What you like  is all you need to know

offers "One Stop Shopping" - Convenient and Comprehensive Service

  • Saleable property - Whether consigned to auction, purchased outright or brokered privately, we will provide an individual proposal specifically tailored to your client.s needs.
  • Distribution of property to family members - We can arrange for and administrate the packing and shipping of any estate property designated for family members.
  • Disposition of non-saleable items - We can, if necessary, arrange for the appropriate donation of non-saleable items and disposal of rubbish.

Gallery and/ or On-site Exhibition

  • Although we utilize the most current technology, we have not forgotten the traditional auction house fundamentals of .see it. and .touch it.. All objects scheduled for sale are on public view and made available for prospective buyers the week prior to the sale. We create room settings in our 13,000 square foot gallery to further promote the quality of the items being sold.

Catalogues / Photography

  • Our live auction catalogues can be viewed internationally on our web site at www.nyeandcompany.com, complete images of each lot
  • Every object offered for sale is photographed and illustrated in our online catalogue, for a modest $20 fee.

Marketing / Promotion

  • We place full-page photo-illustrated advertisements in art and antiques publications that reach buyers and collectors throughout the United States and Western Europe
  • We send direct mailings to some 5,000 customers announcing upcoming sales
  • We hold public exhibitions in our galleries the week prior to the sale for the greater New York and Philadelphia areas to come preview.
  • We place a fully-illustrated color catalogue on the Internet for auction enthusiasts to search and view through our website.

Competitive Flexibility / Settlement

    Knowing the competitive nature of the New York Metropolitan Area, we strive to work closely with private clients and their representatives to provide the most thorough and cost-effective auction service possible. If there is something we can do to remain competitive, please do not hesitate to let us know.
    We understand the importance of prompt closure and will ensure settlement thirty-five (35) days after the sale.