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Summer Art Deco, Nouveau, and Modern Auction-June 23rd to July 7th & 8th, 2015
June 23, 2015

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
2WWI Germany Skull with Spike Helmet Bronze, 1914$375.00
3Group of Miniature Bronze Bird Figures$343.75
6Bronze Cat and Mouse Motif Hinged Lid Inkwell$343.75
8French Art Deco Bronze Desk Clock$125.00
9Art Glass Copper Mounted Inkwell$281.25
12Bronze Bird Figure Candlestick$125.00
13Pair of Bronze and Marble Bison Bookends$500.00
16Three Bronze Figures$375.00
17Bronze Revolving Sculpture, Seated Couple$375.00
18Three Tiffany Studio Bronze Desk Articles$375.00
19Tiffany Studios Bronze Seven Piece Desk Set, American Indian$375.00
20Bronze Native American Car Mascot$406.25
28Carved Silver and Hard Stone Skull Motif Cuff Bracelet$406.25
32Suite of Art Deco Walnut Seating Furniture$250.00
33Baroque Style Carved Oak Cabinet$437.50
34Contemporary Round Table with Nesting Tables$125.00
35Pair of Aluminum and Wood Chaise Lounges$281.25
37Stained Pine Easel$187.50
38Art Deco Black Lacquer Vitrine$125.00
39Modern Maple Wall Cabinet, 20th C.$250.00
41Stefan Wewerka M1 Ebonized Ash Desk$406.25
43Danish Modern Walnut and Rattan Low Table$281.25
44Blue-Tile Inset Chrome Round Low Table$406.25
45Partial Polychrome Decorated Dinner Service$75.00
47Large Group of Ceramic Table Items$87.50
48Art Deco Rosenthal Porcelain Dinner Service$87.50
49Group of Nine Art Glass Vases and Bowls$187.50
50Five Glass and One Lucite Perfume Bottles$37.50
51Art Deco Bimini Amethyst Glass Liqueur Set$437.50
52Pair Modern Brass Two Arm Wall Sconces, German$37.50
53Group of Eight Brass Bowls and Trays, German$75.00
54Modern Mixed Metal Table Lamp$62.50
55Ten Colorless Glass Vases, Bowls and Tray$37.50
56Pair of Yellow Ceramic, Fish Motif Table Lamps$62.50
57Wood Floral Motif Table Lamp$37.50
58Paint-Decorated Pine Cabinet, Continental$187.50
60Modern Black-Upholstered Metamorphic Chair$375.00
61Pair of Chrome and Red Upholstered Chairs$250.00
62Ernest Igl "Hadi" Writing Desk and Lamp$312.50
63Biedermeier Cherrywood Chest of Drawers$500.00
65Black-and-Red Painted Trunk$87.50
66Suite of Blue-and-Gold Seating Furniture$437.50
67White-Metal Mounted Oak Server$312.50
70Art Deco Mahogany Vanity$250.00
71Art Deco Metal-Mounted Mahogany Sideboard$375.00
72Richard Schultz for Knoll Dining Table$500.00
73Pair of Contemporary Red-Upholstered Club Chairs$375.00
78Art Deco Chrome and Burlwood Armoire$500.00
79Modern Black-Leather and Mahogany Daybed$1750.00
80Four Orange Plastic Stackable Chairs$218.75
81Gilt and Lacquer Hardwood Cabinet, Chinese$375.00
82Pair of Contemporary Red-Upholstered Club Chairs$375.00
83Etienne Aigner Black Leather Sofa$375.00
84Three Painted Decorative Shields$625.00
85Harry Bertoia Bird Chair, Knoll$468.75
87Six Art Deco Maple Dining Chairs$375.00
88Modern Oak and Chrome Square Low Table$281.25
90Danish Modern Stained Walnut Low Cabinet$2000.00
91Art Deco Inlaid Burlwood and Ebonized Table$375.00
92Modern Black Lacquer and Chrome Desk$250.00
93Two Yellow Painted Tables$62.50
95Modern Green-Leather Upholstered Armchair$343.75
99Two Modern Painted Armchairs$62.50
102Contemporary Pink-Upholstered Club Chair$343.75
103Art Deco Gilt-Metal and Glass Low Table$406.25
104Verner Panton Wega 3300 Hifi Stereobar$593.75
105Modern White-Lacquer and Chrome Pier Table$125.00
107Art Deco Walnut Cabinet$500.00
109Art Deco Giltwood Pier Mirror$312.50
111Seven Art Deco Black-Lacquer Armchairs$437.50
112Art Deco Walnut Floor Lamp$281.25
113Biedermeier Walnut Chest of Drawers$375.00
115Pair of Art Deco Marble Top Burlwood Nightstands$312.50
116Danish Modern Mahogany Low Table$187.50
117Pair of Art Deco Brass Wall Sconces$187.50
118Two Rattan Club Chairs$156.25
119Pair of Stefan Wewerka B1 Ebonized Chairs$625.00
122Contemporary Brown and Tan Shag Carpet$250.00
124Contemporary Blue and Green Shag Carpet$250.00
125Contemporary Black and White Carpet$375.00
126Contemporary Black-Leather Loveseat$687.50
127Yellow Shag Upholstered Ottoman$87.50
128Contemporary Maple Round Occasional Table$156.25
130Oil on Canvas, Trees, Soren Christensen$312.50
131Art Deco Zebrawood Dining Table$375.00
132Black and Silver Painted Abstract on Board$312.50
133Chinese Blue and Red Carpet$1250.00
134Gilt-Metal Table Base$1062.50
136Art Deco Chrome and Burlwood Armoire$500.00
137Art Deco Style Bronze and Glass Light Fixture$468.75
138Patinated Metal Six-Light Hall Lantern$125.00
139Pair of Metal Plaques of Stylized Birds$125.00
140Oil on Canvas, Abstract Shore, Carol Brandenberg$125.00
141Art Deco Silver-and-Gold Painted Mirror$375.00
145Modern Metal and Fiberglass Table$100.00
149Art Deco Silver-Gilt Pier Mirror$375.00
150Art Deco Silver-Gilt Pier Mirror$375.00
151Two Painted Metal Display Racks$87.50
153Fritz Hansen Blue Leather Lounge Chair$562.50
154Three Modern Chairs$62.50
155Two Black-Painted Metal Floor Lamps$87.50
156Two Brass & Black-Lacquer Floor Lamps$125.00
157Two Brass and Black-Painted Metal Floor Lamps$93.75
158Two Black and Chrome Floor Lamps$125.00
159Oil on Canvas, Two Mythical Figures$125.00
162Biedermeier Part-Ebonized Cherrywood Bedstead$250.00
163Art Deco Burlwood Bedstead$500.00
164Pine and Wrought-Iron Side Table$187.50
165Biedermeier Ebonized and Burlwood Cheval Glass$625.00
166Mixed Media on Canvas, "Watching Eye"$125.00
167Abstract Oil on Canvas, Frances Fitts$125.00
168Abstract Mixed Media on Canvas$281.25
169Oil on Cardboard, Figures on City Street$1062.50
170Mid-Century Modern Dining Table by Lubke$187.50
174Modern Chrome Spiral-Form Floor Lamp$187.50
175Red-Painted Metal Japanese Lantern Lamp$125.00
176Three Painted Tables$87.50
180Contemporary Chrome and Glass Etagere$250.00
182Art Deco Mahogany Round Dining Table$1000.00
183Art Deco Burlwood Center Table$625.00
188Art Deco Burlwood and Mahogany Mirror$375.00
189Art Nouveau Patinated Metal Mirror$375.00
191Black-Painted Metal and Brass Floor Lamp$125.00
194White Crackle Glazed Ceramic Floor Lamp$187.50
195Art Deco Part-Ebonized Mahogany Armchair$187.50
196Pair of Modern Green-Lacquer & Chrome Nightstands$312.50
197Modern Green-Lacquer & Chrome Vanity and Stool$531.25
199Modern Ebonized and Chrome Side Table$75.00
200Modern Green-Lacquer & Chrome Armoire$2500.00
202Three Modern Floor Lamps$187.50
203Modern Chrome and Ebonized Coat Tree$343.75
204Modern Stone and Chrome Low Table$343.75
205Black-Painted Wrought-Iron Glass Top Dining Table$500.00
207Kerman Style Carpet$750.00
208Modern Earthtone Carpet, German$281.25
213Modern Gilt Metal and Mirror Ceiling Fixture$187.50
214Modern Chrome with Stained Glass Prisms Ceiling Fixture$218.75
216Schott & Gen. Jenaer Glaswerke$125.00
219Three Mid-Century Modern Globe Ceiling Fixtures$187.50
221Two Modern Brass and Glass Light Fixtures$100.00
223Mid Century Modern Chrome Glass and Wood Three Light Fixture$125.00
228Painted Wrought Iron Two Arm Chandelier$125.00
229Eight Continental Carved Wood Bowling Pins and Two Balls$125.00
230Two German Pottery Vase and Handled Jug$406.25
231Two Continental Ceramic Pottery Vases$250.00
237Three Matching Modern Zeiss Ikon Glass Globes$125.00
238Art Deco Junghans Meister Wall Clock$343.75
239Pair of Wrought Iron Triangular Form Base Table Lamps$187.50
241Empire Style Patinated Metal Table Lmap$187.50
242Modern Painted Black Metal Desk Lamp$375.00
243Bradley & Hubbard Candle Lantern$250.00
249Hand Hammered Brass Ice Bucket$125.00
255Barovier & Taso Murano Glass Lamp$312.50
257Murano Art Glass Table Lamp Base$60.00
259Atelier Equinoxe Flower Form Table Lamp$87.50
266Three Graduated Rein Zinn Pewter Tankards$87.50
267Art Deco Colorless Glass Four Arm Candelabra$87.50
270Three Ceramic Pottery Table Articles$125.00
274Modern Alabaster and Chrome Table Lamp$250.00
275Group of German and Dutch Pewter Table Articles$125.00
276Ceramic Shell Form Lamp$125.00
278Two Rosenthal Porcelain Vases$500.00
281Oil on Canvas, Crusade Battle Scene$250.00
283Five Vintage Lady's Hats$125.00
284Art Deco White-Metal Chandelier$500.00
285Art Deco Brass and White-Metal Chandelier$500.00
287Doria Glass Tube Chandlier$593.75
290Oil on Canvas, "Hunengrad" Erich With Schroeter$250.00
293Wood Block Print, Titled "Strabenkurve"$75.00
294Four Silk Screen Geometric Compositions$562.50
299Abstract Print on Paper$125.00
301Oil on Canvas, Abstract Landscape, Josef Steiner$125.00
302Oil on Canvas Sheep in Meadow$250.00
304Oil on Canvas Abstract Figural$281.25
305Abstract Oil on Burlap$375.00
306Abstract Oil on Board, Two Clowns$75.00
309Oil on Board Self Portrait of an Artist$250.00
310Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Woman$406.25
311Contemporary White-Painted Chandelier$375.00
314Aluminum Abstract Sculpture$125.00
315Art Deco Metal-Mounted Oak Mirror$125.00
316Round Bamboo Framed Mirror$187.50
317Still Life Mosaic$187.50
318Art Deco Bronze Six-Light Chandelier$375.00
319Art Deco Frosted Glass Chandelier$687.50
320Pineapple-Form Brass Chandelier$437.50
322Contemporary Brass Ten-Light Chandelier$187.50
323Contemporary Brass Ten-Light Chandelier$187.50
324Modern Aluminum and Ebonized Chandelier$531.25
325Modern Brass and Resin Ten Light Chandelier$500.00
326Art Deco Five-Light Chandelier$375.00
327Art Deco Glass and White Metal Chandelier$625.00
328Art Deco Brass and White Metal Chandelier$312.50
329Art Deco Brass Five-Light Chandelier$531.25
331Art Deco White-Metal Six-Light Chandelier$375.00
332Modern Wood Table Lamp$87.50
333Art Deco White-Metal and Glass Chandelier$312.50
334Art Deco Nickel Plated Brass Chandelier$375.00
336Art Deco White Metal and Glass Chandelier$500.00
337Biedermeier Inlaid and Penwork Chest of Drawers$375.00
338Contemporary Round Dining Table$437.50
339Modern Orange, Yellow, and Red Shag Carpet$281.25
340Aztec-Style Circular Shag Carpet$125.00
341Chinese Floral-Decorated Carpet$125.00
342Patchwork Style Carpet, German$500.00
343Modern Abstract Carpet$281.25
344Modern Abstract Shag Carpet$125.00
346Heriz Style Carpet$312.50
347Modern Orange and Black Shag Carpet$218.75
348Sarouk Style Carpet$375.00
349Tribal Style Shag Carpet$250.00
350Art Deco Part-Ebonzed and Walnut Wall Cabinet$2625.00
351Giltwood Mirror Pediment$62.50
352Art Deco White Metal Six-Light Chandelier$281.25
353Pair of Art Deco Painted Metal Wall Sconces$187.50
355Murano Glass Ceiling Fixture$468.75
356Glazed Earthenware Vase$250.00
358Art Deco Metal and Glass Chandelier$562.50
360Art Deco Brass and Glass Chandelier$625.00
361Art Deco Burlwood Armoire$375.00
364Mid-Century Modern Brass and Glass Chandelier$687.50
365Rococo Style Gilt-Metal and Glass Chandelier$250.00
366Rococo Style Gilt-Metal and Glass Chandelier$250.00
367Oil on Canvas, Abstract Recumbent Nude$187.50
368Oil on Wood Panel, Study of a Horse$187.50
369Oil on Panel Board, Abstract Horse$187.50
370Oil on Panel Board, Abstract Matador and Bull$187.50
375Oil on Masonite Board Abstract City Scape$125.00
377Triptych Oil on Board, Religious Story$187.50
379Lithograph, Abstract Portrait of a Woman$75.00
382Oil on Masonite Board Mountainscape$250.00
384Oil on Burlap Abstract$281.25
385Modern Aluminum Bulbous Form Table Lamp$187.50
386Modern Aluminum Table Lamp$187.50
387Pair of Modern Chrome Table Lamps$625.00
388Modern Glass and Chrome Ceiling Fixture$250.00
390Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Ginger Jar$531.25
395Art Deco Chrome-Mounted Marble Top Vanity$375.00
396Contemporary Stone-Inset Mahogany Server$156.25
400Contemporary Chrome and Black Lacquered Etagere$406.25
402Rococo Style Giltwood Pier Mirror$312.50
403White-Metal Multi-Tiered Plant Stand$75.00
404Art Deco Walnut Cabinet, French, Early 20th C.$343.75
409Kilim Rug$187.50
411Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board, Dusk in the Harbor$50.00
413Woodblock Abstract Print, Baumgartner$31.25
414Syrian Brass and Glass Eight-Light Chandelier$125.00
416Art Deco Brass, Glass, & White Billiard Lamp$1750.00
417Two Black-Painted Metal Pedestal$31.25
420Pair of Modern Chrome Three Arm Wall Sconces$593.75
421Pair of Pink Porcelain Flower Form Table Lamps$87.50
423Two Doll House Furniture Cupboards$187.50
427Painted Wrought Iron Seven Arm Candelabra$62.50
428Pair of Gilt Metal Three Arm Wall Sconces$406.25
429Mahogany Inlaid Linoleum Box$125.00
430Green Painted Metal Candelabra Form Table Lamp$37.50
431Art Deco Patinated Metal Table Lamp$62.50
432Sculpture of a Mother, Father and Child$100.00
435Three Modern Ceramic Table Items$62.50
436Two Handled Wooden Measures, German$125.00
437Pair of Murano Green Glass Candle Holders$50.00
438Venini Art Glass Bowl and Matching Vase$125.00
439Group of Porcelain Table Items$62.50
441Three Table Lamps, 20thC.$37.50
442Three Table Lamps$87.50
443Art Deco Ceramic Vase, Egyptian Motif$281.25
446Pair of Art Deco Chrome Seven Arm Candelabra$218.75
448Modern Glass Globe Shade Ceiling Light Fixture$87.50
454Two Pottery Jugs and a Vase, Continental$50.00
455Art Deco Weller Porcelain Vase and Candlesticks$156.25
456Rosenthal Studioline Porcelain Charger Plate$75.00
458Patinated Metal Figure of a Kneeling Man$50.00
461Pair of Modern Chrome Five Arm Candelabra$62.50
462Two Modern Chrome Five Arm Candelabra$156.25
463Silver Overlay Steak Knives and Carving Set$25.00
464Three Ceramic Vases$62.50
466Two Art Glass Vases$37.50
468Over-Sized Brown and Tan Ceramic Vase, German$187.50
470Seven Candlesticks and Pricket Sticks$62.50
471Three Porcelain, Alabaster and Brass Table Lamps$62.50
472Group of Christmas Ornaments and Decorations$25.00
473Two Modern Silver Plated Five Arm Candelabra$62.50
474Amethyst Cigarette Case and Lighter$250.00
475Stained Pine Drop-Leaf Gate-Leg Table$625.00
476Pine Diminutive Corner Cupboard$312.50
479Elmwood Continuous Arm Windsor Chair$312.50
485Child's Rocking Horse$187.50
486Federal Mahogany Chest of Drawers$1500.00
495Mahogany Spiral Staircase-Form Floor Lamp$1125.00
498Queen Anne Style Mahogany Wing Chair Frame$437.50
501Two Cast-and-Wrought Iron Trammels$187.50
502Federal Mahogany Chest of Drawers$375.00
503Federal Style Mahogany Bachelor's Chest$343.75
504Two Oils on Board, Men with Donkeys$2250.00
505Oil on Canvas, Surfer on Beach$312.50
506Spritzer & Fuhrmann Jewelers Curacao White Pearl Beaded Evening Bag, 20th C.$87.50
509Royal Doulton Burslem Partial Gilt and Cobalt Decorated Iris Jug, English, 19th C.$187.50
511Four Silver Plated Revere Form Bowls, American, 20th C.$30.00
518Group of Porcelain Tea Cups and Saucers$312.50
519Pair of Newport Weighted Sterling Silver Candlesticks With Three Light Candelabra Top$62.50
520Group of Weighted Sterling Silver Table Items$37.50
523Oil on Canvas, Floral Still Life$500.00
524Oil on Canvas Portrait, Aime de Balay$3125.00
525Oil on Canvas, Noble Woman$4625.00
527Oil on Board, Floral Still Life$1250.00
528Oval Resin Medallion Bust of Caesar Augustus$125.00
529Oil on Canvas, Floral Still Life$562.50
530Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Lady$687.50
536Andy Warhol's Blue Glass Penguin Figure$750.00
540Pair of Neoclassical Three Light Wall Sconces$112.50
544Chinese Carved Hardwood Altar Table$500.00
546Regency Style Dolphin-Form Side Table$187.50
547Two George III Mahogany Trays, English, 18th C.$375.00
548Woven Tapestry, Figures in Landscape$250.00
550Regency Mahogany Club Chair, English, 19th C.$312.50
554Six Brass and Copper Jugs$125.00
556Three Mahogany Etageres$87.50
558Pair of Painted Plaster Wall Shelves$125.00
561Regency Style Diminutive Folding Cabinet$187.50
564Two Bronze Samuri Figures, Meiji Period$11562.50
565Knoll Desk, Andy Warhol Estate$1750.00
567Bronze Statue, Seated Putti With Lyre$250.00
568French Glazed Porcelain Jardiniere$187.50
571Louis XV White-Painted Caned Fauteuil, 18thC$187.50
573Six Federal Mahogany Dining Chairs$593.75
574Sarouk Carpet, Persian$1500.00
586Two Prints, Currier and Ives$62.50
588Oil on Canvas, Still Life, Strawberries$500.00
590Ellmore Sterling Silver 5 Piece Tea & Coffee Service$1250.00
592Modern Metal Side Table, Arc Furniture$218.75
595Pair of Cast-Iron Ice Cream Parlor Chairs$62.50
596Contemporary Chrome and Frosted Glass Hall Light$100.00
597Three Paint-Decorated Triangular Side Tables$125.00
598Contemporary Molded Frosted Glass Lamp$125.00
601Oil on Board, Antonio Jacobsen$3375.00
603Chinese Export Porcelain Armorial Mug$100.00
605Oil on Canvas, Cows at River, Charles Collins$312.50