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Fresh Auction 1-June 27th to July 9th, 2014
June 27, 2014

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3486176Two Prints, Figure Studies, 20th C., FR3SH$45.00
3486177Set of George III Style Inlaid Mahogany Nesting Tables, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486178Three Brass Mounted Graduated Trays, 20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3486182Mason's Porcelain Mandarin Pattern Pitcher and Underplate, English, 20thC., FR3SH$42.00
3486183Pair of Murano Glass Vases, Italy, 20thC., FR3SH$240.00
3486186Gorham Sterling Silver Coffee Set, 20thC., FR3SH$516.00
3486187Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Articles, 20thC., FR3SH$88.80
3486189Chinese Hardwood Altar Table, 20th C., FR3SH$800.40
3486190Twelve Vintage Colorless Glass Salad Plates, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486191Group of Assorted Linens, 20th C., FR3SH$54.00
3486193Kurd Rug, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486194Shiraz Runner, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
348619514K Yellow Gold Onyx and Diamond Snake Form Bracelet, 20th C., FR3SH$180.00
348619614K Yellow Gold Herringbone Chain Necklace, 20th C., FR3SH$420.00
3486197Frank Smith Sterling Silver Footed Compote, American, 20th C., FR3SH$180.00
3486198American Sterling Silver Footed Open Sugar Bowl and Cream Jug, 20th C., FR3SH$150.00
3486200Group of Silver Tone Costume Jewelry, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486201Group of Gold Tone Costume Jewelry, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486202Group of Costume Jewelry, 20th C., FR3SH$36.00
3486203Group of Vintage Blue Crystal Costume Jewelry, 20th C., FR3SH$42.00
3486205Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry Items, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486206800 Silver Picture Frame, 20th C., FR3SH$73.20
3486208Painted and Stained Oak Fall Front Cabinet, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486210Windsor Style Oak High Chair, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486211White-Painted Plant Stand, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486212Regency Style Red-Upholstered Window Seat, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486213Patinated Metal and Hardstone Floor Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486216Mizuho Slot Machine, Japanese, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486217Red-Painted "Estate Wagon" Metal Pedal Car, 20th C., FR3SH$79.20
3486218Pen and Ink Drawing, Girl with Pigtails, Irving Marantz (American, 1912-1972), FR3SH$30.00
3486220Carved Alabaster Bust of a Young Girl, Gemignani, 20th C., FR3SH$78.00
3486224Three Brass and Black-Painted Metal Railroad Lanterns, 20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3486228Two Black and White Prints, English, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$12.00
3486229Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Girl, Edouard Joseph Goerg (French, 1893-1969) FR3SH$300.00
3486231Four Giltwood and Contemporary Frames, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486232Assorted Group of Ceramic Stoneware Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$ 8.40
3486233Contemporary Chrome Light Fixture, 20th C., FR3SH$24.00
3486234Bird and Duck Tin Wind Up Toys, Germany, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486235Clown Puppet, 20th C., FR3SH$24.00
3486236Steuben Colorless Glass Vase, 20th C., FR3SH$73.20
3486237Two Watercolor on Paper Kimono's, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486238Four Oil on Canvas Street Scene Paintings, Albert Wolper, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486240Four Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Light Bulbs, 20th C., FR3SH$12.00
3486241Partial French Ceramic Dinner Service, 20th C., FR3SH$24.00
3486242Assorted Group of Porcelain and Ceramic Plates, 20th C., FR3SH$24.00
3486243Six Mikasa "Melody" Wine Glasses, 20th C., FR3SH$ 8.40
3486248Three Needlepoint Maps of England, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$180.00
3486251Vintage Brooks Brothers Dress Form, 20th C., FR3SH$126.00
3486253Neoclassical Style Gilt-Bronze and Alabaster Seven-Light Chandelier, 20th C., FR3SH$480.00
3486254Neoclassical Style Bronze Bow-Decorated Four-Light Chandelier, 20th C., FR3SH$240.00
3486255Oil on Canvas, Botanical Still Life, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$240.00
3486258Thirty-Nine Color Blown Glass Balls, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486260French Oval Bronze and Crystal Regulator Clock, 20thC., FR3SH$271.20
3486262Oil on Canvas, River Scene with Figure, Continental, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486263Print on Board, Girl Feeding Chickens, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486266Oil on Canvas, Woman Profile Portrait, 20thC., FR3SH$552.00
3486268Six Painted and Carved Duck Decoys, 20th C., FR3SH$301.20
3486269Six Painted and Carved Duck Decoys, 20th C., FR3SH$289.20
3486273Contemporary Wrought-Iron Eight-Light Chandelier, 20th C., FR3SH$150.00
3486275Brass-Mounted Wrought-Iron Two-Light Cross-Arm Floor Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486276Neoclassical Style Cast-Brass Three-Light Hall Lantern, French, 20th C., FR3SH$90.00
3486279Victorian Part-Ebonized and Brass Canterbury on Stand, English, late 19th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486281Two Contemporary Brown Room-Size Area Carpets, 20th C., FR3SH$240.00
3486283Mixed Media, "School Girl's Commandments," Patricia Bellan Gillen, American, 20th C. FR3SH$150.00
3486286Caucasian Runner, 20th C., FR3SH$75.00
3486288Neoclassical Style Giltwood Mirror, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486291Monkey Figural Composition Table Lamp, 20thC., FR3SH$72.00
3486292Federal Mahogany Ladderback Side Chair, Pennsylvania, 19th C., FR3SH$45.00
3486293Federal Style Parcel-Gilt Mahogany Pier Mirror, 20th C., FR3SH$45.60
3486294William and Mary Style Oak Diminutive Gate-Leg Table, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486296Federal Mahogany Washstand, American, c. 1800, FR3SH$120.00
3486297Regency Mahogany Open Armchair, English, 19th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486298Assorted Group of Brass Articles, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$72.00
3486300Regency Style Brass Fire Fender, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3486301Two Cut Crystal Condiment Jars, 20th C., FR3SH$12.00
3486302William IV Carved and Figured Mahogany Shaving Mirror, English, Mid-19th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486304Chippendale Style Parcel-Gilt Mahogany Pier Mirror, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$240.00
3486308Contemporary Brass Tripod Base Table Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486318Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Fish Bowl, 20th C., FR3SH$3001.20
3486319Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Fish Bowl, 20th C., FR3SH$180.00
3486325Two Female Nudes, Gilbert de Vautibault dit Pascal (French, 1946-1995), FR3SH$240.00
3486327Group of Amber Color Glass Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486328Pair of Framed Floral Needleworks on Silk, 20thC., FR3SH$54.00
3486329Two Needlework Pillows, 20thC., FR3SH$43.20
3486330Pair of Pastel Portraits,a Lady and a Gentleman, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$60.00
3486333Lithograph, Nell Russell Smith, "Afternoon Shadow," 20th C., FR3SH$30.00
3486343Pair of Hand Painted Pink and Gilt Decorated Cased Glass Vases, 20th C., FR3SH$180.00
3486345Cranberry Frosted Glass and Brass Mounted Fluid Table Lamp, 20thC., FR3SH$240.00
3486346Pair of Neoclassical Style Brass Three Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., FR3SH$180.00
3486347Four Carved Oak and Porcelain Lined Biscuit Jars, 20thC., FR3SH$300.00
3486348Six Crystal and Silver Plated Lidded Biscuit Jars, 20thC., FR3SH$180.00
3486349Eleven Cut Glass Bowls and Dishes, 20thC., FR3SH$120.00
3486352Large Group of Silver Plated Holloware Articles, 20thC., FR3SH$72.00
3486353Large Group of Silver Plated Holloware and Serving Pieces, 20thC., FR3SH$60.00
3486354Vintage Vico Magistetti, Studio Artemide, Square Orange Table, Italy, c. 1960s, FR3SH$120.00
34863561952 Steiff Mohair Rocking Horse on Wheels, German, 20th C., FR3SH$300.00
3486357Serigraph, Titled "Josephine", Bob Mackie (American, 1940-), FR3SH$180.00
3486358Louis XV Style Brass-Mounted Etagere Drinks Cart, 20th C., FR3SH$144.00
3486359Carved Wood Mountain Goat Sculpture, 20th C., FR3SH$154.80
3486362Regency Style Ormolu-Mounted Leather-Inset Mahogany Writing Desk, 20th C., FR3SH$360.00
3486365Pair of Neoclassical Style Enamel and Brass Two-Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3486366Five Pieces of Glazed Ceramic Table Articles, Italian and Portuguese, 20th C., FR3SH$122.40