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May Fresh Auction-May 6th to May 20th, 2014
May 6, 2014

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3418593Sixteen Porcelain Table Articles, English, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$118.80
3418594Metal and Wood Rickshaw, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418595Venetian Style Glass Table Mirror, 20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3418596Ten Picture Frame Lights, 20th C., FR3SH$330.00
3418597Eight Cameras and Camcorders, 20th C., FR3SH$181.20
3418598Coach White Patent Leather Handbag, 20th C., FR3SH$66.00
3418599Coach Red Leather Tote Bag, 20th C., FR3SH$126.00
3418600Walter Hatten Brown Leather Handbag, Italy, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3418601Vintage Gucci Blue Signature Monogram Coated Canvas Tote Bag, Italy, 20thC., FR3SH$184.80
3418602Group of McDonald's Collectable Tumbler Glasses, 20thC., FR3SH$30.00
3418606Golf Clubs, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418610Bust of J.F.K. by Robert Berks (1922-2011, FR3SH$54.00
3418612Victorian Gilt-Metal Nine-Light Gas Chandelier, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3418615Group of Silver Plated Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418616Silver Plated Partial Tea Service, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418617Louis XV Style Parcel-Gilt Upholstered Bergere, 20th C., N4HN$180.00
3418619Inlaid Wood and Metal Base Table, 20th C., FR3SH$67.20
3418620Seven Porcelain Serving Plates, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418621Four Vintage Board Games, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418622Carved Wood Plaque of Mona Lisa, By S. Juliano, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418624Four Bronze and Porcelain Plaques, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3418626Enterprise MFG Co. Coffee Grinder, Philadelphia, 20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3418627Earthenware Jug, C.S. Littell & Co, Wholesale Druggists, New York, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3418629Seven Amberina Figurals, Chinese and Thai, Modern, FR3SH$102.00
3418631Three Art Glass Vases, 20th C., FR3SH$73.20
3418632Three Chinese and Japanese Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$90.00
3418633Four Chinese Porcelain Table Articles, Modern, FR3SH$30.00
3418634Chinese Carved Soapstone Sculpture, Modern, FR3SH$156.00
3418637Two Carved Stone Thai Deity Busts, Modern, FR3SH$86.40
3418638Chinese Dragon-Decorated Porcelain Tea Set, Modern, FR3SH$42.00
3418639Six Repousse Decorated Metal Boxes, 20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3418640Three Art Deco Style Metal Sculptures, 20th C., FR3SH$81.60
3418642Painted and Gilt Carved Wood Buddha, Thai, Modern, FR3SH$72.00
3418643Two Carved Wood Busts, A. Fatimah, Bali, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418644Carved Alabaster Bust of a Young Boy, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418646Five Gilt and Patinated Metal Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418648Eight Metal Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418649Seven White Metal Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418650Nine Vintage Toys, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418651Four Vintage Toy Guys, 20th C., FR3SH$66.00
3418652Two Framed Vintage Lace Fans, 20th C., FR3SH$104.40
3418654Shirley Temple Composition Doll, Ideal, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3418655Fourteen Vintage Painted Metal Trucks, Cars, Trains, and Tanks, 20th C., FR3SH$93.60
3418657Seven Wedgwood Jasperware Table Articles, English, 20th C., FR3SH$66.00
3418658Twenty Two Pieces of Fire-King Jadite Dinnerware, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3418659Eight Glass Paperweights, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418660Four Faux-Tortoiseshell Table Articles, Chinese, 20th C., FR3SH$128.40
3418661Set of Twelve Carnival Glass High Ball Glasses and Pitcher, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418663Alpine Woodwinds Dehan Flute and Case, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3418664Pair of Art Deco Style Glass and Stone Figural Table Lamps, 20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3418665Eighteen Pressed Glass Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418666Parcel-Gilt Porcelain Tea Service, Chinese, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418668Seven Art Glass Paperweights, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418669Thirty-One Vintage Colored and Colorless Glass Bottles, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3418671Four Sterling Silver Dresser Items, 20th C., FR3SH$172.80
3418672Five Sterling Silver Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH$182.40
3418673Three Pairs of Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks, 20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3418674Three Meriden B. Company Quadruple Plate Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$114.00
3418675Bronze Figured Vase, Jean Garnier (French, 1853-1910), FR3SH$102.00
3418676Vintage Wood Stereoscope, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418677Eight Red and Pink Glass Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418680Five Metal and Wood Toy Cannons, 20th C., FR3SH$114.00
3418681Pink Ceramic Stylized Leaping Antelope Figure, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418682Art Nouveau Style Gilt Metal Table Mirror, 20th C., FR3SH$222.00
3418683Set of Cow Horns and a Set of Antlers, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418686Art Deco Style Patinated Metal Lamp with Stained Glass Shade, 20th C., FR3SH$74.40
3418687Remco US Navy Pom-Pom Gun and Big Max Toys, Mid-20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3418688Two Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mugs, English, 20th C., FR3SH$56.40
3418689Six Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mugs, English, 20th C., FR3SH$85.20
3418690Five Royal Doulton Porcelain Toby Mugs, English, 20th C., FR3SH$123.60
3418691Gilt-Metal and Crystal Table Clock, German, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418693Eight Colorless Glass Table Articles, Including Lalique, 20th C., FR3SH$102.00
3418694Thirteen Silver Plated Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$151.20
3418695Patinated Metal Sculpture of a Woman, 20th C., FR3SH$114.00
3418696Group of Coin Silver Flatware, American, 19th C., FR3SH$212.40
3418697Group of Miscellaneous Flatware Items, 20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3418698Miscellaneous Group of Sterling Silver Flatware Spoons, 20th C., FR3SH$592.80
3418699Miscellaneous Group of Sterling Silver Flatware items, 20th C., N4HN$442.80
3418703Oil on Board, "Jersey Bingo", 20thC., FR3SH$60.00
3418704Oil on Canvas, Art Studio, 20thC., FR3SH$192.00
3418705Giltwood and Gesso Frame,20thC., FR3SH$39.60
3418707Colonial Revival Mahogany Sewing Table, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3418709Two Blue and White Splatter Style Bowls, Italy, 20th C.$42.00
3418712Five A.C. Gilbert Puzzle Parties Games, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3418713Group of Glass Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418715Mahogany Hall Tree, 20th C., FR3SH$96.00
3418718Porcelain Figure, Praying Girl, Germany, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418720Painted Metal Merging Traffic Road Sign, 20th C., FR3SH$12.00
3418725Pair of Brass Swing Arm Wall Lamps, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3418728Two Federal Style Candlestands, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418730Mahogany Sewing Table and Stool, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418731Federal Style Mahogany Two-Tiered Dumbwaiter, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418733Four Floral Needlepoint Throw Pillows, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418736Group of Ceramic Plant Pots, 20th C.,FR3SH$30.00
3418739Group of Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C.,FR3SH$54.00
3418745Two Pine Sets of Drawers, 20thC., FR3SH$12.00
3418746Four Decorative Articles, 20thC., FR3SH$42.00
3418747Three Vintage Beech-Nut Coffee Containers, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3418748Group of Toy/Doll House Furniture, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3418749Eleven Perfume Bottles, 20thC., FR3SH$30.00
3418751King George VI Photograph, 20thC., FR3SH$270.00
3418752Three Signed New Jersey Devils Sports Plaques, 20th C., FR3SH$73.20
3418753Collectors Choice Bisque and Porcelain Doll, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418754Assorted Group of Pin Back Buttons, 20thC., FR3SH$30.00
3418758Large Group of Painted Metal Military Toy Figures, 20th C., FR3SH$390.00
3418759Large Group of Painted Metal and Cast Steel Toy Cars and Trucks, 20th C., FR3SH$180.00
3418760Group of Tootsie Toy and Other Painted Metal Toy Cars and Trucks, 20th C., Fr3SH$300.00
3418761Three Signed Baseballs, 20thC., FR3SH$255.60
3418762Large Collection of Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball Sports Cards, 20thC., FR3SH$210.00
3418766Six Smokey Art Glass Wine Glasses, 20thC., FR3SH$60.00
3418768Three Silver Plated Graduated Square Serving Trays, 20th C. FR3SH$126.00
3418770Three Silver Plated Trays, 20th C. FR3SH$150.00
3418771Five Metal Candlesticks, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418772Five Pewter and Ceramic Steins, German, 20th C., FR3SH$96.00
3418773Pair of Sterling Silver Weighted Three-Light Candelabra, 20th C., FR3SH$242.40
3418774Five Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks, 20th C., FR3SH$104.40
3418775Rococo Style Patinated Metal Five-Light Candelabra, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418776Seven Hats, 20th C., FR3SH$48.00
3418779Pastel on Paper, Mary Margaret Wemple, "Polish Doll," circa 1917, FR3SH$72.00
3418780Three Hooked Rugs/Mats, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3418781Two African Ashan'Aba Fertility Dolls, 20th C., FR3SH$66.00
3418782Oak Hall Tree, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418783Group of Art Reference and Art History Books, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418784Group of Latin American and Southwestern Art Reference and Art History Books, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418785Group of American Art Reference and Art History Books, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418786Group of American Art and Sculpture Reference Books, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418787Group of Art Reference and Art History Books, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418788Group of Italian Art Reference and Art History Books, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418789Victorian Side Chair with Carved Shell Motif, 20thC., FR3SH$60.00
3418790Group of Silver Plated Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH$196.80
3418791Assorted Group of Boxes, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3418792Cosmic Percussion Presented by LP Xylophone, 20th C., FR3SH$48.00