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Personal Collection of Yogi Berra, New York Yankees Catcher-July 23rd to August 6th, 2014
July 23, 2014

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3520619Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Yogi Berra, Paul R. Dillon, 20th C., N5IN$570.00
3520620Oil on Board, Floral Still Life, Horbund, 1992, N5IN$30.00
3520621Oil on Board, Rooster, 20th C., N5IN$60.00
3520622Two Bird Prints, French, 20th C., N5IN$60.00
3520623Tiffany & Co. Colorless Glass Golf Tournament Trophy, 20th C., N5IN$180.00
3520624Federal Inlaid Mahogany Server, American, 19th C., N5IN$390.00
3520625Louis XV Style Carved Mahogany White-Upholstered Triple Chair Back Settee, 20th C., N5IN$72.00
3520626Neoclassical Style Paint-Decorated Armoire, 20th C., N5IN$330.00
3520627Rattan and Pine Pier Table, 20th C., N5IN$120.00
3520628Victorian Rattan, Lacquer, and Inlaid Wood Bookcase, late 19th C., N5IN$270.00
3520629Rattan Folding Chair, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520630Chinese Polychrome-Decorated Black Lacquered Cabinet, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520631Empire Mahogany Bookcase Secretary, American, c. 1840s, N5IN$480.00
3520632Group of Regency Style Cast-Brass and Iron Fireplace Accessories, 20th C., N5IN$90.00
3520633Neoclassical Style Giltwood Mirror, early 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520634Pair of Baroque Style Carved Walnut Corner Cupboards, Italian, N5IN$510.00
3520635Neoclassical Style Patinated Metal and Crystal Eighteen Light Chandelier, 20th C., N5IN$840.00
3520637Empire Mahogany Two Drawer Drop Leaf Work Table, American, c. 1840, N5IN$90.00
3520638Federal Style Mahogany Martha Washington Sewing Table, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520639Chinese Blue-and-White Porcelain Planter, 20th C., N5IN$192.00
3520640Contemporary Red Velvet Loveseat and Ottoman, 20th C., N5IN$96.00
3520641Contemporary Cream-Upholstered Ottoman on Casters, 20th C., N5IN$180.00
3520642Six Federal Style Black-Painted Side Chairs, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520643Stained Pine Milking Stool, American, 20th C., N5IN$66.00
3520644Metal Mounted Oak Steamer Trunk, early 20th C., N5IN$271.20
3520645Neoclassical Style Ormolu-Mounted Walnut Jardiniere, early 20th C., N5IN$1801.20
3520646Caucasian Runner, 20th C., N5IN$270.00
3520647Sarouk Style Carpet, 20th C., N5IN$4620.00
3520648Tribal Style Carpet, 20th C., N5IN$240.00
3520649Needlepoint Floral-Decorated Carpet, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520650Tribal Style Carpet, 20th C., N5IN$240.00
3520651Heriz Style Carpet, 20th C., N5IN$600.00
3520652Needlepoint Cottage-Decorated Throw Rug, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520653Crate & Barrel White Painted Round Breakfast Table, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520655Classical Style Carved Mahogany Swivel-Top Games Table, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520656Black Painted Easel, 20th C., N5IN$44.40
3520657Louis XV Style Painted Tray-Top Table, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520658Empire Carved Mahogany Cabinet, American, c. 1840s, N5IN$121.20
3520659Victorian Eastlake Maple Vanity, American, late 19th C., N5IN$90.00
3520660White-Painted Metal and Stone Top Washstand, 20th C.,N5IN$120.00
3520661Contemporary Walnut Drinks Cart, 20th C., N5IN$151.20
3520664Tabriz Style Runner, 20th C., N5IN$150.00
3520665Needlepoint Floral Decorated Runner, 20th C., N5IN$60.00
3520666Two White-Painted Wicker Planters, 20th C., N5IN$42.00
3520667Shaker Style Oak and Rush Seat Milking Stool, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520668Chinese Red-Painted Diminutive Altar Table, Modern, N5IN$270.00
3520669Metal-Mounted Pine and Fabric Covered Steamer Trunk, American, 20th C., N5IN$60.00
3520671Alabaster Columnar-Form Pedestal, 20th C., N5IN$78.00
3520672Brass and Wrought-Iron Savonarola Style Chair, 20th C., N5IN$54.00
3520673George III Mahogany Pedestal Desk, English, late 18th C., N5IN$102.00
3520674Two Similar Chinese Famille Noir Porcelain Fish Bowls, 20th C., N5IN$300.00
3520675Colonial Williamsburg Regency Style Inlaid Mahogany Two Pedestal Dining Table, 20th C., N5IN$660.00
3520676White-Painted Wicker Oval Center Table, 20th C., N5IN$24.00
3520677Three White-Painted Wicker Club Chairs, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520678Oval Carved Mahogany Mirror, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520679Louis XVI Style Parcel-Gilt White Painted Armchair, 20th C., N5IN$42.00
3520681Federal Style Green-Painted Balloon Back Side Chair, 20th C., N5IN$102.00
3520682Neoclassical Style Cast-Brass Coat Rack, 20th C., N5IN$121.20
3520683Walnut Barley-Twist Floor Lamp, 20th C., N5IN$60.00
3520684Two Painted What-Not Shelves, 20th C., N5IN$60.00
3520685White-Painted Cast-Iron and Brass Bedstead, 20th C., N5IN$90.00
3520687Neoclassical Carved Walnut Shaped Center Table, Italian, 19th C., N5IN$42.00
3520688Chinese Style Print-Decorated Black Lacquer Small Chest, 20th C., N5IN$121.20
3520689George III Brass Mounted Mahogany Butler's Tray, English, late 18th C., N5IN$390.00
3520690Chesterfield Beige-Leather Sofa, 20th C., N5IN$870.00
3520691Colonial Revival Mahogany Server, 20th C., N5IN$240.00
3520692Classical Carved Mahogany Butlers Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N5IN$150.00
3520693Contemporary Chrome and Glass Top Square Coffee Table, 20th C., N5IN$86.40
3520694Wicker Hamper and Two Waste Paper Baskets, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520695Contemporary Floral-Decorated Carpet, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520696Three Green-Painted Wrought-Iron Garden Tables, 20th C., N5IN$270.00
3520697Set of Green-Painted Wrought-Iron Garden Furniture, 20th C., N5IN$270.00
3520698Set of Green-Painted Wrought-Iron Garden Furniture, 20th C., N5IN$330.00
3520700Set of Green-Painted Wrought-Iron Garden Furniture, 20th C., N5IN$420.00
3520701Colonial Revival Mahogany Sideboard, American, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520702Chinese Bird-Decorated Black-Lacquer Hexagonal Garden Stool, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520703Four Wrought-Iron Fireplace Accessories, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520704Inlaid Mahogany Plant Stand, 20th C., N5IN$66.00
3520706George III Style Inlaid Walnut Bachelor's Chest, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520707Jacobean Style Carved Oak Upholstered Bench, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520708Victorian Carved Mahogany Cheval Glass, late 19th C., N5IN$180.00
3520709Patinated Metal Three Light Floor Lamp, 20th C., N5IN$54.00
3520710Contemporary Round Stained Pine Breakfast Table, 20th C., N5IN$180.00
3520711Two Wrought-Iron Garden Table Bases, 20th C., N5IN$120.00
3520712Carved Walnut Drop Leaf Telephone Table, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520713Victorian Walnut Commode, late 19th C., N5IN$54.00
3520714Three Wrought-Iron Hanging Planters, 20th C., N5IN$42.00
3520715Pair of Wrought-Iron Five-Light Candelabra, 20th C., N5IN$54.00
3520716Pair of Fruit-Decorated Painted Barstools, 20th C., N5IN$108.00
3520717Pair of Wrought-Iron Hanging Garden Planters, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520718Painted Metal Leaf-Decorated Folding Etagere, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520719Pine Drop Leaf Breakfast Table, 20th C., N5IN$90.00
3520720Two Glazed Ceramic Planters, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520721Glazed Earthenware Elephant-Form Garden Seat, 20th C., N5IN$187.20
3520722Carved Oak Pier Mirror, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520723Provincial Style Walnut Center Table, 20th C., N5IN$144.00
3520725Wood, Leather, and Fabric Trunk, 20th C., N5IN$90.00
3520726New York Yankees Skyway Suitcase, 20th C., N5IN$720.00
3520727Set of Painted Iron Folding Bistro Tables and Chairs, 20th C., N5IN$108.00
3520729French Provincial Style Maple Occasional Table, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520730Set of Baroque Style Wrought-Iron Andirons and Firetools, 20th C., N5IN$240.00
3520731Three Metal Funnels, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520732Black-Painted Wrought-Iron Smoking Stand, 20th C., N5IN$54.00
3520734Neoclassical Style Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N5IN$114.00
3520735Black-Painted Metal Rooster-Decorated Six-Light Chandelier, 20th C., N5IN$42.00
3520737Oil on Canvas, Coastal Dining Scene, 20th C., N5IN$96.00
3520738Two Watercolors, Parisian Scene, Pierre Eugene Cambier (Belgian, 1914-2001), N5IN$120.00
3520739Oil on Canvas, Still Life Pink Roses in Vase, B. Leonard, 20th C., N5IN$54.00
3520740Academy of Achievement "The Golden Plate Award," Presented to Yogi Berra, Class of 2006, N5IN$240.00
3520741Unframed Watercolor, Fish, J. Benson, 20th C., N5IN$72.00
3520742Oil on Canvas, Seated Women, Paul Meltsner (American, 1905-1966), N5IN$235.20
3520743Rococo Style Parcel-Gilt White-Painted Mirror, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520744Oil on Board, Floral Still Life, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520746Oil on Canvas, Fox Hunting Scene, 20th C., N5IN$103.20
3520747Two Oils on Canvas, Riverscapes, 20th C., N5IN$150.00
3520748Two Oils on Board, Coastal Landscapes, Paine, 20th C., N5IN$120.00
3520749Oval Oil on Board, Floral Still Life, V. Beauchamp, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520750Oil on Canvas, Couple Under a Bridge in a Garden, McMahon, 20th C., N5IN$180.00
3520751Framed Photograph Collage of Yogi Berra at 2000 Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Open, 20th C., N5IN$60.00
3520754Lenox Porcelain Mansfield Pattern Partial Dinner Service,American, 20thC.,N5IN$150.00
3520756Pair of Chinese Porcelain Cache Pots and Underplates, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520757Group of Lenox Porcelain Table Articles, American, 20thC., N5IN$42.00
3520758Group of Lenox Porcelain Table Articles, American, 20thC., N5IN$120.00
3520759Six Decorative Rooster Figures, 20thC.,N5IN$120.00
3520761Assorted Group of Porcelain and Ceramic Table Articles, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520762Eleven Currier & Ives Adams Ironstone Transfer Decorated Dinner Plates, 20thC., N5IN$103.20
3520763Mexican Pottery Tureen and Bowls, 20thC., N5IN$90.00
3520765Three Brass Fox Hunting Horns, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520766Two Brass Fox Hunting Horns, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520767Neoclassical Style Giltwood Wall Bracket, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520768Seven Ornithological Vincent Brooks Day & Sons Lithographs, 19thC., N5IN$157.20
3520769Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Key Ring, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520771Two Lou Gehrig Photoballs, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520772Official Major League Baseball, Signed Yogi Berra,20thC., N5IN$180.00
3520774Major League Baseball 100 All Century Team Autographed Baseball, 20thC., N5IN$780.00
3520775Royal Doulton Cobalt and Gilt Decorated Ceramic Vase, English, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520776Two Yogi Berra Golden Baseball Legends 24KT Goldplated Statehood Colorized Quarters, 20thC., N5IN$102.00
3520777Waterford Crystal New York Yankee Business Card Holder,Ireland, 20thC., N5IN$264.00
3520778Three Copper Pots, 20thC., N5IN$56.40
3520779Group of Brass, Gilt Metal and Patinated Metal Articles, 20thC., N5IN$42.00
3520780Sarsaparilla Table Lamp and Hand Blown Glass Shade, 20thC., N5IN$72.00
3520781Two Wrought Iron, Floral and Leaf Motif Candelabra, 20thC., N5HN$42.00
3520782Bronze Mounted and Gilt Decorated Glass Vase, French, 20thC., N5IN$162.00
3520783Two Victorian Spelter Figures, English, 19thC., N5IN$127.20
3520784Composite Boy Scout Sculpture, Yogi Berra 1991 Celebrity Golf Classic Essex Council, B.S.A. Presentation Trophy,June 10, 1991, N5IN$150.00
3520785Twelve Cobalt Glazed Ceramic Dinner Plates, Italy, 20thC., N5IN$249.60
3520786Danbury Yogi Berra Presentation Clock, 20thC., N5In$120.00
3520787Longines Yogi & Carmen Berra Presentation Swivel Clock/Barometer/Thermometer , 20thC., N5In$180.00
3520788"What Time is It" Yogi Berra and Dave Kaplan,Simon Schuster, 2002, N5IN$42.00
3520790Book Form Tantalus, 19th/20thC., N5IN$181.20
3520791America Retoled Nickle Plated and Glass Wall Shelf, 20thC.,N5IN$72.00
3520794Lalique Frosted Glass Bird and Owl Figure, France, 20thC., N5IN$79.20
3520795Two Porcelain Hummel Birds, Germany, 20thC., N5IN$42.00
3520796Eight Boehm Porcelain Birds, 20thC., N5IN$240.00
3520797Three Crown Derby Porcelain Birds, English 20thC., N5IN$66.00
3520798Nine Royal Worcester Porcelain Birds, English 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520799Six Boehm Porcelain Birds, American, 20thC., N5IN$54.00
3520800Two Boehm Porcelain Birds, American, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520801Ten Royal Worcester Porcelain Birds, English, 20thC., N5IN$150.00
3520802Two Herend Porcelain Rabbits, Hungary, 20thC., N5IN$66.00
3520803Herend Porcelain Bird Figure, Hungary, 20thC., N5IN$90.00
3520804National Baseball Hall of Fame Prcelain Teapot, 20thC., N5IN$198.00
3520805Pair of Chinese Porcelain Covered Jars, 20thC, N5IN$163.20
3520806Chinese Porcelain Seated Man, 20thC., N5In$30.00
3520807Japanese Imari Porcelain Charger Plate, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520808Pair of Cloisonne Covered Jars, Chinese, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520809Pair of Japanese Porcelain Oval Platters, Figural Courtyard Motif, 20thC., N5IN$114.00
3520810Pair of Chinese Porcelain Vases, Hunt Scene Motif, 20thC., N5IN$181.20
3520811Shelley Bone China Dinner Service, English, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520812Four Waterford Crystal Tumbler Glass, Etched "The Crosby 1997," 20thC., N5IN$78.00
3520813Four Waterford Crystal Old Fashion Glasses, 20thC., N5IN$43.20
3520814Group of Waterford Crystal Stemware and Barware, 20thC., N5IN$241.20
3520815Assorted Group of Glass Stemware, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520817Four Waterford Crystal Articles, 20thC., N5IN$92.40
3520818Dublin Crystal Trophy, "1997 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction First Place Team," 20thC., N5IN$180.00
3520819Silver Anniversary Astrodome 1965-1990 Crystal Box Trophy, 20thC., N5IN$120.00
3520820Crystal Decanter Trophy, "Jerry Ford Golf Invitational 1977-1996," 20thC., N5IN$210.00
3520821Three Waterford Crystal Decanters and Stoppers, 20thC., N5IN$240.00
3520822Leather Cased Glass Flask, 20thC., n5IN$180.00
3520823Hoya Crystal, 1998 Yogi Berra Celebrity Golf Classic Trophy,20thC., N5IN$180.00
3520824Waterford Crystal Golf Diver Head Trophy, "Memorial Sloan Kettering Golf Invitational,"20thC., N5IN$66.00
3520827Four Georgian Style Gilt Metal and Crystal Prism Three Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N5IN$330.00
3520828Four Georgian Style Gilt Metal and Crystal Prism Three Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N5IN$330.00
3520830Pair of Chinese Porcelain Decorative Vases, 20thC., N5IN$72.00
3520831Pair of Chinese Porcelain Floral Vases, 20thC., N5IN$180.00
3520832Pair of Brass and Glass Shade Wall Scones, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520833Pair of Brass and Patinated Metal Mythological Figures Three Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N5IN$210.00
3520834Pair of Brass and Porcelain Wall Sconces, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520835Pair of Georgian Style Brass Plated Three Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N5IN$66.00
3520836Pair of Egyptian Revival Brass Two Arm Wall Sconces, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520837Pair of Neoclassical Style Patinated Metal Mythological Figures Table Lamps, 20thC., N5IN$2040.00
3520838Pair of Gorham Weighted Sterling Silver Five Arm Candelabra, 20thC., N5IN$390.00
3520840Partial German Silver Plated Flatware Service, N5In$60.00
3520842Box Set of Eight Silver Plated Beakers with National League Insignia, English, 20thC., N5IN$451.20
3520843Gorham Sterling Silver Revere Bowl, American, 20thC., N5IN$1156.80
3520844American Sterling Silver Trumpet Form Vase, 20thC., N5IN$150.00
3520845American Sterling Silver Pitcher, 20thC., N5IN$120.00
3520846Four Sterling Silver Weighted Items, 20thC., N5IN$123.60
3520847Boxed Set, Two Pewter Tankards, 20thC., N5IN$198.00
3520848Louis Roederer Silver Plated Champagne Cooler, 20thC., N5IN$78.00
3520849Four Silver Plated Memorabilia Articles, 20thC., N5IN$391.20
3520850Boxed Set Resare Silver Plated Fruit Service, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520851Assorted Group of Silver Plated Cups, 20thC., N5IN$42.00
3520853Authentic Cooperstown Collection 1948 Cleveland Indians Baseball Club Jacket, 20thC., N5IN$90.00
3520854NY Yankees Performance Apparel Baseball Jacket, 20thC., N5IN$330.00
3520855Authentic Super Bowl XXVIII Cowboys Jacket, 20thC., N5IN$186.00
3520856NY Yankees Performance Apparel Baseball Jacket, 20thC., N5IN$210.00
3520859Armani Collection Two Piece Skirt Suit, Italy, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520864Escada Black Velvet Dress, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520865Escada Red Silk Pant Suit, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520866Isabelle Ailard for Henri Bendel Black Lace Evening Dress, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520868Custom Beaded Evening Gown, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520869Donna Karen Full Length Mink Coat, 20thC., N5IN$729.60
3520870Vintage Mink Jacket, 20thC., N5IN$480.00
3520871Vintage Fox Wrap, 20thC., N5IN$186.00
3520872Four Decorative Throw Pillows, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520873Four Lady's Mink Hats, 20thC., N5IN$54.00
3520874Group of Five Straw Hats, 2othC., N5IN$48.00
3520875Japanese Kimono, 20thC., N5IN$96.00
3520876Japanese Red Lacquer Planter and Stand, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520877Large Assorted Group of Table Linens, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520878Beaver State Pendleton Wool Blanket, 20thC., N5IN$60.00
3520879Vinci Baseball Glove, 20thC., N5IN$402.00
3520880Pair of FootJoy Golf Shoes, 20thC., N5IN$480.00
3520881Yogi Berra 2003 Calender, 20thC., N5In$84.00
3520882Three Presentation Awards, 20thC., N5IN$330.00
3520883Five Beaded Evening Bags, 20thC.,N 5IN$270.00
3520884Two Gucci Handbags and a Wallet, Italy, 20thC., N5IN$114.00
3520885Two Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Black Leather Evening Bags, 20thC., N5IN$90.00
3520886Vintage Lederer Leather Handbag, France, 20thC., N5IN$150.00
3520887Two Mary Frances Evening Bags, 20thC., N5IN$330.00
3520888Five Assorted Lady's Blouses, 20th C., N5IN$30.00
3520893Five Assorted Skirts, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520894Six Assorted Skirts, 20thC., N5IN$30.00
3520897Bob Hope Classic Ambassador Jacket, Yogi Berra, 20thC., N5IN$781.20
3520898Two Men's Outdoor Over Coats,20thC., N5IN$54.00
3520899Two J. Canelia Linen Sports Coats, 20thC., N5IN$42.00
3520900J. Camelia Custom Black Tuxedo, 20thC., N5IN$330.00