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The Collectors' Passion and Main Gallery Sale, June 28th, 2017
June 28, 2017

The following lots were sold at the prices stated. All prices are in US$ and include the Buyer's Premium. Lot numbers which are omitted represent items which were withdrawn, passed or unsold as of the publication of this list. These prices to not include any taxes paid by successful bidder. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.
1Elgin 14K Yellow Gold Hunter Case Pocket Watch$750.00
2Chinese White Gold and Carved Coral Ring$437.50
3US $20 Standing Liberty Gold Coin, 1922 Pendant$1250.00
4Three US $5 Liberty Gold Coins Necklaces$1500.00
5Six European Gold Coin Bracelets$2000.00
7Eversharp "Command Performance" 14K Gold Pen Set$375.00
814K Yellow Gold & Rose Gold Cigarette Case$2875.00
914K Yellow Gold Diamond&Sapphire Mesh Evening Bag$4625.00
10Waltham 14K Yellow Gold Pocket Watch$562.50
11Yellow Gold Blue Enamel Dial Wristwatch$406.25
12Yellow Gold Pearl Diamond Ruby Dragon Ring$687.50
13Group of Amethyst & Gold Jewelry$687.50
14William Spratling, Mexico Sterling Silver Suite$2750.00
15Georg Jensen Denmark Sterling Silver & Gold Suite$312.50
1614K Yellow Gold Pearl & Sapphire Bracelet$1375.00
17Cast Bronze, Henry Moore, Mother and Child$27500.00
18Cast Bronze, Henry Moore, Torso Column$15625.00
19Cast Bronze, Henry Moore, Stringed Figure$125000.00
20Cast Bronze, Henry Moore, Reclining Figure$31250.00
21Oil on Canvas, Jean Francois Raffaelli$9375.00
23Bronze Sculpture, Swimmers, David Wynne$23750.00
24Oil on Canvas, Robert Gemmell Hutchison$2500.00
25Bronze of Isadora, Enzo Plazzota$1250.00
26Watercolor on Paper, John Constable$6562.50
27Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Gentleman$6562.50
28Watercolor, Mariner, Jack Butler Yeats$5625.00
30Robert Browning Autograph and Engraving$875.00
31Washington Irving Autographed Engraving$437.50
32George Washington, Free Frank Address Leaf$5125.00
33William Schuman Autographed Musical Quotation$156.25
34Johannes Brahms Autograph Musical Quotation$6000.00
35Bela Bartok Autograph Musical Quotation$1625.00
37Elliot Carter Concert Program & Autograph$250.00
41Dmitri Shostakovich First Symphony Musical Note$2000.00
42Gian Carlo Menotti Musical Note$156.25
43Autographed Sergei Rachmaninoff Photograph Print$343.75
45Sergei Prokofiev Autograph and Photograph$218.75
46Lukas Foss Musical Quote, "Happy 100th Birthday"$187.50
47William Walton Musical Quote and Photograph$500.00
48George Crumb Musical Quote and Photograph$125.00
51Igor Stravinsky Musical Quotation$1000.00
52Samuel Barber Musical Quote and Photograph$3500.00
54Aaron Copeland Musical Quote and Photograph$1000.00
56Watercolor, Victorian House, Henry Gasser$937.50
57Watercolor, Country Snow Scene, Henry Gasser$625.00
64Photograph, "Jews with Horns-2012," Ken Goldman$75.00
65Photograph, "Dirty Jew 2013," Ken Goldman$75.00
66Photograph "With Without-2012" Ken Goldman$75.00
67Photograph, "Stamped-2012" Ken Goldman$75.00
68Photograph, "Yichud-2013" Ken Goldman$62.50
69Steel Wood Photograph, "Chevrutah,"Ken Goldman$62.50
70Digital Print "Magen Ruach 2012" Ken Goldman$62.50
71Tar Paint Map "Etrog 2013" Ken Goldman$62.50
72Tar Paint Map "Orev-Raven 2012" Ken Goldman$112.50
73Pen &Ink Drawing, "V'lo ToTooroo -1," Ken Goldman$62.50
74Two Digital Prints, Ken Goldman$62.50
75Photograph "Vlo ToTooroo-2015" Ken Goldman$406.25
76Four Digital Prints, Ken Goldman$125.00
77Photograph, "Kaddish Stones," Ken Goldman$62.50
78Digital Print "Return in Peace" Ken Goldman$75.00
79Photograph, "Shmita Mitah-2007" Ken Goldman$62.50
81R C Gorman Purple Ombre Floor Vase$500.00
83Group Twenty One Sterling Silver Condiment Spoons$625.00
85Pair of Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Candlesticks$1000.00
88Photograph, Cardinal, Henri Cartier-Bresson$1875.00
89Victorian Horn Rocking Chair$1187.50
90Victorian Horn Settee$625.00
91Victorian Horn Chair$562.50
92Helmut Newton Sumo Portfolio Book$3000.00
93Federal Mahogany Chest of Drawers$312.50
94Victorian Horn and Wood Mirror$250.00
95Bronze Sculpture, After Frederic Remington$687.50
96Green Bronze Sculpture, After Frederic Remington$500.00
97Bronze Sculpture, After Frederic Remington$375.00
98Bronze Sculpture, After Frederic Remington$437.50
99Bronze Sculpture, After Frederic Remington$437.50
100Mixed Media Sculpture of Napoleon on his Horse$2750.00
101Oil on Canvas on Board, George Blanchard$468.75
103Oil on Masonite, Standing Nude Woman$187.50
104Oil on Canvas, French Soldier with Horse$125.00
105Oil on Board, French Soldier, Alexis Demarle$312.50
106Oil on Board, French Soldier, Alexis Demarle$437.50
107Gouache on Paper, French Soldiers, Jules Didier$375.00
109Oil on Board, Pierre Petit-Gerard$625.00
110Oil on Canvas, Soldier, Emil Jean Horace Vernet$3375.00
111Oil on Panel, Etienne P. Berne-Bellecoeur$1625.00
112Oil on Panel, Wilfrid Constant Beauquesne$437.50
113Oil on Canvas, French Dragoons by Riverbank$375.00
114Oil on Canvas, Wilfrid Constant Beauquesne$625.00
115Oil on Canvas, French Soldier, Paul L.N Grolleron$2875.00
116Oil on Panel, Soldiers on Snowy Path$1125.00
117Oil on Canvas, French Soldiers, Paul LN Grolleron$1625.00
118Oil on Panel, Soldier with Horse, A. de Neuville$1625.00
119Oil on Board, Wilfrid Constant Beauquesne$687.50
120Oil on Panel, Etienne P. Berne-Bellecoeur$2375.00
121Oil on Canvas, French Cuirassier, Henry L. Dupray$750.00
122Oil on Canvas, French Militia, Edouard Detaille$4625.00
123Oil on Panel, French Soldiers, Paul L.N Grolleron$2125.00
124Oil on Canvas, Soldiers in Winter Scene$281.25
125Oil on Board, Nude Woman, Juan A. Sentis$156.25
126Oil on Panel, French Soldier, Paul L.N Grolleron$1750.00
127Oil on Canvas, French Zouaves, Paul LN Grolleron$4750.00
128Oil on Canvas, French Bugler, Paul L.N Grolleron$1500.00
129Etching, Battlefield, Paul L.N. Grolleron$187.50
130Watercolor on Paper, Bugler, A. de Neuville$375.00
131Oil on Board, Soldiers, Eugene Chaperon$375.00
132Oil on Canvas, French Soldier in Winterscape$312.50
133Oil on Panel, Standing French Soldier$437.50
134Oil on Board, French Bugler$187.50
137Oil on Canvas, Prussian Cuirassier, A De Neuville$6000.00
138Mixed Media on Paper, Marching WWI Soldiers$250.00
139Pair of Lithographs of French Soldiers$62.50
140Pair of Gouaches on Paper, Charles Escribe$1500.00
141Mixed Media on Paper, Henri-George Chartier$187.50
142Oil on Canvas, Soldiers on Path, Paul A. Protais$5000.00
143Oil on Canvas on Board, Nude Figure, Colby$1250.00
144Oil on Board, Infantry, Paul Emile Perboyre$2250.00
145Two Prints En Grisaille, Paul A. Protais$125.00
147Two Ink Drawings, Standing Soldier, A de Neuville$250.00
148Oil on Panel, French Soldier, Henry Louis Dupray$687.50
149Oil on Canvas, Recumbent Nude$343.75
150Oil on Canvas, K. Pratt Campbell$125.00
151Mixed Media on Paper, Edouard Detaille$1187.50
152Mixed Media on Paper, Edouard Detaille$500.00
153Mixed Media on Paper, Jacques Hilpert$187.50
154Mixed Media on Paper, Soldier, Alphonse Lalauze$500.00
155Gouache on Paper, Soldiers, Paul L.N Grolleron$375.00
157Ink on Paper, Nude Figure, George Schwacha$87.50
158Oil on Canvas, French Soldier, Paul L.N Grolleron$2250.00
159Oil on Panel, Etienne P. Berne-Bellecoeur$1625.00
160Four Lithographs of French Soldiers$156.25
161Three Oils on Canvas, French Foreign Legion$125.00
162Five Lithographs of French Soldiers$125.00
163Two Oils on Board, Soldiers, Eugene Chaperon$281.25
164Mixed Media on Paper, Jules Delaunay$62.50
165Mixed Media on Paper, Lucien Rousselot$750.00
166Uniformes L'Armee Francaise Par Edouard Detaille$375.00
167Three Watercolors on Paper, Jules-Elie Delaunay$187.50
168Pen and Ink, Joseph Louis Hippolyte Bellange$156.25
169Two Pen and Ink Drawings, Jean Marie Hilpert$218.75
170Two Pen and Ink Drawings of Soldiers$125.00
171Print, Paul Alexandre Protais$62.50
172Ink on Paper of a Soldier and Drummer$500.00
173Ink on Paper of a Soldier, Edouard Detaille$125.00
174Federal Carved Mahogany Bowfront Sideboard$2125.00
200English Silver Footed Salver$1250.00
201English Silver Footed Salver$500.00
202Tiffany & Co Makers Sterling Silver Circular Bowl$218.75
203Reed & Barton "Windsor" Sterling Silver Bowl$250.00
204Bailey Banks&Biddle Sterling Silver Circular Bowl$156.25
205Group Sterling Silver Flatware Items$187.50
206Two Silver Plated Trays$87.50
207Turquoise Graduated Beaded Necklace$218.75
208Rose Quartz Tumbled Beaded Necklace$50.00
21014K Yellow Gold & Pearl Octagonal Pin$100.00
21214k Yellow Gold on Sterling Silver Cigarette Case$187.50
213Ronson 14K Yellow Gold Lighter$625.00
214Silvered Metal Yellow Hardstone Pendant/Brooch$281.25
215Yellow Gold and Enamel & Diamond Pendant Watch$875.00
217Strand of 9.5MM Beaded Lapis Lazuli Necklace$62.50
218N.E. From, Denmark Sterling Silver Amber Suite$281.25
220Vacheron & Constantin 18K Gold Men's Wristwatch$1750.00
22118K Yellow Gold Band Ring$112.50
222Movado Square Face Gold Filled Watch$62.50
223Bucherei Silvered Metal & Enamel Pendant Watch$87.50
224College of Princeton Color Print$62.50
225Three Wood Cut Prints$343.75
226Baroque Style Pine Console Table$375.00
228Georgian Style Pine Cabinet of Impressive Size$1375.00
229Pair of Chippendale Style Maple Armchairs$125.00
231Pink-and-White Upholstered Wing Chair$187.50
232Georgian Style Leather-Inset Tric-Trac Table$1187.50
235Regency Style Mahogany Etagere$875.00
236Pair of Brown Leather Club Chairs and Ottoman$937.50
237Regency Style Mahogany Two Pedestal Dining Table$750.00
238Pair of Contemporary Club Chairs$531.25
240Pair of Contemporary Club Chairs$125.00
241Pair of Georgian Style Mahogany Etageres$218.75
242Ten Louis XVI Style White-Painted Dining Chairs$750.00
243Patinated Metal Glass Top Pier Table$187.50
245Queen Anne Style Tiger Maple Occasional Table$281.25
246Empire Style Marble Top Mahogany Pier Table$875.00
247Needlepoint Floral-Decorated Carpet$250.00
251Blue-and-White Upholstered Chaise Lounge$281.25
252Neoclassical-Style Gold-Painted Settee$406.25
253Venentian Style Overmantel Mirror$343.75
254Baroque Style Walnut Diminutive Cabinet$87.50
255Bronze Sculpture, "Zenith," Marianne Caroselli$281.25
256Oushak Style Carpet$343.75
257Neoclassical Style Giltwood Pier Mirror$218.75
258Neoclassical Style Giltwood Pier Mirror$187.50
259White-Glazed Ceramic Garden Seat$100.00
260Pair of Blue and White Porcelain Lamps$406.25
261Pair of Green and White Porcelain Table Lamps$187.50
262Three Blue and White Porcelain Table Articles$125.00
263Two Botanical Prints$187.50
264Oil on Panel, "Monet's Garden," Georgia Dearborn$87.50
265Two Oils on Canvas Still Life Paintings$687.50
267Print of a Tortoise, J.D.C. Sowerby$250.00
268Oil on Canvas, Landscape, Sydney M Broad$250.00
269Oil on Canvas, Still Life with Flowers and Wine$250.00
271Towle Sterling Silver Footed Circular Stand$312.50
272Frank Smith Sterling Silver Bread Tray$187.50
273Mahogany Chest of Drawers$500.00
275Two Federal Cherrywood One-Drawer Stands$250.00
276Federal String-Inlaid Cherrywood Slant Front Desk$562.50
277Grain-Painted Six-Board Chest$125.00
278Two Federal Cherrywood Stands$312.50
279Federal Walnut Veneered Chest of Drawers$125.00
280Federal Inlaid Cherrywood Chest of Drawers$625.00
281Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Girl$187.50
282Federal Mahogany Easy Chair$500.00
283Grain-Painted Lift-Top Blanket Chest$500.00
284Three Federal One-Drawer Stands$406.25
285Adam and Eve Needlework Sampler$500.00
286Chippendale Figured Maple Chest of Drawers$1250.00
287F. H. Cowden Stoneware Crock$281.25
288Pair of Stafffordshire Spaniel Dog Vases$250.00
289Papier Mache Figure of Wingspread Eagle$250.00
290Cobalt Glazed Baluster Form Vase$125.00
291Red-Painted Pine Chest of Drawers$468.75
292Chippendale Style Mahogany Easy Chair$62.50
293Group of Gentlemen"s Jewelry$75.00
294Queen Anne Style Mahogany Settee$187.50
295Three Federal Cherrywood Candlestands$312.50
297Figured Maple and Pine Tavern Table$312.50
298Southwood Chippendale Style Mahogany Sofa$250.00
299Pictorial Applique Needlework$36250.00
301Theorum Folk Art Painting on Velvet, William Rank$312.50
303Queen Anne Cherrywood Serving Table$250.00
304Group of English and American Porcelain$562.50
305Federal Figured Pine Corner Cupboard$875.00
306Group of American and English Porcelain$625.00
307Group of American and English Porcelain$343.75
308Group of Pressed, Etched and Cut Glass Articles$112.50
309Federal Birchwood Drop Leaf Table$375.00
310Two Federal Cherrywood Drop Leaf Tables$187.50
311Cherrywood Rush Seat Ladderback Side Chair$87.50
312Two Stencil-Decorated Black Painted Side Chair$87.50
313Brass Two-Light Student Lamp$125.00
314Seven Chinese Export Canton Plates$112.50
315Group of Brass Candle Sticks$187.50
317Theorem Fruit Basket on Velvet, David Ellinger$406.25
321Giltwood Federal Reverse Painted Mirror$187.50
322Three Federal Cherrywood One-Drawer Stands$437.50
323Oil on Canvas Still Life with Apples$125.00
326Folk Art Hooked Rug Wall Hanging$125.00
328AFederal Cherrywood Wash Stand$187.50
330Lithograph, Abstract, Robert Burns Motherwell$1500.00
333Ebonized Ferdinand and Schmid Tall Case Clock$812.50
338Acrylic on Canvas, Abstract, Michael Karr$250.00
339Four Chinese Sterling Silver Handled Dishes$343.75
340Pair of Continental Glazed Ceramic Brackets$75.00
343Two Mixed Media on Paper, Jennifer Garant$62.50
344Four Fashion Prints, Men in Suits$62.50
346Framed Color Print, "Le Progres"$31.25
347Russian Folding Four Panel Bronze Icon$281.25
348Charcoal on Paper, Seated Man, Otto Engel$406.25
350Two Oils on Canvas, Roger Curel-Sylvestre$875.00
351Portrait of a Classical Woman with a Book$531.25
352Caucasian Runner$187.50
354Chinese Covered Jar with Foo Dogs$187.50
355Six Philippe Starck Kartell Lucite Ghost Chairs$937.50
356Modern Glass and Chrome Low Table$187.50
358Metal-Mounted Hardwood Tansu$593.75
360Modern Glass and Brushed Nickel Dining Table$250.00
361Chinese Style Blue-Painted Chinese Cabinet$312.50
366Two Oil on Linen Dog Portraits, Andrew Ehrenworth$125.00
369Bronze Sculpture, Abstract Lips$375.00
370Rococo Style Giltwood Console Table$3000.00
371Oil on Masonite, Portrait of a Woman$125.00
373Oil on Board, Boy at a Piano, Peter Samuelson$312.50
374Oil on Canvas, "The Swimmers I"$1187.50
3751981 Hockney Harlequin from Parade Poster$750.00
376Two Regency Style Bouillotte Table Lamps$437.50
379Two Caucasian Throw Rugs$187.50
380Tribal Carpet$437.50
381Chinese Bronze Vase$750.00
383Chinese Watercolor Scroll, Orchid Flower$875.00
385Federal Style Serving Table$62.50
386Louis XVI Style Marble Top Oval Side Table$87.50
387George III Style Pembroke Table$62.50
388Louis XVI Style Ladies Writing Desk$112.50
389Black Metal Garden Table and Four Chairs$125.00
390Modern Tripod Floor Lamp$62.50
391Metal-Mounted Asian Cabinet$218.75
393Neoclassical Rafraichissoir Sideboard, Dutch$687.50
394Bronze of Two Children, After Auguste Moreau$312.50
395Six Jacobean Style Plank Seat Side Chairs$437.50
396Federal Style Demi-lune Bowfront Sideboard$281.25
397Federal Style Serpentine Sideboard$281.25
398Louis XVI Style Brass Inlaid Chest$250.00
399Classical Gilt Wood Mirror$250.00
400Chinese Red Painted Opium Bed$312.50
402Brass Ecclesiastical Eight Light Chandelier$312.50
403Two Terracotta and Wood Angel Form Candlesticks$3125.00
404Four Chinese Ancestor Domestic Scenes on Silk$343.75
405Colorless Glass Buddha Fitted as a Lamp$625.00
406Bronze Buddha Incense Burner$187.50
408Set of Eleven Baccarat Water Goblets$125.00
409Limoges Porcelain Partial Dinner Service$75.00
410Ellis Silver Plated Four Branch Epergne$250.00
412Oil on Canvas, Winter Scene, Joseph Morviller$5625.00
413German Moscovia Map Print$875.00
414Japanese Carved Hardwood Sculpture$4250.00
415Sixteen Volumes The Works of Thackeray$125.00
418Child's Hardwood Table With Pair of Chairs$62.50
419Group of Gentlemens Cufflinks & Dress Studs$87.50
420Group of British Jewelry Items$250.00
421Boxed Set of Six Horse Motif Buttons$343.75
422Three Victorian Gilt Metal Mourning Brooches$281.25
423English Georgian 9k Yellow Gold Mourning Pin$312.50
424Boxed Set Pair Costume Jeweled Hat Pins$187.50
425Gold Plated Ladies Open Pocket Watch$46.25
427Two Asian Export Plates, Bats and Peacocks$62.50
429Two Oils on Board, R. Sheader, Sea Rescue$50.00
431Two Victorian Mahogany Beaded Footstools$125.00
433Six Watercolors, S. Wood, Seascapes$25.00
434Oil on Canvas, Continental, Medicine Bottle$62.50
435Etching, New York Harbor 1909, Nat Lowell$112.50
436Crayon and Pencil Drawing on Poster$250.00
437Three Chinese Patinated Metal Vessels$593.75
439Regency Style Leather Top Table$281.25
440Victorian Bronze Umbrella Stand$87.50
441Two Leather Travel Duffel Bags$218.75
442Tiffany & Company Brass Desk Clock$62.50
446Oil on Board, Abstract Portrait, Moshe Weinberg$125.00
448Oil on Board "Rocky Neck" Susette Keast$750.00
453Spanish Style Wrought Iron Six-Light Chandelier$87.50
456Pair of Victorian Carved Mahogany Side Chairs$218.75
457George I Style Mahogany Drop Leaf Table$62.50
461Two Chinese Porcelain Urn Form Vases$437.50
462Oil on Canvas, Church in a Winter Scene$500.00
464Group of Contemporary Japanese Prints$281.25
465Six William Hogarth Satirical Prints$250.00
467Six French Color Architectural Prints$218.75
468Two Equestrian Prints$93.75
469French Architectural Color Print$62.50
473Oil on Board, Floral Still Life$50.00
474Oil on Canvas Woman Knitting, Emile Roche$187.50
475Contemporary Glass-Top Metal Base Table$125.00
478Regency Style Mahogany Low Table$87.50
479Baker Regency Style Mahogany Writing Desk$125.00
480Painted Stone Thai Deity$750.00
481Chinese Soapstone Bracelet$218.75
482Six Imari Plates and Platters$100.00
483Seven Patinated Metal Table Articles$281.25
484Six Patinated Metal Vases$562.50
485Watercolor on Silk, Two Figures and Trees$156.25
486Watercolor on Paper, Two Crows on Branch$500.00
487Print of a Samurai and an Old Man$6000.00
488Eleven Embroidered Silk Panels$250.00
489Modern Glass Brass and Steel Low Table$87.50
491Large Pine Chinese Style Altar Table$156.25
493Federal Style Mahogany Inlaid Pot Cupboard$125.00
494Jacobean Style Oak Stool$218.75
496Oil on Board, Planets and Comets, J. Paul$37.50
497Acrylic on Canvas, Abstract Climber in Pink$250.00
498Rococo Style Brass Five-light Candelabra$62.50
500Impressively Large Rectangular Brass Mirror$1625.00
501Regency Style Tall Brass Etagere$4125.00
502Federal Mahogany Tall Case Clock$250.00
504George II Mahogany Secretary Sideboard$1000.00
505Chinese Hardwood Altar Table Style Desk$62.50
506Life-Size Neoclassical Style Nude Bronze$2500.00
507Victorian Mahogany Mirrored Hall Tree$62.50
508George II Mahogany Corner Cabinet$937.50
510Heriz Style Carpet$187.50
511Chinese Hardwood and Brass Chest of Drawers$187.50
512Chinese Hardwood and Brass Chest of Drawers$187.50
513Chinese Style Beige Wool Carpet$312.50
514Federal Style Pedestal Drop Leaf Breakfast Table$218.75
515Mahogany and Bronze Casino Roulette Wheel$625.00
516Modern Chrome and Glass Etagere$187.50
517Victorian Bamboo Etagere$468.75
518French Country Style White Painted Armoire$250.00
519Petite Mirrored Two Door Sideboard$62.50
524Edwardian Style Mahogany Revolving Bibliotheque$468.75
525Six Panel Papered Screen$125.00
527George II Style Wing Chair$187.50
529White Painted Wrought Iron Etagere$125.00
530Chinoiserie Style Four Shelf Etagere$406.25
531Georgian Style Mahogany Inlaid Corner Cabinet$250.00
532Chinese Style Altar Table$187.50
533Black Wool and Persian Lamb Fur Trim Coat$62.50
535White Painted Wrought Iron Wash Stand$1000.00
536Vintage Green Painted Wrought Iron Dining Table$125.00
538Cast Iron Park Bench Fragments$100.00
539Pair of Louis XV Style Armchairs$125.00
540Vintage Green Painted Cast Iron Garden Chair$31.25
541Michigan Chair Co Needlepoint Bench$50.00
542Two Large Brown Clay Planters$62.50
544Rococo Revival Mahogany Chairs$75.00
546Five Wrought Iron Lyre Back Chairs$750.00
547Eleven Emu Black Bistro Style Metal Chairs$87.50
549Vintage Green Painted Rolling Drinks Cart$62.50
550Three White Painted Cast Iron Tables$125.00
551Three Green Painted Metal Chairs$62.50
552Cement Hound with Basket of Flowers$37.50
554Contemporary Glass, Lucite, and Brass Low Table$250.00
555Framed Group of Seven Silver Pendants$37.50
556Indian Silver Three Piece Tea Service$406.25
557Group of Indian Silver Table Items$281.25
558Group of Silver Plated Table Items$37.50
559English Sterling Silver Picture Frame$112.50
562Chinese Gilt Decorated Tole Tea Canister$125.00
563Two Sea Craft Classics Half Hull Ship Models$31.25
564Three Blown Glass Orb Ceiling Fixtures$1250.00
566Pair of Asian Wood, Leather and Metal Table Lamps$156.25
567Six Wooden Duck Decoys$250.00
568Two Wooden Duck Decoys$343.75
569Pair of Porcelain Putti Figural Candelabra$250.00
570Mid Century Design Starburst Form Chandelier$812.50
571Gilt Metal, Rock Crystal and Prism Chandelier$1000.00
572Five Lladro Figures$125.00
573Eleven Chinese Porcelain Armorial Plates$1125.00
574Large Group of Hardstone Fruits and Vegetables$250.00
575Tribal Ceramic Figures and Vessels$156.25
578Two African Carved Tribal Fetish Figures$218.75
579Group of Carved Tribal Articles$125.00
580Pair of Carved Wood Architectural Elements$156.25
581Group of Silver Plated Table Items$25.00
583Coalport Porcelain Dessert Set$125.00
584Ironstone Blue and White Porcelain Plates & Bowls$406.25
585Royal Worcester The Blind Earl Porcelain Articles$562.50
586Twelve Minton Porcelain Dinner Plates$593.75
587Bates Walker & Co.Bamboo Pattern, Porcelain$125.00
589Pair of Porcelain Seated Cat Figures$187.50
591Group of Chinese Porcelain Articles$531.25
592Group of Wooden Desk Accessories$87.50
593Group of Ethnic Pottery and Ceramic Articles$437.50
594Group of Miniature Boxes$500.00
595Thirteen Baccarat Amber Glasses$187.50
598Pair of Baccarat Vases and Perfume Bottles$125.00
599Five Glass Compotes$62.50
600Leather Bound Volume "Catvllus"$1500.00
601Volume "The Seasons" By J. Thomson$62.50
602Large Group of Leather Bound Books$312.50
603Four Illustrated Books$62.50
604"The Works of the English Poets"$93.75
605Collectio Pisaurensis$125.00
607Group of Glass Articles$187.50
610Two Oils on Board, Kittens, Ethel Goodman$125.00
612Oil on Board Landscape, Ganado Arizona$406.25
614Continental Oil on Board Country Landscape$156.25
620Oil on Canvas Spaniel Dog with Cane$562.50
622Two Oils on Panel of Cats, Jules Gustave Leroy$1062.50
626Three Hundred Masterpieces of Chinese Painting$937.50
627Eleven Volumes of Francis Parkman's Works$62.50
628Five Volumes of Pictorial History of England$75.00
629Twenty-Three Leather-Bound Books$156.25
630Twenty-Five Leather Bound Books$62.50
631Forty Six Books Related to Classic Cars$87.50
633Twenty Five Leather-Bound Swedish Books$187.50
634Twenty Five Leather-Bound Swedish Books$125.00
635Twenty Five Leather-Bound Swedish Books$125.00
636Two Sets of "Orlando Furioso"$37.50
641Two Abstract Prints$343.75
642Pair of Vintage Ballooning Color Prints$87.50
643Neoclassical Mixed Media on Paper, Mt Vesuvius$100.00
644Oil on Canvas "Julian of Norwich"Cathryn Arcomano$187.50
645Two Japanese Woodblock Prints$1500.00
646Two Asian Prints$156.25
648Chinese Watercolor on Paper, Two Ducks$218.75
649Engraving, King Pyrrhus$62.50
650Two Continental Engravings$125.00
651Oil on Board, Floral Still Life, R. Feigl$500.00
652Mixed Media Collage on Board$250.00
653Oil on Canvas Board, Landscape$75.00