Quarter 18th C., N1HN$720.00
3211827Mahogany Library Ladder, 20th C., N1HN$302.40
3211829Biedermeier Style Burl Walnut Pier Mirror, Early 20th C., N1HN$300.00
3211830Biedermeier Style Burlwood Hanging Shelf, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211832Regency Mahogany Four-Tier Etagere, English, Early 19th C., N1HN$1080.00
3211833Pair of Qing Dynasty Hardwood Console Tables, Chinese, 19th C., N1HN$1920.00
3211834Qing Dynasty Red-Lacquered Wood Bench, Chinese, 18th/19th C., N1HN$240.00
3211835George I Walnut Pier Table, English, First Quarter 18th C., N1HN$900.00
3211838Provincial Elmwood Welsh Dresser Base, English, 19th C., N1HN$480.00
3211839Victorian Gothic Revival Cast-Iron Bench, Late 19th C., N1HN$1200.00
3211840George III Brown-Leather Upholstered Mahogany Wing Chair, English, late 18th C., N1HN$3120.00
3211841French Provincial Style Oak and Leather Four Seat Couch, 20th C., N1HN$480.00
3211842French Provincial Style Oak and Leather Three Seat Couch, 20th C., N1HN$480.00
3211845Contemporary Custom-Made Vanity, 20th C., N1HN$841.20
3211846Blue-Painted Hammered-Copper Hanging Lantern, late 19th C., N1HN$790.80
3211847Regency Style Iron Hanging Lantern, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211849Pair of Terracotta Double-Sided Lions, English, late 19th C., N1HN$600.00
3211850Painted Cast-Metal Cyrano Figure, 20th C., N1HN$600.00
3211851NBA Jam Arcade Game, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211852Kni-Tron Projector Unit, Kni-Tron Rectifier, a Lens, Autograph Projector Reel, N1HN$240.00
3211853Six Cartier Tulip-Form White Wine Glasses, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211854Thirteen Baccarat Tulip-Form Colorless Glass White Wine Glasses, 20th C., N1HN$450.00
3211855Eleven Baccarat Colorless Glass Red Wine Glasses, 20th C., N1HN$570.00
3211856Eight Luigi Bormioli Wine Glasses, 20th C., N1HN$57.60
3211857Celadon Lamp, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211859Pair of Neoclassical Style Marble Table Lamps, 20th C., N1HN$720.00
3211860Derbyshire Spar Urn, English, 19th C., N1HN$3336.00
3211861Patinated Metal and Mercury Glass Shade Desk Lamp, French, early 20th C., N1HN$420.00
3211864Painted Wicker Goose on Wood and Metal Base, 20th C., N1HN$720.00
3211865Silver Plated Magnifying Glass, 20th C., N1HN$126.00
3211866Parcel-Gilt Copper Cupid-Form Thermometer, French, 20th C., N1HN$222.00
3211867Continental Enameled Gilt-Metal Table Clock, Probably Vienna, 19th C., N1HN$1800.00
3211868Baroque Style Silver-Gilt Figural Covered Vessel, German, Late 19th C., N1HN$1800.00
3211869Mathew Norman Brass Carriage Clock, London, 20th C., N1HN$186.00
3211870Brass Carriage Clock, French, 20th C., N1HN$216.00
3211871Black and Gold Quartz Travel Clock, Swiss, 20th C., N1HN$66.00
3211872Tiffany & Co. Rhodium Square Clock, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211873Five Halcyon Days Enamels, Hotel Ritz in Paris, English, 20th C., N1HN$510.00
3211874Painted Silk Scroll, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211875Two Porcelain Dolls, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211876Three Porcelain Baby Dolls, 20th C., N1HN$104.40
3211877Painted Composition Wobble Clown, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211879Pair of John Derian Painted Decoupage Elephant-Decorated Plates, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211881Beige Ceramic Footed Bowl, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211882Japanese White Crackle-Glazed Ceramic Vase, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211883W. Wood & Co. Silver Plated and Porcelain Bowl and Serving Spoons, English, 19th C., N1HN$60.00
3211884Cut Glass Decanter, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211887Pair of Baccarat Crystal Candle Holders, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3211888Two Cut Crystal Carafes, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211889Lalique France "Elizabeth" Coupe Vase, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211890Steuben Crystal Vase, 20th C., N1HN$188.40
32118912000 Milliliter Glass Beaker, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211892Val St. Lambert Crystal Paperweight, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211893Glass "H" Etched Paperweight, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211894Two Stueben Glass Hand Coolers, 20th C., N1HN$96.00
3211895Lalique Crystal Molded and Frosted "Ingrid" Vase, French, 20th C., N1HN$840.00
3211898Beaulieu Model R16 Video Camera, French, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211899Paint-Decorated Barber Shop Wood Pole, 20th C., N1HN$1560.00
3211901Four Burlwood Boxes, 19th/20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211902Regency Mulberry Wood Box, English, 19th C., N1HN$180.00
3211904Tramp Art Wood Box, American, early 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211905Painted Wood Salt Shaker, 20th C., N1HN$27.60
3211907Pair of Vintage Wooden Shoe Inserts Bookends, 19th/20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211908Mahogany Wood Double Handled Tray, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211909Paint-Decorated House-Form Door Stop, 20th C., N1HN$54.00
3211910Pair of Bronzed Cowboy Boot Molds, 20th C., N1HN$162.00
3211912White Metal Elephant-Form Door Knocker on Marble Base, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211913Patinated Metal Toucan on Marble, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211914Three Black Ceramic Birds, 20th C.,N1HN$60.00
3211915"The Romances of Alexandre Dumas," Loubre Edition, Volume XI, N1HN$15.60
3211916Vintage Glass Door Knob, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211917Vintage Pieced Quilt, American, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3211918Vintage Blue-and-White Pieced Quilt, early 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211919Vintage Pieced Quilt, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211921Two Throw Pillows, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211922Black and White Photograph on Foam Core, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211923Pen and Ink Drawing on Paper, People in a Park, Rocco Menzella, 1971, N1HN$75.60
3211924Oil on Canvas, Abstract, Peter Golfinopoulos (American, 1928-), N1HN$630.00
3211925Oil on Canvas, Abstract, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3211926Oil on Canvas, Abstract, Tom Goldenberg (American, 20th C.), N1HN$469.20
3211929Paint Decorated Game Board, 19th/20th C., N1HN$480.00
3211930Two Collier's Covers, Edward Penfield (American, 1866-1925), N1HN$75.60
3211931Engraving, "A Duet," James Sant (English, 1820-1916), N1HN$30.00
3211932Black and White Drawing of a Hansel and Gretel, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211933Blue and White Photograph, Crosley Field, Cincinnati Reds, W.F. Schildman, N1HN$48.00
3211934Embroidered Fabric Panel, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3211935Woodblock Print, "Kabuki (Red and White Face), Toyohara Kunichika (Japanese, 1835-1900), N1HN$1800.00
3211936Woodblock Print, "Kabuki Actors (Blue Strip on Face), Kunichika (Japanese, 1835-1900), N1HN$510.00
3211939Black and White Photograph of a Vintage Billboard, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211940Print, Couple Studying Art, Honore Daumier (French, 1808-1879), N1HN$60.00
3211941Etching, Ballerina, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211942Pen and Ink Drawing, "Falso," 1962, N1HN$30.00
3211943Print, "The Hypnotist," Garin Lockney, 1963, N1HN$438.00
3211945Print, Beryl Cook (American, 1926-2008), N1HN$30.00
3211948Print, "Broadway," Ahrens, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3211951Etching, Men on Horseback in Wood, William Huston (American, 19th/20th C.), N1HN$45.60
3211954Two Victorian Prints of Women as Flowers, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211955Charles II Oak Joint Stool, English, late 17th C., N1HN$540.00
3211956Charles II Oak Joint Stool, English, late 17th C., N1HN$480.00
3211957Kni-Tron Projector Unit, Kni-Tron Rectifier, a Lens, Autograph Projector Reel, N1HN$300.00
3211959Three Gilt-Metal Pawn Shop Balls, 19th/20th C., N1HN$360.00
3211961Regency Mahogany Inlaid Document Box, English, 19th C., N1HN$121.20
3211962Federal Mahogany Tall Case Clock, American, 19th C., N1HN$513.60
3211963Cinnabar Lamp, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3211964Davenport Gilt-Decorated Sauce Tureen, English, 19th C., N1HN$120.00
3211966Mixed Media on Paper, Abstract, John Hubley (American, 1914-1977), N1HN$450.00
3211967William IV Mahogany Three Part Sideboard, English, 19th C., N1HN$360.00
3211968French Provincial Carved Oak Armoire, French, 19th C., N1HN$270.00
3211969Empire Part-Ebonized Cherrywood Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N1HN$360.00
3211970Elizabethan Style Stained Pine Server, Spanish Origin, 18th C., N1HN$729.60
3211972Two Carved Pine Side Chairs, New Mexico, American, 19th/20th C., N1HN$45.60
3211975Baroque Style Walnut Savonrola Type Armchair, Italian Taste, 20th C., N1HN$48.00
3211976Victorian Style Ebonized Faux-Bamboo Chest of Drawers, Chinese Taste, 20th C., N1HN$450.00
3211977Brushed Aluminum Abstract Sculpture, Menashe Kadishman (Israel, 1932-), N1HN$450.00
3211978Glazed Porcelain Lamp, Chinese Taste, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211980Oil on Canvas, Lea Nikel (American, 1918-2005), N1HN$3120.00
3211981Paint and Plaster on Burlap, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211982Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Boy, 20th C., N1HN$786.00
3211984Victorian Style Faux-Bamboo Mahogany Tall Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N1HN$330.00
3211985George III Style Mahogany Bookcase Cabinet, English Taste, 19th/20th C., N1HN$720.00
3211986Eight George III Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, English Taste, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3211987Pearlware Coffee Service, English, 19th/20th C., N1HN$150.00
3211989Brushed Aluminum Abstract Sculpture, Menashe Kadishman (Israel, 1932-), N1HN$673.20
3211990Print, Black and Red Study, 20th C., N1HN$1020.00
3211991Bronze Bust, Erna Weill, Bust of George Jaffin, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3211992Steel Sculpture, "Broadcast," Possibly Bucky Schwartz, N1HN$90.00
3211994Pair of Modern Steel Club Chairs, 20th C., N1HN$421.20
3211995Pair of Modern Steel Marble Top Side Tables, 20th C., N1HN$330.00
3211996Modern Steel Glass Top Low Table, 20th C., N1HN$183.60
3211997Brushed Aluminum Abstract Sculpture, Menashe Kadishman (Israel, 1932-), N1HN$600.00
3211998Three Chinese Porcelain Plates, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3211999Five Porcelain Figural Groups, 20th C., N1HN$190.80
3212001Oil on Canvas, Abstract, Shanti Dave (India, 1931-), N1HN$3721.20
3212003Sterling Silver Table Items, American/European, 20th C., N1HN$162.00
3212004Reed & Barton Modern Sterling Silver Triangular Dish, American, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3212005Silver Plated Table Items, American, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212006Partial Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Dinner Service, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
321200818K Yellow Gold Fountain Pen, 20th. C., N1HN$390.00
321200914K Yellow Gold Cigarette Case With Oval Sapphire Thumb Piece, 20th C., N1HN$1920.00
3212010Emrich Sterling Silver Travel Clock With BMW Enamel Logo, 20th C., N1HN$780.00
3212011Gold Filled Chatelaine, 20th C., N1HN$1305.60
3212012Tekke Carpet, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212013Kirman Rug, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212015Qashqai Runner, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212016Sarouk Fereghan Rug, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$2820.00
3212017Queen Anne Style Carved Walnut Marble-Inset Low Table, 19th/20th C., N1HN$481.20
3212018Tabriz Rug, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$570.00
3212019Qashqai Carpet, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3212021Queen Anne Tiger Maple Highboy, American, 18th C., N1HN$1441.20
3212022Brass Repousse Umbrella Stand and Planter, Continental, 20th C., N1HN$330.00
3212023Contemporary Oak Bookcase Cabinet, 20th C., N1HN$162.00
3212024Empire Style Ormolu-Mounted Mahogany Marble Top Center Table, French Taste, 20th C., N1HN$840.00
3212025Jacobean Style Carved Mahogany Low Table, 19th/20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212026Louis XVI Style Ormolu-Mouted Stone Inset Side Table, 20th C., N1HN$330.00
3212027Queen Anne Mahogany Shepherd's Crook Armchair, English, Early 18th C., N1HN$540.00
3212028Queen Anne Style Carved Maple Footstool, 20th C., N1HN$15.60
3212029Pair of Rococo Carved Walnut Armchair, Probably German, 18th C., N1HN$480.00
3212030Federal Tiger Maple Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N1HN$1320.00
3212031Set of Three Danish Modern Oak Nesting Tables, 20th C., N1HN$151.20
3212032Regency Inlaid Mahogany Sewing Stand, English, 19th C., N1HN$240.00
3212033Jens Risom Danish Modern Walnut Lounge Chair, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3212036Art Deco Walnut Buffet, German, Early 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3212037Oil on Canvas, Stag and Deer in Snowy Landscape, Early 20th C., N1HN$1884.00
3212038Oil on Board, Tavern Scene, Isaac Van Ostade (Dutch, 1621-1649), N1HN$1560.00
3212039Oil on Board, Figures on Tree Lined Path, Philipp Roth (German, 1841-1921), N1HN$660.00
3212040Watercolor, Figures Near Lake, Roger Henri Fehdmer (Belgian, 1860-1945), N1HN$80.40
3212041Pair of Oils on Panel, Country Scenes, Gustav Eichhorn (German, 1875-1928), N1HN$150.00
3212043Watercolor, Floral Still Life, Suzanne Carvallo (American, 1882-1972), N1HN$180.00
3212044Oil on Canvas, Landscape with Stream, Bernhard Buttersack (American, 1858-1925), N1HN$900.00
3212045Oil on Board, Deer in Forest, Ludwig Voltz (German, 1825-1911), N1HN$495.60
3212046Oil on Panel, Figure in a Field, European School, 19th/20th C., N1HN$781.20
3212047Oil on Canvas, Cows in a Meadow, 20th C., N1HN$462.00
3212048Oil on Canvas, Children and Livestock Beside a Road, Dutch School, 19th C., N1HN$390.00
3212049Oil on Canvas Laid on Board, Woodland Scene, Alexandre Defaux (French, 1826-1900), N1HN$900.00
3212050Brussels Tapestry Fragment, Nobleman, Probably 18th C., N1HN$1872.00
3212051Pair of Watercolors on Silk, Japanese, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3212052Two Watercolors, Alpine Scenes, Probably Continental, 19th/20th C., N1HN$45.60
3212053Continental Needle and Silkwork Picture, Mythological Scene, 19th/20th C., N1HN$1680.00
3212055Print, "Vermont Sled Dogs," Stephen Howeck, 2003, N1HN$102.00
3212059Rococo Style Gilt-Metal Mirror, 20th C., N1HN$102.00
3212063Oil on Canvas, Moonlit Lake, American School, 19th C., N1HN$1201.20
3212067Pastel on Paper, Country Road, Carl Meyer-Basel (Swiss, 1860-1932), N1HN$270.00
3212071Four German Prints, Deer and Stag, 19th/20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212072Qashqai Runner, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3212073Caucasian Rug, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3212074Tabriz Rug, Persian, 20th C., N1HN$570.00
3212075Flemish Tapestry Panel, Figures and Animals in the Forest, 17th C., N1HN$4333.20
3212076Royal Vienna Style Parcel-Gilt Porcelain Coffee Service, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3212077Nymphenburg Porcelain Figure of a Spaniel, German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$284.40
3212078Nymphenburg Porcelain Figure of a Bird, German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$534.00
3212080Glazed Terracotta Figure of a Mother and Child, Possibly German, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3212081Art Nouveau Enamel and Gilt-Copper Box, Early 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212082Nymphenburg Porcelain Figure of a Rook, German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$660.00
3212083Nymphenburg Porcelain Figure of a Cockatoos, German, 20th C., N1HN$660.00
3212084Nymphenburg Porcelain Figural Group of a Magpies, German, 20th C., N1HN$486.00
3212085Nymphenburg Porcelain Figural Group of a Pheasants, German, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212086Nymphenburg Porcelain Figural Group of a Hunting Scene, German, 20th C., N1HN$301.20
3212087Wedgwood Black Basalt Five-Piece Tea and Coffee Service, English, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3212089Rosenthal Porcelain Figure of a Faun, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212090Gilt and Patinated-Bronze and Elk Horn Candlestick, German, 19th C., N1HN$180.00
3212091Pewter Mounted Red-Glazed Pottery Stein, German, 18th/19th C., N1HN$301.20
3212092Delft Pewter Mounted Tin Glazed Earthenware Tankard, 19th C., N1HN$60.00
3212093Meissen Porcelain Figural Group of a Mythological Man and Woman, German, 19th C., N1HN$702.00
3212094Five Delftware Plates, Dutch, 19th/20th C., N1HN$240.00
3212095German Cobalt Glass and 800 Silver Hinged Box, 19th/20th C., N1HN$150.00
3212096Pair of Alpacca Silver Candlesticks, South American, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3212097Sterling Silver Water Pitcher, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3212098Tiffany & Co. Octagonal Form Sterling Silver Bowl, 20th C., N1HN$336.00
3212099German 800 Silver Four-Piece Tea and Coffee Service, 20th C., N1HN$840.00
3212100Three Cameo Glass Vases, French, 20th C., N1HN$2401.20
3212101German Wheel Engraved Glass Armorial Goblet, late 18th C., N1HN$330.00
3212102Two German Microscopes in Fitted Boxes, 20th C., N1HN$492.00
3212103Oil on Board, Figure on Woodland Path, Probably German, 19th C., N1HN$104.40
3212104Oil on Board, Alpine Scene, Continental, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212105Oil on Board, Woodland Scene, 20th C., N1HN$300.00
3212107Etching, Mother and Child, 20th C., N1HN$1080.00
3212109Mixed Media on Paper, Middle Eastern, 20th C., N1HN$210.00
3212111German 800 Silver and Carved Bone Miniature Goblet, 19th/20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212112Silver Plate Mounted Etched Glass Ewer, English, 19th C., N1HN$357.60
3212113Eight Art Glass Paperweights, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3212114Ten Art Glass Paperweights, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212115Seven Art Glass Paperweights, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212116Two Nymphenburg Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figures, German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$391.20
3212117Two Porcelain Figural Groups, German, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212118Nymphenburg Animal-Decorated Porcelain Partial Dinner Service, German, 20th C., N1HN$600.00
3212119George III Style Inlaid Mahogany Double Handled Tray, English, 19th/20th C., N1HN$390.00
3212120Pair of Carved Alabaster Urn-Form Lamps, 20th C., N1HN$660.00
3212121Bronze Sculpture, Putti Riding a Bird, Ferdinand Liebermann (German, 1883-1941), N1HN$1140.00
3212122Two Bronze Sculptures, Mythological Figures, 19th/20th C., N1HN$210.00
3212124Tang Dynasty Style Glazed Terracotta Roof Tile, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212125Nymphenburg Porcelain Hunting Scene Figural Group, German, 20th C., N1HN$840.00
3212126Three Nymphenburg Porcelain Animal Figures, German, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212128Three Glazed Terracotta Animal Figures, German, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212132Ten Nymphenburg Gilt-Decorated Porcelain Fruit Plates, German, 20th C., N1HN$102.00
3212133Samson Armorial Vase, Fitted as a Lamp, 19th/20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212134Needlepoint Bird-Decorated Bell Pull, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212135Three Cloissone Miniature Table Articles, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$72.00
3212137Eight Colored Glass Table Articles, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212138Two Meissen Porcelain Bird Figures, German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$420.00
3212139Lalique Glass Figure of a Kneeling Woman, 20th C., N1HN$73.20
3212140Painted-Wood Hunting Themed Four-Light Hanging Light, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212141Three Glazed Ceramic Bowls, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3212142Group of Cameras and Camera Equipment, 20th C., N1HN$1140.00
3212143Three Red Cut-to-Clear Bohemia Glass Chalices, 19th/20th C., N1HN$510.00
3212144Carved Bone Fisherman Figural Group, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212145Two Tiffany & Co. Traveling Alarm Clocks, 20th C., N1HN$72.00
3212147Four Nymphenburg Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figures, German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212149Six Porcelain Vases, German and Swedish, 20th C., N1HN$225.60
3212153Krautheim Selb Bavaria Chinoiserie Porcelain Tea Service, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212154Three Vintage Radios, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212155Seven Pewter and Metal Platters and Plates, English and German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$270.00
3212156Eight Pewter and Metal Tankards and Steins, English and German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$423.60
3212157Eight Pewter and Metal Pitchers and Bowls, English and German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212158Pewter and Metal Spoons and Table Articles, English and German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212159Six Pewter Table Articles, English and German, 19th/20th C., N1HN$211.20
3212160Group of Assorted Vintage Linens, 20th C., N1HN$72.00
3212161Group of Assorted Vintage Linens, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212162Group of Assorted Vintage Linens, 20th C., N1HN$45.60
3212163Vintage Crewelwork Duvet Cover, 19th/20th C., N1HN$391.20
3212164French Empire Gilt-Metal Mantel Clock, 19th C., N1HN$780.00
3212165Four Vintage Canes, 20th C., N1HN$134.40
3212168Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Brass Mantel Clock, Swiss, 20th C., N1HN$450.00
3212171Continental 800 Silver Partial Flatware Service, 20th C., N1HN$750.00
3212172"Gebr. Chesi Munchen Rostrei" 800 Silver Flatware Service for Six, 20th C., N1HN$337.20
3212173Continental 800 Silver Flatware Service, 20th C., N1HN$678.00
3212174M.T. Wetzlar Continental 800 Silver Flatware Service for Six, 20th C., N1HN$841.20
3212175Six Sterling Silver Shot Glasses and Four Sterling Rabbit Bottle Stoppers, N1HN$1561.20
3212176Mother-of Pearl and Sterling and Silver Plated Fruit Sets, 20th C., N1HN$211.20
3212177Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Flatware Serving Pieces, 20th C., N1HN$720.00
3212178Mid Century Style Wetzlar Sterling Silver Covered Bowl, 20th C., N1HN$600.00
3212179Sterling Silver teapot, Two Bowls and Two Bud Vases, 20th C., N1HN$375.60
3212180Three Small Oval Sterling Silver Trays, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3212181Two Continental Sterling Silver Trays, Rectangular and Oval, 20th C., N1HN$1614.00
3212182Tiffany and Company Sterling Silver Cake Stand, 20th C., N1HN$720.00
3212183Tiffany and Company Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker, 20th C., N1HN$414.00
3212184Pair of Baroque Candlesticks and a Silver Plated Kiddish Cup, 18th C., N1HN$374.40
3212185Oil on Canvas, Still Life of Grapes and Ewer, 19th/20th C., N1HN$432.00
3212188Bernard Lorjou (French 1908-1986) Acrylic on Board Abstract Still Life, 20th C., N1HN$1800.00
3212189Pair of Tiffany & Co. Platinum Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings, American, 20th C., N1HN$6000.00
3212191George I Walnut Veneered Bureau, English, 18th C., N1HN$1320.00
3212194Group of Military and Sporting Items, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212195Group of Bangle Bracelets, 20th C., N1HN$56.40
3212196Group of Beaded Necklaces, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212197Group of Metal Bangle Bracelets, 20th C., N1HN$48.00
3212203Gold and Gold Metal Jewelry Items, 20th C., N1HN$300.00
321220418K Yellow Gold Jules Jugenson Bracelet Band Wristwatch, 20th C., N1HN$1363.20
3212208Six Baroque Style Carved Oak Dining Chairs, 19th/20th C., N1HN$480.00
3212209Pair of George III Mahogany Side Chairs, English, late 18th C., N1HN$270.00
3212210George III Leather-Upholstered Mahogany Wing Chair, English, late 18th C., N1HN$660.00
3212211Jacobean Style Mahogany Gate-Leg Table, English, 19th C., N1HN$150.00
3212212Neoclassical Oak Flip Top Table, Continental, 19th C., N1HN$210.00
3212213Pair of Eglomise Panels of Warriors at Battle, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3212214Pair of Prints, Clipper Ships, Harold Wyllie, N1HN$180.00
3212215Twelve Sterling Silver and Cobalt Blue Glass Salts and Spoons, 20th C., N1HN$295.20
3212216Eight Sterling Silver Scalloped and Bead Footed Bowl, 29th C., N1HN$126.00
3212217Sterling Silver Footed Bowl and an Silver Plated Bowl, 20th C., N1HN$126.00
3212218Eleven Gorham Sterling Silver Shell-form Butter Pats, 20th C., N1HN$343.20
3212219Gorham Silver Plated Covered Tureen and a Silver Plated Oval Box, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212220Mother-of-Pearl and Silver Fish and Fruit Service for Twelve, 20th C., N1HN$181.20
3212221Pair of Imari Pattern Ironstone Warming Plates, English, 19th C., N1HN$120.00
3212222Pair of Fox Hunting Decorated Porcelain Cache Pot, Belgian, 20th C., N1HN$75.60
3212223Sixteen Blue-Painted Bisque Leaf-Decorated Table Articles, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212225George III Quillwork Mahogany Tea Caddy, English, late 18th C., N1HN$660.00
3212228Two Patinated Metal Boxes, 20th C., N1HN$421.20
3212230Three Boxes Sets of Japanese Prints, 20th C., N1HN$55.20
3212231Three Modern Metal Sculptures, 20th C., N1HN$7200.00
3212232Two Brass-Mounted Porcelain Plates, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$126.00
3212233Chinese Porcelain Partial Tea Service, 20th C., N1HN$392.40
3212234Twenty Two Coy-Fish Decorated Plates, Chinese, 20th C., N1HN$210.00
3212235Four Fiat Advertising Prints, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212236Enamel and Silver Card Case, Italian, 20th C., N1HN$360.00
3212237Twenty-Six Baccarat Crystal Wine Glasses, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3212238Forty-Six Baccarat Crystal Wine Glasses, 20th C., N1HN$1080.00
3212239Eighteen Baccarat Crystal Wine Glasses, 20th C., N1HN$666.00
3212240Boxed Set English Silver Shell Form Dish With Spreader, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3212241Pair of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Napkin Rings, American, 20th C., N1HN$283.20
3212242900 Silver Coffee Set, Possibly South American, 20th C., N1HN$349.20
3212243Orrefors Crystal Stemware and Barware, Sweden, 20th C., N1HN$240.00
3212244Wedgwood Williamsburg Commemorative Ware, "Chinese Flowers," English, 20th C., N1HN$547.20
3212245Stieff "Williamsburg Shell" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service, 20th C., N1HN$2040.00
3212246Reed & Barton "Dancing Flowers" Sterling Silver Flatware Service, American, 20th C., N1HN$1464.00
3212247Randahl Sterling Silver Hand Wrought Oval Footed Bowl, American, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212248Taller Contreras Sterling Silver Three Section Handled Dish, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212249Sterling Silver Ladle, Butter Pats and Rattle, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212250Glazed Ceramic Elephant Form Garden Stool, 20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212252Two Steuben Colorless Crystal Polar Bear Sculptures, American, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212256Carved Wood Mantle, 20thC., N1HN$90.00
3212257Japanese Geisha Doll, 20th C., N1HN$31.20
3212258Georges Dayez Pol on Canvas Abstract Painting, French, 20th C., N1HN$1320.00
3212259Stump- Work Style Needlework with Semi-Precious and Faux Cabochon Set Stones, Possibly India, 20th C., N1HN$960.00
3212260Stump- Work Style Needlework with Semi-Precious and Faux Cabochon Set Stones, Possibly India, 20th C., N1HN$480.00
3212263Brass Two-Bird Automaton, Probably French, late 19thC., N1HN$600.00
3212264Oil on Board Portrait, Study of a Military Officer,German, 20thC., N1HN$193.20
3212265Oil on Canvas Harbor Scene, Probably Dutch,19thC., N1HN$90.00
3212266Oil on Canvas Folk Art Portrait of a Young Girl, American, Circa 1830, N1HN$408.00
3212267Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Young Gentleman, possibly Dutch, mid 19thC., N1HN$270.00
3212268Oil on Canvas, Winterscape with Horse and Carriage,EA Hayes, circa 1930's$690.00
3212269Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Baby Boy, American, late 19thC., N1HN$300.00
3212270Oil on Canvas, Woman with Guitar, late 19th C., N3HN$300.00
3212271Pencil Drawing on Paper, Architectural Building, early 19th C.H1HN$300.00
3212273Oil on Board, Portrait of a Cat with Book,29thC., N1Hn$390.00
3212274Oil on Board, Vegetable Still Life Paintings, 20thC., N1HN$120.00
3212276Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Fort Scene,19th/20thC., N1HN$180.00
3212277Two Oil on Board Kitchen Paintings, EC Nallet-Poussin, French, 19th/20thC., N1HN$511.20
3212278Two Oil on Board Musical Paintings, A. Totvanian, French, 20thC., N1HN$1321.20
3212279Oil on Canvas Native American Battle Scene, 20thC., N1HN$180.00
3212280Oil on Canvas Autumn Landscape, G Willrich(?) Possibly German, 19thC., N1HN$90.00
3212281Oil on Canvas Portrait of an Amorous Woman, late 19thC., N1HN$90.00
3212284Two Similar Oil on Canvas Floral Still Life Paintings, 19th/20thC., N1HN$240.00
3212285Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Lady Reading a Newspaper, E Tabouret, France, 20th C., N1HN$571.20
3212286Oil on Canvas Abstract Painting, France, 20th C., N1HN$450.00
3212287Oil on Canvas Street Scene with Carriage and Horse, early 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212288Pastel on Paper Portrait Mother and Child, American, mid 19thC., N1HN$420.00
3212289Oil on Board Abstract Painting, circa 1958, N1HN$1086.00
3212291Watercolor on Paper, Trees and Boats, French, 20th C., N1Hn$15.60
3212292Oil on Artist Palette, Marriage Scene, Continental, late 19thC., N1HN$246.00
3212293Oil on Canvas Cows Near River, Continental, late 19thC., N1HN$240.00
3212294Folk Art Oil on Canvas Portrait of Three Girls, American, mid 19thC., N1HN$4926.00
3212295Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Gentleman, American, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212296Acrylic on Board Landscape, GH Tribout, French, 19th/20thC., N1HN$1080.00
3212297Oil on Canvas Abstract Painting, E. Proweller, French, 20th C., N1HN$1920.00
3212298Large Oil on Canvas Landscape Scene and Sailboats, French, 20th C., N1HN$1320.00
3212299Chinese Black Lacquer and Needlework Four Panel Screen, 20th C., N1HN$60.00
3212300Louis Vuitton Soft Sided Suitcase, France, 20th C., N1HN$390.00
3212301Daum Amber Art Glass Vase, French, 20th C.,N1HN$7561.20
3212302Art Glass Vase, Probably French, 20th C., N1HN$780.00
3212303Two Art Glass Vases, Possibly French, 20thC., N1HN$1128.00
3212304Art Glass Vase, Possibly French, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212305Tiffany Studios Bronze Compote Dish and Blotter, American, 20th C., N1HN$210.00
3212306Galle Style Cameo Glass Table Lamp and Shade, France, 20th C., N1HN$9540.00
3212307Cold Painted Figure of a Sailor Boy,20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212308Enamel and Brass Inkwell, Continental, 20th C., N1HN$90.00
3212310Four Art Glass Paperweights, 20thC., N1HN$90.00
3212311Group of Lalique Frosted to Clear Glass Articles, France, 20thC., N1HN$1322.40
3212312Lalique Art Nouveau Oval Bowl, French, 20thC., N1HN$901.20
3212313Pair of Neoclassical Style Bronze Putti Figures, 20thC.,N1Hn$240.00
3212314Bronze Boxer Dog Sculpture, 20th C., N1HN$180.00
3212315Bronze Frog Sculpture, 20thC., N1HN$240.00
3212316Bronze Putti Sculpture, 20th C., N1HN$270.00
3212317Cold Painted and Cast Bronze Quail Form Nest Inkwell, German/Austria, 19th/20thC., N1HN$570.00
3212319Articulated Artist Hand Model, 20thC., N1HN$330.00
3212321Ten Assorted Glass Perfume Bottles and Stoppers, 20thC., N1HN$120.00
3212322Five French Crystal Perfume Bottles, 20thC., N1Hn$456.00
3212324Eight Assorted Glass Perfume Bottles, French, 20thC., N1HN$240.00
3212325Eleven Assorted Glass Perfume Bottles, French, 20thC., N1HN$240.00
3212328Victorian Carved Oak Hanging Shelf, late 19th C., N1HN$390.00
3212329Pair of Cast-Iron and Patinated Metal Table Lamps, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3212330Provincial Carved Walnut Commode, French, 19th C., N1HN$480.00
3212331Two Painted Metal Washstands, 19th/20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212332Two Terracotta Busts of Women, French, 20th C., N1HN$961.20
3212334French Provincial Carved Walnut Vitrine, 18th/19th C., N1HN$120.00
3212335Art Deco Leather-Inset Mahogany Writing Desk, Probably French, 19th/20th C., N1HN$1560.00
3212336Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Mahogany Club Chair, 20th C., N1HN$120.00
3212337French Provincial Walnut Tall Case Clock, 18/19th C., N1HN$360.00
3212338Louis XVI Carved Walnut Armoire, French, 18th/19th C., N1HN$120.00
3212339Oak Hanging Cabinet, 19th/20th C., N1HN$30.00
3212340Repousee Patinated Metal Mirror, 19th/20th C., N1HN$92.40
3212341Brass-Inlaid Mahogany Fabric Inset Four Panel Screen, French, 19th/20th C., N1HN$150.00
3212342Three Vintage Papier-Mache Puppets, early 20thC., N1HN$30.00
3212343Three Papier-Mache Figural Wig Stands, Possibly French, 19th/20thC.,N1HN$270.00
3212344Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Circular Tray, American, 20th C., N1HN$540.00
3212345Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Circular Footed Bowl, American, 20th C., N1HN$150.00
3212346Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, American, 20th C., N1HN$300.00
3222366Contemporary Blue-and-White Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N8GN$60.00
3222367Keith DeCarlo Percheron Horses Lithograph, South American, 20th C., N7GN$45.60