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Property from the Private Collection of J. Garfield DeMarco-March 25th to April 8th, 2015
March 25, 2015

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
3811017Namiki Black and Gold Lacquer Fountain Pen, Japanese, 20thC., N1JN$1125.00
3811018Namiki Black, Gold and Red Lacquer Fountain Pen, "Gold Fish Medium," Japanese, 20thC., N1JN$1000.00
3811021Anubis and Mummy Polychrome and Gilt Replica Sculpture, Avamere, 2001, N1JN$62.50
3811022Turquoise and Hardstone Set Patinated Metal Sculpture of a Nude Seated Deity, Thai, 20thC., N1JN$187.50
3811025Patinated Metal Viking Warrior Sculpture, 20thC., N1JN$250.00
3811026Daniel Salazar Art Glass Paperweight, Crane Motif, 20thC.,$375.00
3811027Two Similar Lundberg Studios Art Glass Paperweights, 20thC., N1JN$258.75
3811029Correia Art Glass Paperweight, Elephant Motif, 20thC., N1JN$88.75
3811030Correia Art Glass Bowl, African Animal Motif, 20thC., N1JN$113.75
3811031Correia Amber Art Glass Bowl, Fish Motif, 20thC., N1JN$125.00
3811032Art Glass Iridescent Vase, 20thC., N1JN$125.00
3811033Orient and Flume Art Glass Paperweight, 20thC., N1JN$125.00
3811034Joseph Lone Wolf Art Glass Ball, 20thC., N1JN$875.00
3811036Etain-Zinn Pewter Covered Bowl, Italy, 20thC., N1JN$62.50
3811037Native American Papago Lidded Basket with Handle, Gila Monster Design, 20thC., N1JN$312.50
3811038Native American Papago Storage Basket,circa 1950, N1JN$187.50
3811039Native American Papago Storage Basket, circa 1950, N1JN$156.25
3811041Native American Pima Coiled Basket, 20thC., N1JN$343.75
3811042Native American Pima Yarn Basket, 20thC., N1JN$125.00
3811043Native American Hopi Second Mesa Gift Basket, circa 1945-50, N1JN$93.75
3811044Native American Papago Basket, circa 1930, N1JN$62.50
3811045Native American Polychrome Jicarilla Apache Basket, circa 1920, N1JN$187.50
3811046Native American Coiled Basket, circa 1915-1920, N1JN$1000.00
3811048Native American Coiled Basket, 20thC., N1JN$531.25
3811049Native American Coiled Basket, 20thC., N1JN$281.25
3811050Native American Coiled Basket, 20thC., N1JN$1187.50
3811051Native American Coiled Basket, 20thC., N1JN$62.50
3811052Native American Coiled Basket, 20thC., N1JN$281.25
3811053Namiki Black and Gold Lacquer Fountain Pen, "Butterfly Broad," Yukari Collection, 20thC., N1JN$1500.00
3811054Two Native American Hopi Kachina Dolls, 20thC., N1JN$287.50
3811055Native American Hopi Kachina, "The Humpback Flute Player,Ray Sumatzkuku, 20thC., N1JN$218.75
3811056Three Native American Kachina Dolls, 20thC., N1JN$62.50
3811059Native American Hopi Shalako Kachina, Pat Howesa, 20thC., N1JN$375.00
3811061Native American Hopi "Taawa Sun Katsina" Kachina, Adrian Poleahla, 20thC., N1JN$187.50
3811062Native American Hopi Long Horned Kachina, Fred Malcolm, 20thC., N1JN$375.00
3811063Native American Hopi Hilili, a Guard Kachina, H. Bert, 20thC., N1JN$375.00
3811064Nettle Creek Gallery Classics Carved Wood Figural Wall Plaque, 20thC., N1JN$31.25
3811065Native American, Burlwood & Leather Plaque, "Eagle Around the Sun," Steven C. Evans, N1JN$62.50
3811066Chinese Black, Polychrome and Gilt Lacquer Box, 20thC., N1JN$62.50
3811067Wooden Pottery Bowl, Terry Jones, 20thC., N1JN$62.50
3811068Two Bronze Japanese World War II Medals, N1JN$1375.00
3811069Bronze Royal Air Force Athletic & Cross Country Associations Presentation Medal, 20thC., N1JN$568.75
3811070Makah Hoh River Basket with Lid 20thC., N1JN$62.50
3811071Medal of the Order of the Black Eagle, with the Motto "Suum Cuique" in the Center, 20thC., N1JN$500.00
3811072Medal of the Order of the White Eagle, Polish, 20thC., N1JN$500.00
3811073Star of the Modern Order Medal "For Fatherland & Nation," Polish, after 1921, N1JN$375.00
3811074Medal of the Order of the White Eagle, Polish, 20thC., N1JN$375.00
3811075Silver Metal and Gilt Medal of Honor, Russian Icon, 20thC., N1JN$312.50
3811076Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire Insignia,Sash Badge&Breast Star, 19thC,N1JN$3562.50
3811077Japanese Gilt and Enamel Medal of Honor and Ribbon, 20thC., N1JN$562.50
3811079The Order of the Star of Romania "In Faith is the Salvation," 19thC., N1JN$688.75
3811080Two Japanese Silver and Enamel Star Medals of Honor, 20thC., N1JN$2000.00
3811081Medal of the Order of the White Eagle, Polish, 20thC., N1JN$250.00
3811082Japanese Gilt and Enamel Medal of Honor and Red and White Ribbon, 20thC., N1JN$375.00
3811084Gilt and Blue Enamel Medal of Honor, Eastern European, 19thC., N1JN$343.75
3811085Collection of Silver and Gold Coins, 19th/20thC., N1JN$281.25
3811086The National Security Medal, American, 20thC., N1JN$218.75
3811087World War II Ephemera & Correspondence, Mussolini and the Italian Government, 20thC., N1JN$2750.00
3811088"The Night Before Christmas," Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott, 1931, N1JN$750.00
3811089Letter From Beardsley to Smithers and Photograph of Aubrey Beardsley, 1897, N1JN$2000.00
3811090Orrefors by Lindstrand Art Deco Vase, "Nude Diver," 20thC., N1JN$625.00
3811092Floral-Decorated Glazed Porcelain Table Lamp, 20th C., N1JN$93.75
3811094Art Glass Fern Decorated Tall Vase, Italy, 20thC., N1JN$700.00
3811095Glass Paperweight with Photo of Bridge, Eximious, 20th C., N1JN$32.50
3811096Neoclassical Cobalt and Gilt Porcelain Pitcher and Four Cups, Greek, 20thC., N1JN$93.75
3811097Royal Crown Derby Imari-Pattern Silver Plated Ice Bucket, English, 20th C., N1JN$106.25
3811099Three Paul Bellardo Figural Glazed Pottery Table Articles, 20th C., N1JN$156.25
3811100Two Paul Bellardo Black-Glazed Ceramic Covered Jars, 1982, N1JN$250.00
3811101Four Paul Bellardo Glazed Ceramic Sculptures, American, 20th C., N1JN$156.25
3811102Painted and Carved Wood Figural Puppet, Oceanic or Southeast Asian, 20th C., N1JN$62.50
3811103Four Navajo Painted Pottery Vases, 20th C., N1JN$343.75
3811104Five Sterling Silver 1973 Richard Nixon Inaugural Plates, N1JN$751.25
3811105Five Southwest Native American Pottery Table Articles, 20th C., N1JN$221.25
3811106Four Franklin Mint Richard Nixon 1973 Official Inaugural Medals, N1JN$281.25
3811107Noe Quezada, Chicken Egg White Olla Pottery Vase, 20th C., N1JN$531.25
3811108Navajo Pottery Vessel, Lucy Leuppe McKelvey, 20th C., N1JN$906.25
3811109Five Native American Pottery Articles, 20th C., N1JN$250.00
3811110Four New Mexican Glazed Pottery Table Articles, 20th C., N1JN$468.75
3811111Five Glazed Pottery Vessels, 20th C., N1JN$500.00
3811114Cast-Bronze Figure of a Gladiator, 20th C., N1JN$312.50
3811115Cast-Bronze Figure of a Spearthrower, Karl Mobius (German, 1876-1953), N1JN$625.00
3811116Victorian Carved Mahogany Wall Shelf, late 19th C., N1JN$218.75
3811117Victorian Carved Walnut Wall Shelf, late 19th C., N1JN$93.75
3811120Cast-Bronze Figure of Ganesha, Indian, 20th C., N1JN$533.75
3811123Lalique Crystal Head of a Eagle, French, 20th C., N1JN$375.00
3811125Large Cloissone Double Handled Baluster-Form Vase, Chinese, 20th C., N1JN$312.50
3811126Two Paul Bellardo Glazed Ceramic Animal Figures, 20th C., N1JN$406.25
3811127Limited Edition Corgi Aviation Archive Ju 87R-2 Sutka Die-Cast Model Plane, 20th C., N1JN$31.25
3811128Two Royal Copenhagen White Porcelain Classical Male Figures, 20th C., N1JN$410.00
3811130Carved Marble Bust of a Woman, "Beatrice," Giuseppe Bessi (Italian, 1857-1922), N1JN$343.75
3811131Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figure of Ganesha, 20th C., N1JN$62.50
3811132Vintage Desktop 16" Globe, William M. Goldthwaites, 19th/20th C., N1JN$350.00
3811133Cast-Bronze Sculpture Bust Antinous, Lover of Emperor Hadrian, 20th C., N1JN$750.00
3811134Floral-Decrated Cast-Brass and Patinated Metal Table Lamps, 20th C., N1JN$187.50
3811136Art Nouveau Style Patinated Metal and Stained Glass Two Light Desk Lamp, 20th C., N1JN$250.00
3811139Signed First Edition of "Saint Joan," by Bernard Shaw, 1924, N1JN$750.00
3811140Signed Copy of "South Wind," By Norman Douglas, Printed for Members of the Heritage Club, N1JN$343.75
3811141Signed Limited Edition "Reminiscences," by Douglas MacArthur, 1964, N1JN$125.00
3811143Watercolor, Portrait of Man in Forest, Wilmot Emerton Heitland (American, 1893-1969), N1JN$125.00
3811144Watercolor, Man in Tropical Landscape, Wilmot Heitland (American, 1893-1969), N1JN$187.50
3811146Watercolor, Boat in Tropical Landscape, Wilmot Heitland (American, 1893-1969), N1JN$187.50
3811149Watercolor, Houses on Tropical Coast, Wilmot Heitland (American, 1893-1969), N1JN$187.50
3811151Oil on Canvas, Man Fishing at Night, American, 19th/20th C., N1JN$375.00
3811152Oil on Canvas, Trompe L'Oeil of a Marble Sculpture, French School, 19th/20th C., N1JN$3251.25
3811153Embroidered Version of the Spanish Flag of Spain under Franco (1938-1945), N1JN$187.50
3811154Two Illuminated Manuscript Pages, N1JN$188.75
3811155Insect-Decorated Giltwood Pier Mirror, 20th C., N1JN$250.00
3811156Two Photographs, 20th C., N1JN$62.50
3811160Floral-Decorated Carved Metallic-Painted Mirror, 20th C., N1JN$281.25
3811161Bee and Floral-Decorated Cast-Brass Mirrored Hanging Coat Rack, 20th C., N1JN$562.50
3811162Victorian Brass and Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Carved Mahogany Partner's Desk, late 19th C., N1JN$10937.50
3811163Twelve Victorian Black Upholstered Carved Oak Dining Chairs, late 19th C., N1JN$1250.00
3811164Two Similar Victorian Upholstered Carved Mahogany Club Chairs, late 19th C., N1JN$312.50
3811165Two Victorian Red-Upholstered Ebonized Window Seats, late 19th C., N1JN$437.50
3811166Suite of Victorian Metal-Inlaid Carved Mahogany Seating Furniture, late 19th C., N1JN$543.75
3811167Victorian Floral-Upholstered Carved Mahogany Rocking Chair, late 19th C., N1JN$237.50
3811168Victorian Carved Oak Gold-Upholstered Box Sofa, late 19th C., N1JN$500.00
3811169Pair of Victorian Carved Mahogany Striped Upholstered Armchairs, late 19th C., N1JN$312.50
3811170Suite of Victorian Carved Mahogany Seating Furniture, late 19th C., N1JN$312.50
3811171Two Victorian Parcel-Gilt Ebonized Plant Stands, late 19th C., N1JN$875.00
3811172Victorian Brass-Mounted Carved Mahogany Plant Stand, late 19th C., N1JN$438.75
3811173Neoclassical Style Ormolu Mounted Elaborately Inlaid Side Table, late 19th/20th C., N1JN$406.25
3811174Chinese Stone Inset Carved Hardwood Plant Stand, 20th C., N1JN$218.75
3811175Victorian Porcelain Inset Brass Plant Stand, late 19th C., N1JN$750.00
3811176Victorian Brass Mounted Carved Mahogany Occasional Table, late 19th C., N1JN$250.00
3811177Pair of Victorian Carved Mahogany Plant Stands, late 19th C., N1JN$837.50
3811178Victorian Baize-Inset Parcel-Gilt Carved Walnut Plant Stand, late 19th C., N1JN$187.50
3811179Victorian Brass Mounted Ebonized Hanging Cabinet, late 19th C., N1JN$187.50
3811180Victorian Carved and Inlaid Walnut Marble Top Dresser with Mirror, late 19th C., N1JN$1437.50
3811181Victorian Inlaid and Carved Walnut Bedstead, late 19th C., N1JN$1906.25
3811183Victorian Carved Mahogany Marble Top Side Table, late 19th C., N1JN$250.00
3811184Victorian Carved Mahogany Occasional Table, late 19th C., N1JN$125.00
3811185Victorian Marquetry Parcel-Gilt Ebonized Occasional Table, late 19th C., N1JN$500.00
3811187Victorian Baize-Inlaid Cast-Brass Plant Stand, late 19th C., N1JN$250.00
3811188Elephant Form Stone Top Carved Low Table, 20th C., N1JN$93.75
3811190Large Oil on Canvas, Pagan Sacrifice, 19th/20th C., N1JN$2251.25
3811191Two Victorian Parcel-Gilt Carved Ebonized Plant Stands, late 19th C., N1JN$312.50
3811193Neoclassical Style Ormolu-Mounted Marble Pedestal, 20th C., N1JN$1625.00
3811194Cog Form Carved Walnut Swiveling Low Table, 20th C., N1JN$406.25
3811196Natural Form Hardwood Low Table, 20th C., N1JN$375.00
3811198Two Cast-Brass and White Metal Floor Lamps, 20th C., N1JN$393.75
3811199Victorian Walnut Occasional Table, late 19th C., N1JN$125.00
3811200Victorian Carved Walnut Bookcase Cabinet, late 19th C., N1JN$1875.00
3811201Three Military Dress Swords, 19th/20th C., N1JN$1375.00
3811202Victorian Paint-Decorated Ebonized Easel, late 19th C., N1JN$256.25
3811203Victorian Carved Mahogany Vitrine, late 19th C., N1JN$2062.50
3811204Victorian Cast-Brass and Patinated Metal Etagere, late 19th C., N1JN$812.50
3811205Victorian Carved Mahogany Fabric Inset Three Panel Screen, late 19th C., N1JN$318.75
3811206Group of Victorian Cast-Brass Fireplace Accessories, late 19th C., N1JN$156.25
3811213Diamond Set 18K Yellow Gold Mounted Roman Coin As a Pendant, 20th C., N1JN$1500.00
3811214Native American Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace, Early 20th C., N1JN$625.00
3811215Native American Shell Turquoise & Hardstone Triple Strand Necklace & Matching Earrings, 20thC, N1JN$106.25
3811216Native American Silver Turquoise and Coral Squash Blossom Necklace, 20thC., N1JN$531.25
3811217Yellow Gold Elephant Motif Tie Tack, American, 20th C., N1JN$62.50
3811218Oil on Board, Sleigh Rides in Winter, J. Orloff, Russian, 19th C., N9IN$475.00
3811220Oil on Board, "Near Etaples," George H. Bogert (American, 1864-1944), N9IN$1687.50
3811221Oil on Board, Portrait of Man in Red Hat, Hurt, 19th C., N9IN$250.00
3811222Oil on Board, Shepherd and Livestock, 19th C., N9IN$252.50
3811224Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Gentleman, 19th C., N9IN$1786.25
3811228Two Mixed Medias on Canvas, Abstracts, 20th C., N9IN$187.50
3811229Oil on Board, Girl Holding Dog, I.H.S. Mann, 19th C., N9IN$1687.50
3811231Two Lithographs, Equestrians, Gordon Ross (Scottish, 1873-1946), N9IN$93.75
3811232Two Horse Prints, Anthony M. Alonso (American, 1931-), N9IN$62.50
3811233Oil on Board, Stylized Circus Figures, 20th C., N9IN$406.25
3811234Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Woman in Hat, 19th C., N9IN$250.00
3811241Serigraph, Two Women, Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay (Serbian/Israeli, 1935-2012), N9IN$187.50
3811243Neoclassical Style Carved Giltwood and Part-Ebonized Barometer, French, 19th/20th C., N9IN$1250.00
3811245Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Boy and Girl in Landscape, 19th/20th C., N9IN$687.50
3811246Two Lithographs, John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), N9IN$691.25
3811247Two Lithographs, John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), N9IN$597.50
3811251Black and White Etching, "Heart of the Boneyard," John A. Noble (American, 1913-1983), N9IN$93.75
3811252Oil on Canvas, Portrait of Woman with Riding Crop, 19th C., N9IN$4125.00
3811254Serigraph, "Salon de Paris," Itzchak Tarkay (Serbian/Israeli, 1935-2012), N9IN$375.00
3811257Lacquer Panel of a Heron, Helene Whitwell, 20th C., N9IN$400.00
3811260Oil on Canvas, Fox Hunting Scene, James Clark (English, 1858-1949), N9IN$1168.75
3811262Oil on Canvas, Cows, Stream, and Village, A. Wilson, 19th/20th C., N9IN$500.00
3811263Oil on Canvas, Cows in Mountainous Landscape, 19th/20th C., N9IN$2512.50
3811265Oil on Canvas, Landscape with Cows and Figure, L. Stepano, 20th C., N9IN$437.50
3811266Oil on Paper, Native Nude Woman, 20th C., N9IN$93.75
3811269Oil on Canvas, Woman Picking Apples, 20th C., N9IN$468.75
3811271Oil on Canvas, Floral Still Life, H. Antone, 20th C., N9IN$156.25
3811273Framed Painted Scroll, Chinese, 20th C., N9IN$375.00
3811274Carved Marble Sculpture of a Girl, Pieter Barranti (Italian, 19th C.), N9IN$2125.00
3811276Patinated Metal Sculpture of an Eagle Diving for Fish, 20th C., N9IN$1062.50
3811278Oil on Board, Sleigh Rides in Winter, J. Orloff, Russian, 19th C., N9IN$475.00
3811280Victorian Style Carved Mahogany Lace-Inset Four Panel Screen, 20th C., N9IN$531.25
3811281Empire Mahogany Shaving Mirror, American, late 19th C., N9IN$93.75
3811282Venetian Etched Glass and Giltwood Mirror, 19th/20th C., N9IN$3875.00
3811283Art Deco Style Gold-Painted Metal and Composition Floor Lamp, 20th C., N9IN$375.00
3811284Neoclassical Style Black-Painted Cast Pedestal, 20th C., N9IN$187.50
3811285Flemish Style Tapestry of a Landscape, 20th C., N9IN$500.00
3811286Victorian Carved Oak Ladies Secretary Desk, late 19th C., N9IN$312.50
3811287Flemish Baroque Style Tooled Leather and Giltwood Throne Chair, Early 19th C., N9IN$187.50
3811288Napoleon III Style Ormolu-Mounted Ebonized Pedestal, 20th C., N9IN$250.00
3811289Pair of Baroque Style Carved Mahogany Footstools, 20th C., N9IN$350.00
3811291Pair of Rococo Style Cast-Bronze Chenet, 20th C., N9IN$531.25
3811293Neoclassical Style Gilt-Metal Marble Top Demi-Lune Telephone Table, 20th C., N9IN$218.75
3811295Deco Breeze Patinated Metal and Glass Table Fan, 20th C., N9IN$225.00
3811296Pair of Neoclassical Style Marble and Gilt-Composition Pedestals, 20th C., N9IN$500.00
3811297Three Piece Suite of Carved and Painted Seating Furniture, 20th C., N9IN$375.00
3811298Baroque Style Mahogany Marble Inset Side Table, 20th C., N9IN$343.75
3811299Pair of Black-Painted Cast-Iron Dogs, 20th C., N9IN$187.50
3811301Pair of Neoclassical Style Gilt-Metal Mounted Red-Lacquer Floor Lamps, 20th C., N9IN$562.50
3811305Pair of Neoclassical Style Cast-Brass and Hardstone Chenet, 20th C., N9IN$93.75
3811307Pair of Copper Planters, 20th C., N9IN$47.50
3811308Two Yellow-Glazed Earthenware Planters, 20th C., N9IN$125.00
3811311Two Green-Glazed Earthenware Planters, 20th C., N9IN$125.00
3811312Three Hammered Brass Planters, 20th C., N9IN$62.50
3811315Four Brass Articles, 20th C., N9IN$93.75
3811320Neoclassical Style Marble and Ormolu Mounted Three Piece Garniture, 20thC., N1IN$1000.00
3811321Eight Vintage Evening Bags, 20thC., N9IN$93.75
3811322Two Circular Miniature Portrait Prints Mounted on Limoges Porcelain Plaques, 20thC., N9IN$187.50
3811323Triade Inlaid Burlwood Humidor, France, 20thC., N9IN$125.00
3811324Giuseppe Armani Composite Figural Group, Italian, 20thC., N9IN$131.25
3811325A. Santini Cast Resin, Cowboy on Horse, Italy, 20thC., N9IN$187.50
3811326Cartier Alarm Clock, France, 20thC., N9IN$93.75
3811327Boehm Porcelain "Baby Koala," American, 20thC., N9IN$93.75
3811328Lladro Figure, Young Man with Violin, Portugal, 20thC., N9IN$93.75
3811329Two Porcelain and Gilt Metal Mounted Covered Urns, 20thC., N9IN$345.00
3811330Group of French, German and English Porcelain and Enamel Articles, 20thC., N9IN$261.25
3811331Meissen Porcelain Coffee Pot, 20thC., N9IN$187.50
3811332Two Royal Doulton Porcelain Figures, English, 20thC., N9IN$187.50
3811335Maddock's Porcelain Pitcher and Wash Bowl, English, 20thC., N9IN$62.50
3811337Herend Porcelain Handled Cake Plate, Hungary, 20thC., N9IN$156.25
3811338Assorted Group of German, French, Portugal and English Decorative Plates, 20thC.,N9IN$192.50
3811340Lalique Crystal, "Tete de Lion" Ashtray, Lighter, and Cigarette Holder, France, 20thC., N9IN$375.00
3811341Pair of Lalique Crystal Bookends, "Reverie," France, 20thC., N9IN$937.50
3811342Lalique Crystal Bowl,"Athena," France, 20thC., N9IN$312.50
3811344Lalique Crystal Green Lizard, France, 20thC., N9IN$250.00
3811345Lalique Crystal Rhinoceros, France, 20thC., N9IN$813.75
3811346Lalique Crystal Cat, France, 20thC., N9IN$375.00
3811347Lalique Crystal Vase, "Waterlilies," France, 20thC., N9IN$531.25
3811348Two Lalique Crystal Female Nude Figures, France, 20thC., N9IN$375.00
3811349Lalique Crystal Vase, France, 20thC., N9IN$406.25
3811351Twelve Lalique Color Crystal Fish, France, 20thC., N9IN$706.25
3811352Lalique Crystal Society Love Birds, France, 20thC., N9IN$437.50
3811356Baccarat Crystal Decanter and Bud Vase, France, 20thC. N9IN$93.75
3811357Tiffany & Co Crystal Decanter, 20thC., N9IN$125.00
3811358Waterford Crystal "King of Kerry" Centerpiece Bowl, 20thC., N9IN$93.75
3811359Lalique Crystal Caviar Dish, France, 20thC., N9IN$1875.00
3811360Baccarat Crystal "Moulin Rouge" Champagne Bucket, French, 20thC., N9IN$1250.00
3811362Etched Glass and Ormolu Mounted Dresser Box, French, 20thC., N9IN$876.25
3811367Two Kosta Boda Art Glass Articles, 20thC., N9IN$93.75
3811368Four Kosta Boda Art Glass Articles, 20thC., N9IN$187.50
3811370Hunt Scene Painted Glass Ice Bucket, 20thC., N9IN$47.50
3811371Triple Strand Freshwater Pearl and Resin Illusion Necklace, 20thC., N9IN$93.75
3811373Bronze Figure of a Bird, 20thC., N9IN$187.50
3811374Two Decorative Horse Figures, 20thC., N9IN$62.50
3811378Two Japanese Satsuma Covered Jars, 20thC., N9IN$312.50
3811379Two Chinese Carved Soapstone Vessels, 20thC., N9IN$250.00
3811380Bronze Sculpture, Two Bison, Peder Marius Jensen (Danish, 1883-1925), N9IN$1875.00
3811384Pair of Neoclassical Style Giltwood Wall Shelves, 20thC., N9IN$125.00
3811385Pair of Royal Vienna Cobalt and Gilt Decorated Urns, 20thC., N9IN$531.25
3811388Lladro Bisque Porcelain Three Horses Figural Group, Portugal, 20thC., N9IN$543.75
3811389Pair of Neoclassical Style Marble Ormolu Mounted Urns, 20thC., N9IN$687.50
3811390Neoclassical Marble and Gilt Metal Mounted Mantel Clock, French, 20thC., N9IN$1250.00
3811395Bronze Sculpture, Pierre Jules Mene, (French, 1810-1879), N9IN$625.00
3811396Bronze Sculpture, Pierre Jules Mene, (French, 1810-1879), N9IN$750.00
3811400Royal Danish Sterling Silver Shaped Circular Bowl, American, 20th C., N9IN$312.50
3811401Fisher "Alexandria" Pattern Sterling Silver Oval Bread Tray, American, 20th C., N9IN$187.50
3811403Sterling Silver Demitasse Holders, Underplates & Porcelain Liners, American, 20thC., N9IN$187.50
3811405Two Boxed Set of Sterling Silver and Enamel Demi-Tasse Spoons, European, 20th C., N9IN$187.50
3811407Oil on Canvas, Horse and Dog in Landscape, Shipley, 20th C., N1JN$375.00
3811408English Silver Four Piece Tea and Coffee Service, 20th C., N9IN$750.00
3811415Victorian Carved Mahogany Etagere, late 19th C., N9IN$750.00
3811417Regency Style Brass Footman, 20th C., N9IN$93.75
3811420Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Three Piece Coffee Service, American, 20th C., N9IN$1126.25
3811421Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Oval Tray, American, 20th C., N9IN$695.00
3811422Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Oval Bread Tray, American, 20th C., N9IN$281.25
3811424American Sterling Silver Circular Footed Tray, 20th C., N9IN$250.00
3811425Reed & Barton "Francis I" Pattern Sterling Silver Bowl, American, 20th C., N9IN$218.75
3811426American Sterling Silver Well-and-Tree Platter, 20th C., N9IN$876.25
3811428Three American Sterling Silver Table Items, 20th C., N9IN$250.00
3811429D. Austin & Sons Sterling Silver Stag Motif Oval Covered Footed Bowl, American, 20th C., N9IN$1235.00
3811430Three Piece Sterling Silver Coffee Service, American 20th C., N9IN$237.50
3811432Five Piece Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Tea & Coffee Service, American, 20th C., N9IN$1250.00
3811435Pair of Continental Silver Miniature Urns With Cobalt Liners, 20th C., N9IN$255.00
3811437JS Co Sterling Silver Handled Basket, American, 20th C., N9IN$187.50
3811440Group of Sterling Silver Small Flatware Serving Pieces, 20th C., N9IN$187.50
3811442Five Georg Jensen, Denmark "Cactus" Pattern Demi-Tasse Spoons, 20th C., N9IN$220.00
3811445Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Canvas Hardsided Suitcase Trunk France, 20thC., N9IN$687.50
3811446Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Canvas Hardsided Suitcase France, 20thC., N9IN$875.00
3811447Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Canvas Portfolio and Matching Briefcase, France, 20thC., N9IN$281.25
3811449Nippon Kogaru Nikon 35MM Camera Body, Japan, 20thC. N9IN$375.00
3811452Nippon Kogaru Nikon 35MM Camera Body, Japan, 20thC. N9IN$281.25
3811454Vintage Mens Dobbs Fifth Avenue Brown Derby Hat, 20thC., N9IN$65.00
3811455Baccarat Crystal Genova Pattern Stemware, France, 20thC., N9IN$625.00
3811460Contemporary Metamorphic Chair, 20thC., N9IN$312.50