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January Fine and Decorative Arts Auction-January 21-February 4, 2014
January 21, 2014

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3274455German 800 Silver Flatware Service For Eight, 20th C., N2HN$690.00
3274456Gorham "Versailles" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, 20th C., N2HN$3420.00
3274457Large Assembled Group of Whiting "Louis XV" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware, 20th C., N2HN$5050.80
3274458Gorham "Chantilly" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware Service, 20th C., N2HN$2079.60
3274459Gorham "Strausbourg" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, 20th C., N2HN$1920.00
3274460Gorham "Melrose" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, 20th C., N2HN$1860.00
3274461Gorham "King George" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, American, 20th C., N2HN$3360.00
3274462Wallace "Grande Baroque" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, 20th C., N2HN$2472.00
3274463Gorham "Rondo" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, American, 20th C., N2HN$1452.00
3274464Reed & Barton "Francis I" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, 20th C., N2HN$1383.60
3274465Wallace "Sir Christopher" Pattern Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware, 20th C., N2HN$1680.00
3274466Gorham Sterling Silver Assembled Flatware Pieces, 20th C., N2HN$2919.60
3274467American Sterling Silver Circular Footed Centerpiece Bowl, 20th C., N2HN$450.00
3274468American Sterling Silver Footed Circular Centerpiece Bowl, 20th C., N2HN$360.00
3274469Newport Sterling Silver Revere Form Bowl, American, 20th C., N2HN$335.59
3274470Black Starr & Frost Sterling Silver Circular presentation Tray, American, 20th C., N2HN$540.00
3274471Gorham Sterling Silver Oval Shaped Platter, American, 20th C., N2HN$540.00
3274472Gorham Sterling Silver Oval Bowl, American, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274473Reed & Barton "Windsor" Pattern Sterling Silver Square Bowl, American, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274474Pair of Whiting Sterling Silver Serving Dishes, American, 20th C., N2HN$360.00
3274476Mexican Sterling Silver Shaped Rectangular Dish, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274477Fisher Sterling Silver Oval Bread Dish, American, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3274478Six Sterling Silver Circular Bonbon Dishes, American, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274479Sanborns, Mexico Sterling Silver Hinged Lidded Rectangular Box, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274480Howard & Co. Sterling Silver Letter Box, American, 20th C., N2HN$390.00
3274481Udall & Ballou Stamped Sterling Silver Rectangular Hinged Lidded Box, American, 20th C., N2HN$607.20
3274482Victorian English Silver Inkstand, 19th C., N2HN$294.00
3274484Gorham Sterling Silver Five Piece Tea Service, American, 20th C., N2HN$1512.00
3274485Rogers Sterling Silver Partial Tea & Coffee Service, American, 20th C., N2HN$720.00
3274486Group Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers, 20th C., N2HN$268.80
3274487Three Reticulated Oval Bonbon Dishes, American/European, 20th C., N2HN$151.20
3274488Pair of Black Starr & Frost Circular Shallow Footed Bowls, American, 19th C., N2HN$450.00
3274489Three Sterling Silver Revere Form Trophy Bowls, American, 20th C., N2HN$258.00
3274490Sterling Silver Match Safe, Cigarette Case and Spectacle Case, 20th C., N2HN$211.20
3274491Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274492Three Sterling Silver Kiddish Cups, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274493Three Sterling Silver Table Items, 20th C., N2HN$522.00
3274494Three Sterling Silver Table Items, 20th C., N2HN$271.20
3274495Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3274496Pair of Sterling Silver Piecrust Border Plates, American, 20th C., N2HN$252.00
3274497Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274498Group of Silver Boxes, American/English/Continental, 19th/20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274499Group of Three Sterling Silver Pitchers, 20th C., N2HN$393.60
3274500Group of Sterling Silver Assorted Spoons, American/English, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274501Group of Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces, American/Continental, 19th C./20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274502Five Sterling Silver Serving Spoons, American/English, 18th/19th/20th C., N2HN$253.20
3274503Three Sterling Silver Scalloped Bowl Serving Spoons, American, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274504Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, American, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274505Continental All-Over Chased Tea Caddy, late 19th/20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274506Federal Carved Giltwood Eagle Decorated Convex Mirror, American, c. 1820, N2HN$1800.00
3274507Theorem on Velvet, Basket of Fruit, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274508Impressed Copper Bas Relief Panel of a Lion, 19th C., N2HN$45.60
3274509Three Art Glass Vases, 20th C., N2HN$72.00
3274510Three Boxed Disney Puppet Prototypes, American, 20th C., N2HN$54.00
32745121986 Statue of Liberty 2-Coin Proof Silver Dollar and Half Dollar, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274513Lunt Sterling Silver Double Frame, American, 20thC., N2HN$270.00
3274514Oil on Canvas, River Landscape, Paul Friis Nybo (Danish, 1869-1929), N2HN$660.00
3274523Oil on Board, "Near Beelsby," Clive Browne (English, 20th C.), N2HN$660.00
3274525Sack-Back Windsor Armchair, American, Late 18th c., N2HN$72.00
3274526Two "Union Pottery, Newark, N. J., J. Zipf. Prop" Stoneware Crocks, American, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274527Federal Black Painted and Stencil Decorated Washstand, American, 19th/20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274528Contemporary Oak Desk, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274529Set of Four Chinese Hardwood Nesting Tables, 20th C., N2HN$360.00
3274530Pair of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N2HN$390.00
3274531Chinese Famille Rose Jar with Cover, late 19th/20th C., N2HN$103.20
3274532Chinese Stone Double Sided Lithograph Painting Block Table, 19th C., N2HN$300.00
3274533Three Chinese Ming Dynasty Porcelain Articles, 14th/15th C., N2HN$1200.00
3274534Two Chinese Blue "Jun" Porcelain Articles, Sung Dynasty, N2HN$960.00
3274539Nine Limoges Hand-Painted Bird-Decorated Plates, French, late 19th C., N2HN$334.80
3274540Bolivian Handmade Velvet Beaded Wedding Jacket, Early 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274541Oil on Canvas, Winter Scene, Curtis Wilson, American, 1905, N2HN$240.00
3274545Two Porcelain Figures of a Boy and Girl, Continental, 20th C., N2HN$72.00
3274546Dark Brown Ranch Full Length Mink Coat, 20th C., N1HN$480.00
3274547Cleveland China G.H.B. Co. Porcelain Dinner Service "Bridal" Pattern, N2HN$90.00
3274549Classical Carved Mahogany Swivel Top Games Table, American, late 19th C., N2HN$480.00
3274551Ormolu-Mounted Onyx Columnar-Form Pedestal, 20th C., N2HN$360.00
3274552Louis XV Style Ormolu-Mounted Parquetry Swivel Top Game Table, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274553Oil on Board, Primitive River Landscape, 19th/20th C., N2HN$330.00
3274554Three Louis XV Style Brass and Iron Firetools, 19th/20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274555Four Japanese Wood Block Prints, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274556Japanese Woodblock Print, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274559Samurai Sword, Chinese, 20th C., N2HN$301.20
3274560Three Scroll Prints,Japanese/Chinese, 20th C., N2HN$157.20
3274561Two Japanese Scroll Prints, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274562English Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Lined Hinged Rectangular Box, 19th C., N2HN$399.60
3274563French 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Heart-Form Locket Lapel Pin, 20th C., N2HN$2400.00
32745641907 Twenty Dollar High Relief Gold Coin, American, N2HN$7200.00
3274565Federal Mahogany Two Pedestal Dining Table, American, 19th C., N2HN$180.00
3274566Adalbert Wex Framed Oil on Board Landscape, German, 19th C., N2HN$480.00
3274567Louis XVI Style Walnut Fauteuil, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274568Callaghan Designer Wool Vest, Italy, 20th C., N2HN$48.00
3274572Philip Lim Cream Silk and Black Lace Gown, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274574Chippendale Carved Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, Philadelphia, c. 1770, N2HN$3600.00
3274575Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Tilt-Top Candlestand, American, 20th C., N2HN$57.60
3274576Victorian Carved Mahogany Low Table, American, late 19th C., N2HN$57.60
3274578Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Man, Ernst Anders (German, 1845-1911), N2HN$150.00
3274581Pastel on Paper, Portrait of a Woman, Ella Valk (American, 1866-1945), N2HN$45.60
3274584Kirman Carpet, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274585Oil on Canvas, Path in Forest, Robert Lindner, 1909, N2HN$90.00
3274587Contemporary Mahogany Shaving Mirror, Probably American, 20th C., N2HN$48.00
3274588Assorted Group of Boxes, Chinese and Russian, 19th/20th C., N2HN$78.00
3274589Regency Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Sewing Box, English, early 19th C., N2HN$60.00
3274590Mahogany Humidor and Cidrella Box, 20th C., N2HN$24.00
3274591Painted and Carved Pine Rococo Style Jewelry Box, Venetian Taste, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274592General Electric Traveling Radio, American, early 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274593Pair of Ceramic Parrot Figural Candlesticks, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3274594Chinese Porcelain Urn Form Table Lamp, Bird and Floral Motif, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274595Tiffany & Company Ceramic Tulip Bowl and Covered Jar, Italy, 20th C., N2HN$73.20
3274596Three Tiffany & Company Colorless Glass Articles, Germany, N2HN$60.00
3274597S Walker Inc., Locust Valley NY Cast Brass Duck Form Boot Scrapper, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274598Four Silver Plated Boxes, 20th C., N2HN$12.00
3274600Royal Doulton Bouillon Cups and Under Plates, England, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274601Pair of Colorless Glass Candlesticks, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274602Group of Color and Colorless Glass Articles, 20th C., N2HN$148.80
3274603Brown Leather Chesterfield Sofa, 20th C., N2HN$510.00
3274609Ten Chinese and Japanese Fans, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274610Wedgwood Porcelain "Dragon" Covered Box, England, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274611Group of Colorless Glass Dresser Jars, 20th C., N2HN$84.00
3274612Group of Color and Colorless Glass Articles, 20th C., N2HN$51.60
3274613Two Paisley Drapery Panels, 20th C., N2HN$72.00
3274614Contemporary Oak Coffee Table, 20th C., N2HN$72.00
3274615Pair of Louis XV Style White-Painted Caned Bergeres, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274616Two Blue, Yellow, and White Floral Drapery Panels, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274617George III Style Mahogany Wing Chair, 19th/20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274618Chinese Hardwood Low Table, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274619Two Chinese Hardwood Side Tables, 20th C., N2HN$54.00
3274620Four Henredon Queen Anne Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N2HN$301.20
3274621Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Demi-Lune Game Table, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274622Contemporary Chinese Carpet, 20th C., N2HN$96.00
3274623Hitchcock Rush Seat Side Chair, American, 19th/20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274624Abstract Circus Print, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274625Floral Acrylic on Board, "Superbiens," 20th C., Central America, N2HN$42.00
3274626Twelve Framed Japanese Album Book Woodblock Prints, Birds and Flowers, 19th C., N2HN$150.00
3274627Two Michael Hudak Watercolor Paintings, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274628Print Trafalgar Square, London, 20th C., N2HN$15.60
3274630Two Oil on Board Landscapes, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274631Three Japanese Wood Block Prints, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274632Chinese Floral Watercolor on Paper, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274634Two Chinese Watercolors on Paper, Mallard Ducks, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274635Two Japanese Drawings, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274636Two Japanese Wood Block Prints,20th C., N2HN$74.40
3274637Two Japanese Erotic Wood Block Prints, 20th C., N2HN$84.00
3274638Two Japanese Erotic Wood Block Prints, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274639Two Japanese Erotic Prints, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274640Nine Japanese Erotic Wood Block Prints,early 20th C., N2HN$81.60
3274642Three Vegetable Still Life Drawings on Paper, K.Z. Huetter, 20th C., N2HN$24.00
3274643Two Chinese Export Porcelain Charger Plates,19th/20thC., N2HN$96.00
3274644Two N.D. Hoover Works on Paper, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274645Chinese Watercolor on Paper, Junk Boat, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274646Two Framed Botanical Lithographs, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274647Four Framed Scroll on Print Fragments, Birds and Floral Motif, 20th C.., N2HN$182.40
3274648Five Japanese Watercolor Paintings, PC Thomas, 20th C., N2HN$93.60
3274650Three Animal Prints, Lion, Pelican and Fox, 20th C., N2HN$39.60
3274651Chinese Scroll Print on Silk, "Lilies,"20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274652Chinese Scroll Print on Silk, 20th C., N2HN$85.20
3274653Chinese Scroll Print on Silk, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274654Chinese Scroll Print on Silk, 20th C., N2HN$48.00
3274656Six Chinese Cloisonne Desk Articles, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274657Tole Two Arm Boulotte Lamp, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274658Double Brass Students Lamp with Green Glass Shades, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274659Pair of Modern Colorless Crystal Brass Mounted Table Lamps, 20th C., N2HN$196.80
3274660Chinese Carved Hardwood Club Chair, 20th C., N2HN$69.60
3274661Four Carpet Fragments and Throw Rugs, 20th C., N2HN$121.20
3274662Patinated Metal Eagle Figure on Tree Branch, 20th C., N2HN$156.00
3274663Two Vetreria Gino Cenedese, Murano Swans, Italy, 20th C. N2HN$60.00
3274665Reproduction Patinated Metal Flying Eagle Sculpture, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274666Carved and Painted Wood Swan Decoy, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274667Two Patinated and Gilt Metal Swans, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274668Three Hard Stone Duck Figures, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274669Group of Duck, Geese and Bird Figures,20th C., N2HN$57.60
3274670Two Carved Marble Pedestals, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274671Four Panel Screen, Ducks on a Pond, Chinese, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274673Print, "Herring's Fox Hunting Scenes: Full Cry," J. Harris, London, 1867, N2HN$30.00
3274674Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274676Six Assorted Blue and White Throw Pillows, 20th C., N2HN$15.60
3274679Painted Oval Leather Bucket, 19th C., N2HN$90.00
3274680Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Covered Jar with Fu Dog Finial, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274682Modern Parquetry Wood and Metal Side Table, 20th C., N2HN$24.00
3274683Chinese Painted Scroll, Two Cranes in a River, 20th C., N2HN$27.60
3274684Repousse Decorated Copper Umbrella Stand, early 20th C., N2HN$73.20
3274685Korean Diminutive Cabinet, Possibly Paulownia Wood, 18th/19th C., N2HN$60.00
3274686Metal-Mounted Hardwood Dome Top Chest, 19th/20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274691Oil on Board, Portrait of a Man, Attributed to Willem van de Velde the Edler, N2HN$300.00
3274692Oil on Board, Interior Scene, Probably Dutch, 19th C., N2HN$480.00
3274694Five Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figures, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N2HN$337.20
3274695Three Blanc de Chinese Porcelain Female Figures, Chinese, 19th/20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274700Gouache, Cockatrices and White Flowers, Itzchak Tarkay (Israeli, 1935-2012), N2HN$150.00
3274701Gouache, Cockatiels and Red Flowers, Itzchak Tarkay (Israeli, 1935-2012), N2HN$150.00
3274702Old Master Drawing, Death of the Virgin, Carlo Maratta (Italian, 1625-1713), N2HN$4920.00
3274703Watercolor, River and Rainbow Landscape, Arthur Severn (British, 1842-1931), N2HN$360.00
3274705Oil on Canvas, Jackie Kennedy, M. Sgambati, 1966, N2HN$450.00
3274707Chinese Fu-Lion Decorated Vase, 20th C., N2HN$162.00
3274708Chinese Famille Vert Vase, 20th C., N2HN$216.00
3274709Pair of White-Glazed Floral-Decorated Vases, Fitted as Lamps, Chinese, 20th C., N2HN$540.00
3274711Two Vintage Hermes Silk Scarves, French, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274712Three Vintage Hermes Silk Scarves, French, 20th C., N2HN$510.00
3274713Regency Style Mahogany Dining Table, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274714Neoclassical Mahogany Inlaid and Banded Armoire, Italian, 19th/20thC., N2HN$312.00
3274715Contemporary Green Corduroy-Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274716Chinese Porcelain Floor Vase, 19th/20th C., N2HN$3000.00
3274717Contemporary Wrought-Iron and Glass Top Table, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274719Pair of Louis XV Style Carved Mahogany Open Armchairs, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274720Victorian Walnut and Burlwood Sewing Table, late 19th C., N2HN$150.00
3274721Pair of Oils on Canvas, Amorous Couples in Landscapes, Continental, 19th/20th C., N2HN$6300.00
3274722Victorian Eastlake Walnut Marble Top Occasional Table, late 19th C., N2HN$120.00
3274723Rococo Style Giltwood and Faux-Marble Painted Console Table, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3274724George III Carved Mahogany Tall Case Clock, Irish, late 18th C., N2HN$1200.00
3274725Pair of Neoclassical Style Painted and Silver-Gilt Mirrors, 20th C., N2HN$1321.20
3274726Pair of Regency Style Upholstered Painted and Parcel-Gilt Benches, 20th C., N2HN$2700.00
3274727Chinese Style Painted Pedestal, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3274728Regency Style Parcel-Gilt Mahogany Circular Dining Table, 20th C.,N2HN$450.00
3274729Empire Mahogany Secretary Bookcase, American, 19th C., N2HN$360.00
3274730George II Style Jappaned Side Chair, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274731Stained Wood and Gilt-Composition Mirror, 20th C., N2HN$54.00
3274732Contemporary White Metal and Art Glass Floor Lamp, 20th C., N2HN$84.00
3274733Pair of Rococo Style Crystal and Mirror Three-Light Sconces, 20th C., N2HN$780.00
3274734Mottahedeh Nanking Style Porcelain Covered Jug, 20th C., N2HN$133.20
3274735Bronze, Mother and Child, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$360.00
3274736Ink on Paper, Head of a Woman, European School, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274737Oil on Board, Mountain Scene with Village, Aristodemis Kaldis (American, 1899-1979), N2HN$960.00
3274739Pencil and Gouache on Newsprint, Sport Coat, Joseph Solman (American, 1909-2008), N2HN$1206.00
3274740Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Accordion-Action Game Table, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274741Louis XVI Style Brass Mounted Occasional Table, 19th/20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274742Pair of Louis XVI Style Upholstered Walnut Bergeres, 20thC., N2HN$900.00
3274743Chinese Coromandel Lacquer Low Table, 20th C., N2HN$48.00
3274744Napoleon III Marquetry & Part-Ebonized, Gilt-Bronze, Occasional Table, 19th C., N2HN$391.20
3274745Victorian Walnut Etagere, late 19th C., N2HN$510.00
3274746Pair of Rococo Revival Upholstered Mahogany Slipper Chairs, American, late 19th C., N2HN$180.00
3274747Giltwood and Composition Mirror, 20th C., N2HN$69.60
3274748Pair of Louis XVI Style Upholstered and Silver-Gilt Open Armchairs, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3274750Regency Style Fruitwood Center Table, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274751Napoleon III Inlaid and Gilt-Metal Mounted Mahogany Vitrine Cabinet, late 19th C., N2HN$240.00
3274752Neoclassical Style Urn-Form Brass Mounted Marble Lamp, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274753Pair of Art Deco Style Girandole Lamps with Favrile Style Shades, 20th C., N2HN$532.80
3274754Contemporary Obelisk-Form Inlaid Hardstone Lamp, 20th C., N2HN$93.60
3274755Pair of Neoclassical Style Giltwood Sconces, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274756French Gilt-Decorated Porcelain Clock, 20th C., N2HN$330.00
3274757Oil on Canvas, Peasant on Country Road, Joseph Thors (English, 1835-1900), N2HN$510.00
3274758Four Mixed Medias on Paper, Dancers, John Hayden (American, 20th C.), N2HN$60.00
3274760Oil on Board, The Dancing Figures, Irving Marantz (American, 1912-1972), N2HN$270.00
3274762Oil on Panel, Sailboats Venice, Charles-Clement Calderon (French, 1870-1906), N2HN$1717.20
3274763Oil on Canvas, Mother and Child in Windowsill, Giuseppe Mazzolini (Italian, 1806-1876), N2HN$1080.00
3274764Kerman Carpet, 20th C., N2HN$373.20
3274765Victorian Walnut Corner Etagere, late 19th C., N2HN$360.00
3274766George III Style Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard, 20th C., N2HN$570.00
3274767Pair of Victorian Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Black Papier Mache Side Chairs, 19th C., N2HN$390.00
3274768Neoclassical Style Brass-Mounted Mahogany Petit Commode, Continental, 19th C., N2HN$316.80
3274769Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Barrel Garden Seat, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274770Gorham Sterling Silver Tray, 20th C., N2HN$452.40
3274771Pair of Gorham Sterling Silver Three Light Candelabra, 20th C., N2HN$285.60
3274772Oil on Canvas, Ducks Over Marsh, George Stevens (Canadian, 20th C.), N2HN$210.00
3274774Transfer Decorated Porcelain Fish Service, 20th C., N2HN$151.20
3274775Twelve Gilt-Metal Mounted Green Glass Champagne Glasses, 20th C., N2HN$114.00
3274776Bronzed Plaster, Reclining Male Nude and Seated Woman, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$30.00
3274777Bronzed Plaster, Mother and Child, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$60.00
3274779Bronzed Plaster, Seated Woman, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$60.00
3274780Bronze, Seated Woman, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$150.00
3274781Contemporary Rug, After Miro, 20th C., N2HN$144.00
3274783Oil on Canvas, The Windowsill, William Nguyen, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274784Watercolor, Fishermen in Landscape with Pond, Carl Philipp Weber (American, 1850-1921), N2HN$720.00
3274786Wood Sculpture, Standing Woman, Chaim Gross (American, 1904-1991), N2HN$960.00
3274787Bronzed Plaster on Stone, Seated Woman, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$30.00
3274788Oriental Carpet, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274789White Glazed Ceramic Pedestal, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274790Victorian Eastlake Marble Top Walnut Occasional Table, late 19th C., N2HN$45.60
3274791Louis XV Style Upholstered Fruitwood Chaise Lounge, 20th C., N2HN$660.00
3274792George III Style Upholstered Shield Back Side Chair, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274794Indo Bidjar Rug, 20th C., N2HN$48.00
3274795Five Prints of Women, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3274798Two Charcoal Drawings, Figure Studies, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$90.00
3274799Two Oils on Canvas, Female Nudes, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$240.00
3274800Woodblock Print, Two Girls and Flowers, Chinese, 20th C.,N2HN$60.00
3274803Two Oil on Board Portraits, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274804Pen and Ink Drawing, "Flying Between London and Baghdad," Morley Safer (American, 1931-), N2HN$60.00
3274805Three Oils on Canvas, Eleanor Armstrong (American, 20th C.), N2HN$210.00
3274806Two Print, Abstract Acrobats, 20th C.,N2HN$90.00
3274810Regency Style Carved Mahogany Side Chair, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274812Four Clay Artist's Models and Armatures, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$30.00
3274813Four Clay Artist's Models and Armatures, Carolyn Schiff (American, 1920-2013), N2HN$152.40
3274814Six Chinese Needleworks on Silk, Modern, N2HN$180.00
3274815Collection of Seven Assorted Fans, early 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3274816Chaim Gross Bronze Plaque of Three Graces, Austrian-American, 20thC., N2HN$210.00
3274817Letter Opener and Magnifier, 20thC., N2HN$180.00
3274818Two Boehm Porcelain Birds, American, 20thC., N2HN$120.00
3274819Mahogany and Brass Mounted Sewing Box, late 19thC., N2HN$240.00
3274820Pair of Louis XV Style Gilt Metal Two-Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N2HN$102.00
3274821Vintage Velvet Photo Album and Photographs, late 19th/20thC., N2HN$60.00
3274822Italian Pietre Dure Mosaic Tile, 20thC., N2HN$300.00
3274823High-Relief Bronze Medallion,"Love of Mother Child," Bruno Lucchesi, Italian/American, 20thC., N2HN$150.00
3274824Vintage Mink Fur Wrap and Hat, 20thC., N2HN$232.80
3274825Group of Table Linens, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3274826Group of Cut and Pressed Glass Articles, 20th C., N2HN$114.00
3274827Five Cut Glass Decanters and Stoppers, 20thC., N2HN$150.00
3274828Group of Color Glass Vases and Platters, 20thC., N2HN$72.00
3274829Impressive Cut Crystal Footed Vase, Germany, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3274830Pair of Limoges Porcelain Cache Pots, French, 20thC., N2HN$60.00
3274831Moorcroft Pottery Vase, 20th C., N2HN$114.00
3274832Sascha Brastoff Ceramic Plate and Egg Form Covered Jar, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274833Three Limoges Porcelain Table Articles, France, 20th C., N2HN$156.00
3274834Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Holloware, 20th C., N2HN$228.00
3274835Oil on Canvas, Seascape, Charles J. Taylor (American, 1855-1929), N2HN$600.00
3274839Bronze Sculpture Depicting the Greek Mythological God "Apollo,"Corrado Parducci (Italy/American 1900-1981)N2HN$1200.00
3274840Bronze Sculpture of Two Men Wrestling, F.Bargedienne Fondeur, French, 19thC., N2HN$2400.00
3274842Bronze Sculpture of Partial Nude Man Splitting Wood, 20thC., N2HN$1200.00
3274844Georgian Style White Metal, Brass and Crystal Six Light Chandelier, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3274845Georgian Style Crystal Six Light Chandelier, 20th C., N2HN$390.00
3274846Queen Anne Style Mahogany Slant Front Desk, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3274847Federal Poplar Wall Cupboard, American, 19th C., N2HN$570.00
3274848George III Mahogany Chest of Drawers, English, late 18th C., N2HN$480.00
3274849Pair of Glass Painted Floral Decorated Vases, early 20thC., N2HN$30.00
3274850Pair of Regency Brass Footmen, English, 19th C., N2HN$240.00
3274851Two Chinese Porcelain Table Lamps, 20th C., N2HN$330.00
3274852Neoclassical Style Silver Plated and Cut Crystal Columnar Form Table Lamp, 20thC., N2HN$270.00
3274853Chippendale Style Cherrywood Tilt Top Tea Table, American, 20th C., N2HN$330.00
3274854Pair of Whale Oil Fluid Lamp Sconces, 19thC., N2HN$162.00
3274855Oil on Board, Children Pulling Christmas Tree, Probably American, 19th/20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274856Oil on Board, Portrait of a Gentleman, 19th/20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274857Oil on Board, Portrait of a Woman, 19th/20th C, N2HN$570.00
3274858Oil on Canvas, Interior Genre Scene, Probably American, 19th C., N2HN$300.00
3274859Oil on Canvas, Figure and Stone Cottage, Charles A. Rogers (American, 1848-1918), N2HN$300.00
3274860Lithograph, "The Golfers," Charles Lees (English, 1800-1880), N2HN$174.00
3274861Gouache on Silk of a Young Golfer, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3274862George III Style Burlwood Pier Mirror, 19th/20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274863Gorham Sterling Silver Footed Water Pitcher, American, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3274864Pair of International Weighted Sterling Silver Candlesticks, American, 20th C., N2HN$108.00
3274865Large Group of Assorted Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers, American, 20th C., N2HN$246.00
3274866Large Group of Sterling Silver Tea Balls and Tea Strainers, 20th C., N2HN$754.80
3274867Set of Eight Sterling Silver Porringer Form Salt Cellars, American, 20th C., N2HN$270.00
3274868Pair of Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Salt Cellars, American, 20th C., N2HN$108.00
3274869Sterling Silver Mounted Monumental Cut Glass Ink Pot, 20th C., N2HN$148.80
3274870Large Group of Silver Plated and Metal Table Items, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274871Large Group of Silver Plated Figural Napkin Rings, 20th C., N2HN$690.00
3274872Large Group of Figural Silver Plated Napkin Rings and Holders, 20th C., N2HN$328.80
3274873American Coin Silver Table Spoons, American, 19th C., N2HN$240.00
3274874Tiffany & Co. "Audubon" Pattern Serving Spoon, American, Late 19th/Early 20th C., N2HN$450.00
3274875David Carlson Sterling Silver Platter Spoon, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274876Victorian English Silver Serving Spoon & Fork Set, 19th C., N2HN$180.00
3274877Two English Silver Platter Spoons, 19th C., N2HN$211.20
3274878Group of Sterling Silver Teaspoons, 20th C., N2HN$270.00
3274879Group of American Coin Silver Flatware Items, 19th C., N2HN$186.00
3274880Sterling Silver Child's Cup, Mustard Pot and Miniature Donkey Figure, 20th C., N2HN$399.60
3274881Tiffany & Co. Vine Pattern Serving Spoon, American, 20th C., N2HN$448.80
3274882R. Blackinton Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Serving Spoon, late 19th/early 20th C., N2HN$224.40
3274883Group of Sterling Silver Napkin Rings, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274885Pair of Contemporary Club Chairs and Matching Ottoman, 20th C., N2HN$246.00
3274886Folding Mahogany Library Ladder, 20th C., N2HN$570.00
3274888French Provincial Walnut Dining Table, 19th/20th C., N2HN$1320.00
3274889Six Ladderback Rush Seat Maple Side Chairs, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274890Georgian Style Carved Mahogany Piecrust Birdcage Tea Table, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3274892Red-Leather Upholstered Chesterfield Sofa, 20th C., N2HN$360.00
3274893Louis XVI Brass-Mounted Walnut Writing Desk, 19th/20th C., N2HN$1560.00
3274894Caucasian Style Room Size Carpet, 20th C., N2HN$3420.00
3274895Sarouk Style Carpet, 20th C., N2HN$3000.00
3274896Contemporary Salmon-Upholstered Sofa, 20th C., N2HN$360.00
3274897Pair of Contemporary Gold-Striped Love Seats, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274899Pair of Regency Style Carved Mahogany Armchairs, 20th C.,N2HN$259.20
3274900Regency Style Inlaid Walnut Veneered Oval Side Table, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274901Fourteen Assorted Throw Pillows, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274902Brown-Glazed Earthenware Floor Vase, 20th C., N2HN$450.00
3274903Michael Elkan Burled Wood Hinged Box, American, 20thC., N2HN$102.00
3274904Baccarat Crystal Oversized Tumbler Glass, France, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3274905Large Group Of Glass Stemware, 20thC., N2HN$120.00
3274906Three African Carved Wooden Sculptures, Modern, N2HN$180.00
3274907Two African Figures, Modern, N2HN$240.00
3274909Tiffany & Co. by Mottahedeh Blue and White Porcelain Bowl, Portugal, 20th C., N2HN$193.20
3274910Rosenthal Studio Art Glass Bowl, Germany, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3274911Bronze and Gilt Sculpture, Seated Dog, 20thC., N2HN$150.00
3274914Steuben Glass Eagle and Apple Figures, American, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3274915Two English Silver Plated Articles, 20thC., N2HN$391.20
3274916Mid-Century Modern Style Stainless Metal Table Lamp and Shade, 20thC., N2HN$62.40
3274917Partial Royal Copenhagen Blue-and-White Porcelain Dinner Service, 20th C., N2HN$3120.00
3274918Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Woman Wrapped in a Shawl and Flowers in Hand, 19th/20thC., N2HN$309.60
3274919Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Woman Praying, Italian, 19th/20thC., N2HN$330.00
3274920Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl, 17thC., N2HN$480.00
3274921Four Chinese Objects, 20thC., N2HN$240.00
3274922Neoclassical Style Brass-Inlaid Walnut Dining Table, Continental Taste, 20th C., N2HN$1200.00
3274923Six Neoclassical Style Paint-Decorated Walnut Dining Chairs, Continental Taste, 20th C., N2HN$660.00
3274924Neoclassical Giltwood Mirror, Impressive Size, Possibly French or American, 19th C., N1HN$12600.00
3274925Caucasian Carpet, Early 20th C., N2HN$4620.00
3274926Federal Mahogany Birdcage Candlestand, American, 19th C., N2HN$212.40
3274927George III Inlaid Mahogany Beau Brummel, English, late 18th C., N2HN$1053.60
3274928Federal Inlaid Mahogany Ladies Secretary Bookcase, Massachusetts, 19th C., N2HN$1320.00
3274929George III Mahogany Stool, English, late 18th C., N2HN$330.00
3274930George III Mahogany Slipper Chair, English, late 18th C., N2HN$180.00
3274931Oil on Canvas, Jesuit Priest, 19th C., N2HN$180.00
3274932Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Narcisse Hamilton, 19th C., N2HN$271.20
3274933Oil on Paper Mounted on Canvas, Water Fowl, Conrad Wise Chapman (American, 1842-1910), N2HN$1020.00
3274934Four Tribal Articles, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3274935Three Desk Articles, 20th C., N2HN$45.60
3274936Oil on Cardboard, Still Life of Apples, Conrad Wise Chapman (American, 1842-1910), N2HN$900.00
3274937Four Pencil Sketches, Purportedly by Conrad Wise Chapman (American, 1842-1910), N2HN$970.80
3274938Eight Sketches and Paintings, Purportedly Conrad Wise Chapman (American, 1842-1910), N2HN$4800.00
3274939Four Pencil Sketches of Landscapes, Conrad Wise Chapman (American, 1842-1910), N2HN$180.00
3274940Group of Jewelry Items, Late 19th/20th C., N2HN$332.40
3274941Tom Otterness (American, b. 1952) Commemorative Relief Plaque, N2HN$300.00
3274942Tom Nakashima(American, b.1941)Print, N2HN$30.00
3274943Hudson River Sandpaper Marble Dust Drawing, 19th C., N2HN$90.00
3274944Hudson River Sandpaper Marble Dust Drawing, 19th C., N2HN$180.00
3274945Hudson River Sandpaper Marble Dust Drawing, 19th C., N2HN$240.00
3274946Hudson River Sandpaper Marble Dust Drawing, 19th C., N2HN$180.00
3274947Hudson River Polychrome Sandpaper Marble Dust Drawing, 19th C., N2HN$90.00
3274948Four Wood Mid-Century Modern Folding Chairs, Russian, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3274949Baroque Style Tooled Leather Two-Panel Screen, Probably Italian, 19thC.,N2HN$300.00
3274950Wallace "Grande Baroque" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service, 20th C., N2HN$2038.02
3274951Gorham "Greenbrier" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service, 20th C., N2HN$1200.00
3274952Group of Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver Handled Flatware Items, American, 20th C., N2HN$250.80
3274953Group of Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks, American, 20th C., N2HN$331.20
3274954Wallace Sterling Silver Cream Jug and Open Sugar Bowl, American, 20th C., N2HN$211.20
3274955Two Sterling Silver Kiddish Cups, 20th C., N2HN$151.20
3274965Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Woman with Lace, Jerry Barrett (English, 1824-1906), N2HN$600.00
3274967George III Style Brass-Mounted Mahogany Butler's Tray Table, 20th C., N2HN$276.00
3274968George III Style Mahogany Cabinet, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274969Colonial Revival Brass-Mounted Mahogany Slant Front Ladies Writing Desk, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3274970Eight Louis XVI Style Leather-Upholstered Walnut Dining Chairs, 20th C., N2HN$1800.00
3274971Georgian Style Glass Top Vitrine Coffee Table, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3274972Colonial Revival Paint-Decorated Mahogany Diminutive Bookshelf, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274973Sarouk Style Carpet, Pakistan, 20th C., N2HN$330.00
3274974Serapi Style Carpet, Belgium, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3274975Four New Yorker Cartoons, 20th C., N2HN$216.00
3274976Three Prints of Children, Jessie Wilcox Smith (American, 1863-1935), N2HN$90.00
3274977Two Prints of Soldiers, Henry Bunnet (Canadian, 1945-1910), N2HN$45.60
3274978Oil on Board, Tennis Ball, Swader, 1998, N2HN$128.40
3274979Four New Yorker Cartoons, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3274981Bas Relief Lithograph, "Dog", Edward Ruscha (American, b.1937), N2HN$13801.20
3274982Artist Proof, "Blue Bowl," 20th C., N2HN$600.00
3274983Oil on Canvas, "Bunchie Running," Swader, 1998, N2HN$960.00
3274984Large Group of Colorless Crystal Barware and Stemware, 20th C., N2HN$1681.20
3274985Twelve Wedgwood Bone China Florentine Dinner Plates, 20th C., N2HN$600.00
3274986Lenox Porcelain, Lowell Pattern, Dinner and Luncheon Plates, 20thC., N2HN$336.00
3274987Lenox for Tiffany Porcelain Dinner Service, 20thC., N2HN$104.40
3274988Lalique Crystal Doves Ring Holder, France, 20thC., N2HN$150.00
3274989Assorted Group of Colorless Cut and Pressed Glass Articles, 20thC., N2HN$60.00
3274990Group of German and English Porcelain Articles, 20thC., N2HN$192.00
3274991Twelve Minton Porcelain Bouillon Cups and Saucers, England, 20thC., N2HN$416.40
3274992Group of Lead and White Metal Soldier Figures, 20thC., N2HN$15.60
3274993Three Silver Plated Articles, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3274994Large Group of Assorted Glass Stemware, 20th C., N2HM$120.00
3274995Group of Copper, Pewter and Brass Articles, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274996Three Painted Wood Duck Decoys, 20th C., N2HN$102.00
32749978 Days Swiss Brass and Alabaster Mounted Desk Clock, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3274998Towle Sterling Silver Flatware Service, "1690-1990 Monogram",20th C., N2HN$3465.60
3274999Bronze sculpture, 'Jeune Fille la Colombe,' Henry Arnold (French, 1879-1945),N2HN$600.00
3275000Three Glass Fluid Lamps,20thC., N2HN$30.00
3275002Four Webb Corbett Etched Crystal Candlesticks, England, 20thC., N2HN$661.20
3275003Large Group of Colonial Craftsmen Pewter Workshops Doll House Parts and Accessories, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275004Large Group of Colonial Craftsmen Pewter Workshops and Reevesline Pewterware Doll House Parts and Accessories, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3275005Large Group of Colonial Craftsmen Pewter Workshops and Reevesline Pewterware Doll House Parts and Accessories, 20th C., N2HN$252.00
3275006Pair of Regency Burlwood Inlaid Mahogany Corner Commodes, English, 19th C., N2HN$766.80
3275009Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Ladies Secretary Desk, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275011Royal Doulton "The Golfer" Toby Mug, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3275012Neoclassical Style Giltwood and Walnut Pier Mirror, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3275013Pair of Silver Plated Foliate and Figural Ten Branch Candelabra, 20th C., N2HN$2280.00
3275014Murano Art Glass Sculture, 20th C., Italian, N2HN$240.00
3275015Twelve Assorted Continental Silver Beakers, 20th C., N2HN$960.00
3275017German 800 Weighted Silver Covered Chalice Trophy, 20th C., N2HN$602.40
3275018Friedell Pasadena Sterling Silver Hand Wrought Open Sugar Bowl & Cream Jug, American 20th C., N2HN$469.20
3275019Boxed Buccellati Sterling Silver Picture Frame, Italy, 20th C., N2HN$450.00
3275020Pair of English Silver Weighted Vasiform Candlesticks, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3275021Pair of Continental Silver Columnar Candlesticks, 20th C., N2HN$390.00
3275022L. Dobson, Newcastle Silver Mounted Snuff Bottle, English, 19th C., N2HN$296.40
3275023Six Cut and Etched Glass Crystal Goblets, 20th C., N2HN$15.60
3275024Sterling Silver Lidded Cut Glass Biscuit Jar, American, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3275027Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker, 20th C., N2HN$570.00
3275029Set of Twelve Irish Silver Chased Wine Goblets, 20th C., N2HN$1680.00
3275030Georg Jensen, Denmark Three Piece Sterling Silver Dresser Set, 20th C., N2HN$511.20
3275032American Coin Silver Caster, 19th C., N2HN$222.00
3275033Sterling Silver Mounted and Niello Tabletop Gong, 20th C., N2HN$790.80
3275034Two Chinese Portraits on Rice Paper, 20th C., N2HN$48.00
3275036Two Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Mounted Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass, 20th C., N2HN$202.80
3275037Victorian Silver Plated Revolving Domed Lidded Breakfast Warmer, 19th C., N2HN$182.40
3275038Silver Plated Handled Basket, 20th C., N2HN$952.80
3275039Four Piece Continental Silver Tea Service, 20th C., N2HN$610.80
3275040Pair of Brown and Pink Banded Cloisonne Vases, Chinese, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275041Fifteen Cut Glass Salts, 20th C., N2HN$12.00
3275042Glass, Ceramic, Lenox and Cobalt Blue Glass Liners and Inserts, 20th C., N2HN$54.00
3275043Silver Plated Compote With Circular Glass Insert, 20th C., N2HN$62.40
3275044Five Prints, Babies and Pigs, 2oth C., N2HN$30.00
3275045Three Watercolor Landscapes by GE Bowdy, 20th C., N2HN$54.00
3275046Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Turkish Coffee Pot, American, 20th C., N2HN$511.20
3275048Pewter Handled Cannister, 19th C., N2HN$48.00
3275050Loetz Art Nouveau Iridescent Vase, Austrian, Late 19th/early 20th C., N2HN$3192.00
3275052George II Carved Mahogany Tilt Top Tea Table, English, Mid-18th C., N2HN$900.00
3275053Ten George III Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N2HN$1710.00
3275054Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Ladies Writing Desk, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3275055Baker Furniture George III Style Mahogany Bachelor's Chest, 20th C., N2HN$210.00
3275056Regency Style Leather-Inset Burlwood Pedestal Desk, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275057Federal Style Mahogany Three Part Banquet Table, 20th C., N2HN$150.00
3275058Black-Painted, Wrought-Iron Floor Lamp, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3275059Carved Mahogany Blanket Chest, English, early 19th C., N2HN$174.00
3275060Georgian Style Mahogany Window Seat, 20th C., N2HN$72.00
3275061Federal Style Maple Nightstand, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3275062Queen Anne Style Mahogany Side Table, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275063George II Carved Mahogany Side Chair, English, mid-18th C., N2HN$210.00
3275064Empire Cherrywood Swivel Top Games Table, American, 19th C., N2HN$180.00
3275065Louis XV Style Inlaid Vanity, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3275068Two Rush Seat Armchairs, American Tradition, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3275069Queen Anne Style Mahogany Gate-Leg Games Table, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275070Stained Pine Dry Sink, American, 19th C., N2HN$483.60
3275071Stained Pine Work Table, American, 19th C., N2HN$81.60
3275072Neoclassical Inlaid Fruitwood Petit Commode, Italian, 19th C., N2HN$720.00
3275073Federal Cherrywood Corner Cabinet, American, 19th C., N2HN$600.00
3275074Federal Cherrywood Drop Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N2HN$150.00
3275076Thirteen Pieces of Black Painted Wrought-Iron Patio Furniture, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3275077Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Seated Woman, Jean Spencer (American, 1904-), N2HN$240.00
3275079Rectangular Parcel-Gilt Mahogany Mirror, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3275082Oil on Board, "Quebec Landscape," Tom Nichols (American, 20th C.), N2HN$417.60
3275083Oil on Board, Girl in a Blue Dress with Basket, Folk Art Style, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275085Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Gentleman, American, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3275087Three Oils on Board, Floral Still Lives, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275091Large Group of Waterford Stemware, 20thC., N2HN$270.00
3275092Partial Blue and White Porcelain Dinner Service, England, 20thC., N2HN$102.00
3275093Group of Pewter, Copper and Iron Articles, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3275094Porcelain Figure Depicting "Murat," Continental, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3275096Steuben Crystal Bowl, American, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3275097Pair of Chinese Style Green Glazed Porcelain Vases, 20thC., N2HN$350.40
3275098Two Celadon Porcelain Vases, 20thC., N2HN$241.20
3275099Neoclassical Style Wood Columnar Table Lamp, 20thC., N2HN$156.00
3275100Pair of Borghese Figural Table Lamps, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3275101Pair of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Vases, 20th C., N2HN$450.00
3275103Chinese Black Lacquer and Inlaid Wood Lap Desk, 20th C., N2HN$27.60
3275104Partial Royal Fettau Porcelain Dinner Service, German, 20thC., N2HN$72.00
3275105Lynn Chase Porcelain Cache Pot, 20thC., N2HN$102.00
3275107Group of Blue and White Porcelain Articles, English/German, 20thC, N2Hn$120.00
3275108Six Boxed Wedgwood Porcelain Demi-Tasse Cups and Saucers, Westbury Pattern,England, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275109Royal Worcester, Delecta Pattern Porcelain Dinner Service, England, 20thC.,N2HN$390.00
3275110Ruby Glass Goblets and Wine Glasses, 20thC., N2HN$180.00
3275111Copeland Spode Royal Jasmine Porcelain Dinner Service, England, 20thC., N2HN$156.00
3275112Pair of Silver Plated Three-light Candlelabra, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3275113English Silver Plated Seven Piece Tea and Coffee Service, 20th c., N2HN$90.00
3275114Tiffany & Company Sterling Silver Picture Frame, 20th C., N2HN$660.00
3275115Victorian English Plated Bisquit Warmer, 19/20th C., N2HN$240.00
3275116Circular Mirrored and Plated Plateau, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3275117Silver Plated Tea Ware, Two Pots and Hot Water Kettle on Stand, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3275118Four Silver Plated Revere Style Bowls, 20th C., N2HN$12.00
3275119Three Silver Plated Water Pitchers, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3275120Silver Plated Double Handled Wine Cooler, 20th C., N2HN$54.00
3275121Two Silver Plated Double Handled Trays, 20th C., N2HN$61.20
3275122Six Silver Plated Circular Trays, 20th C., N2HN$15.60
3275123Four Silver Plated Chafing Dishes and Serving Pieces, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3275124Six Boxed Sheffield Pistal Handled Knives, 20th C., N2HN$172.80
3275125Gold, Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelery, 19/20th C., N2HN$459.60
3275126Pair of Wallace Sterling Silver Weighted Three-light Candelabra, 20th C., N2HN$168.00
3275127Nine Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks, 20th C, N2HN$180.00
3275128Sterling Silver Bread Tray and Coasters, 20th c., N2HN$402.00
3275133Suite of Louis XVI Style White-Painted Caned Furniture, 20th C., N2HN$840.00
3275134Limoges Hand Painted Portrait Porcelain Plate, "Reverie" 19thC., N2HN$222.00
3275135Floral Painted Plaster Table Lamp, 20th C., N2HN$162.00
3275136Carved White Marble Columnar-Form Pedestal, early 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3275137Louis XVI Style Carved Walnut Caned Seat Window Seat, 20th C., N2HN$510.00
3275138Louis XV Style Beechwood Settee, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3275142Italian Hand Carved Giltwood Architectural Element, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3275143Five Assorted Footstools, 20th C., N2HN$307.20
3275144Suite of Eight Pieces of Green-Painted Metal Patio Furniture, 20th C., N2HN$420.00
3275145Cast Bronze, Brass and Painted Iron Baker's Rack, French, late 19th C., N2HN$1800.00
3275146Oil on Canvas Floral Still Life, George Clarendon, 20th., N2HN$270.00
3275147Pair of Amber Cut to Clear Glass Decanters and Stoppers, 20th C., N2HN$211.20
3275149Oil on Canvas Basket of Fruit Still Life, John Clinton Spencer (Am. 1861-1919) N2HN$720.00
3275150Oil on Canvas Still Life, Roses, Edward Chalmers Leavitt (Am. 1842-1904)N2HN$1861.20
3275152Oil on Board Floral Still Life in Seascape, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3275154Bisque Dancing Female Figural Centerpiece, Continental, 19th/20thC.,N2HN$300.00
3275155Chinese Porcelain Charger, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3275156Basket Weave and Olive Decorated Ceramic Vase, Austria, 20thCC., N2HN$150.00
3275157Porcelain Cherub and Floral Decorated Basket, Probably German, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3275159Tooled Leather Fitted Jewelry Box, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275160Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Canape, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3275161Victorian Lacquer Decorated Bamboo Writing Table, English, late 19th C., N2HN$450.00
3275162Pair of Louis XV Style Paint-Decorated Chiffioneres, 20th C., N2HN$320.40
3275163Engraving of an Elegant Woman, early 20thC., N2HN$174.00
3275164Pair of Neoclassical Style Marble Veneered Urns, Probably Italian, 20th C., N2HN$270.00
3275165Four French Fashion Prints, 19th/20thC., N2HN$60.00
3275166Majolica Pitcher, Wine and Grape Motif, Italian, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275167Roundel Bas Relief Bronze Plaque of Cupid & Psyche, 19thC., N2HN$360.00
3275168Neoclassical Style Brass and Amethyst Glass Columnar Form Lamp, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3275169Pair of Floral Painted Wall Brackets and Two Framed Floral Medallions, 20thC., N2HN$60.00
3275170George III Style Giltwood Over Mantel Mirror, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3275171Louis XV Style Giltwood Trumeau, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275172Pair of Italian Gilt Metal with Hanging Crystal Prisms Wall Sconces,20thC., N2HN$60.00
3275173Suite of Louis XVI Style Paint-Decorated Furniture, 20th C., N2HN$480.00
3275174Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Armoire, 20th C., N2HN$390.00
3275176Louis XV Style Ormolu-Mounted Ladies Writing Desk, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275177Louis XV Style Ormolu-Mounted Tulipwood Ladies Writing Desk, 19th/20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275178Louis XV Style Carved Beechwood Chaise Lounge, 20th C., N2HN$360.00
3275179Chinese Chippendale Style Giltwood Over Mantel Mirror, 20th C., N2HN$300.00
3275180Pair of Victorian White-Painted Wicker Rocking Chairs, late 19th C., N2HN$150.00
3275183Stark Aubusson Style Room Size Carpet, 20th C., N2HN$450.00
3275186Louis XV Style Carved Beechwood Wing Chair, 20th C., N2HN$250.80
3275187Louis XVI Style Carved Walnut Settee, 20th C., N2HN$240.00
3275188Carved Alabaster Figure of a Youth, Continental, 19th C., N2HN$3960.00
3275189Louis XVI Style Glass and Bronze Six Light Chandelier, 20th C., N2HN$906.00
3275190Louis XV Style Gilt Metal Cage Form Hanging Planter and Tin Inserts, 20th., N2HN$120.00
3275191Neoclassical Style Cherub and Ceramic Flowers Two Arm Gilt Metal Wall Sconce, 20thC., N2HN$300.00
3275192Pair of Louis XV Style Gilt Metal Three Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N2HN$240.00
3275194Pair of Porcelain Putti Musical Figures and Floral Table Lamps, 20th C., N2HN$120.00
3275195Italian Glass Wisteria Three Arm Chandelier, 20thC., N2HN$1201.20
3275196Pair of Alabaster Urn Form Table Lamps, Italian, 20thC., N2HN$120.00
3275197Silver Plated Double Handled Shaped Rectangular Chafing Dish, American, 20th C., N2HN$126.00
3275198English Silver Plated Four Branch Epergne With Cut Glass Dishes, Late 19th C., N2HN$1500.00
3275199Silver Plated Two Tier handled Lazy Susan Style Serving Tray, American, 20th C., N2HN$54.00
3275200Three Silver Plated Covered Vegetable Dishes, American, 20th C., N2HN$27.60
3275201Group of Silver Plated Table Items, American/German, N2HN$30.00
3275202Silver Plated Ice Bucket and Thermos, American, 20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275203Three Silver Plated Circular Trays, 20th C., N2HN$42.00
3275204Fisher Sterling Silver Weighted Two Branch Modern Candelabra, American, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275205Community Silver Plated Flatware Service, American, 20th C., N2HN$73.20
3275210Contemporary Paint-Decorated Bar Cabinet, 20th C., N2HN$244.80
3275211Paint Decorated Pine Work Table, English, 19th/20th C., N2HN$90.00
3275213Paint Decorated Silent Valet, 20th C., N2HN$30.00
3275214Sterling Silver Mounted Amber Glass Vase,20thC., N2HN$108.00
3275215Neoclassical Style Bisque Relief Plaque, German, 19th/20thC., N2HN$90.00
3275216Pair of Amber Glass Hurricane Shades, 20thC., N2HN$120.00
3275217KPM Porcelain Figure of a Boy, German, 20thC., N2HN$60.00
3275219Eight Gilt Frame Small Mirrors, Italy, 20thC., N2HN$102.00
3275220Two Oval Louis XV Style Giltwood Mirrors, 20th C.,N2HN$60.00
3275221Six Gilt Metal Glass and Mirror Dresser Trays, 20thC.,N2HN$126.00
3275222Four Porcelain Figures, Continental, 20thC.,N2HN$60.00
3275223Capodimonte Porcelain Putti Figure, Italy, 20thC., N2HN$120.00
3275224Neoclassical Style Composition Putti Sculpture,$120.00
3275226Pair of Neoclassical Style White Ceramic Figural Wall Shelves, 20th.C, N2HN$180.00
3275227Pair of Porcelain Boy and Girl Figures, Continental, 20thC., N2HN$90.00
3275228Neoclassical Style Gilt Decorated Bisque Center Piece Bowl, Possibly French, 20thC., N2HN$180.00
3275229Amethyst Painted Glass and Gilt Metal Mounted Circular Hinged Lid Box, 20thC., N2HN$214.80
3275232Pair of Louis XV Style Brass and Crystal Prism Two Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N2HN$180.00
3275233Three Silver Plated Serving Trays, 20th C., N2HN$72.00
3275234William Wise & Sons Oval Sterling Silver Tray, 20th C., N2HN$228.00
3275235Large group Silver Plated Flatware Items, American, 20th C., N2HN$60.00
3275236Sterling Silver Shell-Form Bowl and Three Tongs, American, 20th C., N2HN$180.00
3275237Group of Sterling Silver Small Flatware Serving Pieces, American, 20th C., N2HN$162.00