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Winter Fine & Decorative Arts Auction-January 27th to February 10th, 2015
January 27, 2015

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3748774American Art Nouveau Presentation Circular Silver Bowl With Whiting Spoon, Early 20th C., N9HN$480.00
3748775American Sterling Silver Footed Compote Retailed by Black Starr & Frost, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748777Gorham Sterling Silver Three Piece Coffee Set, American, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3748778Gorham and Mauser Sterling Silver Reticulated Circular Trays, American, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748781Three Sterling Silver Table Items, American, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748782Tiffany & Co Makers Sterling Silver Revere Form Bowl, American, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748784Set of Four W-R Company Weighted Sterling Silver Vasiform Candlesticks, American, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3748785Pair of Wallace Weighted Sterling Silver Corinthian Column Candlesticks, American, 20th C., N8HN$407.50
3748788Set of Four Mauser Sterling Silver Bouillon Holders With Underplates, American, 20th C., N9HN$326.25
3748790American Weighted Sterling Silver Trumpet Vase, 20th C., N9HN$225.00
3748793Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Green Pea Serving Spoon, American 20th C., N9HN$1300.00
3748795Tiffany & Co. "Tiffany" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Items, American, 20th C., N9HN$406.25
3748797Theodore B. Starr Elaborately Decorated Sterling Silver Salad Tongs, American, 20th C., N9HN$1011.25
3748800American Sterling Silver Reticulated Circular Bowl, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748801Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver 18K Yellow Gold and Lapis Lazuli Starfish Form Brooch, 20th C., N9HN$343.75
3748803Victorian Style Carved Mahogany Display Cabinet, 20th C., N9HN$937.50
3748805Eight Similar Victorian Green Painted Rush-Seat Dining Chairs, American, late 19th C., N9HN$656.25
3748810Four Regency Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, English, 19th C., N9HN$187.50
3748811Pair of Colonial Revival Carved Mahogany Armchairs, 20th C., N9HN$106.25
3748812Pair of Baroque Style Black-Painted Andirons, Of Impressive Size, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748813Baroque Style Carved Pine and Oak Diminutive Blanket Chest, 19th/20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748816Louis XV Style Marble Top Ormolu-Mounted Parquetry Commode, 19th/20th C., N9HN$875.00
3748817Victorian Carved Oak Mirror Back Sideboard, English, late 19th C., N9HN$500.00
3748818Victorian Piano Forte Display Cabinet, late 19th C., N9HN$500.00
3748819Victorian Carved Oak Cabinet, American, late 19th/20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748820Arts and Crafts Style Carved Oak Display Cabinet, 20th C., N9HN$437.50
3748821Victorian Figured Mahogany Center Table, American, 19th/20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748822Arts and Crafts Mahogany Trestle Base Dining Table, 20th C., N9HN$750.00
3748823Victorian Carved Mahogany Gentleman's Shaving Mirror, late 19th C., N9HN$157.50
3748824Victorian Eastlake Style Marble Top Mahogany Cabinet, American, late 19th C., N9HN$625.00
3748825Federal Grain Painted Blanket Chest, Pennsylvania, c. 1830/40, N9HN$187.50
3748826Queen Anne Style Figured Cherrywood Drop Leaf Table, American, 19th C., N9HN$187.50
3748827Victorian Figured Walnut Slant Front Secretary, late 19th C., N9HN$443.75
3748828Art Nouveau Cast-Brass Fire Fender, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748829Victorian Carved Oak Marble Top Server with Hutch, late 19th C., N9HN$625.00
3748831Civil War Era Dress Sword, 19th C., N9HN$250.00
3748832Art Nouveau Style Reverse Painted Glass Corner Hanging Sconce, 20th C., N9HN$407.50
3748833Victorian Carved Mahogany Marble Top Commode with Mirror, late 19th C., N9HN$282.50
3748835Oil on Board, Village Scene in Mountains, James P. McRickard (American, 1872-?), N9HN$187.50
3748840Oil on Canvas, Winter Landscape with Lone Tree, Hermann Ruf (German, 1882-1970), N9HN$93.75
3748845Oil on Canvas, Mediterranean Seascape, Probably Continental, 19th/20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748847Etching, "The Rag Gatherers," James A. Whistler (American, 1834-1903), N9HN$500.00
3748849Oil on Canvas, Villages in Mountainous Landscape, Hermann Ruf (German, 1882-1970), N9HN$93.75
3748850Watercolor, White Cow and Calf in Field, Emily Atkinson, 1888, N9HN$125.00
3748851Oil on Canvas, Still Life of Flowers in Urn, 19th/20th C., N9HN$437.50
3748852Etching, "Profile of Charles Baudelaire," Edouard Manet (French, 1832-1883), N9HN$143.75
3748853Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry Items, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748854Group of Yellow Gold and Hardstone Rings, 20th C., N9HN$320.00
3748855Group of Cameo Jewelry, 20th C, N9HN$257.50
3748856Groups of Coin Silver Spoons, American, 18th-19th C., N9HN$187.50
3748857Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Card Case and Cigarette Case, American, Early 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748858Set of Six Tiffany & Co. Gilt Sterling Silver Footed Salt Cellars With Cobalt Glass Liners, American, 20th C., N9HN$292.50
3748859Three Piece English Silver Handled Dresser Set, 20th C., N9HN$308.75
3748860Miscellaneous Group of Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Small Table and Dresser Items, 20th C., N9HN$417.50
3748861Two Sterling Silver Handled Carving Sets, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748862Six Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces, American/English, 20th C., N9HN$457.50
3748864Group of Miscellaneous Silver and Silver Plated Flatware Items, 20th C., N9HN$442.50
3748866Three Steiff Stuff Animals, German, 20thC., N9HN$93.75
3748867Two Tru Holstein Cows on Stands, circa 1950's, N9HN$113.75
3748868Group of Porcelain Tulip Flowers and Leaves, Possibly German, 20thC., N9HN$687.50
3748869Twelve Samson Amorial Plates, N9HN$381.25
3748870Two Japanese Imari Bowls, 20thC., N9HN$93.75
3748871Three Limoges Porcelain Handpainted Plates, France, N9HN$218.75
3748872Three Limoges Porcelain Hand Painted Plates and a Cider Pitcher, France, N9HN$187.50
3748873Southwest Olla Pottery Vase, American, 20thC., N9HN$62.50
3748875Three Roseville Pottery Articles, 20thC., N9HN$93.75
3748876Roseville Pottery "Futura" Planter, 20thC., N9HN$93.75
3748877Three Rookwood Pottery Articles, 20thC., N9HN$137.50
3748878Five Rookwood Pottery Articles, 20thC., N9HN$376.25
3748879Pair of Austrian Art Glass Table Lamps, early 20thC., N9HN$250.00
3748880Five Weller Pottery Articles, 20thC., N9HN$187.50
3748883Black and White Engraving of George Washington, 20th C., N9HN$106.25
3748884Oil on Board, Man Smoking a Pipe, 19th/20th C., N9HN$93.75
3748885Brass on Plexiglass Sculpture, Falling Man (Suspended Relief) Ernest Trova (American 1927-2009), N9HN$625.00
3748887Pair of Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware Pottery Sea Grape Leaf Pattern Plates, American, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748889Five 14K Yellow or White Gold Mounted Hanrdstone and Quartz Pendants, 20th C., N9HN$318.75
3748890Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748891Group of Sterling Silver Items, 20th C., N9HN$32.50
3748892Four Oak Rush Seat Ladderback Side Chairs, English, 19th C., N9HN$375.00
3748893Victorian Carved Mahogany Pedestal Dining Table, late 19th C., N9HN$375.00
3748894Chippendale Figured Walnut Tilt Top Tea Table, Pennsylvania, 18th C., N9HN$375.00
3748895Victorian Painted Cast-Iron Horse-Figural Hitching Post, late 19th C., N9HN$375.00
3748896Baroque Style Carved Mahogany Cabinet, 20th C., N9HN$343.75
3748897Queen Anne Style Figured Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, English, 19th C., N9HN$375.00
3748899John Widdicomb White-Painted and Floral-Decorated Bedstead, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748901Federal Figured Mahogany Washstand, American, 19th C., N9HN$125.00
3748903Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Games Table, English, early 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748904George I Style Mahogany Tray Top Table, English, 20th C., N9HN$218.75
3748906Eight Edwardian Paint-Decorated Mahogany Caned Seat Dining Chairs, English, early 20th C., N9HN$1750.00
3748907Four Similar George III Style Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$218.75
3748909Rococo Style Green-Painted and Parcel-Gilt Marble Top Console Table, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748913Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Woman, Attributed to Rembrandt Peale, late 18th/19th C., N9HN$625.00
3748914Chagall Poster, "Die Zauberflote, Mozart, Metropolitan Opera," 20th C., N9HN$287.50
3748915Lithograph, "Artist as a Phoenix," Marc Chagall (French, 1887-1985), 20th C., N9HN$1006.25
3748917Hotan White Jade Figure of a Ram, Chinese, N9HN$250.00
3748920Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Pete Rose, Dr. F.M. Brown, 20th C., N9HN$125.00
3748922Artist Proof, Parisian Street Scene, Charles Cobelle (French, 1902-1998), N9HN$187.50
3748923Autographed Joe Dimaggio New York Yankees Photograph, 20th C., N9HN$156.25
3748924Watercolor, Three Abstract Faces, Klaus Ihlenfeld (German, 1934-), N9HN$156.25
3748925Watercolor, Fish on Platter, Klaus Ihlenfeld (German, 1934-), N9HN$156.25
3748926Muhammad Ali Autographed Photograph, N9HN$93.75
3748927Mickey Mantle Autographed Photograph, N9HN$93.75
3748930George III Figured Mahogany Flip-Top Bachelor's Chest, English, late 18th C., N9HN$375.00
3748931Federal Stained Pine and Cherrywood Corner Cupboard, American, 19th C., N9HN$500.00
3748932Victorian Marble Top Mahogany Cylindrical Pot Cupboard, late 19th C., N9HN$812.50
3748933George III Diminutive Figured Mahogany Spiderleg Drop Leaf Table, English, late 18th C., N9HN$731.25
3748934George III Figured Mahogany Two Drawer Work Table, English, late 18th C., N9HN$375.00
3748935Six Pieces of Green-Stained and Natural Wicker and Rattan Furniture, 20th C., N9HN$2125.00
3748937George I Style Figured Mahogany Red-Upholstered Wing Chair, English, 19th C., N9HN$375.00
3748938George I Style Figured Walnut Lowboy, English, 19th C., N9HN$625.00
3748939Two Sets of Framed Prints of Fruit, 19th/20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748940William and Mary Style Carved Mahogany Bench, 20th C., N9HN$287.50
3748942French Provincial Fruitwood Cabinet, 19th C., N9HN$343.75
3748943Red-and-White Painted Pine Step Back Cupboard, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3748946George I Burlwood Writing Desk, English, early 18th C., N9HN$500.00
3748947Federal Style Paint-Decorated Corner Cupboard, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748948George I Style Carved Walnut Armchair, English, 19th C., N9HN$281.25
3748949George I Style Chinoiserie Decorated Lowboy, English, 18th C. and later, N9HN$375.00
3748950William and Mary Style Figured Mahogany Work Table, English, 19th C., N9HN$281.25
3748951George I Style Figured Walnut Oval Footstool, English, 19th C., N9HN$568.75
3748952Victorian Leather-Inset Mahogany Writing Desk, late 19th C., N9HN$443.75
3748953Oil on Canvas, Flower Garden, Adele Brandwen (American, 1906-), N9HN$250.00
3748955Two Italian Architectural Prints, 20thC., N9HN$93.75
3748956Two Brass Table Lamps, 20thC., N9HN$112.50
3748958Three Abstract Color Lithographs, 20thC., N9HN$531.25
3748959Six Botanical Mixed Media on Paper, 20thC., N9HN$375.00
3748964Framed Needlework, Landscape with Cows in Stream, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748965Two Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Floor Vases, 19th/20thC., N9HN$1125.00
3748966Chinese Porcelain Tile, Floral and Bird Motif, 20thC., N9HN$2750.00
3748967Chinese Porcelain Cylindrical Form Vase, Red Dragon Motif,20thC., N9HN$562.50
3748969Chinese Blue Porcelain Fish Bowl, 20thC., N9HN$1500.00
3748970Chinese Porcelain Tile, Winter Landscape, 20thC., N8HN$187.50
3748971Chinese Mandarin Silk and Needlework Coat, 20thC., N9HN$531.25
3748972Five Asian Articles, 20thC., N9HN$187.50
3748973Chinese Eggshell Porcelain Rice Bowl, 20thC., N8HN$93.75
3748974Mixed Media, Abstract Portrait, Karel Appel (Dutch, 1921-2006) N9HN$1125.00
3748975Color Lithograph,"Man's Best Friend," Richard Lindner (German/American 1901-1978) N9HN$190.00
3748976Georgian English Silver Hot Water Urn, 18th C., N9HN$2675.00
3748980Sarouk Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$625.00
3748981Oil on Canvas, Abstract Floral Still Life, Isis Kischka (1908-1974), N9HN$787.50
3748983Federal Style Figured Walnut Extension Dining Table, 20th C., N9HN$410.00
3748985Three Gouaches, Hunting Scenes, Dwight W. Huntington (American, 1860-1906), N9HN$750.00
3748986Biedermeier Style Part-Ebonized Cherrywood Tilt-Top Center Table, 20th C., N9HN$1387.50
3748987Four Biedermeier Style Part-Ebonized Cherrywood Side Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$1625.00
3748988Framed Giclee Neoclassical Style Courting Couple Signed K.Anderson, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3748989Black and White Photograph, Chorus Line of Nude Women, Albert Arthur Allen (American 1886-1962) N9HN$200.00
3748991George III Style Walnut Wake Table, English, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3748992Oil on Canvas, Medieval Crusaders on Horseback, Polish, 19th/20th C., N9HN$13750.00
3748993Baroque Style Paint-Decorated Side Table, 20th C., N9HN$93.75
3748994Oil on Canvas, Ships at Sea, 1911, N9HN$187.50
3748995Oil on Board, Old Woman and Dog on Path, Continental, 19th C., N9HN$125.00
3748996Oil on Board, Winter Landscape with Ice Skating Figures, 19th/20th C., N9HN$125.00
3748997Oil on Canvas, Ships at Sea in Distance, Louis F. Hurd (American, 1853-?), N9HN$375.00
3748998Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Elegant Woman in Blue Dress, 19th C., N9HN$625.00
3748999Neoclassical Style Giltwood Hall Mirror, 20thC., N9HN$93.75
3749000Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Le Marquis Louis de la Rochejaquelein, 19th C., N9HN$1375.00
3749002Six Chippendale Style Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$500.00
3749003Pair of Federal Paint-Decorated Rush Seat Fancy Chairs, American, 19th C., N9HN$125.00
3749004Federal Style Mahogany Slant Front Kneehole Desk, Maddox Colonial, 20th C., N9HN$156.25
3749006Pair of Louis XV Style Marble Top Ormolu-Mounted Parquetry Nighstands, 20th C., N9HN$406.25
3749008Four Gold Plated Open Face Pocket Watches, American, Early 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749009Oil on Board, Three Fishermen in a Boat, Joseph F. Mingle (American, 1839-1903), N9HN$218.75
3749011Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 19th C., N9HN$1500.00
3749012Oil on Canvas, Middle-Eastern Man on Horseback, 19th C., N9HN$343.75
3749013Oil on Board, Winter Dutch Canal Scene, 19th/20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749014Oil on Canvas, French Clipper Ship, S.H. Filby (British, mid-19th C.), N9HN$406.25
3749015Oil on Canvas, Harbor Scene, Continental, 19th/20th C., N9HN$250.00
3749016Oil on Canvas, British Merchant Clipper Ship, S.H. Filby (British, mid-19th C.), N9HN$375.00
3749017Oil on Board, Ships at Sea, 19th/20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749018Bokhara Style Silk Throw Rug, 20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749019Empire Figured Mahogany Chest of Drawers, American, 19th C., N9HN$281.25
3749020Federal Inlaid Mahogany Corner Washstand, American, 19th C., N9HN$262.50
3749021Federal Figured Mahogany Mantel Clock with Eglomise Panel, American, 19th C., N9HN$437.50
3749022Oil on Canvas, Woman on River Bank, Knight, 19th C., N9HN$187.50
3749023Oil on Board, Still Life with Peaches and Cheese, D.S. Peirce, 19th C., N9HN$250.00
3749026Group of Miscellaneous Sterling Silver Flatware Items, Ameerican, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749027Pair of Tiffany & Co Makers Sterling Silver Oval Footed Nut Dishes, American, 20th C., N9HN$281.25
3749028Watercolor on Paperboard, Standing Gentleman, Giuseppe Signorini (Italian, 1857-1932, N9HN$250.00
3749029Oil on Canvas, Portrait of an Angel Flying with Flowers, 19th/20th C., N9HN$468.75
3749030Oil on Canvas,Marine Seascape, Warren Sheppard (American 1858-1937) N9HN$2251.25
3749031Oil on Canvas,Cows, Continental, 19th/20thC., N9HN$500.00
3749032Oil on Canvas Marine Coastal Scene, late 19th/early 20thC., N9HN$218.75
3749033Color Abstract Lithograph, Pablo Picasso, Spain, 20thC., N9HN$187.50
3749034Oil on Board Windmill in Landscape, Heinz Beermann, 20thC., N9HN$93.75
3749035Alabaster Bust of William Shakespeare, Adolfo Cipriani (Italian 1880-1930)N9HN$187.50
3749037Napoleon III Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Mahogany Games Table, French, 19th C., N9HN$625.00
3749038Baroque Style Parcel-Gilt and Paint-Decorated Blanket Chest, 19th C., N9HN$500.00
3749039Bronze Sculpture, Abstract, Robert Adams (English, 1917-1984), N9HN$8187.50
3749040Pierced Bronze Sculpture, Abstract, Robert Adams (English, 1917-1984), N9HN$14625.00
3749041Carved Green Marble Sculpture, Abstract, Robert Adams (English, 1917-1984), N9HN$15625.00
3749042Oil on Masonite, Abstract in Olive Green and Black, Joseph Banc (French, 1930-), N9HN$281.25
3749044Two Bronze Sculptures, Male Figures, Mary Berry Barnes (American, 20th C.), N9HN$93.75
3749045Bronze Sculpture, Abstract Figures, Mary Berry Barnes (American, 20th C.), N9HN$218.75
3749046Two Bronze Sculptures, Abstract Figures, Mary Berry Barnes (American, 20th C.), N9HN$93.75
3749047Bronze Sculpture, Abstract Figures, Mary Berry Barnes (American, 20th C.), N9HN$187.50
3749048Bronze Sculpture, "Two Faces," Esther Fuhrman (American, 1939-), N9HN$187.50
3749049Bronze Sculpture, Abstract Figures, Mary Berry Barnes (American, 20th C.), N9HN$187.50
3749050Bronze Sculpture, Abstract, Liuba Boyadjeva (Bulgairan/Brazilian, 1923-), N9HN$2000.00
3749053Gouache on Paper, Abstract with Animal, C. Chartier, 20th C., N9HN$218.75
3749054Three Abstract Works of Art, 20th C., N9HN$1500.00
3749055Oil on Canvas, Abstract with Shapes, Birkin, 20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749056Bronze Sculpture, Claw-Form Bowl, Louise Bourgeois (French, 1911 - 2010), N9HNC, N9HNH$15625.00
3749057Steel Abstract Mobile Sculpture, 20th C., N9HN$281.25
3749058Oil on Canvas, Abstract in Black and Blue, 20th C., N9HN$751.25
3749059Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, "Morfologie della Nature," 1989, N9HN$250.00
3749060Aluminum Abstract Sculpture, Louise Bourgeois (French, 1911 - 2010), N9HNC, N9HNH$14375.00
3749061Three Metal Animal-Form Sculptures, 20th C., N9HN$220.00
3749062Three Bronze Shadowbox Plaque Sculptures, Yolande Fleur, 20th C., N9HN$843.75
3749063Oil on Panel, Abstract, John Grillo (American, 1917-2014), N9HN$1875.00
3749066Gilt-Bronze Abstract Sculpture, "Hylas, "Ibram Lassaw (American, 1913-2003), N9HNC, N9HNH$14375.00
3749067Oil on Masonite, "Retreating Storm II," Albert Houthuesen (British, 1903-1979), N9HN$250.00
3749068Oil on Masonite, Clown with Dark Hair, Albert Houthuesen (British, 1903-1979), N9HN$156.25
3749070Oil on Masonite, September Sun, Albert Houthuesen (British, 1903-1979), N9HN$782.50
3749071Oil on Masonite, "On the Shore," Albert Houthuesen (British, 1903-1979), N9HN$250.00
3749072Color Aquatint and Etching, La Sorpresa II, Marino Marini (Italian, 1901-1980), N9HN$375.00
3749073Mixed Metal Abstract Sculpture, David Marshall (Scottish, 1942-), N9HN$937.50
3749074Gilt-Bronze Abstract Sculpture, David Marshall (Scottish, 1942-), N9HN$531.25
3749075Brass Abstract Sculpture with Sphere, Paul Mount (British, 1922-2009), N9HN$6000.00
3749076Brass Abstract Sculpture in Two Parts, Paul Mount (British, 1922-2009), N9HN$5937.50
3749077Bronze Abstract Sculpture, Arnaldo Pomodoro (Italian, 1926-), N9HNC, N9HNH$8875.00
3749078Gold Patinated Bronze Abstract Sculpture, Paul Mount (British, 1922-2009), N9HN$5500.00
3749079Gold Patinated Bronze Abstract Sculpture, Paul Mount (British, 1922-2009), N9HN$5375.00
3749080Steel Abstract Sculpture in Two Parts, "Nimrod," Paul Mount (British, 1922-2009), N9HN$7187.50
3749081Steel Abstract Sculpture in Three Parts, "Nimrod,"Paul Mount (British, 1922-2009), N9HN$9125.00
3749083Bronze Abstract Sculpture, Joel Perlman (American, 1943-), N9HN$3875.00
3749084Oil on Cardstock, Abstract Landscape, Francois Auguste Ravier (French, 1814-1895), N9HN$1375.00
3749085Two Painted Etched Plaster Relief, Abstract Figures, Vitali, 20th C., N9HN$218.75
3749086Two Watercolors on Paper, Michel Vojic (Continental, 1923-2004), N9HN$93.75
3749087Oil on Paper, Abstract in Grey, Red, and White, John G Walker (British, 1939-), N9HN$1062.50
3749090Pair of Kazuhide Takahama Black Lacquer Highback Side Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$200.00
3749091Six Mario Bellini for Cassina Leather Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$1125.00
3749093Bronze Abstract Sculpture, Hugo Rodriguez (Argentine/Brazilian, 20th C.), N9HN$1562.50
3749094Beidermeier Carved Cherrywood Step Back Cupboard, Austrian, 19th C., N9HN$512.50
3749095Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749096Caucasian Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$1251.25
3749097French Provincial Style Carved Walnut Upholstered Window Seat, 20th C., N9HN$281.25
3749098Victorian Burlwood Vitrine Bookcase, late 19th C., N9HN$375.00
3749099Victorian Burlwood Vitrine Bookcase, late 19th C., N9HN$312.50
3749100Georgian Style Inlaid Mahogany Bookshelf, 20th C., N9HN$218.75
3749101Oil on Canvas, "Still Life and Speeding Cars," Judith Foosaner (American, 1940-), N9HN$1250.00
3749102Victorian Carved Walnut Love Seat, late 19th C., N9HN$125.00
3749103Victorian Inlaid Mahogany Two Handled Tray, American, late 19th/20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749104Aubusson Needlepoint Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749105Whiting Sterling Silver Serving Fork and Spoon, "Lily" Pattern, N9HN$417.50
3749106Tiffany Sterling Silver "Shell and Thread" Pattern Ladle and Serving Fork, N9HN$187.50
3749107Six Old Colonial Sterling Silver Coffee Spoons Boxed Set, N9HN$200.00
3749108Chinese Blue and White Canton Porcelain Tray, 19th/20th C., N9HN$281.25
3749109Rococo Style Giltwood Pier Mirror, French, 19th/20th C., N9HN$687.50
3749111Lithograph, Cast of Rent, Al Hirschfeld (American, 1903-2003), N9HN$250.00
3749113Pair of Chinese Red and White Porcelain Vases, 20thC., N9HN$187.50
3749114Three Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Covered Jars, 20th C., N9HN$343.75
3749115Two Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Covered Jars, 20th C., N9HN$325.00
3749117Contemporary Faux-Bamboo Mahogany Tester Bedstead, 20th C., N9HN$468.75
3749118French Provincial Style Walnut Writing Desk, 20th C., N9HN$430.00
3749119William and Mary Style Paint-Decorated Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, 20th C., N9HN$156.25
3749120Four Regency Style Barrel-Back Side Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749121Kittenger George III Style Mahogany Chest of Drawers, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749122Victorian Mahogany Rolling Etagere, late 19th C., N9HN$1062.50
3749123Knoll Style Floral-Upholstered Love Seat, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3749124Victorian Inlaid Burlwood Davenport, English, late 19th/20th C., N9HN$375.00
3749126Victorian Faux-Bamboo Marble Top Washstand, late 19th C., N9HN$687.50
3749127Contemporary Mahogany Dining Table, 20th C., N9HN$500.00
3749128Contemporary Hammered Gilt-Metal Round Mirror, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3749129Contemporary Mahogany Flip-Top Desk, 20th C., N9HN$375.00
3749130Contemporary Abstract Design Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749131Art Deco White-Metal and Marble Mantel Clock, Probably French, early 20th C., N9HN$1001.25
3749132Tiffany Studios Patinated Bronze Zodiac Pattern Letter Holder, 20th C., N9HN$281.25
3749133Edward Fields Contemporary Red, Beige, and Black Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$375.00
3749134Pair of Famille Rose Porcelain Ginger Jars, Chinese, 20th C., N9HN$156.25
3749135Pair of Art Deco Style Gilt-Metal and Frosted Glass Wall Sconces, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749136Neoclassical Style Marble and Giltwood Side Table, Italian, 20th C., N9HN$887.50
3749137George III Style Figured Mahogany Chest of Drawers, English, 19th/20th C., N9HN$500.00
3749138Heriz Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$875.00
3749139Caucasian Rug, 20th C., N9HN$562.50
3749140AVA Mexico Monumental Sterling Silver Punchbowl, Ladle and Tray, 20th C., N9HN$2687.50
3749142Gorham "Chantilly" Pattern Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service, American 20th C., N9HN$1198.75
3749143Group of Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, American 20th C., N9HN$375.00
3749144Three Throw Rugs, 20th C., N9HN$93.75
3749145CHR V., Denmark Sterling Silver Four Piece Tea & Coffee Service, 20th C., N9HN$781.25
3749146Group of Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Pieces, 20th C., N9HN$961.25
3749147Tiffany & Co. 14K Yellow Gold Tie Bar, American, 20th C., N9HN$281.25
3749150K.G. Singing Brass Bird Cage Automaton Music Box, German, 20thC., N8HN$125.00
3749151Bronze Sculpture, Dog Drinking, Edith Barretto (American, 1878-1956)N9HN$500.00
3749152Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, American, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749154Large Group of Assorted Sterling Silver Flatware Items, 20th C., N9HN$831.25
3749155Sanborns, Mexico Sterling Silver Water Pitcher, 20th C., N9HN$343.75
3749156Georg Jensen USA Sterling Silver Footed Compote, 20th C., N9HN$277.50
3749158English 18K Yellow Gold Band Ring, 20t C., N9HN$406.25
3749159English 9K Yellow Gold Buckle Form Ring With Diamonds, 20th C., N9HN$218.75
374916014K Yellow Gold and Enamel With Center Diamond Dome Form Ring, 20th C., N9HN$218.75
3749161800 Silver Flatware Service for Twelve, Continental, 20th C., N9HN$1750.00
374916214K Yellow Gold Hunter Case Chapman Bros. Toronto Pocket Watch, 20th C, N9HN$617.50
3749163Waltham Yellow Gold Open Face Pocket Watch, American, 20th C., N9HN$375.00
3749166Frank Smith Sterling Silver Cocktail Shakers, American, 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749170Victorian Brass-Inlaid Burlwood Dome-Top Tea Caddy, English, late 19th C., N9HN$250.00
3749173Pair of Pewter Elephant-Form Censors, Chinese, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749174Pair of Cast-Bronze Dragon-Decorated Censors, Japanese, late 19th/20th C., N9HN$500.00
3749175Pair of Queen Anne Style Paint-Decorated Side Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$593.75
3749176Neoclassical Style Paint-Decorated Octagonal Pot Cupboard, 20th C., N9HN$875.00
3749177Pair of Neoclassical Style Stone Inset Gilt-Metal Side Tables, 20th C., N9HN$4100.00
3749178Pair of Baroque Style Carved Oak Black Leather-Upholstered Armchairs, 20th C., N9HN$156.25
3749179Rococo Style Carved Giltwood Overmantel Mirror, 20th C., N9HN$500.00
3749180Baroque Style Carved Mahogany Dining Table, 20th C., N9HN$432.50
3749181Neoclassical Style Paint-Decorated Pine Slant Front Lapdesk, 20th C., N9HN$937.50
3749184Sarouk Style Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3749186Tabriz Style Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$2375.00
3749187Oushak Style Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$1500.00
3749188Six Blue and Gole Damask Drapery Panels, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749189Three Etchings, Profile Portraits of Women, Jiri Anderle (Czech, 1936-), N9HN$282.50
3749190Four Etchings, Portraits of Women, Jiri Anderle (Czech, 1936-), N9HN$376.25
3749191Neoclassical Style Red-Painted and Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N9HN$812.50
3749192Neoclassical Style Patinated Pier Mirror, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749193Mixed Media on Paper, Middle Eastern Market Scene, 20th C., N9HN$352.50
3749194Set of Four Red, Blue, and Ivory Striped Velor Drapery Panels, 20th C., N9HN$93.75
3749195Alfred Dunhill Bronze "Dragon Smoke Stand," English, circa 1925, N9HN$437.50
3749196Alfred Dunhill Bronze "Dragon Smoke Stand," English, circa 1925, N9HN$437.50
3749198Louis XV Needlepoint Upholstered Carved Walnut Settee, French, 18th C., N9HN$4425.00
3749200French Provincial Carved Walnut Settee, 19th C., N9HN$937.50
3749201Louis XVI Style Carved Beechwood Lit D'Alcove, French, 19th C., N9HN$187.50
3749202Wrought and Cast-Iron Bedstead, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3749204Pair of Louis XV Carved Walnut Needlepoint Upholstered Open Armchairs, French, 18th C., N9HN$312.50
3749205Country-Style Stained Pine Low Table, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3749206French Provincial Carved Walnut Step Back Cupboard, French, 19th C., N9HN$1875.00
3749207Lavar Kerman Carpet, 20th C., N9HN$2000.00
3749208Baroque Carved Walnut One Drawer Work Table, Italian, 19th C., N9HN$1187.50
3749209Carved Wood Bighorn Sheep, 20th C., N9HN$500.00
3749210Natural Cut Stained Pine Table, 20th C., N9HN$250.00
3749211Paint-Decorated Carved Wood Metal-Mounted Rocking Horse, 19th/20th C., N9HN$118.75
3749214Baroque Style Paint-Decorated Shrank, Probably Swedish, 19th C., N9HN$687.50
3749215Arts and Crafts Style Bentwood Washstand, 20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749217Baroque Style Carved Walnut Needlepoint Upholstered Library Chair, 19th C., N9HN$1575.00
3749218Provincial Oak Pier Table, Probably Continental, 19th C., N9HN$562.50
3749219Pine and Metal-Inset Chicken Coop, English, 19th/20th C., N9HN$2046.25
3749220Pair of Carved Wood Rush Seat Side Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$125.00
3749221Oil on Canvas, Still Life of White Flowers in a Vase, 19th/20th C., N9HN$375.00
3749222Pair of Oils on Canvas, Folk Art Landscapes, R. Nilson, 19th C., N9HN$187.50
3749224Oil on Canvas, Sheep in a Field, James Desvarreux-Larpenteur (French, 1847-1937), N9HN$468.75
3749225Oil on Board, Mount Chocorua, New Hampshire, 19th/20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749226Oil on Canvas, Girl Leaning on Balcony, 19th C., N9HN$156.25
3749228Three Pencil Drawings of Figures, Attributed to Adolphe Leleux (French, 1812-1891), N9HN$500.00
3749229Three Pencil Drawings of Figures, Attributed to Adolphe Leleux (French, 1812-1891), N9HN$500.00
3749232Oil on Canvas, Still Life of Fruit in a Basket and Milkcan, 19th/20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749234Oil on Board, Man Herding Cows on Path, 19th C., N9HN$375.00
3749235Oil on Canvas, Still Life with Fruit, L. Henry, 19th/20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749236Gilded Tole Horse Head Butcher Trade Sign, French, 19thC., N9HN$1125.00
3749237White Metal Bull Head Butcher Trade Sign, 20thC., N9HN$438.75
3749238White Metal Pig Head Butcher Trade Sign, 20thC., N9HN$375.00
3749239White Metal Lamb Head Butcher Trade Sign, 20thC., N9HN$687.50
3749240Tiffany Style Eleven Light Lilly Table Lamp, 20thC., N9HN$250.00
3749241Louis XV Style Beechwood Needlepoint Upholstered Open Armchair, French, 19/20th C., N9HN$231.25
3749242Painted and Carved Wood Statue of a Saint, Mexican Yucatan, 18th C., N9HN$943.75
3749244Pair of George III Style Carved Walnut Wing Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$375.00
3749249Oil on Board, Italian Coast Scape, Edoardo Dalbono(Italian, 1841-1915)N9HN$343.75
3749255Wallace "Grande Baroque" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service For Twelve, American, 20th C., N9HN$2761.25
3749257Group of Waterford Crystal Stemware, Irish, 20th C., N9HN$517.50
3749258Federal Style Mahogany and Caned Cradle, New York, 19th C., N9HN$125.00
3749259Victorian Brass and Leather Club Fender, English, late 19th C., N9HN$281.25
3749260Rococo Style Carved Giltwood Overmantel Mirror, French, 19th/20th C., N9HN$3398.75
3749261Federal Figured Mahogany Tilt-Top Candlestand, American, 19th C., N9HN$406.25
3749262Pair of Regency Style Ebonized and Caned Barrel Back Club Chairs, 20th C., N9HN$500.00
3749263Federal Carved Mahogany Sewing Table, American, 19th C., N9HN$250.00
3749264Lithograph, "Passenger Pigeon," John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), N9HN$250.00
3749265Harmonia Walnut Music Box, Paish & Co., 20th C., N9HN$312.50
3749267Metal Folding Camera, 20th C., N9HN$62.50
3749268Elephant-Form Brass and White-Metal Telephone, 20th C., N9HN$187.50
3749269Two Engravings, Biblical Scenes, Albrecht Durer (German, 1471-1528), 19th C., N9HN$500.00
3749270Federal Parcel-Gilt Mahogany Eglomise-Panel Inset Banjo Clock, American, 19th C., N9HN$406.25
3749271Gibson J-45 Acoustic Guitar, 1953-55, N9HN$2187.50
3749272Group of Foreign and Domestic Currency and Medals, 20th C., FR3SH$55.00
3749273Neoclassical Style Brass Columnar Form Table Lamp, 20thC., FR3SH$62.50
3749274Paragon Porcelain Breakfast Set for Two, "First Choice Pattern" English, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749275Rose Gold Plated Over Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Jewelry Suite, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749276Sterling Silver Ribbed Cuff Bangle Bracelet, 20th C., FR3SH$163.75
3749277Braciah Henneberg Warszawa Silver on Copper Arts & Crafts Tray, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$106.25
3749278Modern Lucite Square Covered Box, 20thC., FR3SH$125.00
3749279Group of Sterling Silver Table Items, American/English 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749280Three Oil on Board, Greece Seascapes, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749281Group of Copper Stock Pots and Sauce Pans, France, 20thC., FR3SH$1025.00
3749282Cane Fitted with Sword, Marked Burton, 20th C., FR3SH$218.75
3749283Currier & Ives Print, "The Celebrated Trotting Horse Hopeful, by Godfreys Patchen," FR3SH$62.50
3749285Watercolor, Barn in Winter Landscape, 20th C., FR3SH$47.50
3749287Oil on Board, "Cobb's Creek," Charlotte H. Dawson, 1959, FR3SH$31.25
3749288Colored Engraving, "Steeple Chase Cracks," J.F. Herring, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749289Pair of German Silver Plated Mounted Decanters, 20th C., FR3SH$118.75
3749290Three Steiff Hand Puppets, German, 20thC., FR3SH$125.00
3749291Print of a Tiger, Antoine-Louis Barye (French, 1796-1875), FR3SH$31.25
3749292Watercolor on Paper Landscape, Louis Wolchonok (1898-1973) American, FR3SH$112.50
3749293Three Sandwich Glass Candlesticks, 19thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749294Six Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamps, 19thC., FR3SH$188.75
3749295Pair of Heisey Cobalt Glass Cornucopia Vases, Warwick Pattern, 20thC.,FR3SH$125.00
3749296German Porcelain Stein with Pewter Lid, 20thC., FR3SH$187.50
3749297Limoges Porcelain Dessert Set, 20thC., FR3SH$187.50
3749298Six Earthenware Nesting Bowls, American, 19th/20thC. FR3SH$125.00
3749299Four Zaneware Pottery Moss Aztec Hanging Planters, 20thC., FR3SH$125.00
3749300Rockingham Pottery Figural Jug, American, FR3SH$75.00
3749301Two Niloak Pottery Vases, "Mission Swirl," 20thC., FR3SH$187.50
3749302Clifton Pottery Vase, 20thC., FR3SH$156.25
3749303Group of Yellow Canary Sandwich Glass Articles, 19thC., FR3SH$883.75
3749304Four Pottery Articles, American, 20thC., FR3SH$125.00
3749306William and Mary Style Cherry and Poplar Tilt Top Candlestand, American, 19th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749307Easterling Porcelain Dinner Service for Four,Ceres Pattern, Bavaria/Germany, 20thC., FR3SH$16.25
3749308Group of Cast Iron Kitchen Tools, early 20thC., Fr3SH$16.25
3749309Two Rayo Fluid Lamps, 19thC., Fr3SH$31.25
3749311Champagne Color Baroque 13MM Faux Pearl Necklace With Crystal Set Ball Clasp, 20th C., FR3SH$37.50
3749312Trussardi, Italy Brown Coated Canvas With Tan Leather Messenger Bag, 20th C., FR3SH$43.75
3749313Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749314Trussardi, Italy, Brown Coated Canvas Work Bag With Tan Saddle Leather Trip and Shoulder Strap, Italian, 20th C., FR3SH$50.00
3749315Bottega Veneta Dove Gray Lambskin Leather Handbag, Italian, 20th C., FR3SH$113.75
3749317La Bagagerie, Paris Brown Lizard Handbag, French 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749318Jay Herbert New York Navy Blue Quilted Suede Handbag, 20th C., FR3SH$18.75
3749323Lucien Piccard Rose Gold Tone Metal and Crystal Ladies Bracelet Watch, FR3SH$93.75
3749325Three Carpet Fragments, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749326Delft Blue and White Porcelain Covered Jar, 20thC., FR3SH$56.25
3749327Two Floral Needle Works, 20thC., FR3SH$16.25
3749328Seven Peasant Dressed International Costume Prints, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749329Caucasian Prayer Rug, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749330Group of Silver Plated Table Items, American, 20th C., FR3SH$43.75
3749331Group of Silver Table Items, American/European, 20th C., FR3SH$188.75
3749334Federal Style Carved Mahogany Tilt Top Tea Table, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749335Federal Style Mahogany Revere Tall Case Clock, 20th C., FR3SH$47.50
3749337Singer Sewing Table, 20th C., FR3SH$50.00
3749338Maple Doll Cradle, early 20th C., FR3SH$ 6.25
3749341Neoclassical Style Cast-Brass Three Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., FR3SH$18.75
3749342Copper Bowl on Metal Stand, 20th C., FR3SH$18.75
3749343Arts and Crafts Style White Metal and Stained Glass Chandelier, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749344Talking Bart Simpson Doll in Original Box, DanDee, 20th C., FR3SH$25.00
3749345Nine Stuffed Animals and Dolls, 20th C., FR3SH$22.50
3749346Three Modern Glass and Composition Table Lamps, 20th C., FR3SH$10.00
3749347Seven Colored Glass Paperweights, 20th C., FR3SH$56.25
3749348Eleven Colored Glass Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$22.50
3749349Fourteen Porcelain Table Articles, Chinese and Japanese, 20th C., FR3SH$18.75
3749350Three Carved Stone Seals, Chinese, Modern, FR3SH$406.25
3749352Thirteen Assorted Porcelain Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$22.50
3749353Four Chippendale Style Carved Mahogany Armchairs, 20th C., FR3SH$343.75
3749354Three Regency Style Parcel-Gilt Carved Mahogany Side Chairs, 20th C., FR3SH$81.25
3749355Two Vintage Brass and Metal Nautical Lamps, 19/20th C., FR3SH$282.50
3749357Neoclassical Style Ceramic and Ormolu Mounted Footed Tazza, 20th C., FR3SH$61.25
3749358Funky Vintage Blue Ceramic Lamp with Paperclip Shade, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749359White and Gilt Metal Replica "Excalibur" Sword in Frame, 20th C., FR3SH$51.25
3749360Black Painted Iron Horse Head Hitching-post Finial, 19/20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749361Pair of Patinated Metal Five-Light Chandeliers, 20th C., FR3SH$282.50
3749362Three Brass Lamp Post Lanterns, 20th C., FR3SH$162.50
3749363Two Carved Wooden Billy Clubs, 19/20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749364Copper Colored Hanging Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$56.25
3749365Pair of Louis XV Style Gold Metal Two Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749366Two Carved Wood and Painted Cuckoo Clocks, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749367Collection of Minerals, Rocks and Geodes, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749368Three Chinese Yellow Hardstone Carvings, 19/20th C., FR3SH$343.75
3749369Two Classical Statues, 20th C., FR3SH$43.75
3749370Brass and Metal Pitchers, Bell, Vase, Scale, and a Change Dish, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749371Two Table Statues of Eagles, 20th C., FR3SH$50.00
3749372Six Metal Figures, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749373Bronze Figure of a Setter, 20th C., FR3SH$41.25
3749374American and Continental Silver Plated Tea Caddy, Candlesticks and Boxes, 20th C., FR3SH$350.00
3749375Tiffany and Company Sterling Silver Salt and Pepper Shaker, 20th C., FR3SH$468.75
3749376Thirteen Coin Silver Teaspoons and a Sterling Fruit Knife, 19/20th C., FR3SH$155.00
3749377American and Continental Sterling Silver Service Pieces, 19/20th C., FR3SH$505.00
3749378Pink and Blue Art Glass Bowl, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749379Regency Style Brass Colored Footed Music Box, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749380Pair of Capodimonte Style and Glass Candlesticks, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749381Chinese Butterfly Decorated Punchbowl on Stand, 20th C., FR3SH$56.25
3749382Sterling Silver Overlay Square Glass Vase and Two Sterling and Glass Coasters, FR3SH$43.75
3749383Vintage Toaster and Crosley Radio, 20th C., FR3SH$41.25
3749384Two Asian Statues and a Bronze Colored Covered Vase, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749385Wedgwood Dish and Wedgwood Style Place Card Holders, 20th C., FR3SH$46.25
3749386Architect's Dietzgen National Drawing Instruments Fitted Case of Tools, 19/20th C., FR3SH$43.75
3749387Barware Collection, Whistles, and a George Washington Decantor, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749388Josh Simpson Glass Planet and Twelve Glass Decanter tops, 20th C., FR3SH$162.50
3749389Pair of Glass Crystal Candlesticks and a Steuben Glass Candycane, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749390Heisey Colorless Glass Covered Dish, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749391English Oak Swing Handled Bucket and a Black Painted Firkin, 19/20th C., FR3SH$218.75
3749392Ceramic Lion's Head Plaque and Hardwood Carved Mask, 20th C., FR3SH$46.25
3749393Oval Cast Iron Plaque of a Man Exclaiming "Fire", 20th C., FR3SH$56.25
3749394Vintage Scrapbook on Stand with Print of Abe Lincoln, 20th C., FR3SH$41.25
3749395Three Vintage Plastic Box Form Handbags, 20th C., FR3SH$43.75
3749400Five Vintage Wooden Boxes, 20th C., FR3SH$76.25
3749401Five African Wood Carvings from Various Countries, 20th C., FR3SH$42.50
3749402Two Framed Oil on Boards, Landscape and a Seascape., 20th C., FR3SH$16.25
3749404Oil on Canvas, Balcony Overlooking a Lake, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749405Contemporary Orange-and-White Upholstered Club Chair, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749406Jacobean Style Turned-Walnut Barley-Twist Floor Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$200.00
3749407Lithograph, Equestrian Scene, "Nancy," Painted by Harry Hall, 20th C., FR3SH$225.00
3749408Federal Style Wall Mirror, 20thC., FR3SH$187.50
3749409Abstract Lithograph, 20thC., FR3SH$62.50
3749410Oil on Canvas on Board, Floral Still Life, 20thC., FR3SH$125.00
3749411Queen Anne Style Figured Veneer Wall Mirror, 20thC., FR3SH$1126.25
3749412Two Orange Ceramic Urn Form Table Lamps, 20thC., FR3SH$62.50
3749413Rococco Style Gesso Frame Wall Mirror, 20thC., FR3SH$343.75
3749414Chinese Porcelain Vases, with Figures and Horses, 20thC.,FR3SH$88.75
3749416Three Favrile Glass Shades, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749417KPM Porcelain Covered Jar, Germany, 20thC., FR3SH$60.00
3749418Oil on Canvas River Landscape with Row Boats, 20thC., FR3SH$131.25
3749420Three Graduated Lustre Porcelain Jugs, Standing Soldier Figures, 19thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749421Royal Vienna Transfer and Painted Pitcher, Angelica Kaufmann, Austria, 19thC., FR3SH$170.00
3749422Four Wood and Fabric Ship Models, 20th C., FR3SH$12.50
3749424Seven Silver Plated Trays, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749425Group of Silver Plated Table Items, FR3SH$31.25
3749426Two Chinese Imari Porcelain Charger Platters, 20thC., FR3SH$93.75
3749427Two Chinese Imari Porcelain Shallow Bowls, 20thC., FR3SH$25.00
3749428Chinese Porcelain Rice Bowl and Footed Dish, 20thC., FR3SH$56.25
3749429Four Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Tea Pots, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749430Three Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Duck Teapots, 20thC., FR3SH$62.50
3749433Green Glazed Ceramic Gourd Form Table Lamp, 20thC., FR3SH$43.75
3749434Two Brass Table Lamps, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749436Four Georgian Style Brass Wall Sconces, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749437Pair of Pottery Barn Patinated Metal Tall Candlesticks, 20thC., FR3SH$ 6.25
3749440Regency Style Cast-Metal Fire Fender, 20th C., FR3SH$25.00
3749441Group of Nine Assorted Firetools, 20th C., FR3SH$25.00
3749442Group of Etched Colorless Glass Articles, 20thC., FR3SH$56.25
3749444Four Minton Porcelain Demi-Tasse Cups and Saucers, English, 20thC., FR3SH$95.00
3749445Two Patinated Metal and Glass Carriage Lanterns, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$106.25
3749446Colonial Revival Mahogany Slant Front Ladies Writing Desk, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749448Pair of Black-Painted and Gilt-Decorated Two-Light Wall Sconces, 20th C., FR3SH$168.75
3749450Serigraph, Two Women, Tarkey (Itzchak, Serbia/Israel 1935- 2012), FR3SH$218.75
3749456Oil on Canvas, Buildings, Pierre Henry (French b. 1924), FR3SH$125.00
3749457Print on Paper, Abstract Figure, Graciela Rodo Boulanger (Bolivian/French b. 1935), FR3SH$93.75
3749458Pair of Serigraphs, Women, Tarkay (Itzchak Serbia/Israel 1935-2012) FR3SH$250.00
3749459Two Botanical Prints, 20thC., FR3SH$12.50
3749461Delft Porcelain Williamsburg Restoration Vase, 20thC., FR3SH$37.50
3749462Three Pen and Ink Drawings of Mallorca Landscapes, R. Merrill, 20th C., FR3SH$50.00
3749464Four Vintage Composite Dolls, 20thC., FR3SH$16.25
3749466Pair of Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Caned-Back Fauteuil, 20th C., FR3SH$131.25
3749467Baker Furniture French Provincial Style Walnut Swivel Top Games Table, 20th C., FR3SH$78.75
3749468Oil on Canvas, River Landscape, J. Didley, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749469Oil on Canvas, Copy of "Master Charles William Lambton," by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 20th C., FR3SH$168.75
3749470Oil on Canvas, Still Life with Fruit, R. Bernard, 20th C., FR3SH$156.25
3749471Czechoslovakian Floral Decorated Porcelain Dinner Service, 20thC., FR3SH$50.00
3749472Oil on Board Cherries Still Life Painting, 20thC., FR3SH$68.75
3749473Eight Majolica Ceramic Plates, Floral Motif, 20thC., FR3SH$106.25
3749474Group of Prints, 20th C., FR3SH$25.00
3749479Victorian Carved Mahogany Settee, American, late 19th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749481Three Photographs, Landscapes, C.R. Heller, 20th/21st C., FR3SH$31.25
3749482Oil on Canvas, Seascape with Dunes, Herman Kent (American, 1930-2010), N7HN$93.75
3749483"In Brush, Sedge, and Stubble," By Dwight W. Huntington, The Sportsman's Society, 1898, FR3SH$93.75
3749484Seth Thomas Empire Style Mahogany Mantle Clock, late 19th C., FR3SH$63.75
3749486Large Group of Silver Plated Table Items, American/English. 20th C., FR3SH$47.50
3749491Flemish Style Tapestry Panel, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749492Neoclassical Style Cast-Brass Six Light Chandelier, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749493Contemporary Floral-and-Leaf Decorated Brushed Metal Six-Light Chandelier, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749494Oil on Board, Figures in a Landscape, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749495Rococo Style Giltwood Shaped Mirror, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749497Eight Chippendale Style Cream-Upholstered Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749498Regency Style Maple and Walnut Window Seat, 20th C., FR3SH$250.00
3749499Chinese Carved Hardwood Plant Stand, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749500Chinese Carved Elmwood Tea Stand, 19th C., FR3SH$187.50
3749501Federal Style Mahoganized Telephone Table, 20th C., FR3SH$16.25
3749502Contemporary Floral Decorated Runner, 20th C., FR3SH$87.50
3749504Neoclassical Style Cast-Brass Firescreen, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749505Two Painted Tole Trays, late 19th/20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749508Neoclassical Style Ormolu-Mounted Mahogany Demi-Lune Side Cabinet, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749510Contemporary Beige Upholstered X-Form Ottoman, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749511Contemporary Floral-Decorated Painted Side Table, 20th C., FR3SH$16.25
3749512Georgian Style Mahoganized Semanier, 20th C., FR3SH$75.00
3749513Empire Style Carved Mahogany Bedstead, 20th C., FR3SH$187.50
3749516Pair of Vaughan Rococo Style Brass Two Arm Wall Sconces, 20th C., FR3SH$156.25
3749517Pair of Vaughan Rococo Style Brass Two Arm Wall Sconces, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749518Pair of Ecclesiastical Brass Pricket Sticks, 20thC., FR3SH$187.50
3749519Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal Mother and Child Figural Three Arm Table Lamp, 20th C., FR3SH$218.75
3749520Neoclassical Style Patinated Bronze and Gilt Metal Musical Putti Figural Five Arm Candelabra, 20thC., FR3SH$250.00
3749521Two Frette Comforter/Quilts, Italy, 20thC., FR3SH$75.00
3749522Pair of Baroque Style Bronze Two Arm Wall Sconce, 20thC., FR3SH$93.75
3749523Art Nouveau Daum Glass Sculpture/Bowl, Nude with Wings, France, 20thC., FR3SH$343.75
3749524Pair of Bronze Frog Figural Candlesticks, 20thC., FR3SH$500.00
3749526Painted Wood Toy Chest, 20th C., FR3SH$43.75
3749529Victorian Style Carved Mahogany Stool, 20th C., FR3SH$47.50
3749530Two Asian Style Circular Carved Wooden Boxes with Lids, 20thC., FR3SH$43.75
3749531Carved Wood Barometer/Thermometer, D. Brauckmann & Co. Hamburg, German, FR3SH$125.00
3749532Ruby Cut to Clear Glass Vase, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749537Classical Carved Mahogany Mantle Clock, American, 19th C., FR3SH$131.25
3749541Stained Pine Slant Front Counter Top Display Cabinet, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749542Victorian Carved Oak Morris Chair, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$106.25
3749543Sparton Carved Walnut Floor Radio, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749544Empire Figured Mahogany Mantle Clock, American, 19th C., FR3SH$47.50
3749545Empire Parcel-Gilt Mahogany Mantel Clock, American, 19th C., FR3SH$73.75
3749546Empire Style Figured Mahogany Shaving Mirror, 20th C., FR3SH$60.00
3749548Federal Giltwood and Eglomise Inset Pier Mirror, American, 19th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749549Print, "The British Entry into Philadelphia," Henry Alexander Ogden (American, 1856-1936), FR3SH$93.75
3749550Victorian Carved Wood Mantle Clock, 20thC., FR3SH$52.50
3749555Group of Primitive Tools, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749556Oak Wall Clock, 20thC., FR3SH$97.50
3749557Large Assorted Glass Articles, 20thC., FR3SH$50.00
3749558Steuben Art Glass Style Shade, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749559Abstract Ceramic Sculpture, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749560Black Forest Style Carved Wood Jug with Cover, 20thC., FR3SH$30.00
3749561Chinese Blue and White Jar, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749562Six Vintage Advertising Tins, 20thC., FR3SH$41.25
3749563Four "Christmas in the City" Porcelain Houses, 20thC., FR3SH$100.00
3749564Victorian Walnut Mantle Clock, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$62.50
3749566Two Jim Beam Porcelain Bourbon Whiskey Decanters, 20thC., FR3SH$42.75
3749567Vintage Coffee Grinder, 20thC., FR3SH$58.75
3749568Shaker Box, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$62.50
3749569Brown Spatterware Covered Jar, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749570Two Blue Decorated Stoneware Crocks, 19th/20thC., FR3SH$93.75
3749572Oil on Canvas Still Life, Edward, mid 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749573Oil on Canvas Landscape, M.B. early 20thC., FR3SH$91.25
3749574Glazed Ceramic Vase, Depicting St. Petersberg and Ships, 2001, FR3SH$31.25
3749578Geber Friedlander 750 Sterling Silver Cream Jug, German, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$56.25
3749581Bronze Sculpture of Rodent and Octopus Hybrid, 20th C., FR3SH$7812.50
3749582Patinated Metal Bas Relief Plaque, Abstract Figures, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749583Three Abstract Watercolors on Paper, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749584Soldered Metal Strips on Marble Base, Abstract, 20th C., FR3SH$375.00
3749585Two Oil Washed on Canvas, Abstract Landscapes, 20th C., FR3SH$156.25
3749586Three Abstract Ink and Gouache on Paper, Gilles Duvert, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749588Pigment on Paper, Figural Abstract, Albert Houthuesen (British, 1903-1979), FR3SH$62.50
3749589Oil on Panel, "Village of Peillon, Erno Monda, 1957, FR3SH$343.75
3749590Abstract Sculpture, Silvered Metal on Marble Base, Jacques Potin (French, 1920-), FR3SH$476.25
3749591French Renaissance Style Repousse Brass Circular Mirror, 20th C., FR3SH$172.50
3749593Pair of Plaster Hippopotami, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749595Baker Furniture Campaign Style Oak Chest of Drawers, 20th C., FR3SH$406.25
3749596Jaeger-Coultre Brass and Glass Atmos Clock, 20th C., FR3SH$375.00
3749597Pair of Modern Black Metal Table Lamps, 20th C., FR3SH$120.00
3749598Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Armchair and Side Chair, 20th C., FR3SH$656.25
3749599Danish Modern Black, Red, and White Wool Carpet, 20th C., FR3SH$112.50
3749600Vintage Black-Painted Butler's Desk, 20th C., FR3SH$387.50
3749602Modern Black Lacquer Side Cabinet with Marble Pulls, Italian, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749605Contemporary Upholstered Recliner, 20th C., FR3SH$50.00
3749606Three Chinese Brass-Mounted Hardwood Chests, 20th C., FR3SH$156.25
3749607Suite of Three Danish Modern Style Bedroom Furniture, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749608Three Contemporary Floor Lamps, 20th C., FR3SH$156.25
3749609Norwegian Modern Teak Reclining Armchair and Stool, 20th C., FR3SH$250.00
3749610Group of Assorted Porcelain Cups and Saucers, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749611Nymphenburg Porcelain Two-Handled Serving Dish, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749612Group of Assorted Porcelain Plates, 20th C., FR3SH$461.25
3749613Twelve Sterling Silver and Lenox Porcelain Demitasse Cups, 20th C., FR3SH$187.50
3749614Partial Aynsley Porcelain Dinner Service, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749615Twelve Colorless Glass Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$187.50
3749616Twenty-One Silver Plated Table Articles, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749617Danish Modern Style Chest of Drawers and a Vanity, American, 20th C., FR3SH$562.50
3749618Bokhara Throw Rug, 20th C., FR3SH$110.00
3749620Two Glazed Porcelain Vases, One Royal Copenhagen, 20th C., FR3SH$106.25
3749621Oil on Canvas, Abstract Harbor Scene, Pat Gallagher, 20th C., FR3SH$106.25
3749622Three Contemporary Abstract Oils on Canvas, 20th C., FR3SH$595.00
3749623Large Group of Art Books, Auction Catalogs, Gallery and Museum Catalogs and Travel Books, 20thC., FR3SH$16.25
3749624Large Group of Art Books, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749625Large Group of Art Books, Auction and Gallery Catalogs, 20thC., FR3SH$81.25
3749626Large Group of Art and Decorative Arts Books, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749627Large Group of Art and Decorative Art Books, 20thC., FR3SH$93.75
3749628Large Group of Art Books, Gallery & Auction Catalogs, 20thC., FR3SH$225.00
3749629Large Group of Art and Decorative Art Books, 20thC., FR3SH$118.75
3749630Patchwork Quilt, 20thC., FR3SH$37.50
3749631Embossed Patinated Metal-Mounted Box, 20th C., FR3SH$218.75
3749632Federal Style Mahogany Silver Chest, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749634Group of Sterling Silver Small Flatware Serving Pieces, American 20th C., FR3SH$218.75
3749635Four Wedgwood Lustreware Pitchers, 20thC., FR3SH$31.25
3749637Miscellaneous Group of Silver Plated Flatware Items, 20th C., FR3SH$156.25
374963814K Yellow Gold Diamond and Synthetic Ruby Ring, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749642Two Metal-Mounted Printed Icons, 20th C., FR3SH$125.00
3749646Oil on Canvas, Abstract French Cityscape, 20th C., FR3SH$93.75
3749648Pine Seed Cabinet, early 20thC., FR3SH$187.50
3749650Three Lithographs of Hunting Scenes, English, 19th/20th C., FR3SH$47.50
3749651Vintage Patinated Metal Bottle Carrier and Three Glass Bottles, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749652Four Metal and Wood Farm Tools, 20th C., FR3SH$47.50
3749653Ferris Wheel Toy, "The Saturn Wheel," 20thC., FR3SH$28.75
3749654J. Chen & Company No 275 Mechanical Roller Coaster, c 1949, FR3SH$187.50
3749655Wind Up Merry Go Round Toy and Playland Toy, 20thC., FR3SH$62.50
3749656Metal Forest Ranger Toy Jeep, 20thC., FR3SH$16.25
3749657Mattel Dancing Dude and Music Box Toy, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749658Fourteen Vintage Warner Brothers Glasses, Pepsi Collector Series, circa 1973, FR3SH$62.50
3749659Eight Libby Frosted Glass Carousel Animal Collins Glasses, circa 1950's, FR3SH$25.00
3749660Five Mechanical Wind Up Toys, 20thC., FR3SH$156.25
3749661Seven Mechanical Wind Up Toys,Japan, 20thC., FR3SH$50.00
3749662Pete The Pup, Joseph Kallus Wooden Composite Toy Dog, circa 1927, FR3SH$62.50
3749663Six Animal Mechanical Wind Up Toys, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749664Cata-bo Jet Bomb Airplane in Original Box, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749665Vintage Electric Jack Straw Game, with Original Box by Jim Prentice, 20thC., FR3SH$16.25
3749666Parker Brother Monopoly Game, 20thC., FR3SH$47.50
3749667Baroque Style Brass Single Arm Wall Sconce, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749668Group of Assorted Flatware Items, 20th C., FR3SH$62.50
3749669Silver Plated Circular Cruet Stand, Early 20th C., FR3SH$31.25
3749670Silver Overlay Glass Pitcher and a Group of Silver Plated Table Items, 20thC., FR3SH$43.75
3754642Kirman Carpet, Mid-20th C., N7HN$31.25
3754642Brass Oil Lamp with Red Glass Shade, 20th C., FR3SH$31.25